EVEN U. S. Media Report Positive Cuba News

Lately CNN Bravely Treats Cuba Positively!!

     This photo from Havana today -- March 31, 2021 -- shows Cuba's renowned Dr. Francisco Duran getting a shot of a Cuba-produced vaccine that CNN and other unbiased sources report is considered to be on the "Cutting Edge" in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.
     In this last week of March-2021, CNN and CNN International have teamed to produce three major reports about Cuba's renowned reputation for creating important vaccines, and now being on the edge of massively producing two of the most promising vaccines to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. CNN's excellent journalist stationed in Havana, Patrick Oppmann, reports today an update from the island entitled: "INSIDE CUBA'S RACE TO VACCINE SOVEREIGNTY."
     Between the two headlines depicted above, as you can see, CNN's Patrick Oppmann made these unbiased and honest points from Havana today:
        "Long cut off from much of the rest of the world, Cuba for decades has made many of the medicines the island needs and increasingly exports Cuban-made vaccines abroad. When the pandemic hit, Cuba was one of the few developing countries that was well positioned to produce their own vaccines.
            "...the island's government has set its sights on developing the kind of sophisticated Covid-19 vaccines that have eluded far richer countries."
             "The superstar Cuban musical duo Buena Fe penned a song about the vaccines, crooning the drugs were like "brave David confronting the bully Goliath."
          Within the quotation marks in pink above, the words from CNN's Patrick Oppmann are simply refreshing on March 31, 2021, in the United States. Since January of 1959, when the Cuban Revolution chased the brutal U.S.-backed Batista-MAFIA dictatorship to its sanctuary on U. S. soil, much of the mainstream media has simply been too afraid to report anything positive about Revolutionary Cuba or report on anything bad about the Batista-MAFIA regime that preceded it. Exacerbating that basic fact is a vast array of well-funded and unchecked anti-Cuban propaganda media sources from Miami to the Internet. And that is why I consider Oppmann's honest and brave reports about CNN from his base in Havana to be refreshing, and actually befitting a Democracy!!
     In the refreshing article depicted above, note the sentence that said: "The superstar Cuban musical duo Buena Fe penned a song about the vaccines, crooning the drugs were like 'brave David confronting the bully Goliath.'" Since it formed in Guantanamo, Cuba, the band Buena Fe -- which means "Good Faith" -- has produced ten successful albums and the photo above is from one of its songs on YouTube. The band consists of Israel Rojas and Yoel Martinez and they are wildly beloved in sold-out concerts across the island. As CNN reported today, their new song includes the line, "...brave David confronting the bully Goliath." That is a poignant reference to a fact that Cuba's 11.2 million people confront daily, which is the genocidal aspects of the U. S. Blockade that the United States has imposed since 1962 and actually tightened greatly during the COVID-19 pandemic.
      To emphasize that Cuba must protect children like these five girls in Havana from both Covid-19 and from the genocidal U. S. Embargo-Blockade, the great Cuban band Buena Fe put an appropriate line in its new song: "...brave David confrontingthe bully Goliath." In other words, to appease a handful of extremist Cuban-Americans in Miami and Newark, and in the U. S. Congress, Cuba's David must daily confront the USA's Goliath. But, fortunately, these Cuban girls and other children like them on the island, are very important to their parents and the rest of Cuba.
     These are the five vaccines that Cuba has produced to combat COVID-19. The two that are currently being administered are SOBERANA 02 and Abdala, which some other nations also want.
Before the popular Cuban band Buena Fe sang about David on the island fighting to fend off Goliath {the United States} while David, in the guise of a Cuban doctor, holds the Cuban flag with one arm while using the other arm to try to keep the United States from assaulting the Cuban people. The image above was created during COVID-19 by the great Brasilian Editorialist Carlos LaTuff. The image has circulated all around the world many times, but Americans are not supposed to be embarrassed about it.



Admiring Cuba, RELUCTANTLY!!!


