The Korda Photos Still Resonate in 2024

     Beginning early in 1960 photographer Alberto Korda and Cuban revolutionary icon Che Guevara became forever intertwined by history. It was on March 5th in 1960 when Korda took the famed photo of Guevara. Quickly the image became famous because Korda photos about the triumph of the Cuban Revolution were highly prized, but soon the photo evolved into one of the most seen and most famous photos and portraits in the hisstory of the world. Even dorm rooms at thousands of U. S. colleges and universities featured the uniquely iconic and ubiquitous photo of Korda's ultra-powerful  photographic portrait of Che Guevara.
      But Alberto Korda himself was surprised that the Che Guevara photo instantly got such fame. For sure, Korda had earlier been more notable for stressing revolutionary photos of important but non-famed Cuban rebels, such as the photo Korda took of this female Cuban fighter to emphasize the fact that women were ultra-important as revolutionary fighters, decision-makers, recruiters, etc., and not just the most historic ones such as Celia Sanchez, Tete Puebla, Vilma Espin, Haydee Santamaria, etc.
     In fact, Alberto Korda once considered this as the most important revoluutionary photo he had taken. This shows Camilo Cienfuegos and Fidel Castro, two of the most powerful rebel commanders and fighters. After the triumph of the Cuban Revolution on January 1st of 1959, many of the everyday Cuban people rated Camilo and Fidel about equal as future leaders of Cuba. The very popular Camilo, however, was killed later in 1959 at AGE 27 when the small airplane he was in crashed into the ocean on October 28th-1959 during a storm on the edge of the island...a mere few months after Camilo had played such a huge part in winning the Revolution.
     The great photographer Alberto Korda was born in Havana on September 14th in 1928 and he died in Paris on May 25th in 2001 while he was being honored for his immortal photo of Che Guevara. But some family members later said that one of Korda's other photos had even more impact on his personal life.
     This photo was taken by Alberto Korda. It shows a little Cuban girl standing in the doorway of her home, a peasant shack. She was very tightly and lovingly holding a block of wood, pretending it was a doll. Korda had taken a lot of photos that day but it was later that night when he was developing and studying the photos that this one powerfully gripped him and he began to cry uncontrollably. For the rest of his life, this photo made Alberto Korda cry every time he took time to study and reflect on it. Yes, he got to know the little girl and made sure she had a real doll and nice clothes. In Paris in 2001 while being celebrated because of the Che Guevara photo, Alberto Korda admitted, "I have taken millions of photos. But the one that constantly remains in my heart is the one of the little girl pretending that she had a doll." 


All Cuban-Americans DON'T Want to Starve Cubans in Cuba

   Since overthrowing the US-backed/Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship in 1959, Revolutionary Cuba has faced daily attacks such as the 1961 Bay of Pigs air-land-&--sea military attack, the EMBARGO/Blockade that began in 1962 and has continued for over six decades, and many, many other attacks from the U. S. and individual U. S. Cuban-Americans. So it is not surprising that the great London-based Reuters News Agency in July of 2024 reports on another such attack. In the Reuters article this week, the last paragraph shown above says: "...a Cuban man residing in the United States arrived on the island by jetski, armed with guns, ammunition and military gear, to recruit others and commit acts of Violence."

     Let it be known too that there are many Cuban-Americans in the United States who vehemently denounce the Batista-Mafia dictatorship that ruled Cuba prior to the Revolution and also vehemently denounce the U.S.-backed efforts to overthrow the Cuban Revolution, which somehow has managed to not be overthrown for the last 65 YEARS. One such supporter of Revollutionary Cuba is award-winning journalist Liz Oliva Fernandez.

A dedicated journalist and producer of documentaries, Liz Olivia Fernandez reports frequently about topics such as "The War On Cuba" and "Inside Biden's Cuba Policy." So, perhaps Cuban observers should get to know Liz Olivia Fernandez.

