Monday, January 24, 2022

Recapturing Cuba??

 Is It, uh, A Priority For the USA??

{The American People Don't Think So!!!}

   The above view of the world, courtesy of Wikipedia, reveals what Americans are concerned about in this next-to-last week in January of 2022!! Americans are direly concerned that Russia {green} seems poised to go to war against Ukraine {red} to protect its eastern border. Not only does Russia still have a massive landmass but now it has an absolutely awesome military buttressed by an absolutely awesome Nuclear capability. So, with the U. S. poised to support Ukraine, Americans should be direly concerned with the dire possibility of a war with Russia. And DEYOND that, Americans are direly concerned with rampart inflation, Covid-19, out-of-control crime, etc., etc., etc., etc.!!!
       Of Course -- however -- the lucrative, powerful, and determined ANTI-CASTRO/ANTI-CUBA INDUSTRY in the U. S. since 1959 remains in January of 2022 determined to keep prioritizing the recapture of Cuba as America's top priority!! If you doubt that, and YOU ARE SUPPOSED to doubt it, please check the prime Cuba Headlines today in the U. S. media...and not FROM just the usually 24-hour and ubiquitous total anti-Cuban blogs/media sources, some funded by U. S. taxpayers. Unfortunately, top mainstream U. S. media sources are also relentless and vicious Counter Revolutionary proponents against Cuba...such as the relentless Mary O'Brady at the still powerful and mainstream Wall Street Journal where she is the ultra-powerful Columnist and Editorial Editor unchecked when it comes to her Anti-Cuba "Opinions."
  Today -- in late JANUARY of 2022 -- Mary O'Grady/WSJ apparently believe that President Biden's top priority should not be taking on the Russia-Ukraine/Chinese-Taiwan problems, COVID-19, crime, inflation, etc. Oh No!! Mary O'Grady/WSJ appears to think that the USA's top priority should be to "Take on Cuba" know that little, poor, nearby, embargoed, blockaded island nation in the Caribbean!! an are supposed to support the endless desire of the vast and lucrative Anti-Cuba/Anti-Revolution COTTAGE INDUSTRY, even above other priorities!! So, by all means, read the latest massive Mary O'Grady/WSJ article entitled: "Why Won't Joe Biden Take on Cuba?" FORGET UKRAINE, INFLATION, CRIME, COVID, etc.!!! Take on Cuba!!
    After the 1898 Spanish-American War, the United well as the Mafia...dominated Cuba, the largest and most beautiful nation in the Caribbean, from 1898 till 1959. But, indeed, extreme thievery and brutality spawned the Cuban Revolution that finally ended centuries of foreign and self-serving control of Cuba. For sure, Revolutionary Cuba's control of the island since 1959 has been Far From PERFECT. Yet, allowing Little Havana/Miami to regain control of Havana/Cuba is not the answer!!
Perhaps...the best answer is a handshake!!
Perhaps...the worst answer is Little Havana's!!

Saturday, January 22, 2022

US Media's Darnation of CUBA!!

 While IMPLYING Greatness of Batista!!

