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cubaninsider: Cuba In The Trump Era

cubaninsider: Cuba In The Trump Era: A   True Look  From   Cuba's Eyes !!!!      The Impeachment of  President Donald Trump  has embroiled the United States for the pa...

Cuba In The Trump Era

A True Look From Cuba's Eyes!!!!
     The Impeachment of President Donald Trump has embroiled the United States for the past three years, or since he was inaugurated on January 20th in 2017. The extreme left-wing Democratic Party and the extreme left-wing mainstream U. S. media verily hate Trump and his impeachment actually commenced on the day of his long-shot election back in November of 2016. In other words, the extreme left-wing Democratic Party and the extreme left-wing U. S. media have emerged into a combination or nexus that are together more of a threat to the United States than Trump, who actually faces a re-election in this November of this year while the multi-billionaire dollars that prop up the left-wing extremists in the media and in the Democratic Party will LINGER around indefinitely as they distort America and Democracy.
     In the USA's grossly frayed two-party, money-crazed political system, the bought-up Republican Party President, Trump, has already been impeached by the bought-up Democratic Party-led U. S. House of Representatives but, GUESS WHAT? He will be un-impeached by the Republican Party-led U. S. Senate. It all bespeakes of an entire political system that has become not only frayed but entirely broken. The Democrats and their comrades-in-crime in the left-wing extreme media have zero respect neither for the Office of President nor the election process whereby the people, via their votes, are supposed to decide who is President. On the other hand, the crime-ridden and bought-and-paid-for Republicans are led by right-wing extremists...AND BOTH PARTIES IN THE TWO-PARTY SYSTEM ARE BEHOLDEN TO BILLIONAIRE DONORS, not to fealty of the voters who used to decide elections in the USA's former Democracy. Because the USA has the world's largest economy and the world's most powerful nuclear arsenal, the utter deterioration of the USA's two-party political system and of the USA's propaganda-obsessed mainstream media sources, all nations in the world are affected by the extremists who reside in Washington, DC. FOR EXAMPLE, if another Democratic president had followed the decent Barack Obama as President, U.S.-Cuba relations would be normal and mutually beneficial today. BUT because another Batistiano-aligned Republican, Trump, followed Obama as America's President, everyday Cubans on the nearby island in January of 2020 are being targeted by genocide from the world's Superpower. And, sadly, America's frayed Democracy is simply NOT CAPABLE of addressing that abomination because the mainstream U. S. media is too afraid to admit that it is happening and the majority of Americans are too propagandized to care about it. Meanwhile, what passes today for Democracy in Washington has just IMPEACHED TRUMP in the Democratic-led House of Representatives while the only other congressional chamber, the Republican led-Senate, is just as greedily going through the motions that will result in UN-IMPEACHING TRUMP. While the U. S. taxpayers have been paying for this gigantic charade for the past years, they...we...are unable to do anything about it while the extremist clowns atop America's media and politics run the show in Washington. Within that environment, the USA's capital city in 2020 is being dictated to by Batistianos in Little Havana the way Cuba's capital city of Havana was dictated to in the 1950s by Batista and the Mafia PRIOR to the 1959 Cuban Revolution, which chased the Batistianos and the Mafiosi from Havana to Miami's Little Havana.
               And meanwhile...with Little Havana in Miami being America's second capital, Americans are supposed to be TOO AFRAID to admit that Trump, Rubio, the Diaz-Balart brothers, and Claver-Carone are totally free to use the USA's economic and military power to commit genocide against totally innocent Cubans on the island. In that milieu, the photos I use below reflect how, somehow, the pugnacious and independence-lovers on the island are somehow trying to successfully somehow to defend their sovereignty. The photos below start with showing two Cubans in straw hats using their vintage 1950s-era USA convertible to drive tourists around Havana ALTHOUGH Trump, Rubio, the Diaz-Balart brothers, and Claver-Carone are using America's incomparable might to block all imports and exports into and out of Cuba!!!!
{A flashback to U.S. tourists in Batista's Cuba}
{Finally reopened by Obama}
{Closed by Little Havana with Trump's approval}
{Little Havana claps as Trump legalizes genocide against Cuba}
        Yes, "What next" for everyday Cubans on the island is more genocide as long as a Batistiano-aligned Republican like Trump remains the President of the United States.
       And, yes, the billboard above is not telling the world about "genocidio" by Russia or China against some little nation in their parts of the world. The billboard above is telling the world about "genocidio" by the United States of America in its own backyard -- in the island nation of Cuba.
        As the graphic above illustrates, Cuba's unfortunate geographical proximity to the Batistiano exiles in South Florida is a drastic problem for totally innocent Cubans in Cuba. But it is also a drastic problem for the United States.
U.S. blocks cruise ships in Havana.
U. S. blocks airplane flights to Cuba.
       This Cuban in Havana is making sure that her apartment displays a U. S. flag in the middle of two Cuban flags. She is no threat to the United States and she should not be blockaded by the United States in 2020 to appease a few Counter Revolutionary extremists in Little Havana. For the likes of Rubio, the Diaz-Balart brothers, and Claver-Carone to be allowed to dictate genocide against innocents like this woman on behalf of 330 million Americans shames what is left of the USA democracy.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