     If you take time to study the passionate reporting of Liz Olivia Fernandez on the US-Cuba conundrum, you will see that she often goes to the two most anti-Cuban enclaves ruled by counter revolutionary Cuban-Americans -- namely, Little Havana in Miami and Havana on the Hudson in Hudson County, New Jersey, and in the famed Hudson River area in New York.
    In the video above watch how Liz Olivia Fernandez confronts the powerful U.S. Senator Bob Menendez, the leader of the ultra-strong U. S.. sanctions on Cuba. Liz above meets Menendez on a street in his backyard in Union City, New Jersey.
      In the video above you will see and hear Liz Olivia Hernandez expertly discuss, in a key interview, the U. S. sanctions on Cuba...explaining how and why they have existed since 1962 "and now are tougher than ever on the Cuban people."
     Yes, award-winning journalist Liz Olivia Fernandez is passionate about Cuba and her documentaries on YouTube and elsewhere attest to the fact that she denounces the past Batista-Mafia-US rule of Cuba and she also denounces ongoing and current attacks on Revolutionary Cuba.

      Above you can tap and then see a 12-minute YouTube documentary "The War On Cuba" by the passionate Liz Olivia Fernandez.


June Ends As Miami Closes In on Havana in JULY.

    Cuban Meteorologist Yinelis Bermudez is important to Cubans because of the many terrible Hurricanes that target the Caribbean island.
     But the prime U. S. EMBARGO SURROUNDING CUBA FOR THE PAST SIX DECADES remains the biggest problem for Cuban families.
     Daily Cuban Headlines flashing around the world remind anti-Revolutionary/anti-Cuban sources to keep things such as U. S. stactics as the EMBARGO in place in hopes that it will overthrow Cuba's Revolutionary government "any day now!!" But now well into July of 2024 the Cuban Revolution that overthrew the U.S.-backed/Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship in 1959 has still, somehow, not been overthrown yet.
      As a troubled world views June of 2024 in the rear mirror and now encounters July of 2024, the island-nation of Cuba faces exactly what it has faced since 1959, which is ultra-powerful Cuban-Americans such as Senator Bob Menendez enjoying near dictatorial Powerss over the US's Cuban Policies, which have been disastrous for masses of Cubans in Cuba but extremely lucrative for Cuban-American politicians in Miami and in Washington since 1959. Whether your last name is Menendez, or Rubio, or Ros-Lehtinen, or Diaz-Balart, or Fanjul, or Canosa, etc., if you are an extreme anti-Cuban Counter Revolutionary stalwart in the United States, you can easily get elected to the U. S. Congress from Cuban strongholds such as Miami and Newark. And then, once in Congress, such Cubans immediately routinely end up as the ultra-powerful CHAIRMEN or CHAIRWOMAN in the U. S. Congress Senate or the U. S. House of Representatives, which are the two ultra-powerful branches of the U. S. Congress.
      Here at the end of June of 2024 a massive federal trail is raging that charges massive bribery charges against Senator Bob Menendez involving foreign nations. Back in 2015 Senator Menendez barely survived a federal trial that charged him with many masssive bribery charges that involved a millionaire friend in Miami and included the Dominican Republic. But the 2015 trail resulted in a hung jury, after which Menendez ran for another six-year term in the U. S. Senate and, of course, easily won again. Regarding Cuban policies and other foreign policies, Bob Menendez has been an ultra-powerful Democratic U. S. Senator from New Jersey since 2007 and, of course, loves being the ultra-powerful Chairman of the Senate's Foreign Affairs Committee.
  As shown above, the TOP HEADLINES regarding Cuba heading into late June in 2024 include "Bob Menendez and Biden's Cuban Policy." Despite the news media focused on the 2024 presidential election pitting President Biden against former President Trump, CBS News and the rest of the mainstream media cannot totally ignore the current Menendez Trial. A CBS News update is shown below:
      Since 1959 only Counter-Revolutionary Cuban-Americans such as Senator Bob Menendez have seemingly had a firm grip on the U. S. Cuban Policies.
     Therefore, since 1962 the U. S. has maintained a cruel EMBARGO against Cuba although the UN and almost the rest of the entire world OPPOSES the ultra-controversial EMBARGO. Yet...the EMBARGO has existed for over six decades thanks to a handful of anti-Cuban Revolution Cuban-Americans...regardless of how much harm it does to the Cuban families and how much harm the EMBARGO also does to the international image of the U. S.
