Cuba Remains Blockaded but plans to survive


      Today -- October 31st-2022 -- Cuba announced more plans to improve its drastically blockaded economy that the U.S. Blockade continues to maintain while the U. S. also continues its vast international economic influence to make sure that other nations around the world will support or at least cowardly condone it. As of today Cuba says "more than 60 countries will attend the thirty-eighth International Fair of Havana," including hundreds of important companies from around the world.
      The economic Blockade, which the U. S. calls a necessary Embargo, has existed for over six decades...since 1962...even though most nations and most people in the world remain deeply ashamed of it.
     Since 1959, when the Cuban Revolution defeated the U.S.-backed Batista dictatorship, rich and powerful Cubans in Little Havana in the heart of Miami have had an extraordinary grip on the USA's Cuban policies...including the endless Blockade.
     Once again this past weekend -- on October 29 & 30-2022 -- another huge protest against the Cuban blockade was held in the heart of Little Havana USA in the heart of Miami, as shown above.
    In fact...this past weekend -- October 29-30 in 2022 -- the photos above show another huge anti-blockade protest was again blocking streets in New York City. Such protests are rarely reported by the U. S. media but they still are reminders that only a few people -- such as some in Little Havana USA -- support the blockade, but...OF COURSE...that appears to be enough to keep it alive for sixty years...and counting. Note the top sign in NYC this past weekend that decries the Trump-Biden administrations pleasing Little Havana USA by putting and keeping Cuba on the USA's SPONSORS OF TERRORISM LIST, which greatly helps Little Havana USA but greatly hurts the long-blockaded Cubans in Cuba.
"CUBA: It's a Target not a Terrorist."


Remembering Camilo Cienfuegos


    On October 28th-1959 at the age of 27 Camilo Cienfuegos died when his small airplane crashed into the sea just off Cuba's coast during a storm. To this day he remains one of the most revered heroes of the Cuban Revolution as a top Commander.
    Each week since 1959 in the last week of October children in Cuba have tossed flowers in the sea to honor Camilo Cienfuegos, as this little boy is doing today.
   As shown above, in this last week of October-2022 the President of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, attended many ceremonies honoring Camilo Cienfuegos.
         The death of Camilo Cienfuegos at the tender age of 27 on October 28th-1959 is still remembered sadly every day in Cuba.
 During Cuba's revolutionary war from 1952 till 1959 Camilo and Che were two do-or-die co-Commanders in many key battles, including the last one -- the Battle of Santa Clara!! When dictator Batista in Havana got official word that Santa Clara had fallen to the rebels, Batista dashed to his money-stuffed/get-away airplane and flew to dictator Trujillo's sanctuary in the Dominican Republic.


US--Cuba-Russia Relations Oct. 28-2022

 Today's Headlines Are Disturbing!!

   For centuries US-Cuba Relations have been fraught with drastic tensions...since 1492 when Columbus discovered both the island of Cuba and then the nearby vast territory that later became the United States. Then in 1898, as the U. S. was flexing its muscle as a world power, the U. S. became the latest dominant imperative power in Cuba replacing Spain after the U. S. easily won the Spanish American War after its attack on Spanish forces in Cuba. And then in 1959 the tensions reached fever pitch when the Cuban Revolution shocked the world by defeating the U.S.-backed and Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship in Cuba. And now, on October 28th-2022, the world remains shocked that Revolutionary Cuba has managed, for over six decades, to somehow fend off daily attempts by the United States, the world's Superpower, to again dominate Cuba...as it essentially did surely from 1898 till 1959. And therefore it is interesting to see the Cuban headlines, shown above, that the world is studying today -- October 28th-2022...headlines that closely and particularly relate to 1492, 1898, and 1959.
    The most important worldwide Cuban headline today -- October 28th-2022 -- is the one shown above from the USA's top News Agency, The Associated Press: "CRISIS-STRICKEN CUBA CAUGHT BETWEEN ALLY RUSSIA, NEARBY U. S." As Russia's War in Ukraine roils the world today -- in October of 2022 -- it is pertinent that, especially since the 1950s, Russia and the United States remain the two world powers still most engaged in the "tug of war" regarding which foreign power controls Cuba. And yes, on October 28th-2022 the AP article used the phase "tug of war" to explain what the United States and Russia are still engaged in to decide who dominates Cuba.  
     The first three paragraphs from the AP today -- October 28-2022 -- reveals that the six-decade-old U. S. Embargo/Blockade of Cuba, which began in 1962 after the failed and infamous Bay of Pig U. S. military attack in Cuba, has reached its most devastating effect on Cuban families in October 28-2022. Please note the second AP paragraph shown above says: "It also once again thrust the Caribbean island into the middle of an escalating tug-of-war between its seaside neighbor, the United States, and ally, Russia." WONDERFUL!!! And when will the "tug of war" over Cuba finally end?? Maybe the answer is...when either the United Sates or Russia -- the world's two strongest nuclear powers -- destroy the world or at least destroy either the United States or Russia?????
    Of course, since 1962 the U. S. media -- including the AP article today on October 28th-2022 -- has failed to address the prime question regarding U.S.-Cuban Relations, and that is this: For over six decades most of the people in the United States and most people in the entire world are ashamed of the seminal worldwide image shown above, but a few rich and powerful people in the United States apparently have wanted it to continue for all these decades, and that is the reason it has continued decade after decade after decade!! WHY is that so? Perhaps one day the AP or some other U. S. media source might answer that burgeoning question.



