60 Years of Genocide Against Cuba's People?

Why have the American people for 60 years condoned it??

    For sixty years...from 1962 till 2022...the purpose of the U. S. Embargo has had two legal purposes: {1) To enrich already rich Cubans in Little Havana-Miami, and {2} "to starve, deprive, and make miserable" the Cubans in Cuba to persuade them to rise up and overthrow their Revolutionary government, which had overthrown the brutal U.S.-backed Batista dictatorship in 1959. Thus the Embargo since 1962, in the eyes of many people around the world, seems to be a classic example of Genocide being imposed by a powerful nation against people in a much weaker nation. Yet, for over 60 years the American people have meekly allowed it to happen...YES"to starve, deprive, and make miserable" Cuban families in Cuba to appease rich Cubans in Miami. "Of course, for it to persist for all these decades Americans have been propagandized to not believe that the purpose of the Embargo "is to starve, deprive, and make miserable" the vulnerable people of Cuba. Therefore, to this day -- the last day of August in 2022 -- Americans are not SUPPOSED to know about official U. S. documents began to overwhelm new democratic President John F. Kennedy starting in January of 1961 to sign off on drastic tactics from the outgoing Batista-loving Republican Party to recapture Cuba at all costs!!
    Thus, history documents the fact that neophyte President John F. Kennedy, the Democrat, signed to legalize the outgoing Republican Party's prime plans to recapture Cuba. That of course, first of all, included the approval of the massive BAY of PIGS military attack against Cuba in April of 1961. When Cuba famously defeated that military attack, JFK was obliged to approve a record-number of assassination attempts and terrorist acts against Cuba. When all that failed to overthrow Cuba's revolutionary government, the photo above shows President JFK in 1962 signing the legalization of the EMBARGO against Cuba...which to this day on August 31st of 2022 remains LEGAL and thus still mandates the age-old efforts to "starve, deprive, and make miserable" the Cubans in Cuba. As you can see from the declassified and official U. S. document below, by April 6 of 1960 the U. S. government was being influenced by powerful agencies, such as the CIA, to prioritize plans to recapture Cuba even if the Bay of Pigs attack failed. So, after the Bay of Pigs military attack failed and drastically embarrassed the U. S. in April of 1961, JFK had to sign off on a myriad of other legalized plans to recapture Cuba. In the first of the 6 conclusions in the U. S. document shown below, note that the U. S. admitted that "The majority of Cubans support Castro," a fact that Americans have always been lied to about. And then in the next-to-last paragraph below note that a prime item in the U. S. plan to recapture Cuba included this plan: "...a line of action which, while as adroit and inconspicuous as possible, makes the greatest inroads in denying money and supplies to Cuba, to decrease monetary and real wages, to bring about hunger, desperation, and overthrow of government." To this day -- August 31st of 2022 -- Americans are not supposed to know about such "legalized" Republican plans that the new democratic President JFK inherited to recapture Cuba, plans that for most of his first two years in office he was obligated to approve. So...even today Americans are not supposed to care about declassified U. S. documents such as this:
 Indeed, President JFK felt obliged to approve his inherited Republican plans to recapture Cuba from January-1961 till early in 1962 even though the diabolical plans included the Bay of Pigs attack, countless assassination attempts, and the Embargo in 1962. But by 1962 JFK was considered a charismatic and popular young democratic President who was sure to get re-elected President for a second 4-year term in 1993. So, using that strong popularity, JFK decided he didn't have to sign and approve all these drastic Republican plans to recapture Cuba...and he had sympathy for the Cuban people in Cuba although he was abundantly aware that the CIA and the Cubans in Miami acutely blamed him for the Bay of Pigs disaster that was supposed to have overthrown Revolutionary Cuba in April of 1961. At one point in 1962 history registers the fact that one day JFK walked into his presidential Oval Office and loudly exclaimed: "IF I HAD THE CHANCE I WOULD BLOW THE CIA TO SMITHERINES!!!" And...how do we know that? Well, three top advisers to JFK -- Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., Ted Sorensen, and Pierre Salinger -- happened be renowned authors/journalists!! Thus, because of such close advisers to JFK...men who wrote extensively as authors-journalists following their days in the White House...we know that JFK, in the days leading up to his tragic assassination in Dallas on November 22-1963, had every intention to end the EMBARGO ON CUBA and NORMALIZE RELATIONS WITH CUBA.
    Thus, although he signed it into law in 1962, by the time he was assassinated in Dallas in 1963 we know that President John F. Kennedy was ashamed of the EMBARGO of Cuba and that, if he had lived, he would have tried to normalize relations with Cuba during his second term as President. Therefore I believe that one reason the EMBARGO has continued for over six decades was the assassination of President John Kennedy on November 22nd, 1963.
    Much of  President Kennedy's tragically short presidency was absorbed with problems related to Cuba that he had inherited from the prior Republican administration.
    And after the failed Bay of Pigs attack on Cuba in April of 1961, President Kennedy had to address the acute criticism he received from Little Havana-Brigade 2506 Cubans in Miami.
     Starting on January 20th of 1961, John F. Kennedy had just One Thousand Days as President of the United States. I believe that the United States, Cuba, and the world would be better off today if he had lived to have a second term as President of the United States. Despite his faults, he was a brilliant and good people-loving man.
November 22nd-1963.
"A day of infamy in Dallas."