USA's Batistiano Media

A Massive Anti-Democratic Offshoot!!
{Of the Cuban Revolution}
      Because she works for the London-based Reuters News Agency, Sarah Marsh has the freedom to report fairly and internationally from Cuba and about Cuba. Unfortunately, that is a freedom U. S. journalists do not enjoy.
     For example, as a journalist for Reuters the talented Sarah Marsh is not obligated to dispense either left-wing or right-wing propaganda, which is a plight that has taken over journalism in the USA. In Cuba, as above, Sarah traverses the island to report about what is actually happening. For example, in the last few hours there have been loud, massive, and festive marches and demonstrations in the streets of Havana...and both Sarah Marsh and photographer Alexandre Meneghini have had the FREEDOM to fairly report on it.
       In the last few hours a total of twenty-two bands in New Orleans have joined Cubans playing, marching, and demonstrating in the streets of Havana in massive defiance of President Trump's exceedingly cruel Batatistino-driven effort to totally wipe out Cuba's economy. The mostly unchecked effort by the superpower U. S. to engage what amounts to genocide against innocent Cuban people in a much small sovereign nation is actually BIG NEWS, and it actually says more about the United States than it says about Cuba, as the people depicted above comprehend.
      This powerful nexus of New Orleans and Havana is an event that should be reported to Americans by American journalists, but it wasn't and isn't because the Batistiano-element that dictates America's Cuban narrative basically prohibits anything that might be construed as positive news regarding Cuba.
        Like Reuters, the London-based The Guardian, of course, had the freedom in recent hours to massively cover the boisterous demonstrations in Havana, something U. S. journalists didn't have the freedom to cover although the event had a lot more to do with the US than it had to do with the UK.
      In addition to reporting from Cuba for Reuters, Sarah Marsh also uses Social Media to post photos and updates from the island. The photo above was posted on Twitter by Sarah to show what she said was "Today's queve at the same gas station in Havana that has been going dry because of the increasing effects of the U. S. blockade." If Sarah Marsh can report to the world on Reuters and on Twitter about power outages and food shortages in Cuba caused by the genocidal Batistiano-dictated blockade imposed by the U. S. government, why is the U. S. democracy not strong enough to allow U. S. journalists to do the same??????"
        Or if The Guardian in London can publish an article, like the one above, from Cuba about two generations of everyday Cubans proudly coping with the 6-decades-old U.S. embargo/blockade, WHY in the hell are U. S. JOURNALISTS too afraid to do the save??????
         Actually, Michael Weissenstein is an excellent American journalist and he is based in Havana as the head of the Caribbean News Bureau for the Associated Press. His major article today -- Jan. 16, 2020 -- started with this exact very accurate sentence: "The Cuban government is warning citizens to prepare for shortages of cooking gas due to the Trump administration's sanctions on the island."
     And the U.S.-based Associated Press today also used the above accurate and very descriptive photo to illustrate that the Trump sanctions, of course, are greatly hurting everyday Cubans as they sate the cruel and greedy appetites of a handful of self-serving Cuban Counter Revolutionary zealots such as Rubio, Diaz-Balart, Menendez, and Claver-Carone.