Poor Cuba & The U. S. Media


      This photo, courtesy of NBC News, was taken in Miami, Florida. From January of 1959, when the Cuban Revolution caused the creation of Little Havana in Miami, the U. S. media has used photos like this to highlight articles that have constantly, for over six decades, told Americans that Cubans in Miami are the salt of the earth and the Cubans in Havana are worthy of being starved, deprived, and made miserable to induce them to overthrow their post-Batista revolutionary government.
    Thus, in this last week of October in 2022, the "Homeland or Life" photo from Miami/Little Havana was used by NBC News to front this typical anti-Havana/pro-Little Havana article. The gist appears to promote the demise of Revolutionary Cuba because the island's most talented young people are continuing to accelerate the huge tsunami of "arrivals" to the U. S. from Cuba...with most of the young and talented Cuban arrivals sure to further deprive Cuba while greatly boosting the U. S., a process that supposedly is finally finishing off the lingering hopes of Cuba's revolutionary supporters.
    The prime NBC News journalist who tells the world about Havana and Little Havana is Carmen Sesin. And like most such journalists in the mainstream U. S. media, she is extremely pro-Little Havana and extremely anti-Havana.
     And thus, in this last full week of October of 2022 -- as in all U. S. weeks since January of 1959 --- NBC News tells Americans a biased view of "new arrivals to the U. S." from Cuba. Never mentioned is the prime reason for the "new arrivals", which is the Little Havana-beloved economic Blockade of the island that has tormented Cubans in Cuba for over six decades.
    Located by the whims of geography that leaves Cuba forever directly south of Miami-Little Havana, how happy and how prosperous would Havana and all of Cuba be if it is not saddled with the historic "Genocidio Bloqueo" that has existed for the past six decades? Perhaps one day NBC News and Carmen Sesin might try to answer that question.


Cubans and Cuban-Americans -- WOW!!

    In these closing weeks of 2022 the world is in dire need of professional, unbiased news reporting but mostly what it is getting is either extremely unbiased left-wing or right-wing propaganda {and not much news in between those two extremes}. Cuba, of course, is a prime example and also a prime topic. This week -- the last full week of October-2022 -- the giant international headline by the London-based The Guardian is an example of typical worldwide anti-Cuba propaganda, this time telling the world that everything in Cuba is "being devoured by woodworm," including Havana's most famed and revered Ballet Theatre {see above}.
     In the United States most of the avalanches of anti-Cuban propaganda originates from 8th Street in Little Havana, which is in the heart of Miami.

    The image above reveals the sharp divide today in the United States regarding how Cuba -- especially since 1959 till today -- has been portrayed in the USA. On the left Carlos Lazo was born in Cuba but then became a U. S. soldier and then a beloved U. S. professor in Seattle. His passion now is to help the Cubans in Cuba that he feels are being subjected to genocide via the U. S. blockade of the island and 243 other U. S. sanctions. On the right is Marco Rubio who was born and lives in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood and, as an ultra-powerful U. S. Senator, he remains determined to keep in place everything that Carlos Lazo has devoted his life to ending. Now with an organization that has strong Social Media support, Carlos Lazo is flying planeloads of food, medicine, and other necessities to Cuba, where he is beloved by the Cuban people. Meanwhile, Marco Rubio has asked the FBI "to investigate" Carlos Lazo.

    And meanwhile there are many Cuban-Americans in the USA like Julio V. Ruiz who was born in Santa Clara-Cuba but has spent many beloved and worthwhile years as a medical contributor, first in New York City and now in Miami. His large Social Media followers include many of the USA's most unbiased media experts related to Cuban news. Thus Dr. Ruiz is an important fountain of unbiased information regarding Cubans in Cuba and Cubans in Miami.
    Above Julio V. Ruiz lets us know about a brilliant letter a freedom-loving lady named Alina Barbara Lopez Hernandez wrote. It was in Spanish but Facebook above translated it into English for everyone to read.
    The extraordinary political power that Cubans in Miami and in Washington have amassed since 1959 often determines who the Florida leaders and the American leaders are. Thus in just a few days -- on November 8th-2022 -- election results in Florida and in the USA will determine the foreseeable political policies of Florida and the world's richest and strongest nation, the United States!! Thus I am indebted to a great Cuban-American in Miami, Julio V. Ruiz, for sending me the results of the latest poll in the Miami area regarding the vital November 8th-2022 election. Uh, yes...the new results are very interesting.


