WHY Biden Continues Trump's Cuban Genocide?

 Best Answer is by William M. LeoGrande!!!

William M. LeoGrande

     A renown Professor of Government at American University in Washington, D.C., William M. LeoGrande has also been, for decades, America's premier expert on U.S.-Cuban Relations. His books include "THE HIDDEN HISTORY of NEGOTIATIONS BETWEEN WASHINGTON and HAVANA." Because of his impeccable integrity, LeoGrande's vital expertise is usually shunned by the USA's left wing/right wing media biases that basically cater only to extreme propagandists. But in books, articles, essays, and speeches about U.S.-Cuban Relations, those interested in the truth about the USA's contentious involvements with Cuba often depend on William M. LeoGrande's accurate and unbiased viewpoints.
         So in these final days of June-2021 William M. LeoGrande, not surprisingly, has best answered why the Democratic Biden administration has continued the extremely cruel genocide imposed on Cuban families in Cuba by the Republican Trump administration. His must-read article originated this week in The Hill, one of Washington's prime political sources.
   The excerpts above are a part of William M. LeoGrande's extremely long and important article that best EXPLAINS why President Biden has continued President Trump's extreme genocide against Cuban families on the island to appease the extreme Counter Revolutionary Cuban profiteers who control Florida's vital political system that Biden believes will dictate whether the Democratic Party can perpetuate its left-wing political agenda on the national level. The extreme greed of the Republican Party since 1959 has drastically exploited the extreme Batistiano Cubans who fled the Cuban Revolution and created Little Havana in the heart of Miami. Now the Democratic Party under Biden has decided to do the EXACT SAME THING. And, as the great William M. LeoGrande explains above, the Democratic Party under Biden is willing to impose genocide on Cuban families in Cuba to appease the Cubans in Miami and in Congress who, in turn, will supposedly make sure that the Democratic Party wins Florida's political support that the Republican Party under Trump captured because Trump was willing to impose genocide against Cubans in Cuba and, of course, Trump also gave the Miami Cubans a vast plethora of financial windfalls to buttress their already huge bank accounts. Now Biden's Democratic Party is willing to do exactly what Trump's Republican Party did from January-2017 till January-2021. Unfortunately, the USA has only a two-Party political system...and both now subscribe to Little Havana's two prime inducements: {1} Financial windfalls; and {2} Genocide against Cuban families on the island.
           When only a few American experts, such as William M. LeoGrande, have both the courage and the integrity to tell the truth about U.S.-Cuba relations, a U. S. government dictated to by Little Havana is coming to fruition now that Little Havana can dictate to the Democratic Party just as it has dictated to the Republican Party since the 1950s. And YES, Americans who don't give a damn about the genocide being imposed on Cuban families on the nearby island should at least be concerned about Little Havana's GRIP on BOTH of the USA's POLITICAL PARTIES.


U.S. Media Promotes Cuba Genocide

 But One Has the Guts to Report the Truth!!

A Comment:

This is Portia Siegelbaum of CBS News

     In the United States of American in June of 2021 there remain a plethora of well-funded blogs and other propaganda-obsessed outlets who dominate Cuba-U.S. news, perpetrating the lucrative economic and political rewards for the USA's Cuban policies that have existed virtually unchecked for decades despite their draconian and genocidal traits!! Unfortunately for the U. S. democracy, the mainstream U. S. media -- both print & electronic outlets -- are among the purveyors of such lucrative anti-Cuban propaganda. There is, however, one notable journalist within the realms of the U. S. media -- Portia Siegelbaum of CBS News -- that has both the guts and the integrity to actually report the truth about U.S.-Cuba relations.

  Portia Siegelbaum has worked for CBS News for decades, she was lovingly married to a well-known Cuban in Cuba for years till his death, she still lives in Havana, and she knows the trials & tribulations of everyday Cubans because she shares their daily lives, whether it entails Hurricane-force winds & rain or genocidal assaults from a nearby Superpower nation.