Today -- March 29th, 2021 -- this was one of the glaring headlines in The Washington Post:

    A major article depicted today in the Washington Post Post fairly and honestly praised Cuba, although since the last six decades while the U. S. has imposed a genocidal Embargo/Blockade against the island the mainstream U. S. media has routinely vilified Revolutionary Cuba while implying or praising the Batista-Mafia regime that preceded it. But today, incredibly, the Washington Post praised Cuba for developing some of the world's most promising vaccines to combat the dread COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, Revolutionary Cuba has earlier produced some of the world's best drugs to battle cancer, diabetes, dengue fever, etc., at its famed Finlay Institute in Havana. In fact, in the past week major news sources have produced major reports on that fact have been CNN, CNN International, PBS, CNBC, Al Jazeera, etc. But now The Washington Post? But now producing five promising COVID drugs, including Soberana 02 that many nations from Jamaica to South Africa are awaiting to obtain, the Washington Post article today, as you can see in the paragraph shown above, was amazed to admit that Cuba has performed another "public relations coup...for an isolated country of 11 million that was added to the U. S. list of state sponsors of terrorism in the final days of the Trump administration."
    This image explains why I am amazed that today's Washington Post published a fair article praising Cuba fairly and honestly. Long one of America's most respected liberal giants, the Washington Post has emerged into a giant left-wing propaganda machine since Jeff Bezos bought it. And since Bezos has owned it, the Post has been vicious towards Revolutionary Cuba and favorable to the brutal/thieving Batista-Mafia dictatorship that the Cuban Revolution miraculously defeated and chased to the U. S., namely to Little Havana in Miami. Under the Bezos ownership the Post has routinely published Editorials written by extreme Cuban dissidents vilifying Cuba while implying, of course, that the prior Batista-Mafia rule of Cuba was a sweet Godsend for the Cubans on the island and FOR the Americans too!! 
      Now the richest person in the history of the world, Jeff Bezos was worth $180 Billion Dollars as of July-2018 and that total has vastly increased since then, thanks to Cash Cows such as Amazon. Born to dirt-born teenage parents 57 years ago in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Jeff Bezos began his trek to becoming the richest person in world history when he was four years old, because that was when he was adopted by Miguel Bezos, a Cuban.
     With Miguel Bezos as his father, Jeff Bezos was on his way to an education at Princeton University...and then enough Bezos money to invest in a company that he called...uh...Amazon!!!
     Born and raised in Santiago de Cuba, Miguel Bezos in the United States watched as his stepson Jeff Bezos has become the richest person in the history of the world. Therefore, I have not been surprised by the vicious assaults against Revolutionary Cuba in the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post. But I was surprised today when The Washington Post actually had a fair and honest article praising Revolutionary Cuba about its astounding and ongoing Vaccine program. What the hell happened? Did a careless Editor make a mistake while Jeff Bezos was on vacation...or something?
Whatever the reason..........
today -- March 29, 2021 -- Jeff Bezos's Washington Post finally had a fair and honest article about Revolutionary Cuba. It reported that the beleaguered island nation has produced five promising COVID-19 vaccines. Of the five, Soberana 02 is the most promising.


World Abhors USA's Cuban Blockade

 Canadian Democracy Leads New Impetus!!

      This Sunday -- March 28th-2021 -- millions of Canadians will promote a massive protest worldwide "AGAINST THE ECONOMIC, FINANCIAL /GENOCIDE" they insist that the United States is committing against masses of Cuban families on the Caribbean island.

    This Sunday -- March 28th-2021 -- millions of Canadians in the great Democracy above the northern U. S. border will lead caravans and the internet to massively protest what they believe is the USA's genocidal Blockade against millions of Cubans on the island. As usual, Americans are programmed not to be embarrassed about Sunday's humanitarian concern for totally innocent Cubans, but, as you can see below, the decency is very important to the Canadians.

