Sunday, October 17, 2021

The Vast Anti-Cuba Cottage Industry

 From Miami, Havana, and Worldwide!!

    Since January of 1959 a vicious and well-funded Cottage Industry has existed in Miami and elsewhere designed to sanitize the ousted Mafia-riddled Batista THIEVERY and BRUTALITY in Cuba while also, of course, VILIFYING and EVISERATING everything the Cuban Revolution has done in the past 6+ decades. Such well-heeled and unending propaganda daily filters out to the world via the Internet and by powerful sources such as 14ymedio and Ciber Cuba News, both of which utilize Counter Revolutionary "journalists" headquartered in Havana with enormous clout despite their sheer and extreme anti-Cuban bias, which also paints a totally distorted version of Batista's Cuba that was, in fact, powerfully backed by the Mafia and by the United States. From Havana, Yoani Sanchez obviously has the best financial backing as well as the most political clout in Washington. So Yoani Sanchez's 14ymedio digital newspaper operation and her vast Social Media following best epitomizes the lucrative and vicious anti-Cuban Cottage Industry, even more than entities such as Miami's luscious Radio-TV Marti operation that has been LUSHLY financed by tax-dollars for the past three decades, with no end IN SIGHT!!!
        Today...on Sunday, October 17, 2021...the image posted above is typical of the anti-Cuban propaganda that Yoani Sanchez dispenses from Havana daily via her 14ymedio operation as well as her ubiquitous Social Media accounts. Yoani's photo above flashed around the world today showing a Cuban man's underwear replete with holes and she calls it "the face of the crisis in Cuba" and "there is no one who undresses in Cuba." OF COURSE...even juvenile, mocking, and insanely biased propaganda is effective when it is promoted excessively by ultra-rich and ultra-powerful sources.
      And, for sure, Yoani Sanchez is blessed with a lot of ultra-rich and ultra-powerful supporters in the United States -- including the two Cuban-American U. S. Senators who have dictated first the Trump administration's and now the Biden administration's lucrative but genocidal Cuban politics and policies. In the USA's two-party political system, the Republican Marco Rubio and the Democrat Bob Menendez have had no trouble dictating Cuban policies in the past five years as first presidents Trump and then Biden have expanded the cruel six-decade Embargo into an even crueler Blockade. Of course, Americans are programmed not to believe that...or at least not to DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!! But, for  sure, Yoani Sanchez knowns all about it and also does SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Will Cuba Survive COVID & Blockade

 Uh, MAYBE!!!


      If you want to access vicious Cuban propaganda, such as 'learning' that the current 'regime' routinely machine-guns Cubans to keep control of the island, all you have to do any day is go online and access Cuban News on mainstream U. S. sources such as the Miami Herald, Washington Post, New York Times, etc., or visit ubiquitously vicious Counter Revolutionary blogs such as Ciber Cuba News, Radio-TV Marti, Babalu, 14medio, etc., etc., etc. If you frequent or even occasionally visit such sources, you will believe that Revolutionary Cuba will fall within a day or two, or perhaps in the next few hours. But, of course, such propaganda has prevailed since 1959 in the U. S. media and in U.S./Miami-friendly 'media sources' from inside Cuba. On the other hand, if you want actual unbiased Cuban News the best daily source is surely On Cuba News that has excellent and unbiased journalists posted in offices in both Havana and Miami. Thus, On Cuba News reports negative news regarding Cuba as well as positive news, and actually considers the opinions of everyday Cubans on the island, not just the opinions of the most extreme Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Little Havana/Miami, etc. And On Cuba News, in its fair and unbiased news coverage of daily aspects of Cuban life, is easily accessed online in either Spanish or English.
    Thus on Saturday, October 16, 2021, Cubans on the island are not getting routinely machine-gunned on the streets nor are they planning to overthrow their Revolutionary government within the next few days. So, as On Cuba News reports today {above} -- Oct. 16-2021 -- Cubans are pleased that their government can report that COVID-19's surge is sharply trending downward and..."....deaths also fell significantly to 19, the first time they have been in their twenties since the beginning of July."
      Also today -- Oct. 16-2021 -- Cuba can report that "...its borders will reopen on November 1, when travel to and from other Cuban provinces will be restored."
     This photo today -- Oct. 16-2021 -- was posted on social media outlets by two unmasked Cubans who love Havana and oppose any denigration of their government or the island's 13-million citizens.
  On Oct. 16-2021 this photo by Julian Sanabria shows a new trend involving Food Markets opening around the island, encouraged by the government that is promoting private ownership of such markets and farms.
   As it begins to get a handle on the Pandemic and is learning to live with the Trump-Biden Blockade, Cuba is opening its famous beaches to its own people and international tourists. The two photos above were taken at CAYO SANTA MARIA, which TripAdvisor this year lists as the Second Best Beach in the World in 2021. CAYO SANTA MARIA is just southeast of Florida, which doesn't have any beaches nearly listed that high.
And so....
Will the Revolution
Survive 2021???