     Since 1959, the year the Cuban Revolution shocked the world by overthrowing the US/Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship, rich and powerful Cubans starting in 1959 created Little Havana in the heart of Miami and began to dominate the economy and political landscape in Miami and Florida and, when it came to overthrowing the Cuban Revolution, the Little Havana Cubans also have easily dominated U. S. presidential and congressional policies regarding Cuba. That includes extreme counter revolutionary Cuban families such as the Diaz-Balarts, the Fanjuls, the Canosas, etc., etc., and individuals that became ultra-powerful politicians in Washington such as Lincoln Diaz-Balart, Mario Diaz-Balart, Bob Menendez, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Marco Rubio, etc., etc., etc. But from January of 1959 until July of 2024 BY FAR the most powerful Cuban counter revolutionary in the history of Miami and Washington has been Jorge Mas Canosa, who was born on September 21, 1939 in Santiago de Cuba and died at age 58 from lung cancer in Coral Gables, Florida on November 23, 1997. All of the prime parameters that dictate U. S. policy today...in July of 2024...were primarily put in place by Canosa -- and that includes the Bay of Pigs military attack in April of 1961, the 1962 EMBARGO of Cuba that still exists in JULY of 2024, the exceedingly cruel Helms-Burton Act that has devastated Cuban families from 1991 until July of 2024 while also vastly enriching and empowering Cubans in Little Havana/Miami. Canosa himself became a billionaire via his Miami company Mas Tec but he also vastly increased his popularity by spreading the wealth. For example, for over three decades Canosa's influence made sure that Miami's Radio-TV Marti broadcasting empire has received many millions of tax dollars from Washington to operate Miami's huge and lucratic anti-Cuban media facilities even though many highly respected journalists {Kofman, Eaton, etc.} have repeatedly reported that Radio-TV Marti exists for two reasons -- to overthrow the Cuban Revolution and to provide tax dollars to its employees. Till his untimely death in 1997 at age 58, Canosa's ultra-powerful guidance of the U. S. Cuban policy included both Republican and Democratic PRESIDENTS meekly bowing to Jorge Mas Canosa and ONLY to Canosa...but laws and Cuban policies put in place by Canosa remain!!
Canosa and President Ronald Reagan.
President Bill Clinton and Canosa.
President George H. W. Bush and Canosa.
    The man most responsible for the unchecked power of Jorge Mas Canosa was, of course, George H. W. Bush. During the 1960s & 1970s Bush held powerful political jobs such as the Director of the CIA. Then Bush was Vice President from 1981 till 1989 during Ronald Reagan's 8 years as President. Then from 1989 till 1993 Bush served his own 4-year term as President. Thus, thanks to the power of Bush, from the 1960s into the 1990s Canosa had extreme and undeniable control of the U. S. policies regarding Cuba...including the Bay of Pigs, the EMBARGO of Cuba that started in 1962, Cuban terror that included some of Posada's most historic and infamous episodes, Canosa's ultra-powerful Cuban American National Foundation, the unchecked Helms-Burton Act, ect., etc. etc.
      Of course, when George H. W. Bush was President from 1989 till 1993, Bush signed bills into law that drastically hurt Cuba but helped Canosa and other rich U. S. Cubans. At the presidential signing shown above, please note that President Bush grinned triumphantly while Jorge Mas Canosa, of course, was the man standing directly behind President Bush has he signed a bill into law!!
     And since March 12 of 1996, as shown above, the cruel pro-Miami and cruel anti-Cuba Helms-Burton Law has for almost three decades cruelly harmed Cuban families in Cuba but also greatly helped Cuban-American politicians, especially those in Little Havana in Miami. In 1996 the truth is that President Bill Clinton planned to ease the stringent anti-Cuban sanctions but he was forced to instead sign into law the cruel Helms-Burton Law. You ask WHY? Well, as President Clinton reluctantly signed Helms-Burton Law you can see that the rich and powerful Cuban-Americans included Bob Menendez and Ileanna Ros-Lehtinen, both of whom spent many years as the ultra-powerful Chairs in the U. S. Senate and U. S. House where they, as disciples of Canosa, led the anti-Cuban policies of the United States.
       Located in the heart of Miami, Little Havana USA for many decades has flourished while powerfully influencing massive anti-Cuban laws. The prime architect of Little Havana USA was Jorge Mas Canosa who was born in Santiago de Cuba and died from lung cancer at age 58 in 1997 in Coral Gables, Florida. For many reasons, in the Miami area till this day there are many schools and other landmarks named for Canosa because of the prime anti-Havana/pro-Little Havana USA laws that have drastically enriched Miami Cubans while starving and depriving Cubans in Cuba.
     Again, the images directly above reveal the historic truth about the day in 1991 when the reluctant President Bill Clinton signed the Helms-Burton ACT into law while the two people ominously just above his right shoulder happened to be Bob Menendez and Ileanna Ros-Lehtinen!!
    All U. S. Presidents such as the Democrat Bill Clinton, as indicated above, made their Cuban policies as dictated to them by Jorge Mas Canosa...and that included Republican Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, etc. That is an historic fact even though in America's two-party political system, biased policies EVEN INVOLVING CUBA should not be allowed to prevail while being decided by a handful of politicians with their own special motives.
And all the while the US-Cuban facts are well known.


