EU Tries to Help Starving Cubans

     In the 27-nation European Union there have always been a few countries that are brave enough and independent enough to openly voice strong disapproval of the U. S. economic Embargo/Blockade of Cuba that has existed since February of 1962 with no end in sight as we enter June of 2023. The EU, in fact, is still trying to keep Cubans from starving as it defies the ever-tightning U. S. Embargo/Blockade by providing 32% of Cuba's Foreign Trade compared to 8% each from the two main foreign U. S. competitors, China and Russia. In that milieu...the EU in June of 2023 wants to increase its Foreign Trade with the Caribbean's largest and most embattled nation.
 The photo above from Euronews shows Cuba's Minister of Foreign Commerce Ricardo Cabrisas welcoming Joseph Borrell to Havana. Mr. Borrell is the European Union's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, and he is direly concerned that, as we enter June of 2023, "The Embargo, combined with other factors, continues to cause stavation for Cuban families."
      While there are some importnat and concerned people in the European Union worried that Cuban families are being starved and/or deprived as we enter June of 2023, the top U. S. Cuban Headlines -- while surprisingly even acknowledging Borrell's key humanitarian trip to Cuba -- as always stress top anti-Cuban propaganda sources such as Fox News and the Miami Herald that daily inform Americans how wonderful Little Havana politicians are regarding Cuba.
     The photo and article above shows that anytime some nation or important person tries to help Cubans in Cuba, the members of the U. S. Congress from the Little Havana area of Miami quickly denounce such sane efforts. Above the photo shows Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador after he signed agreements benefitting Cuba with Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel. The article above explains that Little Havana-Miami members of the U. S. Congress Sen. Marco Rubio and Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar made sure to denouce it on behalf of the entire United States.
      And that is the way it has been since 1959 when a handful of rich and powerful Cubans in Little Havana-Miami -- such as Rubio and Salazar -- are allowed to dictate Cuban policy for the entire United States.
        In the decades in which the starvation-designed U. S. Embargo of Cuba has been imposed on the island nation, yearly for over the last three decades almost in unanimity and even once unanimously {189-0} the nations of the World loudly have denounced it. Yet...yearly for decade-after-decade the U. S. democracy allows a handful of rich and powerful Cubans that rule Little Havana-Miami to keep the draconian Embargo in place although it remains a glaring worldwide eyesore for the U. S. and for democracy.
     As May turns into June in 2023, as the latest Cuban headlines confirm, two members of the U. S. Congress representing the Little Havana area of Miami -- Maria Elvira Salazar and Marco Rubio -- can dictate the USA's ageless and draconian policies regarding Cuba. What does that say about the other 533 members of Congress, or the other 340 million Americans, or the entire democratic rule in the United States? One thing it says is that a lot of people in Little Havana-USA have easily attained much wealth and a lot of power since 1959 and with apparently no concern about the suffering of generations of Cubans in Cuba.


Yes, America, Cubans Are Starving

 Just As the U. S. Embargo since 1962 intended!!

      In February of 1962, after the air-land-sea Bay of Pigs military attack failed to overthrow the Cuban Revolution that had, in 1959, overthrew the U.S.-backed Batista dictatorship, the United States imposed an economic EMBARGO on Cuba that, according to declassified documents, intended to starve, deprive, and make miserable the Cuban people to encourage them to rise up and overthrow their Revolutionary government. INCREDIBLY, from February-1962 until May-2023 the EMBARGO has failed to overthrow Revolutionary Cuba but, on the Eve of June-2023, even Cuba's own Economic Minister is admitting that the original intent of the U. S. EMBARGO is, at long last, coming to fruition.
Cuba's Economic Minister
   In this last week of May-2023, Cuba's Economic Minister Alejandro Gil Fernandez admits that the starved, deprived, and miserable Cuban people are finally succumbing to the dictates of the six-decade-old U. S. embargo. Since 1962 the U. S. media has joyously been predicting such a result, but in May of 2023 the less unbiased London-based worldwide Reuters News Agency is coming to the same unfortunate conclusion.
    As shown above, the London-based worldwide Reuters News Agency started the last week of May-2023 with quotes from Cuba's Economic Minister Alejandro Gil that clearly indicates that the end is finally taking place in Revolutionary Cuba.
     8th Street in the heart of Little Havana, which is in the heart of Miami, has dictated the USA's Cuban policies since 1959 in the same manner US-backed Batista, the Mafia, and U. S. businessmen dictated Cuban rule prior to 1959...making the lush island a US/Miami-backed piggybank, but a cruel one that enriches Calle 8 while starving Cubans in Cuba.
      In the final analysis...geography, which placed Cuba too close to the United States, turned out to be Cuba's cruelest fate.