     Shamefully for the U. S. democracy, Portia Siegelbaum is a rare bird among the mainstream media because she reports fairly about Cubans on the island, unafraid of the extremist Cuban-Americans who dictate the USA's Cuban policies to suit their whims, desires, and, mostly, their bulging bank accounts.

      And for the record, here is how Portia Siegelbaum's honest reporting for CBS News honestly informed the American people about how Cubans in Cuba viewed this week's latest denunciation by the entire world of the USA's draconian/genocidal blockade of Cuban families on the island:

       Now please remember...in the land of the free and the home of the brave...if you live in the United States today you are supposed to not be free or brave enough to even read the article above penned by a great journalist, Portia Siegelbaum, who has lived and worked in Havana for decades for CBS News. That is because Portia Siegelbaum is not only a great journalist but she knows more about everyday Cubans in Cuba than any journalist in the entire world. That, of course, is why you should not be free or brave enough to read or hear her reports from Cuba about what Cubans in Cuba think about the U. S. blockade in 2021 that was started in 1962 as an embargo intended to "starve, deprive, and make miserable" the Cubans on the island to induce them to rise up and overthrow their Revolutionary government. It hasn't happen and, so, in June of 2021 the cruel embargo has been expanded into a genocidal TRUMP-BIDEN blockade of the island, all to please and profit another generation of politically-powerful Cubans in the United States.
     As the "bad & mean" Cubans in Cuba, like the little girl above, face genocide because the "good & nice" Cubans {and their sycophants} in the United States profit from it, a uniquely honest U. S. journalist like Portia Siegelbaum is a godsend for the hopeful resurrection of the U. S. democracy...at least if the few remaining legitimate journalists in the United States are not totally drowned out by the plethora of extremist propagandists who now masquerade willy-&-nilly as real journalists are finally reined in by the U. S. citizens...because it is obvious that the billionaire individuals and companies who dominate the mainstream U. S. media now are egregiously in charge of what once was a respected mainstream media in the United States...you know, in the America that once was the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!!!!


World Denounces U.S. Cuba Blockade


Of course,

the U. S. & Israel!!

This image was at the UN today.

     Today -- June 23rd, 2021 -- for the 29th consecutive year the world loudly denounced the U. S. Embargo/Blockade against Cuban families. Today the vote in the United Nations in NY was 184-to-2. As you can see above, the two red dots reveal that the two usual suspects -- the United States and Israel -- were the only two nations in the whole world to vote to continue the six-decade-old Embargo, which is easily history's longest and cruelest embargo ever conducted against masses of people in a much smaller nation by miscreants in a much larger nation. Of course, greed prolongs the embargo: A few Cubans & Americans benefit; while Israel is by far the largest recipient of billions of dollars from the United States.
      Billions of decent people in 184 of the world's nations today -- June 23rd, 2021 -- particularly voiced their opinions of the endless U. S. embargo being expanded into a genocidal blockade by the Trump and Biden administrations as the neighboring island also battles the deadly COVID pandemic.
     Of course, in the USA's two-party political system there are 535 members of the United States Congress. But...it only takes two vicious Counter Revolutionary Cuban-Americans -- Senator Bob Menendez and Senator Marco Rubio -- to dictate America's Cuban policies, such as the extremely cruel but very lucrative Embargo/Blockade. Thus, Rubio, a Republican, easily dictated Cuban policy to President Trump and now Menendez, a Democrat, is easily dictating Cuban policy to President Biden. In that milieu, of course, this generation of U. S. citizens are programmed not to be ashamed of shameful worldwide images of their Democracy...including images like these:
IMAGES of the U. S.
ENDLESSLY allowed!!!


Like Trump, Biden Accepts Cuban Genocide

 Money Rules Democrats too!!!