      And so, THIS SUNDAY--March 28th-2021 the nation of Canada is leading a worldwide protest against the genocidal Blockade against the Cuban people to appease a handful of self-serving Cuban-Americans in Miami, Newark, and the U. S. Congress. So, why are Canadians and most of the other people in the world appalled about the genocidal U. S. Blockade aimed at the masses of decent people in Cuba??? The answer #One: The United States was the only nation in the world that teamed with the Mafia in 1952 to support the brutal, thieving Batista dictatorship in Cuba so rich Americans could partake in the rape and robbery of the island, spawning the Cuban Revolution that overthrew the U.S.-backed Batista regime in 1959; and answer #Two: starting in 1959 the U. S. government permitted the Batistiano-created rule of Little Havana in the heart of Miami.
     When the strongest Democracy in the world is not embarrassed about the world-wide protest that will be led by Canada on Sunday, March 28-2021 against the endless U. S. genocide against Cubans on the island, perhaps the United States is badly in need of a generation of Americans that has more decency and intelligence than the generations in charge of the U. S. since 1952 and since 1959 have displayed. Surely, another generation of Americans programmed not to be embarrassed by the worldwide images depicted above is not the generation that a great Democracy deserves.


Cuba Tries to End COVID Surge

 Cubans Blame SURGE on U. S. Blockade!!

     Today -- March 22nd, 2021 -- is an important day for the resilient citizens of Havana, Cuba. Permit me to explain.
   Today -- March 22nd, 2021 -- Cuba begins vaccinating the first 150,000 of its citizens in Havana now that the most promising of the five vaccinations its internationally renowned Finlay Institute has completed going through all three of its major COVID-19 trials and tests. The Soberana 02 production and trials have been closely monitored by other nations; and several major countries, such as South Africa as well as the 55-nation Africa Union, have indicated strong desires to purchase supplies although Cuba, as always, plans to provide it free to poor nations such as Haiti.

        Cuba's free and highly respected health system from March until November in 2020 had an inviable handle on the COVID-19 pandemic for its citizens...at least while it had its borders closed to international travel. Then, with its free health system and vaccines, Cuba had one of the world's very best battles against the Pandemic.
     But, as shown above, on Nov. 15th-2020 Cuba opened Havana's Jose Marti International Airport to international flights. By then Cuba's already tight economy had shrunk 11% because of the Pandemic coupled with the added genocidal restrictions to the USA's Embargo/Blockade added by the Trump administration. Prior to Nov. 15-2020 Cuba had very few positive COVID cases and it was going weeks without a COVID death. But since Nov. 15-2020 positive cases have surged and also COVID deaths have spiked to several a day, now closing in on 400 deaths during the entire pandemic, with Havana the epicenter for the positive cases and the deaths for the island's 11.2 million people.
      The superpower U. S. has had a strict economic Embargo against Cuba since 1962 after it failed to regain control of the island after the April-1961 Bay of Pigs military attack, which was preceded and followed by grewsome assassinations/assassination attempts as well as numerable terrorist attacks such as killing all aboard the civilian Cubana Flight 455 airplane, deadly bombings of Cuban hotels to discourage tourism, etc. All the while, Americans have been programmed to believe the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship, which was overthrown by the Cuban Revolution on Jan. 1-1959, was comprised of the GOOD GUYS and the Cubans in Revolutionary Cuba since 1959 are the BAD GUYS. But only Americans subscribe to such propaganda, and the two images above reflect what slightly braver, more intelligent, and more democratic worldwide opinions believe regarding history's all-time longest and cruelest Embargo-Blockade ever imposed on a much-smaller nation by a much-larger nation. While Americans are programmed to not believe such facts, the Trump administration and now the Biden administration in Washington have used the COVID-19 pandemic to tighten the screws on the Cuban people on the island to appease the rich-and-powerful Cubans in Little Havana/Miami and in the U. S. CONGRESS. Yet, as the two images above attest, the rest of the world is well aware of the lies that the U.S. and Little Havana promote to justify the Embargo/Blockade and even make it more cruel since the Pandemic hit in March of 2020. And, of course, there are many great Cuban-Americans, like CARLOS LAZO, and many great Americans, like Dr. Candace Johnson, who verily love and respect Cubans on the island and are mightily appalled by the genocide aimed at them from Little Havana and from the U. S. Congress.
       In the state of Washington, CARLOS LAZO is a Cuban-American professor in Seattle. Carlos and many of his young friends have ridden their bikes the 3,000 miles {three thousands miles!!!} from Seattle to Washington to beg politicians NOT TO LEGALIZE GENOCIDE AGAINST CUBANS ON THE ISLAND. Of course, many in the White House and many in Congress are simply too afraid or too flush with donated dollars to even listen to what a great and decent Cuban-American like CARLOS LAZO has to say.
     Without doubt, the ROSWELL PARK COMPREHENSIVE CANCER CENTER in Buffalo, New York, is one of the world's greatest cancer institutions. And without doubt, Candace Johnson, the President and CEO of ROSWELL, is one of the world's greatest and most respected doctors in the world in the fight against cancer. Americans are not expected to know that Dr. Johnson has waged a long battle against the U. S. government to allow her to have a particular lung cancer drug that Cuba has produced. She wants to have it for her OWN CANCER PATIENTS.
     Americans are not supposed to know about great and decent Cuban-Americans like Carlos Lazo and great and decent Americans like Dr. Candace Johnson, but they should. Dr. Johnson has been to Cuba often and she knows the great Cuban scientists who have developed drugs that have proven to  drastically treat diabetes, meningitis, dengue fever, cancer, etc. Many Americans that I have pictured in Cubaninsider articles have traveled illegally to Cuba in order to get cancer treatments their U. S. doctors suggested.  And Dr. Johnson wants Cuba's lung cancer drug for her own patients. In a more decent world, of course, she would not be denied that drug just because she and her patients happen to be Americans.