Cubans Fleeing to the US in Droves!


       Today -- August 29th, 2022 -- the headline shown above is circling around the globe, especially in hundreds of U. S. newspapers: "CUBANS FLEE ISLAND'S ECONOMIC WOES BY AIR, LAND AND SEA." The excruciating article, written by Gisela Salomon, originated in the Associated Press. It explains why the Cuban exodus to the U. S. is now reaching dire plateaus.

       The first four paragraphs of the AP report on the extreme means Cubans are now taking to get to the U.S.: "From January to July, U. S. border authorities stopped Cuban migrants entering from Mexico nearly 155,000 times..." And through this month of August-2022 those numbers have risen drastically, as blackouts...exacerbated by the deadly oil depot disaster in Matanzas...have been the most prominent determinant as the overall economic woes on the embargoed island accelerate.
    This New York Post photo shows some of the Cubans resting at the US-Mexican border. Courtesy of YouTube, the massive treks of Cubans migrating to the United States has been documented many times, including this report from NBC News:
     For sure, the endless U. S. Embargo...which Cubans call a Blockade...has remained a huge factor in the drastic rise of Cubans flocking to the United States.
      And now the blackouts in the hot summer of 2022 have combined with other drastic economic problems in Cuba to create a Perfect Storm for hundreds of thousands of Cubans on the island. Cubans craving to join millions of Cuban citizens already in the United States are understandable. The history and geography that made Cuba and the United States neighbors has never really permitted them to be separate sovereign friends. The vast disparity in size and economics has finally, it seems, brought David to meekly bow to Goliath.
    It is a topical and historic fact that Miami has been Cubanized since 1959. One day soon, perhaps, the entire USA will be Cubanized too.



Cuba BEGS U. S. for Help!!!

 HERE is WHY!!