Is Revolutionary Cuba Finally Doomed?


   Since January of 1959 Cubans in Miami/Little Havana in Florida, with ultra-financial and ultra-political support in the strongest nation in the world, have predicted the doom of the Cuban Revolution that, in fact, spawned Little Havana in Miami starting in January of 1959. Yet, somehow Revolutionary Cuba is still alive on October 21st of 2022 and the Cuban in Cuba that Cubans most believe, the veteran Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, says that the U. S. effort to destroy the Revolution every day for over six decades has hurt and shamed the U. S. even more than it has hurt and shamed Cuba. In the quote above he said: "Cuba would be better off without the blockade of Cuba but the United States too would be better off without the blockade of Cuba."
     This week the London-based worldwide Reuters News Agency, which is not afraid to report Cuban truths, sent this headline and photo of Bruno Rodriguez around the world. It reports that he compared the U. S. Embargo to a deadly Hurricane -- "a hurricane that never ends" for the Cuban people.
    Of course, for over six decades Americans have been told that Cubans like Bruno Rodriguez are liars, which is a lie designed to make sure that American voters and tax-payers continue to support the Embargo that devastates Cuban families but enriches and empowers Cubans in Miami/Little Havana.
    And once again today -- on October 21st-2022 -- as shown above Bruno Rodriguez was on statewide television in Cuba telling the Cuban people what "the United States is doing to our People." And to repeat, for decades almost all of the Cubans in Cuba have believed Bruno Rodriguez.
     The President of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, almost daily is on nationwide TV newscasts reporting to the Cuban people. The image above today -- October 21-2022 -- found him 65 miles southeast in Matanzas where a few weeks ago Cuba's main Power Plant was demolished by a deadly explosion and fire, killing 16 firefighters. Above Diaz-Canel is talking to engineers who are working to replace the vital energy plant. Contrary to what Americans are told, since he was the popular Education Minister, Diaz-Canel remains popular in Cuba as its leader.
     As President Diaz-Canel and Cuban viewers on TV today watched the work to refurbish the vital Matanzas power plant, Diaz-Canel said, "Come hell or high water, or disastrous explosions and fires, we have no choice. We must rebuild...and always rebuild!!"
     Without the endless and genocidal U. S. Embargo, along with the other 243 current U. S. sanctions aimed at Cuba, there is no doubt that the Caribbean's largest and most beautiful island nation would live and thrive.
     As the Caribbean's largest, most strategically located, and most beautiful island nation, Cuba would be a dominant force in the region...IF THE U. S. WOULD ALLOW IT TO LIVE.
    This photo was taken in the heart of Havana today, with the refurbished Capital dome highlighted.
    This photo also was taken today in Havana, showing a fruit-vegetable market filled with fresh produce. Even unbiased non-US media sources -- including Reuters -- have recently reported on dire food shortages in Cuba in 2022 as the ultra-powerful U. S. Embargo against the island exacerbated other disasters such as the Pandemic, Hurricanes, and a deadly series of explosions/fires that wiped out Havana's most famed tourist hotel as well as Cuba's prime power plant. But, in contrast to all that, the photo above reveals truthfully that Cuba is engaged in a drastic and promising campaign of producing more-and-more of its own food...even though since the early days of Revolutionary Cuba it has purchased most of its food from other countries, even as the U. S. sanctions have severely hampered or ended such purchases. In 2022, for the first time, modern Cuba is severely trying to correct that problem, especially by producing more of its own food products.
     Of course, in October of 2022 Little Havana USA in the heart of Miami continues to dictate the USA's Cuban policies. That has been the case since January of 1959. And that will continue because Little Havana has both the financial and political power to dictate Washington's Cuban policies, leaving Cuba very vulnerable to the whims and dictates of its northern neighbor that happens to be the strongest nation in the world.
    It was October of 1492 when Columbus discovered Cuba and that night in his diary famously called it "the most beautiful sight these eyes have ever seen." And for that reason...along with its size and location...from 1492 to 2022 all of the world's major foreign powers -- starting but not ENDING with Spain -- have tried to own or dominate it.
     And from 1492 till 2022, -- from Columbus to Castro AND BEYOND -- the "CAPTIVATING HISTORY of Cuba" has, indeed, been captivating. In other words, no other little nation has ever in all of history tried to ward off foreign domination as long or as heroically as Cuba has.

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