     Dating back all the way to the 1950's, after the U. S. supported Batista's cruel dictatorship in Cuba starting in 1952 and then supported the Batistianos in Little Havana USA since 1959, the mainstream media in the U. S., for the most part, bowed to the Cuban narrative -- you know, Batista & the Batistianos represent the Good Guys and the Cubans still in Cuba are the Bad Guys, and that's why we must recapture it!!!! But earlier this month in March-2021 the world's most famous journalist, Christiane Amanpour, had the incredible guts & decency to report fairly about Cuba on CNN, one of the world's most recognized News sources. AMANPOUR, mostly based in London, is world-famed at the BBC and NPR as well as CNN and CNN International.
  Above you can see the headline for AMANPOUR'S fair and decent report on Cuba this month, March-2021. It was aired around the world and on the Internet by CNN and CNN International. As you can see, the title is: "Cuba's quest for vaccines." The entire 12 minutes and 22 seconds consists of the great journalist AMANPOUR interviewing the great American cancer expert, Dr. Candace Johnson.
    This is the photo and graphic that CNN used to promote Amanpour's worldwide interview with Dr. Candace Johnson, the famed American cancer expert. In the 12-minute, 22-second interview, if you still want to dial it up and study it, you can see that Dr. Johnson over and over expresses her love for the Cuban people and incredible respect for the Cuban scientists that she has come to know on a personal basis. I don't believe that neither Little Havana nor the U. S. government wants you to hear and see what the great Dr. Candace Johnson has to say about the Cuba that she knows well, including the Cuban people but especially the brilliant Cuban medical scientists.
     Shamefully in the United States of America, Americans are not suppose to know what Carlos Lazo and Candace Johnson say about Cuba. WHY? Well, Carlos is a Cuban-American professor in Seattle who, along with some young friends, ride their bikes 3,000 miles to Washington to beg politicians in the White House and in Congress to stop legalizing genocide against Cuban families on the island to appease, enrich, and empower some already rich and powerful Cubans and their sycophants in Little Havana USA. And Candace Johnson is one of the USA's and one of the World's greatest cancer experts who begs the United States to allow her to have access to a Cuban lung cancer drug...and she also is not afraid to tell the whole world how much she loves and admires Cubans on the island, especially their brilliant scientists!! Of Course, Little Havana is not fond of either Carlos Lazo or Candace Johnson. And, unfortunately, that is the world we live in!

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