cubaninsider: Earthquake, COVID-19, and Blockade

cubaninsider: Earthquake, COVID-19, and Blockade: Cuba   Under  Siege !!      This afternoon -- April 29th -- a 4.5 magnitude earthquake rattled Cuba near the southeastern city of Bara...

Earthquake, COVID-19, and Blockade

Cuba Under Siege!!
     This afternoon -- April 29th -- a 4.5 magnitude earthquake rattled Cuba near the southeastern city of Baracoa. It was first reported at 6.6 magnitude but later downgraded to 4.5. Back in January the same area experienced a 7.7 magnitude earthquake.
     Cuba continues to battle against the Coronavirus that has taken 58 deaths on the island as of today...with no new deaths reported in the past 24 hours.
      The excellent Associated Press journalist based in Havana, Andrea Rodriguez, today has an important article entitled: "Pandemic Crisis Squeezes Cuba's Fragile Private Businesses."
    Andrea Rodriguez's report from Havana used this AP/Ismael Francisco photo to illustrate that almost all private businesses in Cuba have "Closed Because Of Coronavirus COVID-19." Prior to the Trump administration's tightening of the U. S. Blockade against the island starting in 2017, and then the Coronavirus pandemic this year, hundred of thousands of private businesses on the island had begun to take full advantage of President Obama's herculean efforts to normalize relations with Cuba. Now the tight Little-Havana/Trump blockade of the island, and with tourism now shut-down because of the pandemic, private businesses like the one above are totally blocked by both Trump's USA and the Coronavirus.
     A great journalist for Newsweek, Tom O'Connor today has a superb and detailed update on the massive Caribbean military build-up by the Trump administration that not only threatens Venezuela and Cuba but also intends to facilitate the USA's and Little Havana's long-desired regime-changes in both countries.
     The must-read article provided by Tom O'Connor/Newsweek uses the graphic above to explain that the U. S. says that the reason for the military option against Cuba and Venezuela is needed because of "enhanced counternarcotics operations in the East Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea." The article points out that the USA's big ally against Venezuela and Cuba is Colombia, the nation responsible for "most" of the illegal drugs entering the U. S. while Cuba is notable for actually helping the U. S. fight the drug trade...and Venezuela told Newsweek that the U. S. military excursion is using the pretext of the narcotics accusation to expedite its war efforts. 
     Trump and Little Havana expected to orchestrate the regime-change in Venezuela way back in January of 2019 but blames little Cuba for propping up the Maduro government in Venezuela that the U. S. accuses of being aligned fully with the FARC rebels in Colombia to saturate the U. S. with illegal drugs. Of course, the U. S. doesn't credit the massive Colombian and Mexican drug cartels with their massive responsibilities, not if blaming Cuba and Venezuela will fulfill Little Havana's fervent desire to finish off the regime change in Venezuela before its prime regime change -- in Cuba -- occurs.
      While the mainstream U. S. media, including the left-wing extremists obsessed with destroying Trump, remains too afraid of Little Havana to discuss the dangers of regime-changes in Cuba and Venezuela, a brave and competent journalist, Tom O'Connor, fairly and importantly discusses the situation this week in Newsweek. Americans should study Tom O'Connor's article carefully...very carefully
     And, yes, America...the United States military regime-change in Venezuela is calculated as a preclude to Little Havana's regime-change in Cuba. And, yes, IT IS ACTUALLY A BIG DEAL that will likely have continually and bloody consequences for our children's and grandchildren's generations. The military operation detailed above by Newsweek was announced by the Trump administration this month -- on April 1, 2020 -- and now in this last full day of April-2020 a great journalist, Tom O'Connor, superbly updates the impending and ongoing  crisis developing on America's backdoor...in case Americans are interested or concerned.
     Venezuela's Vice Minister for North America, Carlos Ron, suggested to Newsweek this week that the USA's military threat to Venezuela is an "intimidation" that could flare into a dangerous conflagration provoked by Trump and Little Havana because Trump has only six months before his first 4-year term as President faces the voters for a possible re-election to a second term in November. And Carlos Ron, apparently speaking for Venezuela and perhaps for Cuba, suggests that Counter Revolutionaries in Miami believe they have a six-month window, while Trump is still certain to be President, to overthrow Havana after first taking care of prime Cuban allies in Managua and Caracas.
    For sure, the United States has the economic and military wherewithal to execute regime-changes in Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua...especially if nuclear Superpowers Russia and China accept it and if the U. S. people will accept another long, bloody war that will spawn continuous wars and/or revolutions in its wake.
     The Democrat Joe Biden has, perhaps, a 50-50 chance to defeat the Republican Donald Trump in November's presidential election. Biden for 8 years was President Obama's Vice President while Obama was normalizing relations with Cuba and turning Cuba into an entrepreneurial and tourist mecca, both of which were ended by Trump's total allegiance to Little Havana extremists. This week Biden told CBS News that, if he wins in November, "In large part, I will go back" to Obama's normalization of relations with Cuba. In other words, Havana as well as Managua and Caracas have HUGE STAKES in the outcome of November's U. S. election. And, as always, so does Little Havana USA. Little Havana can totally dictate to the Republican Party but, at least for this moment in time, it is not in control of the Democratic Party...at least YET.
     After Obama bravely opened the U. S. Embassy in Havana, Trump has done Little Havana's bidding to close it, except for staffing it will people doing Little Havana's bidding.
     Briefly, while Obama was President, Cubans and Americans relished normal relations...till Trump's presidency turned the USA's Cuban policies solely back over to Little Havana extremists. A second four-year term as President for Trump might result in Little Havana taking over the USA, not just Cuba!!!