   The Gallup and other top polls in the U. S. have recently reported that most Americans now don't trust the mainstream U. S. media...especially the top networks such as NBC, MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, etc., and especially top print media giants such as the NY Times, Washington Post, etc. Of course, that is a devastating blow to the world's most famed and richest Democracy. And what Gallup and other pollsters report is particularly so when it comes to the U. S. media reporting on U.S.-Cuban relations since...way back in 1959...when the Cuban Revolution overthrew the U.S./Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship. Unable to regain control of nearby Cuba since 1959, the U. S. media has continually dammed Revolutionary Cuba while implying the greatness of the Batista regime, apparently to make sure that the U. S. people will continue tolerating the massive tax dollars designed to starve Cubans on the island while enriching Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Miami, Newark, and the U. S. Congress. In that melieu, there have been some great authors such as T. J. English and even brave Hollywood moguls such as Oliver Stone/Brian DePalma who have dared tell the truth about "How the Mob Owned Cuba...and Then Lost It to the Revolution" as T. J. English explained in his brilliant and seminal book Havana Nocturne!! And alas!! In January of 2022 we learn that Hollywood has finally decided to make a Major Movie entitled Havana Nocturne based on T. J. English's classic book!!!
    Meanwhile, if you do not get to know great journalists/authors such as T. J. English, the mainstream U. S. media will provide you a daily dose of Anti-Cuba/Pro Batista propaganda -- as you can detect from depending on the headlines today as shown above. Take, for example, the YouTube/Fox News headline above that is entitled: "Cuban immigrant gives grim warning to Americans." Of Course, if any Cuban on the island or any Cuban-American says something positive or nice about Cuba, the U. S. media is not about to report it...but if any Cuban dissident on the island or any Cuban-American in Miami or in Congress damns Cuba, the headline will be splashed across the USA and, hopefully, around the whole universe.
      Implying how great the Batista reign in Cuba was, above is how Fox News this weekend splashed "CUBAN IMMIGRANT WARNS AMERICANS AGAINST SOCIALISM" news around the nation and world, included on YouTube.
     The, uh, "Cuba News" loudly espoused above this weekend by Fox News/YouTube denounced but admitted that Revolutionary Cuba since 1959 has, uh, provided free healthcare for life and free education through college for every Cuban. Uh, sure that replaced the fact that the U.S./Mafia-backed Batista rule had basically no healthcare and had no education for everyday Cubans while their island was being robbed and raped in wholesale fashion from 1952 till dawn on Jan. 1-1959.
    Would the U. S. media admit that this was a typical photo in Batista's Cuba?
   Would the U. S. media admit that this was a typical photo in Batista's Cuba that documents how Mafia kingpins such as Meyer Lansky, along with rich U. S. businessmen, routinely and daily raked in satchels of Batista's Cuba...without bothering to toss a few crumbs to everyday Cuban families??? T. J. English in Havana Nocturne revealed how "The Mob owned Cuba...and Then Lost It to the Revolution." Now, presumably, the new movie "Havana Nocturne" will bring such facts to the Silver Screen, but don't expect the U. S. media to mention it.
    Also, of course, the U. S. media has never leveled with the American people about the cruel 6-decade-old EMBARGO against Cuba since 1962. Thus, Americans are supposed to support it, or at least tolerate it, because supposedly it is to only punish the big, mean Cuban leaders. Of course, according to de-classified U. S. documents, the purpose of the EMBARGO was/is to starve, deprive, and make miserable the Cuban people to induce them to rise up and overthrow their Revolutionary leaders. Of Course, for over six decades the EMBARGO has not induced the Cuban people to rise up and overthrow their leaders, perhaps because enough of the Cuban people, FOR ALL THESE DECADES, remember the preceding Batista years of the 1950s. This is not to say that the EMBARGO has not at all starved, deprived, and made miserable generations of Cubans on the island since 1962. But...they are, among other things, too pugnacious to capitulate to the, uh...nice EMBARGO!!
      Since 1962 Cubans on the island have somehow survived the EMBARGO administrated cruelly and relentlessly by a neighbor that happens to be the richest and strongest nation in the world. Moreover, the great Brazilian Carlos LaTuff, in the brilliant graphic shown above, has reminded the world that the Cuban people for over two years have also survived the deadly COVID-19 Pandemic. But, perhaps, the best thing Cubans have been able to do since 1959...even better than winning the 1961 Bay of Pigs military attack, etc...has being in not starving to death because of the EMBARGO. In that regard, study the three photos below that were taken today -- Jan. 22-2022 -- and posted on Facebook.
    Today Enid Remis, who is an everyday Cuban in Havana, went to the Restaurante Karma along with her husband and their three children. Enid has not allowed the EMBARGO to starve her family. On Facebook today -- Jan. 22-2022 -- Enid posted 14 photos about the nice meal she and her family had today. If you want to see her other 11 photos during the meal, you are welcome to go to her Facebook page. As you see above, Enid finished her meal with a nice cocktail. Yes, since 1962 the EMBARGO has not starved Enid...nor does Enid plan to help overthrow her Revolutionary government. If you expect her to change her mind, based on the ubiquitous headlines in the U. S. media, you should FIRST ask her instead of trusting what the U. S. media says. After all, as far as the U. S. media is concerned, Cubans on the island such as Enid are not allowed to have OPINIONS!!
And, oh yes...T. J. ENGLISH!!!
He knows both Havana and Little Havana.
Havana Nocturne!!


Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Did Biden Lessen Cuban Blockade?

 Well...maybe...A Little!!!

    The faraway nation of Iceland begged the United States to ease its Economic Blockade against Cuba so the Icelandair airplanes like this Boeing 757-200 could make regular flights to Cuba!! Surprisingly, the Biden administration in Washington actually eased the Blockade a little bit to permit Icelandair flights to Cuba...with restrictions!!!

       As you can see above, the international Insider Business Network broke the news that includes the restrictions about how tickets can be purchased. The Icelandair flights would be numerous: "Icelandair is known for connecting North American and Europe through its home country of Iceland. But a new route could see the flag carrier from the Land of Fire and Ice take passengers between Cuba and both Florida and Texas. On January 13, the US Department of Transportation approved an application by Icelandair to fly 170 round-trip charter flights between Havana and the US cities of Miami, Orlando and Houston." WOW!!! That is a lot of flights!!
    The island nation of Cuba...with its location, its beauty, and its intrigue...punches above its size and wealth on the world stage. If permitted by its nearby Superpower, many nations around the world would like the freedom to engage with Cuba.
    This map, if you look closely, shows the Atlantic island nation of Iceland {Circled in red} and the Caribbean island nation of Cuba, which is directly below the USA state of Florida, which is home to Little Havana in Miami. Iceland, per capita, is one of the world's richest nations. And, obviously, it wants the United States to allow it to engage with Cuba. Study this map...and ask why this is happening!!
60 Years+...and Counting!!

Monday, January 17, 2022

CUBA and a Nuclear War Over Ukraine???


    Worldwide headlines appear to be obsessed with the prospect that Russia's President Putin and his Secretary of Defense Sergei Shoigu are about to go to War against President Biden and his Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin!!! WOW!! Russia and the United States are the two nations who each have enough nuclear missiles to wipe out the populations of the World!!!
    The extreme and powerful anti-Cuba media in the U. S. is eager to link Cuba to any potential War featuring Russia and the USA over Ukraine. For example, check this WASHINGTON POST "Opinion" piece about...uh..."Ukraine is Russia's Cuba."
    Headlines like the ones above flashing around the world report that Russia might deploy weapons in Cuba and Venezuela if the U. S. allows Ukraine to threaten Russia's border, such as prepping Ukraine to become a part of NATO.
The raging headlines, thus, thrust Cuban President Diaz-Canel in the middle of Russian President Biden's war over Ukraine, relating to Russia's supposed plan to weaponize Cuba and Venezuela prior to Russia's dangerous invasion of Ukraine. Counter Revolutionaries in the U. S. often claim that little Cuba speaks for much-larger Venezuela. But, regardless of what the headlines suggest, Diaz-Canel would not allow Russia to install nuclear weapons in Cuba. Two very important Cubans confirm that key fact.
   A very important Cuban, Salvador Valdes, massively impacts Diaz-Canel's decisions, and Valdes says: "Cuba didn't win the Revolution in 1959, survive the military attack of 1961, and the Missile Crisis of 1962 only to involve itself in a nuclear war between Russia and the United States in 2022. While we much want and need to survive the U. S. Blockade and one day be a trade partner with America, even if pushed to the brink by the expansion of the Blockade by both Trump and Biden, we must prioritize things like Food Production, the Pandemic, and the continuation of renewing the massive updating of buildings, including barrio dwellings."
    For sure, Salvador Valdes Mesa has the title of being Cuba's First Vice President but long before having that title he was a super-powerful decision-maker in Cuba. Above he is shown making a salient point this week on statewide Cuban television. The Cuban people listened, and so did President Diaz-Canel.
    In 2016  when President Barack Obama had the guts to not only visit Cuba but promise the Cuban people they "did not need to fear the United States," the first Cuban Obama asked to see and talk to was Salvador Valdes Mesa. Unfortunately, Obama remains the only one of the USA's 46 Presidents to have both the courage and integrity to treat Cubans on the island decently and humanely.
    The other ultra-powerful Cuban Vice President that President Diaz-Canel listens to without fail is Ines Maria Chapman. She says: "Miami and the U. S. media would like to put us in the middle of a Russian war with the United States. We, of course, will fight like Tigers to prevent that. Every generation since 1959 has battled ferociously like a mama lion protecting her babies to survive the Miami-Washington criminals trying to use the U. S. government and its military to regain Cuba as in the criminal days of Batista, Mafia, and the greedy U. S. businesses. In 2022 we are defeating or at least curbing the Pandemic with our own drugs and we are holding off the longest and most criminal blockade history has known. In 1959 the Revolution stated firmly that its two main objectives were free education through college and free healthcare from birth to death for everyone. They remain our two priorities, and the last thing we need is to get involved in someone's war in Ukraine."
    The article above was written by one of the Miami Herald's most vehement Counter Revolutionaries, Andres Oppenheimer. Like the rest of the U. S. media, the Miami Herald only seems to speak for and about Counter Revolutionaries. Every now and then, perhaps it would be more believable if it, at least once in a whileconsulted the 11 million everyday Cubans on the island...or even forthright Cuban leaders such as Salvador Valdes Mesa and Ines Maria Chapman.
     Incredibly, the U. S. media is totally obligated, it seems, to daily promote only negative stories about Cuba, the more negative the better. Yet, as shown above, the powerhouse CNBC Network actually reported loudly about "Cuba's extraordinary Covid vaccine success could provide the best hope for low-income countries."
     This modern train today is shown on its run to Camaguey and it illustrates how Cuba is greatly improving its rail and highway systems thanks to help from friends such as China, Vietnam, etc., and major businesses from Spain, Canada, Vietnam, etc. All those nations are major U. S. trading partners.