Friday, October 15, 2021

A Coup In Cuba on November 15-2021??


     Especially for the past two years the pugnacious but vulnerable island nation of Cuba has faced the twin perils of a vicious and genocidal expansion of the ageless U. S. Blockade of the island imposed by both the Trump and Biden administrations in well as the COVID-19 PANDEMIC that in recent weeks had devastated the island. And now -- on Friday, October 15, 2021 -- the U. S. media and powerful Counter Revolutionary media on the island such as 14media and Ciber Cuba News are loudly heralding/promoting the overthrow of Revolutionary Cuba and listing the imminent date as November 15th-2021. Meanwhile, as shown above, Cuba's renowned Dr. Francisco Duran today -- Oct. 15-2021 -- announced a myriad of COVID-19 statistics that indicate the island's massive vaccination program using its own vaccines are sharply reducing the previously devastating numbers. The Prensa Latina caption above notes that Dr. Duran reports today that the new COVID cases in the past 24 hours total 2138 and the total of COVID deaths are 24 as shown above, and Prensa Latina says those number are "the lowest numbers in the past two months." appears that Cuba is getting a handle on the COVID-19 pandemic even at its begins to re-open its borders to tourism. But...what about the target date of November 15-2021 in which determined and apparently well-supported Counter Revolutionary zealots will finally overthrow the current Cuban government? Well...the supposed overthrow is supposedly exactly one month from now, so let's take a peek at it!!!!
    London-based Reuters has an excellent and unbiased news bureau in Havana and that world-class and non-USA news agency included this week the major update on the November 15th-2021 protest-coup that is predicted by some to be able to overthrow the revolutionary Cuban government. And, of course, any organization or leader of any serious movement to try to overthrow Revolutionary Cuba has, since 1959, gotten massive support from Miami and Washington...and this latest serious movement is no exception. Its leader, as Reuters explains above, is Junior Garcia.
       In other words, it appears that Junior Garcia on November 15th-2021 envisions himself as replicating what Fidel Castro accomplished on JANUARY 1ST-1959.
    On January 1st, 1959, Fidel Castro's Cuban Revolution accomplished the impossible -- beating the powerful Batista dictatorship that was supported by the Mafia, the most powerful criminal organization in the world, and by the United States, the strongest nation in the world. But in 1952 and 1953 when Fidel Castro began his revolution, he had the overwhelming support of the vast majority of the non-Batistiano Cubans on the entire island. And in October of 2021, although he died in 2016 at age 90, Fidel Castro remains to this day the most important factor in Cuba...and the main reason that the November 15th-2021 resurrection will likely fail, as all other well-backed attempts to overthrow Castro's Cuba have failed repeatedly since JANUARY OF 1959!!!
      The current President of Cuba is Miguel Diaz-Canel, who was born in 1960, the year after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution. But Diaz-Canel worships Fidel Castro's legacy and he is a fierce defender of the Revolution. And he also is very popular with a strong majority of everyday Cubans on the island, and that has been so since he was the island's Education Minister. As President, Diaz-Canel continues to converse with Cubans on the streets on a regular basis, and he is skilled at communicating with them via television and radio.
    This image of President Miguel Diaz-Canel shows him on island-wide television today -- October 15th, 2021. He spoke of...the Blockade, the COVID pandemic, mercenaries, etc. Regarding the latter topic, Diaz-Canel referred to the "Upcoming Well-funded protest that is set for November 15th. As was the case back in July, as has been the case so often since January of 1959...the strength of the Cuban Revolution comes from the resolve of the Cuban people. If we are not willing to die to defend the revolution, surely it would not have existed for all these days and decades. As we deal with the Blockade and the Pandemic and with stabilizing our economy, I am not worried about yet another foreign-backed attempt to end our revolution. Yesterday a student at the University of Havana said, 'Mr. President, if we lose on November 15th, we want you know that by nightfall on November 15th our new revolution will have already begun.' Well, I thanked her but I told her that will not be necessary...because of Cubans like her."
      Today -- Friday, October 15, 2021 -- the photo above of Junior Garcia headlined a huge Editorial in the ultra-rich and ultra-powerful Washington Post. The article is entitled: OPINION: CUBA'S PEACEFUL OPPOSITION MOUNTS A COMEBACK." The Washington Post, of course, is owned by Jeff Bezos, the richest person in the history of the entire world. Jeff Bezos's stepfather is Miguel Bezos who was born in Cuba, of course. So, today Jeff Bezos's powerful Washington Post, not surprisingly, was celebrating Junior Garcia's "PEACEFUL" protest in Cuba on November 15th-2021...a "protest" that Jeff Bezos, history's all-time richest person, apparently hopes will finally overthrow Revolutionary Cuba.
      History registers the fact that the richly prepared air-land-and-sea BAY OF PIGS military attack that was backed with massive U. S. tax dollars was PREDICTED to easily overthrow Revolutionary Cuba in just a day or two in April of 1961. But in fact it took just three days for Fidel Castro-led rebels to register a smashing defensive victory {above}...with the prime mistake of the CIA and the U. S. politicians regarding the BAY OF PIGS was underestimating the massive support that Fidel Castro had from the majority of the Cubans on the island. In other words, if Counter Revolutionary zealots such as Junior Garcia in Cuba or Jeff Bezos in the U. S. really want to overthrow revolutionary Cuba on November 15th-2021...I assume they might make the same mistake that the extremely rich BAY OF PIGS attackers made in mid-April of 1961.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Cuba's Economy Staggering But Improving