Cubans Flocking to the USA!!!!!

 Along With Many Millions of Others!!

      In this last week of May in 2023 CBS News used the photo above to illustrate a huge article about the many millions of people, including Cubans, that have been flocking to the United States across the poorish 2,000-mile border with Mexico in the two+ years Democratic President Joe Biden has been in office. The constant human tsunami, for sure, is altering the culture, social mix, and politics of the United States...drastically improving the impact that migrants, legal and illegal, will have in the U. S. in the turmoil-fueled future. Cubans, especially since 1959, have increasingly had vital impacts on the cultural and political images of the United States, but CBS News this week esplains that will drastically increase in the years to come, supposedly empowering the Democratic Party in a 2-party political system to drastically weaken the other party, the Republican Party.
          In this week's update as we approach June of 2023, CBS News explained that a new "Sponsorship initiative" that involves "more than 380,000 for Cubans," are helping or encouraging more-and-more Cubans to leave their island and come to the United States. The "sponsor" numbers refer to the people in the U. S. who claim they will sponsor the incoming migrants. CBS News says the sponsorships include "580,000 pending cases for Haitians, more than 380,000 for Cubans, nearly 120,000 for Venezuelans and more than 20,000 for Nicaraguans."
       Any map of the Caribbean will show that Cuba is much closer to the U. S. than the U. S. Territory of Puerto Rico. History tells us that, after the 1898 Spanish-American War fought in Cuba, the U. S. solidified its dominance over both Cuba and Puerto Rico, with Puerto Rico officially becoming a U. S. Territory while Cuba has stubbornly tried to maintain its independence, especailly since 1959 when the Cuban Revolution shocked the world by overthrowing the U.S./Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship. Of course, in 2023 Puerto Ricans are voting U. S. citizens while Cubans are embroiled in trying to survive the six-decade-old U. S. Embargo/Blockade that has existed against Cuba since 1962. In 2023 there are predictions that the Democratic Party will soon make Puerto Rico the 51st U. S. state to, among other things, give the Democratic Party two more U. S. Senators, further diminishing the power of the other party, the Republican Party.
      But, meanwhile, in both Havana-Cuba and in Little Havana-USA -- as vividly shown by the two photos above -- Cuba is becoming more like the U. S. and the U. S. is becoming more like Cuba!!! 


Biden Affirms CUBA as a Terrorist Nation

       Today -- on May 23rd-2023 -- the ultra-powerful anti-Cuban media in the U. S. -- such as Nora Gamez Torres of the Miami Herald -- are loudly heralding the fact that Cuba is being left on the very short U. S. list of Terrorist Nations.
           Above on May 23rd-2023 is the booming headline in the Miami Herald celebrating the Biden administration's decision to keep Cuba on the U. S. List of Terrorist Nations -- along with Iran, North Korea, and Syria. This is the latest Nora Gamez Torres article in the Miami Herald heralding how nice the Batista-Mafia rule of Cuba was in the 1950s in stark contrast to how terrible the Cuban Revolution has ruled the Caribbean nation since 1959.
        In rejoicing over the Biden administration's decision to keep Cuba on the Terror List, today's Miami Herald article explained that Cubans in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood such as Maria Elvira Salazar are sent to the U. S. Congress in Washington to make sure that Little Havana dictates the USA's Cuban policies. Note the third paragraph above in which Nora Gamez Torres gives credit to Maria Elvira Salazar for keeping Cuba on the U. S. List of Nation's that Sponsor Terrorism.
The photo above shows Little Havana's control of USA Cuban policy.
     Since 1959 Little Havana in Miami has dictated the U. S. Cuban policies as rich and politically powerful Cubans flourish while making sure their adopted nation, the United States, enforces such things as history's longest and cruelest economic EMBARGO ever imposed by any powerful nation against any much-weaker nation.
This U. S. EMBARGO has existed since 1962.
     The two-Party U. S. political system -- Republican and Democratic parties -- now agree on extremely punitive Cuban policies, meaning that things such as the six-decade-old Embargo remains as viable in May of 2023 as it was when it started back in February of 1962. Republican President Donald Trump put Cuba on the Sponsors of Terrorist List at the very end of his 4-year stint as President in January of 2021. When that month of January of 2021 when Democratic President Joe Biden replaced Donald Trump, many believed President Biden would surely take Cuba off the Terror List. But now it is the end of May of 2023 and President Biden's administration has just stroingly announced its desire to keep Cuba on the very short Sponsor's of Terrorism List.
      So, YES, at the end of May-2023 the headlines say: Cuba Still Remains On the US Terrorism List. It doesn't matter that the United Nations and the vast majority of people in the U. S. and in the world disagree with Cuba being listed as one of the world's four Sponsors of Terrorism along with Iran, North Korea, and Syria. But, of course, what does matter is Little Havana in Miami wants Cuba on that pernicious list.
           And thus on May 23rd of 2023 the blazing Miami Herald headline heralding Cuba being continued on the U. S. SPONSORS of Terrorism List shows that Republicans like Trump and Democrats like Biden agree that both Parties in the USA's two-party political system are puppets of Little Havana USA.
Welcome to the USA's Cuban Elites.
      But not far from Little Havana-Miami there are Cuban mothers like Arianny Tellez, who was born in Guantanamo and still lives there working as a popular journalist. From her home Arianny can see the infamous U. S. Guantanamo Military Base that dominates the southeast end of Cuba. Arianny says, "Like all mothers, I want to live in peace and take care of my family. All my life, even all of my mother's life, I have faced the wrath of nearby Cuban Americans who live just to the north of us. We don't deserve that, but for generations that is just the way it is."
    In Guantanamo, Cuba, that is Arianny Tellez in the center of this photo holding her son as she proudly shows off other members of her extended family. Despite living her entire life facing sanctions and embargoes and blockades from a foreign Superpower that happens to be the nearby United States, Arianny has carved out the best possible life for herself and her son. Perhaps the most amazing thing about Arianny is the fact that she doesn't "dislike a single soul" in Little Havana USA.