    When the Democrat Joe Biden replaced the Republican Donald Trump as President of the United States on Jan. 20-2021, many decent people around the world thought that Biden would end or at least lessen Trump's genocide against Cuban families in Cuba. But by late June of 2021 that hasn't happened and won't happen!! You see, the USA's two-party political system consists of two parties that are both money-crazed. And regarding Cuba, there is simply too much MONEY propelling the lucrative Cuban policy!!!! Thus, regardless of the propaganda spoon-fed to Americans daily, the genocide against Cuban families on the island that Biden inherited from Trump will not be ceased or lessened by Biden.
       The most ultra-powerful journalist in Miami, Jorge Davila Miguel, works for four ultra-powerful anti-Cuban U. S. media outlets -- the Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald, McClatchy, and CNN. Yet, Davila on June 20-2021 penned the best article this week regarding President Biden now following Trump's genocidal path regarding Cuba. The Davila article is entitled: "WHY IS BIDEN FOLLOWING ON TRUMP'S FOOTSTEPS ON CUBA." This is the beginning of the article:
    This week's pertinent article by Jorge Davila Miguel, flashed around internationally by CNN, reminds the world correctly that the USA's Cuban policy is starkly opposed by almost every decent person and every decent nation worldwide. As the near-unanimity of the UN Vote has revealed for decades, the world's revulsion to the the USA's genocide against Cuban families since 1962 has been able to indure because of two factors: {1} Excess greed backed by the world's economic and military Superpower; and {2} excess cowardice by generations of Americans who don't have the courage to defend their Democracy. Those two realities were acknowledged in the aforementioned article by Miami's powerful journalist Jorge Davila Miguel, and Davila also had the integrity and guts to point out that the Biden administration in Washington, like the Trump administration that preceded it, is far too money-crazed to lessen the genocide against Cubans on the island because a few ultra-rich and ultra-powerful Counter Revolutionary U. S. Cubans -- Menendez, Rubio, Diaz-Balart, Claver-Carone, etc., -- simply won't allow Biden to do anything about it!!!! Below are some more correct points that Jorge Davila Miguel stressed this week:
     As the Davila article this week points out, even if a powerful journalist from Miami and from CNN writes the honest truth, this generation of cowardly and propagandized Americans will continue to tolerate and accept Biden's genocide against innocent Cubans in 2021 just as they tolerated and accepted Trump's genocide against innocent Cubans during the previous four years.
    All around the world in June of 2021 there are decent people, such as the ones above, praying for and demanding that the U. S. Genocide against masses of innocent Cuban families in Cuba "end." But, of course, that won't happen. Like what has happened for many decades, now there is SIMPLY TOO MUCH MONEY involved for too many rich and powerful people to make President Biden to cease or lessen the Genocide against Cubans on the island. Even if, it seems, that the most powerful journalist in Miami, Jorge Davila Miguel, is brave enough to explain THAT FACT OF LIFE in the United States of America.


Little Havana Shames U.S. Journalism

 With Propaganda Saturation!!

     If today -- on  June 18th, 2021 -- you made a Google search for "The Top News About Cuba" you would discover that the "Top Cuba Stories" are the three depicted above. The first one is a typical propaganda piece in the Miami Herald distorting Cuba's urgent battle against COVID-19 and, as usual, demeaning Cubans on island because they "need syringes" to facilitate the island's vital vaccine programs. Of course, Miami Herald propagandists masquerading as journalists will not mention that the U. S. Cuban policy, dictated largely by Little Havana/Miami extremists, this month dictated that the Swiss company that was providing the much-needed syringes to Cuba was BLOCKED from doing so because of the genocidal Little Havana/Miami-mandated Blockade against masses of Cubans on the island. Such genocide dictated by Little Havana/Miami and celebrated by the Miami Herald is commonplace.
     By contrast to the Miami Herald's usual propaganda article today, please note that the other two top articles were actually written by real journalists...such as Sarah Marsh. As you can see in the middle above, her article's headline is: "Drop in Havana COVID-19 Cases Boosts Hopes Cuban Vaccines Working." Sarah Marsh works from inside Cuba and she works for the London-based REUTERS News Agency, so she is thus allowed to write real news articles from Cuba and not just propaganda-fueled articles that please Little Havana. The third Top News Article related to Cuba today -- "U. S. Sanctions On Cuba and Venezuela Hamper Global Fights Against Covid." Such articles, of course, are not afraid of Little Havana's control of the U. S. media's reporting on Cuba.

