Sunday, February 3, 2019

VENEZUELA: What is Next?

War or Peace!!!
{ON Monday, February 4th, 2019}
Two Presidents Spell One Big War.
Photo credit: Associated Press/Fernando Llano.
     The photo above, I believe, best defines what was happening on the first weekend in February in Caracas. This image fronted an AP article entitled: "Venezuelan Opposition Leader to Police: Leave My Family Alone." The U.S.-backed President of Venezuela, 35-year-old Juan Guaido, was quoted by the AP as warning President Nicolas Maduro with these exact words: "I hold you responsible for anything that might happen to my baby." Those words and the image above clearly confirm that Guaido right now has a definitive edge over Maduro as most of the world understands that SOMETHING needs to be done to correct the turmoil in Venezuela that is clearly on the verge...the precipice...of boiling-over in Latin America...and IN America.

     But a leading journalist in Miami by the name of Alvaro Fernandez -- the dynamo at the Miami-based Progreso Weekly -- also has a pertinent reminder this crucial week that should be factored into the equation.

     This Progreso Weekly Editorial Cartoon informs the world that the LAST TWO PEOPLE IN THE WORLD WHO SHOULD BE ORCHESTRATING WHAT IS HAPPENING IN VENEZUELA are John Bolton and Marco Rubio. The image above correctly references Bolton & Rubio as the hilarious pupeteers directing the puppet who is President Juan Guaido. Bolton is Washington's most famed long-time war-monger who has preached attacking Cuba for two decades. Rubio is the one-trick-pony from Little Havana in Miami obsessed with rewarding his financial and political mentors by using the U. S. military to recapture Cuba for them. The bravest of the Miami journalist, Alvaro Fernandez, is pointing out two things: {1} Venezuela is being used by Bolton & Rubio as the excuse to make the regime-change in Cuba with contaminant regime-changes in Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Bolivia tossed in for giggles; and {2} the fact that the mainstream U. S. media, including the left-wing/anti-Trump zealots, doesn't have the courage to point out this fact empowers self-serving thugs like Bolton & Rubio to forge ahead using the U. S. military and the U. S. treasury to carry out their selfish and dangerous goals.

      While Rubio & Bolton are scary as depicted in the Progreso Weekly Editorial Cartoon, Rubio & Bolton are even more scarier when captured in real-life PRIVATE DISCUSSION photos like this one. Surely, these two are the last war-mongering politicians on the planet who should be involved in the ongoing Venezuelan crisis. Yet, it is apparent to decent, unbiased observers that decent and unbiased experts need to try to devise the most peaceful means possible to correct Venezuela's problems. But as long as America and the world must deal with self-motivated extremists like Rubio & Bolton, both America and the entire world will remain enmeshed in grave and unnecessary man-made, war-like dangers.


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