US & Russian Warships Visit Cuba in June, 2024

 Cuba Missile Crisis 2.0!!

     The worldwide headline "THE CUBAN DEJA VU" flashed around the world in June of 2024 when the world's two strongest nuclear powers -- Russia and the United States -- both had competing nuclear-powered warships in Cuban waters. It echoed October of 1962 when "The Cuban Missile Crisis" created what remains the closest the world has ever come to a nuclear holocaust when the Soviet Union/Russia and the United States came close to a nuclear war. Of course, nucelar missiles and their delivery systems in 1962 were tame compared to what nuclear missiles in 2024 are.
     Above are the TOP CUBAN HEADLINES posted around the world on June 24th-2024...with the YouTube video getting the most attention.
     But Children in Cuba since 1962 have been more concerned about the U. S. EMBARGO than they are concerned about Cuba being a pawn in a Nuclear War. Children in Cuba as well as their Parents and Grand-Parents have suffered all their lives from the U. S. EMBARGO that has existed since 1962. It appears that only two cities in the whole world -- Miami and Washington -- approve of the EMBARGO. Yet, over six decades after it started in 1962 the EMBARGO is tighter than ever -- creating in June of 2024 food {hunger} shortages on the island as well as power blackouts, medical deprivations, etc. You see, when you are hungry and deprived of necessary things that other children take for granted, you don't worry too much about pending Nuclear Wars.
     Most nations around the world bow meekly to the unmatched economic and military power of the United States and are, thus, not brave enough to help Cuba. When Cuba seeks help from U. S. competitors, such as Russia and China, it also is not usually of much help...yet, with bloody proxy wars taking place now with more on the horizon, "Cuba Missile Crisis 2.0 that just occurred in June of 2024 spawned reminders of 1962 when "Cuba Missile Crisis 1.0 shook the whole world. It is believed, by comparison, that the nuclear missiles in 1962 were toys compared to the nuclear missiles of 2024. Above is a YouTube video that graphically summarizes the week in June of 2024 when the two strongest nuclear powers -- Russia and the United States -- each had nuclear-powered warships in CUBAN PORTS.

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