The Cuban People Updated on the Economy!!

{October 14th, 2021} 

     Today Cuba's Economic Minister Alejandro Gil Fernandez went on television and radio and answered questions about the state of the island's economy. He said:
         "Our economic priorities are the Blockade, escaping COVID, confronting inflation, and the sustainability of the national electrical energy system. We are heading towards a process of gradual recovery of the economy, opening various services including tourism, and the implementation of measures such as adding 60 more private business sectors, and adding four more non-agricultural cooperatives."
      Cuba's COVID-19 statistics for today -- October 14th, 2021 -- are slightly worse than yesterday but still trending sharply downward from recent weeks. The number of new cases total 2364 and the total of deaths in the past 24 hours total 38. The slight uptick might relate to the increased number of tourist flights this week.
     Of the 2364 new COVID-19 cases today, females lead the male population 1262 to 1102. And the number of new cases involving those under 20-years-old were 516.
     Although the World Health Organization is still reviewing the efficacy of Cuba's prime COVID-19 vaccines -- Soberana and Abdala -- Cuban scientists and the Cuban people overall appear to be encouraged by the actual results so far.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Cuba Opens Up To Tourists


    Spanish-owned and Canadian-owned airplanes are flying tourists to Cuba's world-class beaches.
     On Cuba's north-central coast directly southeast of South Florida, TripAdvisor this year of 2021 lists CAYO SANTA MARIA as the Second Best Beach in the Whole World and nearby VARADERO has often been rated the #One Beach in the Whole World!!
    The reason Cuba has now reopened its vital tourism to international visitors is depicted today -- October 13-2021 -- by these updated COVID-19 statistics for the past 24 hours. The island's urgent vaccination program appears to be resulting in a sharp downward trend on new positives cases as well as deaths from the pandemic. As shown above, in the last 24 hours there have been 2354 new cases and 28 new fallecidos {deaths}. Those new statistics today are drastically lower than they were just a few weeks ago. And as shown above, now the total number of deaths from COVID-19 total 7956 in a population of 13 million.
        Meanwhile, for the next month -- on a specific date in November of 2021 -- the vast and well-funded Counter Revolutionary media in both the U. S. and in Cuba will saturate their readers and viewers with the latest "absolute" PREDICTIONS that "the current Cuban REGIME will be overthrown!!!!" But, of course, such drastic predictions have been ubiquitous every day since THE 1ST OF JANUARY-1959!!!!
   In the interview above, Antoni Kapcia made a valid point: If any foreign power, even if its the nearby World Superpower, makes the same mistakes time-and-again, little Revolutionary Cuba will prolong its longevity. And that point is this, I believe: From 1952 until this very day on October 13-2021, most of the people on the island have strongly supported their favorite rebel, Fidel Castro -- not Batista, not Lucky Luciana and the Mafia, and not the United States. If that was not so, Revolutionary Cuba would have been overthrown many decades ago...and might even survive the latest prediction of its demise in November of 2021!!!!!
          In other words, as visitors to Cuba have known and will still detect, from 1952 till October of 2021, the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, has been revered by most Cubans on the island. Although he died at age 90 in 2016, that still remains a fact to this DAY although, of course, Americans are told that is not so.

Monday, October 11, 2021

Cuban Vaccines ARE Fighting COVID


     This jab was administered today -- October 11-2021 -- as Cuban mothers & fathers are expressing pleasure with the island's home-grown vaccines against the COVID-19 pandemic.
        Above are Cuba's updated COVID-19 statistics covering the past 24 hours. Recently the pandemic surge had alarmed the island's 11 million citizens but apparently the nationwide vaccine program is showing positive dividends now. The confirmed new positive cases...3604...are sharply downward from recent are the number of the last 24 hours.
     So, Cuba's COVID-19 numbers for today -- October 11-2021 including the confirmed 3604 new cases in the last 24 hours -- reveal an encouraging downward trend on the Caribbean's largest island.


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