cubaninsider: CUBA: In the Age of COVID-19

cubaninsider: CUBA: In the Age of COVID-19: And in   The Age  of Trump !!      As of today --  April 28th, 2020  -- Cuban statistics reveal   58  deaths related to the island&#39...


CUBA: In the Age of COVID-19

And in The Age of Trump!!
     As of today -- April 28th, 2020 -- Cuban statistics reveal 58 deaths {"Fallecidos"} related to the island's ongoing battle against the Coronavirus. Although the mainstream media in the U. S. is too incompetent and too afraid to admit it, Cuba is the ONLY NATION IN THE WORLD forced to struggle against the COVID-19 crisis while also being forced to also battle against a genocidal Blockade being imposed by a world Superpower, and in this case the Superpower is the nearby United States of America.
     Since the 1950's Cubans on the island, incredibly, have survived seven different Republican administrations in Washington, including now the Trump regime. Incredibly, even today there are about 11 million Cubans on the island who intend to survive Trump, the latest Republican Commander-in-CHIEF to promise a handful of the most powerful and vicious Cuban-Americans that the incomparable USA treasury and  the omnipotent USA military will recapture Cuba for them, the same thing the previous six Republican administrations in the past six decades have promised and tried to deliver. The photo above was taken this afternoon -- April 28th, 2020 -- in Havana and, if you take a moment to study ityou might get a hint as to why Cuba just might even survive Donald Trump. The Guerrilla Fighter above is Rosy Amaro. She is an important and influential television News Anchor on the island. Among her many promotions during the pandemic, Rosy has stressed that Cubans should "STAY HOME" as much as possible to prevent spreading the deadly virus. Recently she has suggested that Cubans use the Internet to order some of the things they need and, in that manner, the purchases will be home-delivered. Several days ago Rosy said she had purchased some items Online and this afternoon they arrived at her home. Soshe used this photo to prove that Online deliveries work.
     On the same hour in Havana that Rosy Amaro was promoting her anti-COVID-19 home delivery, President Donald Trump was holding his April 28th Coronavirus News Conference in Washington. Again Trump invoked the USA's benevolence in helping other nations and "not just allies" but also enemies such as North Korea, Iran, etc. Of course, Trump has neither the guts nor the decency to include the name "Cuba" when he discusses America's benevolence. In order to include "Cuba" in regards to benevolence, Trump would need the permission of Little Havana Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Miami, in the White House, and in the U. S. Congress such as Marco Rubio, the Diaz-Balart brothers,  Bob Menendez, and Mauricio Claver-Carone. And NO REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT IN THE UNITED STATES will EVER GET THAT PERMISSION. In other words, the Little Havana grip on the USA in the Age of Trump is every bit as harmful to the United States as it is to the 11 million Cubans on the island who are battling COVID-19 while also battling the genocidal Blockade from the "benovolent" United States of America.
It is interesting,
I think,
that Little Havana
has captured Washington
it has recaptured Havana.


cubaninsider: Rubio + COVID-19 + Cuba

cubaninsider: Rubio + COVID-19 + Cuba: Cubans   Hate Both  Equally !!     As of this last weekend of April, 2020, Cuba's updated   Coronavirus  statistics show, on the r...