     From 1959 till 2021 the emergence of Little Havana as Cuba's capital on U. S. soil has spawned many Cuban millionaires and billionaires in Miami but it also has had major deleterious effects on the U. S. democracy, particularly regarding journalism. Little Havana, located in the heart of Miami, from its origin as a creation of rich and powerful Counter Revolutionary Cubans aligned with their rich and powerful sycophants, has usurped the U. S. media to the point of transforming news gathering into propaganda gatherers and dispensers -- painting remnants of Batista's Cuba into pious and virtuous stalwarts of humanity and democracy while conveniently depicting Revolutionary Cuba since 1959 as the world's most devious and depraved government. Both of those propositions are designed to make millionaires and billionaires on U. S. soil while also committing genocide against masses of innocent Cubans in Cuba. In addition to influencing mainstream U. S. media entities to promote propaganda suited to Little Havana's very lucrative and one-sided Cuban directives, since 1959 deeply programmed Americans have been saturated with high-profile Cuban speakers, authors, bloggers, university professors, "journalists" and other propagandists unrelentingly serving up Counter Revolutionary rhetoric!!!
       "Prior to the rebels taking over Cuba in 1959 there was no Mob, no Mafia influence in Cuba. The Batistianos in Cuba prior to 1959 and in Miami since 1959 were and are the nicest people in the world and they showed that by taking care of the children of peasants even better than they took care of their own children. So, remember you American tax-payers and voters, keep all those dollars and all those votes to support us Cubans in the U. S. so we can annihilate all those bad Cubans in Cuba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"                                                                                                                                       


cubaninsider: Miami Is Awash With Cuban Propaganda!!

cubaninsider: Miami Is Awash With Cuban Propaganda!!: So, Who   Is Worse  Regarding Cuba ??       Today is June 16, 2021. Above is the blaring headline today in the   Miami Herald !! It is nothi...


Miami Is Awash With Cuban Propaganda!!

So, Who Is Worse Regarding Cuba??

      Today is June 16, 2021. Above is the blaring headline today in the Miami Herald!! It is nothing more & nothing less than what the Miami Herald has done on a daily basis since January of 1959 when the Cuban Revolution chased the brutal, thieving U.S.-backed & Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship to its new sanctuary in nearby Miami, which spawned Little Havana on U. S. soil. Since then Little Havana and the Miami Herald -- even with a myriad of other economic, military, and terror-imbued supporters in the richest & strongest nation in the world -- have been unable to recapture Cuba but have continually used the effort to gain wealth and power while continually shaming the U. S. democracy by saturating America with unchecked and blatant PROPAGANDA!! The June 16-2021 headline above is merely the latest example.

     Today's propaganda-riddled article in the Miami Herald, of course, is a continuation of what that once-respected newspaper has now been doing for six+ decades...either because, like everything in Little Havana, it partakes in the economic ramifications of its Counter Revolutionary Cuban propaganda or is too afraid to buck the Little Havana leaders, especially since 1976 when the bravest and best Cuban-American journalist in Miami, Emilio Milian, was car-bombed for simply telling the truth!!

      As in the article beneath the June 16-2021 propaganda-smeared headline shown above, the Miami Herald blames every problem in Cuba...and there indeed are many...on the Revolutionary leaders that replaced the U.S., Batista, Luciano, Lansky, etc., cabal that was in charge of the island prior to January 1, 1959. And with such blatant lies, the Miami Herald refuses to blame Little Havana stalwarts for ANY of the trouble that Cubans have faced since January of 1959...even if those problems include the terrorizing, murdering, starving, depriving, and making miserable Cubans on the island to appease a handful of the richest and most powerful Cubans in Little Havana!! 