      The major article in the Miami Herald today was written by Mario J. Penton and is entitled: "Fears Of A Total Ban On U. S. Flights To Cuba Leads To A Run On Tickets." Of course, anything in the Miami Herald has either a Batistiano dictation or a Batistiano slant to show that Revolutionary Cuba represents the world's worst government in history and that the Batista-Mafia government that preceded it was was the world's all-time best government. Yet, Penton's article today in the Miami Herald unwittingly shows that the Batistiano-driven U. S. sanctions also drastically hurt most Cuban-Americans in the Miami area while mostly aimed at harming innocent Cubans on the island.
     While trying to block all imports to Cuba and all exports from Cuba, the Batistiano-directed sanctions recently blocked cruise ships from visiting Cuba and a few days ago blocked U. S. air flights to nine Cuban cities, permitting only some flights to Havana. The Miami Herald now says the Batistianos will also block all U. S. flights to Havana, which most angers and most-of-all hurts most Cuban-Americans who desire such flights to all Cuban cities so they can visit and try to help their relatives or friends. Of course, the Batistianos feel they have such total control of America's Cuban policies, at least as long a Republican is in the White House, that they can dictate harm to the majority of Cuban-Americans too.
      When Rubio was anointed by Trump to be the USA's Cuban dictator-in-exile, Rubio believed it would enable him to orchestrate the long-desired re-capture of Cuba for the exile leaders in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood. Trump still believes his payoff from Rubio will be Florida's 29 crucial Electoral Votes that will be vital to his re-election in November, 2020. That Pro Quid Quo deal with Rubio, not that one nebulous phone call to Ukraine, is why Trump should be impeached, but even the extreme mainstream left-wing U. S. media that DIRELY HATES Trump is too afraid of Little Havana to admit that glaring fact.
     As I study the three faces of Marco Rubio, this reminder dances glaringly in my thoughts: If the United States of America must impose massive sanctions against masses of people in a much smaller and weaker nation, that decision should NOT be rendered  by the likes of Marco Rubio; it should be rendered by a consensus of unbiased DECENT PEOPLE.
      Even Marco Rubio's hometown newspaper {the Miami Herald} is ashamed of Rubio's extreme cruelty against Cuban families on the island since President Trump put Rubio in charge of the USA's cruelty against Cuba. As shown above, the Miami Herald published a scathing article against Rubio penned by Cuban women who had created thriving entrepreneur careers  on the island thanks to the decency of U. S. President Obama,  but then under the Trump presidency Rubio purposely wiped out their businesses with sanctions. As you can see by the quote above, those Cuban mothers BEGGED Rubio to discuss the situation with them, but he refused. Of course, Rubio believes he can continue to assault innocent families in Cuba for his own political and economic gains as long as there is a Bush-like or Trump-like President or as long as neither the mainstream media nor the overly lobbied bought-and-paid-for U. S. Congress doesn't have the guts or decency to hold him accountable.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Batista-Like Miami Dictators