    While trying mightily to survive the endless U. S. Embargo and the lessening COVID pandemic, an alarming series of massive explosions and fires have assaulted Cuba's tourist and energy sectors. The fear includes the explosion-fire at the Muriel Economic Zone 30 miles southwest of Havana. Then there was a deadly explosion-fire that totally destroyed the Saratoga Hotel in the heart of Havana, killing dozens of workers who were getting the hotel ready for the vital tourist season. And then this month of August-2022 the Reuters/Alexandre Meneghini photo shown above shows the deadly explosion-fire that destroyed Cuba's most important Oil Depot at Matanzas 65 miles east of Havana, killing 16 Cuban firefighters. The Cuban government says the massive explosions-fires are being caused by "accidents." However, many Cuban citizens are, of course, very skeptical...to say the least!!
     In this last week of August-2022 international news sources including the London-based BBC & Reuters, Paris-based AFP, etc., and even the Voice of America have spread the above headline around the world: "CUBA ASKS US FOR TECHNICAL HELP TO CLEAN UP OIL DEPOT AFTER FIRE." The headline above is from the worldwide platforms of the V*A, the international forums paid for by U. S. taxpayers. The request by Cuba's revolutionary government to the U. S. government asking for U. S. assistance as it still tries to clean up the Matanzas oil depot disaster is surely  extraordinary!! Reuters and other sources have informed the world that the nations that quickly helped Cuba fight the five-day fires that raged from the Matanzas explosions were Mexico, Venezuela, Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, etc...but not the U. S. even though Cuba did, in fact, "make a phone call asking for U. S. help in the belief the U. S. had the best foam and other material to quell such disasters."
         And indeed...worldwide articles have told about the latest massive explosion and fire at the Matanzas oil depot, the one that DESTROYED VITAL ENERGY SOURCES AND KILLED 16 FIREFIGHTERS. And whether such deadly fires and explosions are accidental or terror-related, the main victims are always everyday Cubans on the island. Thus...it is appropriate, even days later, that the Cuban government felt obligated to even ask the superpower United States for its help in trying to clean up the Matanzas site where so many Cubans were killed and where a energy source so vital to the whole island was destroyed. After all, even while maintaining a cruel Embargo-Blockade against Cuba for over six decades, the well-to-do people in Miami and Washington who make such things legal always claim they are "trying to help the everyday Cuban people on the island." IF SO...perhaps it's time to finally show that such words are truthful and meaningful...at least once.


Rubio Upgrades U. S. Attacks On Cuba

 Targeting Anyone Helping Cuba!!

     The Cuba-born Cuban-American professor Carlos Lazo is passionate about keeping Cubans in Cuba from starving because of the ever-tightening six-decade-old Embargo-Blockade of the vulnerable island. Lazo's Bridges of Love group flies planeloads of food and pediatric medicine to Cuba, angering the Miami and Congressional Cubans who control the U. S. Cuban policies. The Miami-born Cuban-American U. S. Senator Marco Rubio has been passionate his entire adult life about overthrowing the revolutionary rule of Cuba, which overthrew the Batista dictatorship and created Miami's Little Havana powerhouse way back in 1959. Now in August of 2022 Rubio's anti-Cuban ploys include "ASKING THE FBI TO INVESTIGATE LAZO!" Presumably Rubio wants Lazo in prison so the professor from Seattle can no longer help Cubans in Cuba, especially the children and his own mother.
    And now today -- on August 26th-2022 -- the top Cuban headline in the U. S. {see above} as usual comes from the Miami Herald and it screams this news: "Puerto Rican 'solidarity' group says its been targeted by the FBI for visiting Cuba." WONDERFUL...whatever the Miami Herald, Little Havana, Miami, and Rubio want regarding Cuba THEY GET.
     This is the Puerto Rican group that had the audacity and bravery to visit Cuba in support of the Cubans in Cuba that are more-and-more being besieged by the U. S. Blockade, the Miami Herald, Little Havana, Miami, and the Miami Cubans in the U. S. Congress led by Rubio. Puerto Rico, like Cuba, came under the dominance of the United States in 1898 thanks to the Spanish-American War that was fought entirely and quickly and bloodily on Cuban soil. In 1959 the Cuban Revolution defeated the U.S.-backed/Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship but Puerto Rico remains a U. S. Territory and many in Congress want it to become the 51st U. S. state. But, as shown above, not everyone in Puerto Rico in August of 2022 supports the endless and heartless U. S. Embargo-Blockade that continues decade-after-decade while Cubans in Cuba get poorer-and-poorer while Cubans in Miami get richer-and-richer.
    All maps show that Cuba, which considers itself to be a sovereign country, is still dangerously close to Miami. Puerto Rico, the much-smaller U. S. Territory that is southeast of Cuba, are Caribbean neighbors. Should Puerto Ricans who oppose the U. S. Embargo-Blockade be punished for their compassion? AFTER ALL, Miami Cubans such as Canosa, the Diaz-Balarts, Rubio, and the UNITED STATES CONGRESS have LEGALIZED the wonderful Embargo every day since 1996!!!!!! WONDERFUL.
Don't mess with our WONDERFUL EMBARGO!