     When the Miami Herald vilifies Cubans on the island for supporting their revolutionary leaders...as many of them always have done...that constitutes profitable, unchecked, and blatant propaganda for Little Havana. And On the other hand, such unchecked and blatant propaganda spewing from the Miami Herald has shamefully promoted an unchecked sanctuary for the likes of infamous Cuban terrorists and profit-motivated individuals such as Posada, Bosch, etc., etc....while also promoting the profitable falsehood that all of Little Havana's richest and most powerful politicians and economic benefactors are the most decent people on the planet who are just trying TO HELP the poor, deprived, embargoed, blockaded and assaulted Cubans on the island!!!! OF COURSE, terrorizing, killing, starving, and depriving Cubans on the island is Little Havana's morbid definition of "helping them."

       Lastly, as a fervent democracy-lover I have always thought that the most important pillar that supports the United States democracy is an honest and strong media. But that pillar no longer exists, and most Americans now, I believe, understand what media propaganda is. Some Americans, of course, accept it and even support it if it aligns with their profits or beliefs.  But poor Democracy-lovers like me are merely ashamed. Today's headline in the Miami Herald is merely the latest testament to the basic fact that extreme propaganda is now the norm in even the mainstream U. S. media, and Little Havana's unchecked propaganda from January-1959 till June 16-2021 has shamed and continues to shame Democracy and the United States. In all that time, the Miami Herald and other Little Havana-aligned media has never had the guts nor the decency to mention these two facts: {1} In 1959 the Cuban Revolution overthrew the cruel, Mafia-infested Batista dictatorship on the island; and {2} Since 1959, with unchecked economic and terror-filled support from the richest and most powerful nation in the world, Little Havana counter revolutionaries in Miami and in Washington have been, with no restraints, unable to recapture Cuba!! SURELY, THOSE TWO FACTS SAY A LOT MORE ABOUT Little Havana THAN THEY SAY ABOUT Havana AND THEY SAY A LOT MORE ABOUT THE United States THAN THEY SAY ABOUT Cuba!!!

    On June 16-2021 this headline is therefore a continuation of the Miami Herald's decades-old extreme propaganda regarding U.S.-Cuba relations. It is a topic that is vastly important to both nations, and it thus deserves honest journalism. To endlessly promote the notion that everything about Revolutionary Cuba is villainous while everything that Little Havana and the U. S. has done and is doing to Cubans on the island is nice and good is a blatant lie. While Americans who accept such extreme propaganda may deserve it, Cubans on the island do not serve it and neither do America's DEMOCRACY-lovers. Since the 1950s generations of Cubans on the island -- totally innocent girls, women, boys, and men -- have suffered massively. That includes the 1950's when the U.S. and the Mafia supported the brutal, thieving Batista regime to partake in the financial spoils, and since 1959 as Litle Havana and the United States have imposed history's LONGEST and CRUELEST embargo/blockade ever imposed by any large nation against a much-smaller nation. For the Miami Herald to continually promote PROPAGANDA regarding both historic and topical U.S.-Cuba relations insults Democracy and Journalism...but shamefully there appears to be no checks-&-balances within the bowels of the United States democracy to rein-in such insidious greed!!!



Cuba Replies to Biden's Genocide

 As Cuba realizes Biden Continues

the Genocide Trump started!!