Punish Cuban-Americans TOO!!
    Today -- January 15th, 2020 -- an ultra-powerful Latina media source, Al Dia News, used the photo above to illustrate a scathing article that excoriates the minority of extremist Cubans who are allowed to dictate extreme punishment to Americans and Cuban-Americans...much like the U.S.-directed Batista-Mafia dictatorship punished everyday Cubans on the island prior to the Jan. 1-1959 triumph of the Cuban Revolution that booted the Batistiano-Mafiosi leaders to their sanctuary on U. S. soil, mainly Little Havana in nearby Miami. The photo and article today referred to the latest extreme punishment to Cubans, Americans, and Cuban-Americans being handed out by the USA's Batistiano-controlled Trump administration. That extreme anti-democratic outrage now includes the U. S. dictating that airline flights to nine major Cuban cities are no longer permitted, just like cruise ships and other commerce are not allowed to visit Cuba. The reason is to make sure that Cuba's economy will be totally wiped out by the world's superpower nation but it's another Cuban policy that, as usual, harms the most innocent Cubans on the island, most Americans, and the majority of Cuban-Americans. Those now canceled flights had been most utilized by Cuban-Americans in the Miami area who desire to visit their families and close friends on the island. And also such policies also destroy the burgeoning private entrepreneurs that had taken advantage to thrive thanks to the decency of the pre-Trump administration of President Bararach Obama.
     The Caribbean island of Cuba continues to represent America's tragedy of following Obama-like decency with Trump-like indecency. 
    Representing the outrage of most Cuban-Americans, Albor Ruiz wrote the scathing article today -- January 15, 2020 -- entitled: "COWARDICE AS A POLITICAL STANCE: CYNICAL AND SHAMEFUL."
       Here are some of Albor Ruiz's exact words today: "Go on the streets to protest and demand the rights Americans are supposed to have, including freedom to travel. Go to organize to let everyone know that not all Cubans who live abroad agree with the abuses and stupid policies promoted by Trump, Rubio, Diaz-Balart and the string of sellouts. Americans and Cuban-Americans are arbitrarily deprived by a corrupt and abusive government like Donald Trump's of their rights to travel freely to their country of origin and visit mothers, wives, children, and friends, or just breathe the air of their land." Please understand that Albor Ruiz is a powerful and decent democratic voice for the majority of Cuban-Americans who believe that the likes of "Rubio, Diaz-Balart and the string of sellouts" are now dictators on U. S. soil in 2020 similar to the way the Batista-Mafia leaders were dictators in Cuba in the 1950s.
     Today's ultra-powerful article by Albor Ruiz originated in the ultra-powerful Al Dia News Media, which is based in Philadelphia...a city which is FAR FROM Miami and Little Havana. The photo above headlined an article by Philadelphia's major newspaper -- the Philadelphia Enquirer -- about just how ultra-powerful Al Dia is and how influential Al Dia's founder and owner Herman Guaracao is. The Philadelphia Enquirer article is entitled: "Newsman Behind Al Dia's Niche Success." In other words, Al Dia stands on its own while its precise opposite -- Radio-TV Marti -- is an anti-Cuban propaganda machine in Miami/Little Havana obscenely funded since the 1980s by tons of tax dollars from Washington, all to cater only to Batistiano extremists in Miami and in Congress.
     Emblematic of Al Dia's influence in the Philadelphia area is the important forum shown above that it will sponsor later this month -- on Jan. 22nd-2020. And for sure, Al Dia represents the sentiments of most Cuban-Americans, which means it lavishly opposes the fact that President Trump, in a classic pro quid quo payoff, has anointed Little Havana's Marco Rubio as the USA's Cuban dictator in exchange for what Trump believes will provide him Florida's crucial 29 Electoral Votes heading into the Nov.-2020 presidential election.
     This is a Al Dia photo of Marco Rubio that depicts the insult to America's democracy and to most Cuban-Americans of having a self-serving denizen of Little Havana dictating extreme punishment to innocent Cubans on the island as well as dishing out extreme punishment to Americans, Cuban-Americans, and to Democracy. Otherwise a Congressional and Little Havana lightweight, Rubio's anointment as America's Cuban dictator as long as Trump is President will linger for the rest of 2020 and four years beyond that if Trump is reelected in November. Albor Ruiz's article today in Al Dia correctly stated: "All Cubans who live abroad do not agree with the abuses and stupid policies promoted by Trump, Rubio, Diaz-Balart and the string of sellouts." Yet, when it comes to Cuba, the U. S. democracy is simply not strong enough to deal with the past U. S. support of the brutal, thieving Batista dictatorship in Cuba and with the current Batistiano dictatorship that governs most of today's Cuban policies. As the Al Dia News Media headquartered in Philadelphia pointed out scathingly today, allowing the likes of Rubio and Little Havana in Miami  to dictate the USA's Cuban policies drastically harms Americans, Cuban-Americans, and DEMOCRACY!!!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