Rubio + COVID-19 + Cuba

Cubans Hate Both Equally!!
    As of Monday, April 27-2020, two more deaths in the past 24 hours has pushed Cuba's death total to 56 because of the Coronavirus. The statistics above indicate that the island may be reaching a decline in confirmed cases.
     Cuba is, of course, the only nation in the world battling the COVID-19 pandemic while also battling a total economic Blockade imposed by the world's Superpower, the nearby United States. That situation prompted the notice posted above about Cuba's belief that the island's 11.5 million people need cooperation from the United States, not genocide...especially while both nations struggle with the Coronavirus crisis.
       Many Cubans on the island this weekend, especially via Social Media outlets on the Internet, are revealing that they worry as much about a Little Havana/Miami Cuban named Marco Rubio as much as they worry about COVID-19. That includes a Havana Cuban named LEIRE FERNANDEZ. Today Cubans like Leire blame Rubio for leading the USA's attempt to starve them and their families by using America's awesome worldwide economic and military power to block their lives and livelihoods. Rubio believes that will induce the Cubans on the island to rise up and overthrow their revolutionary government, giving the island back to the overthrown Batistianos who have not been satisfied with just getting richer and richer in Miami for the past six+ decades, or since they fled Havana in getaway planes, boats, and ships in January, 1959. This weekend "Rubio's" name has been bandied about as often, and as villainously,  as the Coronavirus itself...by Leire Fernandez and many others.
  Leire Fernandez is the co-founder of Clandestina while Idania del Rio is the founder, and together they created their flourishing company from scratch in Cuba.
     As the owner of Clandestina the enterprising Idania del Rio watched it blossom successfully on the island and, via the Internet, into a giant business.
    The company Clandestina designs, creates, and markets fashionable clothes and accessories.
    Cubans and tourists flocked to Clandestina's stores and workshops in Havana.
         Starting with engraved T-shirts, Clandestina soon had the wherewithal to hire young models, both females and males, to promote its various attire, especially on the Internet where it still has a a sophisticated website.
 With a diverse but mostly young-adult clientele, Clandestina stayed stylish because it knows its audience very well.
     This handbag is among the many Clandestina items promoted for sale on the Internet. The company has a banner that reads: "Free Shipping Anywhere In The U. S. For Orders Over $50."
     As owner Idalia del Rio has learned, Clandestina's success came to the attention of the handful of self-serving and zealous Counter Revolutionary Cubans who dictate America's Cuban affairs -- Rubio, the Diaz-Balart brothers Lincoln and Mario, Mauricio Claver-Carone, etc. The object of Miami, Newark, and Congressional Cubans during all Republican administrations is to starve, deprive, and make miserable Cubans on the island to induce them to rise up and overthrow their revolutionary government. And, of course, the U. S. can't totally starve, deprive, and make miserable the Cubans on the island IF Cubans like Idalia del Rio are permitted to create their companies and make some money to help their families and the Cubans who work for them.
    So, the gutless and heartless Marco Rubio this week, as America's Trump-anointed Cuban dictator, pointed America's awesome power at Clandestina. That power includes influencing not only national companies but also international companies and countries, including Internet providers, to support its genocide against Cuba. Thus, Clandestina needs RUBIO'S permission to exist and that won't happen. Presented and promoted by the scared and intimidated television networks and the rest of the mainstream media as a choirboy, and tolerated by the afraid and intimidated American people even if he nuked all the Cubans on the island, Rubio is no more of a choirboy than BatistaLuciano and Lansky were choirboys when they were previous U.S.-backed Cuban dictators in Cuba the last time the U. S. dominated the island back in the 1950's.
    In his role as America's dictator related to CUBA POLICY, Rubio sent a gutless and heartless Tweet to two of his hometown promoters -- the Miami Herald/El Nuevo Herald explaining to his Miami choir why he is adding Clantestina to his total Blockade of the island. You are encouraged to check those two sources to read Rubio's whole Tweet but it starts with these exact words: "I want to send a message to young entrepreneurs in Cuba..." He was bragging about the fact that Little Havana Cubans who wrote the Batistiano-loving Helms-Burton Act in 1996 made it a PERMANENT law in the United States as passed in Congress that not even President Obama could change. Then Rubio bragged, "By law, the embargo cannot change..." If you take time to read that Rubio Tweet, I believe you will cringe if you are a Democracy-loving American.
     The prime architects of Helms-Burton in 1996 were the two most vicious anti-zealots in Little Havana at the time -- Jorge Mas Canosa and Lincoln Diaz-Balart. From 1996 till these last few days of April-2020, it has legalized tons of tax dollars going to Miami as well as legalizing vicious tenets of the Embargo designed to starve, deprive, and make miserable the everyday Cubans on the island to induce them to rise up and overthrow their revolutionary government. The "Skull & X" attached to Helms-Burton was added only in 2019 when Trump-Rubio activated a provision known as Title 3 that had never been activated before, not even by President George W. Bush because even Bush considered it too genocidal to inflict on masses of everyday Cubans on the island.