     Meanwhile, Cubans on the island -- like the ones shown above today -- are not thinking about being a part of a War involving Ukraine. The young well-educated and health-minded Cubans shown above are proof of their government's success with Covid vaccines and the strong emphasis the government is placing on improving their cities, including the barrios, while also stressing the island's vastly improved FOOD PRODUCTION.

         More and more Cuban land is being turned over to everyday Cubans who want to farm it and then have places to sell for profit what they don't need to use for their own families.
   And, yes, the rich but tropical soil in Cuba is more-and-more being irrigated as friendly nations such as Vietnam, Japan, China, Russia, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia, Canada, etc., have offered friendly help for such Cuban projects.
     Many Cubans, such as some of these university students, are getting involved in positive aspects of life on their blockaded but still potentially productive nation. They like the renewed entrepreneurship on the island, which includes the production and sale of food.
      Cuba is also busy trying to drastically improve its transit operations across the island, including its railway unit and bus system. Last week, Japan sent 100 new buses to Havana Harbor and Japan has agreed to continue to send 800 more buses in the next 5 years. Japan is a Democracy and has the 3rd strongest economy in the world, topped only by the U. S. and China. Not being stupid, Cuba likes having rich friendly friends such as Japan. And, not being stupid, Cuban would also like to be friendly friends with the nearby U. S., which might happen one day if sane leaders in both the U. S. and Cuba agree to shake hands and actually talk about it. In the 1950s the U. S. loved Batista's Cuba when rich Mafiosi and rich U. S. companies were partaking in the whole rape & robbery of the island. There are today many ultra-rich Cuban-Americans in Miami...such as Frank Del Rio...who would love to trade with their homeland of Cuba.
    Born in Havana, Frank Del Rio was the most highly paid executive in Miami when President Obama in 2016 allowed him to personally sail one of his great Norwegian Cruise Line ships to Havana from Miami loaded with tourists. At the front of his ship, Frank Del Rio burst into tears the moment when he sighted the Havana skyline coming into view. Presumably, post-Obama Frank Del Rio and many other Cuban-Americans have shed tears because of the U. S. Embargo/Blockade of Cuba.
     But to emerge from the shackles of a 6-decade+ Embargo to a friendly handshake will not happen soon...because some very rich and powerful people continue to reap fortunes as well as revenge from the status quo. So the Embargo that shames America & Democracy will continue to prevent any friendly handshakes between the two neighbors that are separated only by the Florida Straits and a Sea of Greed.


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