    Realizing that the Biden administration is continuing the Genocide against Cuban families that the Trump administration left behind, Cuba has suspended U. S. dollars...including the remittances that many Cubans in the U. S. send back to the island to help relatives survive both the U.S. Embargo/Blockade and the COVID pandemic.
     After failing to recapture Cuba with the Bay of Pigs military attack in April of 1961 and with the many failed attempts to kill Fidel Castro, in 1962 the U. S. began its Embargo for the purpose, as confirmed by de-classified U. S. documents, to deprive, starve, and make miserable Cubans on the island to induce Cubans on the island to rise up and overthrow their revolutionary government that had overthrown the U.S.-backed and Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship in 1959. After 6+ decades, the cruel {for Cubans in Cubabut lucrative {for Cubans in Miami} Embargo still hasn't created the uprising on the island it intended, even with endless streams of tax-dollars encouraging dissidents in Cuba and Counter Revolutionaries in the U. S. to enhance the ongoing efforts.
     Because the U. S. demands that it is so, Cuba has no relationship with the international banking systems and the U. S. routinely uses its worldwide influence to fine even foreign companies that do not bend to its stringent Cuban sanctions. Often those companies simply pay the fines in settlements because they otherwise might be deprived of engaging in normal commerce with the U. S. or U. S. allies.
      Of course, in addition to highly funded anti-Cuba/pro-Little Havana propaganda blogs in the U. S., the mainstream media such as the Miami Herald, the Washington Post, the New York Times, etc. all have high-paid and high-profile 'journalists' regularly telling Americans how great the Batista dictators in Cuba were till 1959 and how great the Cubans in Little Havana have been since 1959.
     With the decline of true journalism in the U. S., only a few competent and honest stalwarts -- led by Tracey Eaton -- even try to provide the facts about the Little Havana-led and money-crazed United States relationship with Cuba. Eaton, now also a beloved Journalism Professor in Florida, regularly uses the Freedom of Information laws to obtain and then list in startling detail the amount of tax dollars routinely doled out by the U. S. government seemingly to just about anybody that raises their hand and promises to help U. S. Counter Revolutionaries do their Cuban bidding, which seems to be geared toward two ageless things -- money and revenge!!