cubaninsider: US As Defined By Cuba

cubaninsider: US As Defined By Cuba: A Very   Divided  America !!      A new  FRONT LINE  documentary  { PBS  image above }  explores the vast divide between America'...

Monday, January 13, 2020

US As Defined By Cuba

A Very Divided America!!
     A new FRONTLINE documentary {PBS image aboveexplores the vast divide between America's two-party/left-wing Democratic Party as represented by former President Barack Obama and the right-wing Republican Party led by Obama's current predecessor President Donald Trump. The left-wing/right-wing fringes comprise about 20% of the US's 330 million Americans while the remaining 80% or so are simply mostly out in the cold because they are basically moderates in what now is a frayed, grossly splintered, and dangerously explosive political system. That predicament is now exacerbated by what has evolved into a propaganda-obsessed mainstream U. S. media that is now largely unconcerned with gathering and dispensing news via utilizing real journalists but merely devoted to hiring or creating biased pundit-propagandists. That political-media nexus might well result in a revolutionary uproar depending on the outcome of this year's presidential election in November that will re-elect Trump or likely replace him with a left-wing Democratic extremist that might well be more dangerous even than Trump. In that milieu, the FRONTLINE documentary is worth watching as long as it doesn't further proselytize America's overly propagandized 80% of the citizenry that does not exist on either OF the left-wing/right-wing fringes. As a member of that moderate, non-elitist 80%, I don't need a FRONTLINE documentary to tell me what best defines America's great, dangerous, and undemocratic schism being greedily propagated by the 10% left-wingers and the 10% right-wingers who fuel the propaganda-obsessed U. S. media as well as both of the paranoid and money-inflated political parties. FRONTLINE should be admired for concocting an expensive documentary focusing on America's revolution/civil-war-inspiring "divide" that is reminiscent of colonial times and civil war times in the USA's past. But FRONTLINE should have shortened its documentary by focusing on the best definition of America's "divide" that might spawn into an explosive revolution or civil war in the last two months of 2020. If you study the Obama-Trump montage above, the "divide" they now represent within the nefarious political-media bowels of the U. S. is BEST DEFINED by the following definition that a moderate, non-elitist American like me comprehends but the elitist, propaganda-obsessed mainstream media will not dare divulge to their viewers or readers:
           During his 8 years as President Obama did his best to normalize relations with Cuba, and largely and very BRAVELY succeeded. But he was followed by the last three years in which Trump has tried {and is trying} his best to use genocide against the masses of Cubans on the island to bring about the long-desired overthrow and re-capture of Revolutionary Cuba's government, which overthrew the brutal U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship way back on January 1, 1959, and incredibly resisted being re-captured by powerful Batistianos still backed by the USA, the world's economic and military power. The sharp Obama-Trump dichotomy today relating to Cuba is the best representation of the salient "divide" in the United States now, and that is true although the mainstream U. S. media does not have either the integrity or the courage to report such a fact. All the while, the mainstream U. S. media has spent most of its time and energy in the last three years trying to find or fabricate something that will destroy Trump's presidency, finally finding and distorting a nebulous pro quid quo Trump phone call to the President of Ukraine but Trump will not be destroyed by that poorly produced and projected lie and, in fact, it might help get him re-elected in November. But the PRO QUID QUO that should be actually used to remove Trump involves him giving Counter Revolutionary Cuban extremists the power to use the U. S. government to commit genocide against innocent Cubans on the island, all because Trump believes his quid pro quo payoff will be Florida's crucial 29 Electoral Votes that he needs for his re-election on November, 2020.
Not with Ukraine -- NO!!
But with Cuba -- YES!!