Cuba's Enemies Rejoice in August-2022

 Eyeing the End of Revolutionary Cuba!!

     Maps show that Cuba is still the largest and most dominant island and nation in the Caribbean, but unfortunately it remains directly below Miami/Key West, Florida. Therefore, since the Cuban Revolution defeated the U.S.-backed Batista/Mafia dictatorship in Cuba in 1959, Miami and the U. S. have struggled for over six decades to reclaim the pugnacious island.

    For six decades, after the 1961 Bay of Pigs military attack failed to recapture Cuba, the U. S. has used an EMBARGO of the island for the purpose...according to official documents...to starve, deprive, and make miserable the Cubans in Cuba to induce them to rise up and overthrow their Revolutionary government. While the superpower U.S.'s EMBARGO still hasn't toppled the Revolution, it has nevertheless starved, deprived, and made miserable generations of Cubans in Cuba...while, of course, creating a lot of millionaires and billionaires in Miami. The famous image above by the great Brazilian artist Carlos LaTuff refers to the fact that the EMBARGO coupled with the recent COVID-19 pandemic was finally supposed to finally destroy Revolutionary Cuba...but that hasn't happened either.
     But recently...throughout 2022...a series of strange explosions and fires have greatly exacerbated the pain for Cubans in Cuba. Dozens were killed when an explosion and fire destroyed the iconic SARATOGA HOTEL in the heart of Havana; and recently the above explosion and fire 65 miles east of Havana in Matanzas destroyed Cuba's most vital oil depot...as the deadly fireballs seem determined to pound prime tourist-related and energy-related sectors of the island's economy.
     In the United States, of course, there are dozens of anti-Cuban blogs and even powerful mainstream journalists at major venues such as the Miami Herald, New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, etc. that daily saturate the U. S. media with anti-Revolutionary articles that always imply how much greater and richer the 1950s U.S.-backed Batista rule in Cuba was. And, from Havana itself, one of the most famous and most ubiquitous anti-Cuban tirades daily saturate the world from famed dissident Yoani Sanchez and her worldwide 14ymedio digital newspaper. As you see above, her rich and powerful friends include U. S. Senators Marco Rubio and Bob Menendez -- the two most powerful Counter Revolutionary Cuban-Americans on the planet. Above you see the latest Havana-based 14ymedio article that is letting the world know that the energy "blackouts" now have Cubans in Cuba trying to buy "power generators that, for about $4,000, promise to exorcise the demon from the blackouts." WONDERFUL. Perhaps Yoani Sanchez in Havana can afford a precious generator but is she mocking those others in Cuba that can't afford them?
    Meanwhile today, on August 25th-2022, above are the Top Cuban Headlines from The Wall Street Journal, ABC News, Channel 10 in Miami, and ESPN. From such U. S. media sources, of course, don't expect any sympathy for Cubans in Cuba...but lots of sympathy for rich Cubans in Miami.
    And meanwhile, the great photojournalist YAMIL LAGE for the Paris-based AFP News Agency does sympathize with Cubans in Cuba whose latest pain has been caused by Fireballs like the one above that YAMIL LAGE sent around the world.