     From Jan. 20-2017 till Jan. 20-2021 President Trump and Senator Rubio expanded the cruel and lucrative six-decade-old U. S. Embargo against Cuba into an even more cruel and lucrative U. S. Genocide against masses of Cuban families on the island. The main purpose of the Trump-Rubio cruelty and greed, of course, was to further enrich and empower selected Cuban-Americans in Miami, Newark/Union City, and the U. S. Congress. Of Course, because the topic is Cuba, neither the U. S. government nor the mainstream media had the courage or integrity to tell the U. S. people what they were doing. For example, Americans surely were not told that Trump-Rubio activated Title 3 of Helms-Burton so that rich Cubans in Miami could more easily sue companies in the U. S. or anywhere else after they charge Cuba, in U.S.-friendly courts, with anything they want to sue Cuba for. As happened last week, a Swiss company paid up quickly because it needs to bend to the U. S. economic power. Even the George W. Bush presidency from 2000 till 2009 refused to activate Title 3. Yes, as President George W. Bush, like his father GHW and his brother Jeb -- was totally aligned with the Little Havana-directed cruelty and richness related to Cuba. But during his two-terms, even President Bush refused to activate the GENOCIDAL Title 3 provision!!! But, without a whimper from either the mainstream U. S. media nor the U. S. citizens, both the TRUMP and BIDEN administrations have activated Title 3's GENOCIDE. So, in June of 2021 Title 3/Helms-Burton is the unchecked tool being used to expedite Genocide against totally innocent Cuban families on the island to appease Republican-anointed U. S. Cubans like Marco Rubio from Miami's ultra-unchecked and ultra-powerful Little Havana conclave.
     But well into the month of June-2021, it is apparent that the Biden presidency as directed by Senator Bob Menendez is determined to continue the Trump-Rubio Genocide against Cubans in Cuba while, of course, continuing the largess for Cubans in Miami/Little Havana, Newark/Union City, and in the U. S. Congress. You see, the U. S. has a two-party political system and both are money-crazed, including massive donations that help politicians get elected and then allow them to stay around forever it seems. Trump-Rubio are Republicans while Biden-Menendez are Democrats. And in 2021 it is apparent that the USA's two-party political system needs at least a three-PARTY POLITICAL SYSTEM!! Proof of that is the fact that Biden & Menendez have greedily continued the Trump & Rubio genocide on Cubans in Cuba to appease the most greedy and most revengeful U. S. Cubans.
     While the prime benefactors in Cuba in the 1950s and in the U. S. since 1959 were/are obscenely greedy, I sincerely believe that the main culprits are the generations of U. S. citizens who have allowed it to happen, apparently without any appreciation of their Democracy. In 1952 the Dulles brothers and Nixon {then the Secretary of State, CIA Director, and Vice President} teamed the U. S. with the top echelon of the Mafia in the belief that rich Americans could better partake in the rape & robbery of the Caribbean's largest and most beautiful island if Cuba was a brutal dictatorship as opposed to a decent and honest democracy that would probably make sure that the country's resources would mostly benefit the everyday Cuban people. That generation of Americans in the 1950s didn't ask, "Why are we teaming with the Mafia in Cuba?" Instead Americans in the 1950s flocked to Cuba as tourists to revel in Mafiosi staples such as drugs, gambling, and prostitution. Then beginning in 1959 when exiles from Batista's Cuba took over Miami and quickly created Little Havana, U. S. soil resembled what Batista's lavish but brutal Havana had been. In other words, extreme wealth for some and extreme mayhem for the rest has been allowed to become ingrained deep within the bowels of the U. S. democracy...from Miami to Newark to Washington. Back in 1976 the great Cuban-American broadcaster-journalist in Miami, Emilio Milian, openly denounced the unchecked and deadly terrorism routinely administered by newly exiled Cubans against innocent Cubans in Miami and in Cuba. And then, not unexpectedly, the brave and decent Emilio Milian himself got car-bombed. That generation of Americans tolerated such things either out of fear or out of a lack of loving their democracy, but either way I believe that those U. S. citizens were as guilty as the terrorists who car-bombed Emilio Milian.
     Needless to say, since things such as the car-bombing against Miami's bravest and best journalist Emilio Milian, it hasn't been healthy or politically correct to denounce terrorism against innocent Cubans or to denounce when the Trump and Biden administrations both have put Cuba on the U. S. List of Terrorist Nations, not because Cuba is a Terrorist Nation but by putting Cuba on that list it becomes must easier to sue companies, domestic or foreign, that may have done or is doing business with Cuba...you know, for not obeying the vast myriad sanctions against Cuba. No one, you see, wants the same fate that befell Emilio Milian just because he was a decent and honest journalist.
     In the annals of the United States, the Mafia and Mobsters have played integral roles. The list above includes the names and photos of two Mafia kingpins -- Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky -- who teamed with the U. S. government to support the Batista dictatorship prior to the notable intervention on Jan. 1-1959 by the Cuban Revolution. In fact, Mafia experts often list Luciano and Lansky as the two all-time most powerful and smartest Mafia leaders. It was Luciano and Lansky who from 1952 till 1959 brutalized and robbed Cuba at will...along with some of the USA's largest businesses.