Friday, January 10, 2020

Cuba In The Age of Trump

As Genocide Replaces Cruelty!!
      Since overthrowing the brutal, thieving, U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship on January 1, 1959, the Caribbean's largest and most beautiful island, for its sake, has hoped that it would have normal relations with its superpower and nearby neighbor, the United States. It still does has that hope in this first month of 2020, as a powerful Cuban leader Lina Pedraza Rodriguez clearly states above. Yet, because two generations of the rich and powerful Batistiano leaders from January of 1959 till January of 2020 have maintained an unchecked new capital of Little Havana on U. S. soil in the heart of Miami, Revolutionary Cuba has had to survive...history's all-time longest and cruelest economic blockade/embargo ever imposed by a strong nation against a much-weaker nation; an air-sea-and-air military attack known as the Bay of Pigs; well known and continuous unchecked terrorist attacks including the bombing of Cubana Flight 455 that included all on aboard, including two dozen Cuban teenage athletes; the Trump administration's 2019 activation of Title 3 of Helms-Burton that is designed to make rich Batistianos even richer while also targeting everyday Cubans on the island with genocide, just so Trump's 2020 re-election campaign will gain Florida's crucial 29 Electoral Votes; etc., etc. Not only does Lina Pedraza Rodriguez, who experiences such facts from Cuba's perspective, know all about such things, but do decent and brave Cuban experts and observers in the United States. Yet, neither the intimidated U. S. media nor the Batistiano-aligned U. S. government has the decency nor the courage to reign-in the Little Havana extremists who are raping and robbing America even more than the U.S.-aligned Batista-Mafia dictatorship rape and robbed Cuba in the 1950's.
     Just back from Cuba to observe how the Trump-sanctioned genocide against everyday Cubans is impacting the island, John McAuliff and two other U. S. professors who are also renowned Cuban experts have penned an article about what they have just detected on the Caribbean's largest island. The U. S. government hopes, as always, that Americans don't go Online to read and study the article that John McAuliff and the two other professors wrote about their latest trip to Cuba. John McAuliff, on his Facebook page and elsewhere, has stated that the extreme cruelty he is now observing on the island against totally innocent Cubans is directly due to President Trump turning over the U.S.'s Cuban policy ONLY to extremely self-serving and lifelong Counter Revolutionary zealots such as..."Claver-Carone," as John McAuliff so correctly states.
     From Miami to Washington, Mauricio Claver-Carone has spent his adult life vehemently and lucratively trying to overthrow Revolutionary Cuba. Now President Trump believes his 2020 re-election absolutely needs Florida's crucial 29 Electoral Votes, Claver-Carone since August of 2018 has been in charge of the U. S. State Department's powerful Western Hemisphere Affairs division. Cuba, of course, is in the Western Hemisphere, and not only Cuba but all of Cuba's top allies in the Western Hemisphere -- Bolivia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, etc., etc. -- are now feeling the extreme wrath of America's incomparable economic and military power, thanks to unchecked decisions made daily by Claver-Carone.
    Most Americans have never heard of Mauricio Claver-Carone and, of course, he has never held an elected position. And, of course, most Americans are not supposed to be aware that, on their behalf, that Claver-Carone now is making daily Western Hemisphere decisions to whet his long-standing very extremist views against Cuba and everyday Cubans.
      Shown here in the red tie, Mauricio Claver-Carone has long been one of Washington's most powerful lobbyists while gratuitously soliciting money and congressional support for his torrid anti-Cuban views. During the eight years that the decent President Barack Obama was trying so hard to normalize U.S.-Cuban relations for the benefit of most Cubans, most Cuban-Americans, and most Americans, Claver-Carone was out of the spotlight but still raising massive anti-Cuban dollars while using all means...such as the airways, the Internet, interviews, speeches, etc...propagandizing against Revolutionary Cuba while implying that the brutal-thieving U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship  that preceded it provided a sweet Mother Teresa-like treatment for everyday Cubans on the island and for rich U. S. businessmen.