More Nations Fight US Cuba Blockade


    Today -- on August 22nd, 2022 -- Jim Wyss/Bloomberg News -- reported that nations such as Canada are helping Cuba recover from the COVID Pandemic and also helping Cuba survive the strengthened six-year-old U. S. Embargo/Blockade of the island. Bloomberg says that the vital tourist industry, "led by a surge in visitors from Canada," rebounded to 1.2 visitors from January-July, "compared to 217,364 visitors during the same period in 2021."
     With a surge of visitors from the U. S. seeking flights to Cuba, American Airlines has asked the U. S. government for permission "to increase its 6 daily roundtrip flights between Miami and Havana to 8 daily roundtrip flights."
      Iceland also opposes the U. S. blockade of Cuba: "The US Department of Transportation has approved an application by Icelandair to fly up to 31 round-trip flights a weeks between the United and Cuba on behalf of Florida-based World Atlantic Airlines."
     India, the world's most populace Democracy, has asked Cuba to greatly increase Trade Relations between the two countries. 
     A few days ago -- on August 19th, 2022 -- Italy requested 497 more Cuban doctors "to Italy's Calabria region" and Italy asked Cuba, if possible, to send many of the same Cuban doctors that had so powerfully helped Italy during the height of the COVID pandemic. And as you can see above, when the great London-based News Agency, Reuters, reported on Italy's latest request for Cuban doctors it added these facts: "Around 40 countries across five continents, including Italy, received Cuban medics during the COVID-19 pandemic, as the island nation -- home to just over 11 million inhabitants -- has punched far above its weight in medical diplomacy." While Reuters can tell the world such facts about Cuba, the U. S. media can't...because the U. S. Embargo-Blockade severely sanctions Cuba for what the U. S. conveniently claims that Cuba's sending the island's excess doctors to foreign nations constitutes slavery...and violates the tenets of the Blockade because it presumably allows some foreign money to flow back to Cuba, which since 1959 has provided free education through college for all its citizens, free health-care for all its citizens, etc....things the U.S.-backed Batista dictatorship didn't even remotely consider when Batista, the Mafia, and U. S. businesses raked in fortunes on the island prior to the Cuban Revolution's victory in January 1 of 1959.
     In fact, although Americans are not supposed to know it, for decades U. S. medical students have traveled to Cuba to get totally free six-year medical degrees with poor little Cuba taking care of the expenses of "around $10,000 to $15,000 a year" while only requiring the U. S. students agree to return to their poor U. S. areas for at least five years to help sick Americans.
    President Lopez Obrador of Mexico, the huge country on the USA's southern border, is actually the most out-spoken leader denouncing the U. S. Embargo-Blockade of Cuba: "The longer it exists the more innocent families in Cuba are being criminally assaulted and deprived by rich people in a much larger and more powerful country. And that shames us all."
     As a fierce critic of the U. S. Blockade of Cuba, Mexico's President Lopez Obrador has renewed his already close friendship with Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel...and offered "trade and other help." This month when the latest monstrous explosion and fire spent days wiping out Cuba's main Oil Depot in Matanzas, Mexico was the first nation to quickly send help to fight the inferno that raged for five days.
    Of course, Americans who are told to support or condone the cruel Embargo-Blockade of Cuba are not told why "future U. S. doctor Chasiti I. Falls is a fifth year medical student in Havana...Under full scholarship to a six-year medical degree program courtesy of Cuba..." Like other poor Americans, her U.S.-to-Cuba-and-back-to-the-U.S. story, as shown above, is not told by the Cuban media nor by the mainstream U. S. media but was told by Amy Goodman, the renowned anchor of the "Democracy Now!" program that is carried on 1400 radio and television stations. You see, such stories don't compute with the continuation of the six-decade-old blockade of Cuba...and thus Americans are not supposed to Google the history of "ELAM" -- the Latin American School of Medicine in Havana. Amy Goodman often reminds her viewers and listeners that the United States is the "only" nation in the world that supports and benefits from the Blockade.
      If the only country that wants the Blockade of Cuba would end it, perhaps the whole world would benefit from such a change.
The tropical sun deserves to shine in Cuba.

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