     Since the activation of Title III of Helms-Burton by Trump and his Cuban dictator Rubio in 2019, decent and courageous experts around the world who are up to date on U.S.-Cuban relations consider it genocidal. And, as indicated by the graphic above, even Americans who are too afraid to say anything against it or to condemn it are aware of the Pinocchio-lies the U. S. has to say to justify it being inflicted on innocent children, women, and men on the island of Cuba. But, of course, the only real way Trump-Rubio can justify inflicting Title III/Helms-Burton genocide on Cuba is this simply fact: The U. S. is the world's economic and military Superpower. Yet, Americans are supposed not to be ASHAMED about these images.
     In other words, only the USA's status as the world's nuclear and economic Superpower allows Trump-Rubio to commit Helms-Burton/Title III on Cuba. As the graphic above illustrates, the United States itself is encircled with the Helms-Burton/Title III insanity as much as Cuba is...while only the USA's Superpower status permits the frowning U. S. to get away with it.
     In 2019 when President Trump activated Title III/Helms-Burton, it was legalizing U. S. genocide against Cuba. It is ashamed that neither the mainstream media nor the majority of Americans have the courage to admit it. Such cowardice shames America and Democracy.
     In 2017 when Trump made Rubio the USA's Cuban dictator, Trump was apparently aware he was willing to commit genocide on masses of Cubans on the island. But Trump appears to be willing to do it in order to have the support of Little Havana Cubans like Rubio who Trump believes he needs to win Florida's crucial 29 Electoral Votes in the November-2020 presidential election.
      But Trump is still President of the United States and that means that Rubio, as the USA's Cuban dictator, can legally assault a young Cuban entrepreneur who co-founded and energized a company, Clandestina, that was providing some Cuban families on the island with honest and decent livelihoods.
      As President of the United States for two terms, 2008-2016, President Barack Obama could not end the embargo against Cuba because, as Rubio bragged in that aforementioned Tweet again this week, it can't be "changed" because Little Havana Cubans in the U. S. Congress won't allow Congress to change it even IF presidents as brave and decent as Obama gets elected. But other than having to march to the genocidal dictates of the Embargo, Obama did everything he could do as President to normalize relations with Cuba.
      In 2016 when President Obama was too decent and too brave to support the USA's EMBARGO AGAINST CUBA, the worldwide vote against it was a resounding 191-to-0 against it at the United Nations. Probably no other topic in the world could get total unanimity at the UN but the U. S. Embargo did!! Yet, the U. S. democracy was simply not strong enough to end it even while the decent and brave Obama was President.
     The decent and brave President Obama went to Cuba and sincerely told the Cuban people on statewide radio and television: "Cuba does not need to fear a threat from the United States." Again, I repeat...it took a decent and brave President to speak those words.
     Study the two other quotes depicted above by the decent and brave President Obama. He gave the well-educated but long-embargoed people of Cuba the chance to start their own companies and provide better homes for their families. And many Cubans quickly took full advantage of the opportunities as tourism was allowed to soar to record levels before Obama left office in January of 2017.
    But the Democrat Obama was replaced by the Republican Donald Trump and then Trump quickly reversed every positive thing Obama had done towards Cuba. Since Trump turned America's Cuban policy to Marco Rubio, ONLY the most vicious Cuban-Americans in Little Havana/Miami have dictated America's Cuban policies. Therefore, a lot of Cubans in Little Havana have gotten a lot richer while a lot of Cubans in Havana have been subjected to genocide.
     In Addition to Idalia and Leire who made Clandestina such a thriving success before Rubio attacked them, many other young Cuban women and mothers became thriving entrepreneurs in Cuba thanks to the bravery and decency of President Obama. But then they too were blocked by Rubio. Four such Cuban women and mothers wrote a heart-wrenching article in Rubio's hometown Miami Herald and they begged for the genocidal Rubio to meet them when they came to Washington so he could at least hear how much he is hurting their families. That plea is shown above as it appeared in the Miami Herald along with the entire article, which was signed by Nuris Higueras and Yamina Vicenta, both pictured above, along with entrepreneurs Julia de la Rosa and Maria Recio. Of course, Rubio didn't have the decency or the courage to meet with them.
     Back in the 1950's, prior to the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, the U. S. supported Fulgencio Batista and Meyer Lansky in the brutal and thieving Batista-Mafia dictatorship.
     In 2020 during the Trump administration, the full weight of the U. S. is supporting Miami's Marco Rubio as America's and Miami's Cuban dictator on U. S. soil. The Cubans on the island didn't deserve the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship in the 1950's and the Cubans on the island don't deserve a U.S.-backed Marco Rubio dictatorship in 2020. Those are historic and topical facts. But moreover, the U. S. democracy also didn't deserve Batista and the Mafia in the 1950's and doesn't deserve Marco Rubio in 2020.
Graphic above by Progreso Weekly in Miami.

cubaninsider: "The Country That Raped Me" (A True Story)

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