Sunday, April 5, 2020

GENOCIDE: America's Greatest Shame

Targeting Cuban Children!!!
     Cuban children, like the TWO AMIGAS shown above walking on a street in Havana, are as precious and as loved as any children around the world. As a democracy-loving American who has been to Cuba and observed first-hand HOW MUCH the children are both loved and INCREDIBLY PROTECTED, I am appalled April of 2020...that these precious Cuban children must be protected from repeated assaults emanating from the nearby United States by unchecked Republican politicians who take their orders from a few miscreant Cuban-Americans mostly feasting lavishly in Miami, Newark, and in the U. S. Congress. BUT NO LONGER do I mostly blame culprits like Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Mauricio Claver-Carone, Lincoln and Mario Diaz-Balart, Bob Menendez, etc. Now I mostly blame this generation of everyday Americans who don't have the COURAGE nor the COMPASSION to do anything about this drastic insult to the United States and to Democracy.
     Chinese businessman Jack Ma is worth $39.7 billion dollars. He arranged to send a planeload and a shipload of medical supplies to Cuba to help fight the Coronavirus pandemic. The supplies were blocked by the United States because of the USA's genocidal blockade of the nearby island, a gutless genocidal blockade primarily aimed at Cuba's most beloved and most precious segment of its population of 11.5 people -- its children!!! Mr. Ma was allowed to send his generous medical supplies  to other countries, including the United States, but not to Cuba. The gutless generation of Americans who allow genocide against children in a much smaller and weaker nation to go on unabated are simply too cowardly to try to stop it or even to even COMPLAIN about it.
       While it is true that President Donald Trump has pointed to the likes of Mauricio Claver-Carone to both legalize and to orchestrate the genocide against Cuban children on the nearby island, PERMIT ME TO REPEAT: Most of the blame should rest on the shoulders of 330 million Americans and Cuban-Americans who simply do not have the guts nor the compassion to either stop it or to complain about it.
     Meanwhile, I sincerely congratulate the Cuban mothers, fathers, and grandparents on the island who continue to massively try to protect their children like the two amigas walking hand-in-hand on a street in Havana. Yes, these Cuban children need to be protected against the current Coronavirus pandemic, against the ravages of the upcoming hurricane season that is looming, etc., etc. But mostly, incredibly, the Cuban children need to be PRIMARILY PROTECTED from the unchecked and LEGAL miscreants in the United States of America.
     In 1996 the genocidal {with an X and a skull appropriately added later} Helms-Burton Act became what has since become a permanent fabric within the bowels of the U. S. Democracy. It was written and rammed through Congress by the likes of two  fierce prominent Miami Counter Revolutionary Cubans born in Cuba -- Jorge Mas Canosa and Lincoln Diaz-Balart. That was after Mas and Diaz-Balart were powerfully embraced by the self-serving Bush dynasty and other prime Republican Party operatives. Helms-Burton then and now has two prime purposes: {1} To make selected Miami Cubans very rich; and {2} to re-capture Cuba. The first objective was and is massively achieved, with Bush-anointed Mas Canosa quickly becoming the first of many Cuban billionaires in Miami while Lincoln Diaz-Balart, who was born in Havana in 1954 when his father Rafael was a key Minister in the Batista dictatorship. After the 1959 Cuban Revolution chased leaders of the Batista dictatorship to Miami, Rafael created the first paramilitary group, The White Rose, on U. S. soil; and sent two of his sons, Lincoln and Mario Diaz-Balart, to the U. S. Congress where ever since 1993 one or both of the Diaz-Balart brothers have continually been in the U. S. Congress from 1993 till today. With sycophants such as the Bush dynasty, the infamous Helms-Burton Act remains the Law Of The Land although most decent and intelligent Americans want it removed.
      Thus to this April of 2020...Cuban-Americans such as Lincoln Diaz-Balart and Mario Diaz-Balart continue to dictate America's Cuban policies and Cuban narratives.
     In 1962 -- after numerous terrorist attacks, assassinations and assassination attempts, and the failed Bay of Pigs military attack in April of 1961 HAD FAILED to recapture Cuba for the Miami Batistianos, the U. S. imposed an economic embargo against Cuba. In existence from 1962 until this day in April of 2020, it is internationally renowned as history's all-time longest and cruelest embargo ever imposed by a powerful nation against a much-weaker nation. In 2016, as the decent U. S. president Barack Obama was trying to end the embargo and normalize relations with Cuba, the ENTIRE WORLD, including Obama's USA, voted 191-to-0 at the United Nations to end the embargo. Still, EVEN WITH OBAMA AS PRESIDENT, the U. S. democracy was not strong enough to end the embargo, such is the strangle hold the Cuban Batistianos and their sycophants have on the United States government.
      According to de-classified U. S. documents, the purpose of the Embargo on Cuba from 1962 till today is for three purposes designed to induce Cubans on the island to rise up and overthrow their Revolutionary government, paving the way for the return of the Batistianos and U. S. dominance of the island. And those three documented reasons for the Embargo are -- to STARVE, DEPRIVE, and to MAKE MISERABLE Cubans on the island to induce them rise up against their Revolutionary government. It hasn't happened...and very stupidly and very cruelly the Embargo remains in place and even if all 330 million Americans and all 7.2 billion people in the world pray for it to end, the U. S. democracy remains unable to comply even with such a near-unanimous opinion.
        This photo shows a baby born in Havana a little over three months ago. Born to a loving family, his name is Roman. The adults in Cuba are trying to massively protect children like Roman during the Coronavirus pandemic. But MOSTLY, Cuban adults on the island are trying to protect children like Roman from a handful of vicious and unchecked miscreants permitted to operate legally in the nearby Superpower, the United States of America.
        And for the reasons detailed above, that is why in the first week of April-2020 the world is being told that the Trump administration is continuing its genocide against Cuban children on the island by blockading medical supplies from reaching the island during the Coronavirus pandemic. Below is one of those reports circulating worldwide now on YouTube, and shamefully Americans are not supposed to watch it or care about it.

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