Miami Media Indicates Overthrow of Cuba is Happening!!

 At last...in mid-MAY of 2023??

    Since the astounding overthrow of the U.S.-backed/Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship by the Cuban Revolution in 1959, the media in nearby Miami/Little Havana-USA has loudly proclaimed that Revolutionary Cuba will be overthrown "any day now!!" Well -- come hell & high water as well as things such as military/terrorist attacks and endless Embargoes/Blockades, etc. -- the long-awaited overthrow of Revolutionary Cuba hasn't happened. Yet...today, on May 11th of 2023, the Miami media is very loudly surgesting that, at last, overthrowing the Cuban Revolution is actually taking place. As shown above, the Cuban expert/journalist Hatzel Vela at Miami's ABC-Channel 10 is reporting on a new "Cuba Crisis" that might finally result in the overthrow of Revolutionary Cuba.
     Since 1903, after winning the 1898 Spanish-American War to become the new imperalist power controlling Cuba, the U. S. has maintained a powerful military base on the eastern tip of Cuba at Guantanamo Bay. Interesting enough, the little Cuban town of Caimanera, which borders the U.S. military base, is where reports in the Miami media maintain that "violent Protests" are portending the demise of Revolutionary Cuba.
     Above is the long-awaited news that Cuba-obsessed Miami-Little Havana citizens are being told by ABC-10 News. The prospect of the emminent demise of Revolutionary Cuba makes hearts in Miami-Little Havana flutter awesomely.
        It is being reported in Miami that the "violence" taking place in the tiny town of Caimanera right next to the U. S. Guantanamo Military Base is expected to spread across the island, all the way northwest to Havana 500 miles away on the western tip of the island.
     As ABC-10 News and other media in Miami-Little Havana are reporting, the top "resistance" leaders in Cuba and in Miami are more than determined than ever to ignite the overthrow of Revolutionary Cuba. And for sure, perhaps this time the Perfect Storm of circumtances -- including some blackouts and some starvation on the island exacerbated by the tightening of the six-decade-old U. S. Embargo/Blockade is fueling what the Miami media is reporting as the latest "crisis" in Cuba.
      Of course, it is apparently no coincidence that the Protests that are supposedly about to result in the overthrow of Revolutionary Cuba flamed up in the little Cuban town of Caimanera that borders the powerful United States Military Base at Guantanamo, Cuba.
     The top CNN Cuban expert/journalist Partick Oppmann used the headline above to report on the "protests" in the little town of Caimanera next to the USA's Guantanamo Military Base.
    Yes, in mid-May of 2023 the rich and politically powerful citizens of Little Havana USA in Miami are keeping their eyes on what's happening in the poor little Cuban town of Caimanera.

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