    The graphic above correctly points out that Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, and Fulgencio Batista ruled Mafia-saturated Cuba -- with the ample help of the United States of America --  from 1952 till 1959, spawning the Cuban Revolution.
After the 1898 Spanish-American War, the U. S. replaced Spain as the dominant force in Cuba. Therefore, the U. S. had a chance to make Cuba, the largest and arguably the most beautiful nation in the Caribbean, into a world-class Democracy with a Capital D. But that didn't happen. In 1903, for example, the U. S. stole gorgeous Guantanamo Bay from Cuba and built a plush and still flourishing Military Base and an infamous Prison there. By 1952 the U. S. democracy teamed with the very top echelon of the Mafia -- Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky -- to support the brutal and thieving Batista dictatorship in Cuba. By 1952 the U. S. was also supporting brutal dictators such as Trujillo in the Dominican Republic, Samoso in Nicaragua, etc. The U. S. idea, of course, was that rich U. S. companies in brutal dictatorships could partake in the rape & robbery of small countries while in democracies those natural resources would mostly stay in those nations to help native people. When the U. S. media and U. S. people allowed that to help to their democracy, by the 1970s the U. S. had willy-nilly participated in things like a bloody coup that replaced the popular, democratically-elected President Salvador Allende with the incredibly brutal but U.S.-friendly Dictator Augusto Pinochet for 17 extremely brutal years. Of course, brutal dictators like Batista, Trujillo, Somoso, Pinochet, etc. -- as loyalists of the U. S. -- always tried to help the U. S. try to recapture or brutalize Cuba after the Cuban Revolution in 1959 shocked the world by chasing U. S. allies -- including Luciano and Lansky -- out of Cuba!! So Little Cuba was the little nation that reminded the world that the U. S. preferred dictators and not democracies because democracies would not tend to allow FOREIGN NATIONS to rob them blind!!!
        When the United States supported the Luciano-Lansky-Batista dictatorship in the 1950s, American tourists and companies were encouraged to flock to Cuba with fistful of dollars. Since the Cuban Revolution in 1959 ended the Mafiosi-Batistiano rule, the continuous U.S/Little Havana effort to starve and/or overthrow Revolutionary Cuba has been woefully unsuccessful, except for severely harming Cuban families in Cuba and making a lot of millionaires and billionaires out of selected Cuban-Americans. In June of 2021 the Biden administration in Washington has followed the Trump administration by imposing the most severe genocide heaped on masses of Cubans in Cuba since 1959. And still, this generation of Americans in June of 2021 has been programmed to accept genocide being imposed in their names on innocent Cubans in Cuba...just as in 1952 when that generation of Americans accepted it when the U. S. democracy teamed itself with the Mafia to support the brutal, thieving Batista dictatorship in Cuba.
     This map reveals the sheer closeness that Cuba is to the U. S., namely to Florida. Cuba is also the largest and the most beautiful island nation in the Caribbean. In June of 2021, Cuba's size, location, and beauty...along with its resilient, sovereignty-loving, sports-loving, music-loving, well-educated, and family-oriented people deserve a lot more than to be targeted by genocide designed by a handful of greedy, revengeful, and not-so-nice people using the incomparable power and treasury of the world's superpower nation, which hovers ominously just north of the island's coastline. To many observers, Cuba has been and remains the Superstar of the Caribbean since 1492, the year Columbus called it "the most beautiful land these eyes have ever seen." Beyond question, Cuba has far more economic potential than any country in the Caribbean or than in any country close to its size in all of Latin America. Of course, extreme propaganda has told Americans that the reason Cuba is not the economic Superstar in the Caribbean is because of its own fault, and that is a bald-faced lie not befitting a democracy, just as it was not befitting for the U. S. democracy to team with the Mafia in the rape and robbery of the island in the 1950s. For example, no other small nation in the entire world could have survived things as unchecked terror attacks {such as the bombing of the child-laden civilian plane {Cubana Flight 455} in which all 73 people on board were killed; or how many other countries could have survived an air-land-sea military attack known as the Bay of Pigs; and, most of all, no other small nation in the entire world except Cuba could have survived and is surviving what has been history's all-time cruelest and longest Embargo/Blockade ever imposed on a much smaller nation by a much larger nation.
      The fact that American's are programmed not to be ashamed about this accurate image SAYS A LOT MORE ABOUT AMERICA THAN IT SAYS ABOUT CUBA. From the world's strongest democracy, consistent propaganda from the 1950's till June of 2021 has created successive generations of Americans who accept multiple calamities regarding Cuba...allowing the Mafia to brutalize and ransack Cuba starting in 1952 in the Batista dictatorship; providing Batistiano exiles on U. S. soil the wherewithal to terrorize Cubans including bombing a child-laden civilian airplane into the ocean; trying to starve Cubans in Cuba from 1962 till June of 2021 while making it easy for selected Cubans in South Florida to become politically powerful millionaires and billionaires; taking advantage of the COVID pandemic in June of 2021 to further enrich and empower U. S. Cubans while further tightening the screws against Cubans in Cuba; etc.; etc.; etc.!!!

cubaninsider: "The Country That Raped Me" (A True Story)

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