     Empowered by the Little Havana-aligned Bush dynasty, extreme Counter Revolutionary zealots such as Mauricio Claver-Carone, Otto Reich, Roger Noriega, etc. have thrived openly without restrictions in all Republican administrations in Washington. But like Claver-Carone they also prosper during Democratic administrations such as Obama's by being propped up by congressional Republicans and by many of Washington's well-funded right-wing "Foundations" or "Think Tanks" as well as extreme and well-funded right-wing media sources such as Breitbart, Townhall, etc., etc. In that milieu, the likes of Claver-Carone, Reich, Noriega, etc. await Republican presidents to take over the White House. With Trump turning out to be their greatest jewel -- even  more tasty than during the one Bush CIA directorship, the two Bush Vice Presidencies, and the three Bush presidencies -- has been the current Trump presidency. Not even President George W. Bush was so cruel as too activate Title 3 of the infamous Batistiano-written Helms-Burton Act but President Trump in 2019 activated Title 3 and that has enabled the U. S. economic embargo/blockade of Cuba, in place since 1962, to be expanded to genocide against the Cuban people while also, of course, creating vast new pipelines of tax dollars flowing and gushing from Washington to Miami. With the unchecked Claver-Carone as America's Western Hemisphere Affairs dictator, the genocide against Cubans on the island and the increased money for selected Cubans in Miami has evolved into the stratosphere -- even as the mainstream U. S. media and even as the majority of propagandized and scared Americans are supposed not to care.
     While Helms-Burton TITLE III is a Godsend for the likes of Claver-Carone, Reich, Noriega, Rubio, the Diaz-Balart brothers and their ilk, its genocide aimed at everyday Cubans on the island from U. S. soil is apparent to decent Americans such as John McAuliff who just reported on his personal latest observations on what Title III is doing to everyday Cubans. Of course, in America's Batistiano-weakened Democracy Americans are not supposed to know what decent, well-informed experts like John McAuliff say about U.S.-Cuban relations.
            A genocidal blockade against innocent everyday Cubans on the island, greatly exacerbated by the recent activation of Title 3/Helms-Burton to appease a handful of Little Havana miscreants, is a gigantic lie rammed down the throats of Americans as supposedly targeting "a few mean elitist Cubans" is well-known by those who visit the island as really targeting everyday totally innocent Cubans...including children and the elderly. When the world's strongest nation allows extremely biased zealots such as Claver-Carone to dictate genocidal measures against innocent people in a much weaker nation, the tenets of Democracy become unhinged. If drastic sanctions and embargoes are indeed necessary, they at least should be made and carried out by unbiased, decent people.
     A Superpower country trying powerfully to deprive and starve innocent children and elderly women {such as the two above} is being conducted today by the United States against Cubans because this generation of Americans lacks the guts to intervene to stop something that shames both America and Democracy. Former U. S. President Barack Obama AND THE WHOLE WORLD WITH STARTLING UNANIMITY expressed that EXACT OPINION with a 191-to-0 vote at the United Nations.
      But in January of 2017 Donald Trump replaced Barack Obama as President of the United States. Obama had tried bravely and decently to normalize relations with Cuba; Trump has cowardly, self-servingly, and indecently permitted Counter Revolutionary Cubans to impose genocide against innocent Cubans on the a payoff for what Trump believes will provide him Florida's crucial 29 Electoral Votes needed to re-elect him in November of 2020.
     In my opinion, America's powerful mainstream left-wing media that doesn't have the courage or integrity to ask people like Mauricio Claver-Carone about genocide against innocent Cubans is even more of a threat to America and Democracy than Russia, China, Iran, North Korea AND Donald Trump will ever be.

cubaninsider: Cuba In The Trump Era

cubaninsider: Cuba In The Trump Era : A   True Look  From   Cuba's Eyes !!!!      The Impeachment of  President Donald Trump  has em...