Miami's Gun Battles With Cuba??


   Unfortunately for American journalism, often the Top Stories/Headlines regarding Cuban issues originate with the Miami Herald, such as the items above: "Gun battles at sea: Cuba says it was in shootouts with boats heading to pick up migrants."

        Yes, it is true that Cuba complains that its border patrols are increasingly having gun-battles with speed-boats that they assume are well-funded and well-protected in Miami.
     Today -- June 29th-2022 -- the Miami Herald article telling the world about the "Gun battles at sea...shootouts" along the coasts of Cuba was written by Nora Gamez Torres. Therefore, anyone who reads it is only wanting to read about what a destitute hell-hole Havana is and how ultra-rich and  perfect Miami is since the Cuban Revolution in 1959 re-altered both cities...although the "gun battles/shootouts" near Havana today are actually a pertinent story that needs to be told!!
     In addition to Nora Gamez Torres at the Miami Herald, many mainstream news sources in the U. S. have prominent journalist that specialize in being extremely anti-Cuban...including Mary Anastasia O'Grady at the Wall Street Journal. She is an ultra-powerful editorialist/columnist whose blaring anti-Cuban tirade during this last week of June-2022 is typical.
     As you can see from the headline above and then the start of the Mary O'Grady-Wall Street Journal editorial this week, Americans are being told that poor, little, blockaded, and embargoed Cuba is about to pull off a massive "POWER GRAB INSIDE WASHINGTON." Of course, unfortunately for U. S. journalism, Americans are constantly being fed such weird anti-Cuban theories...and, most unfortunately of all, Americans are supposed to believe it because it comes from the ultra-powerful pages of media such as the Wall Street Journal.
       It is the WSJ's OPINION...in the last days of June of 2022... that poor little Cuba is about to overwhelm Washington so the island nation can, uh, "get control of PAHO, an arm of the World Health Organization." PAHO stands for the Pan American Health Organization. I assume that it is also WSJ's OPINION that poor little Cuba, after getting control of the PAHO, will then get control of, for example, the many regional banks, including the one in Washington, that impact the financial situations of many non-rich Latin American and Caribbean nations.
     Since 1961 when the Bay of Pigs military attack and other drastic Miami-Washington escapades failed to regain control of Cuba, US-Cuba Relations have featured the "genocidal/genocidio blockade/bloqueo" that has been designed to starve Cubans on the island to persuade them to overthrow their Revolutionary government. Incredibly, it hasn't worked. So...perhaps Miami and Washington should try another tactic.
A little love...perhaps.
Or at least a handshake!!!!!



U.S. Cubans Who Fight the Blockade

And Devote Their Lives to Ending It!! 

     Although the mainstream U. S. media and the plethora of anti-Cuban blogs and Miami-style 'journalists' have vehemently denied it for over sixty years, most Cuban-Americans are deeply ashamed of the endlessly cruel U. S. assaults on Cuban families on the island to appease a minority of rich and politically powerful Cuban-Americans in Miami, Newark, and Washington. Carlos Lazo is devoting his fervent life to helping Cuban women and children survive the unending barrage from the nearby Superpower nation.
       So...who is the Carlos Lazo that the U. S. media, Miami, and the U. S. government fervently don't want you to know??? Well, Carlos Lazo is a Cuban-American professor in Seattle. He and some of his students rode their bicycles Three Thousand Miles from Seattle to Washington to beg President Trump to end his expansion of the Embargo up into the cruelest-ever genocidal stratosphere against Cuban women and children on the island. Of course, neither Trump nor the U. S. media would listen to a word Carlos Lazo said. And then he and some of his students walked the Three Hundred Miles from Little Havana in the heart of Miami to Washington to beg President Biden to stop trying to starve Cuban women and children in Cuba to appease a minority of Cubans in Miami, Newark, and Washington. Of course once again, neither President Biden nor the U. S. media had the courtesy or the integrity to even listen to a word that Carlos Lazo said.

    Such blatant treatment from the U. S. government and the U. S. media has only made Carlos Lazo even more determined to keep the world Superpower from starving Cuban women and children on the island. He amassed a huge following on Social Media and created an organization called BRIDGES of LOVE/PUENTES of AMOR. And Carlos Lazo now flies planeloads of food and other supplies to Cuba. Recently one of his planes included, among other necessities, 5,000 cans of Tuna. Recently the U. S. media loudly tried to shame Cuba for not being able to keep its promises that all children on the island had milk. Of course, the U. S. media blamed Cuba for the shortage but Carlos Lazo blamed the Embargo-Blockade that forced Cuba to buy powdered milk it needed from faraway New Zealand, and when shipping problems blocked some deliveries, some Cuban children were unable to get their normal supplies of free milk. But this week -- in the last week of June-2022 -- Carlos Lazo's latest planeload of supplies to Cuban women and children on the island included many bags of powdered milk, AS YOU SEE IN THE PHOTO ABOVE.
     In the front-center of the photo above, that is the great Carlos Lazo kneeling this week with a bag of his powdered milk...and note that the bag is about as tall as the little Cuban child that is with him. All the Cubans on the island now know who Carlos Lazo is, and they love him. Of course, Americans are not supposed to know who he is...and certainly not to love him.
     Yes, children in Cuba sing the praises of Carlos Lazo and his PUENTES de AMOR/BRIDGES of LOVE and his planes that bring his food, clothes, toys, and other things that the U. S. Embargo deprives them of.
   "Carlos to Biden: Could you show at least a tiny bit of humanity for Cuban families and lift the sanctions?"
    This photo was taken on a hot day in July of 2021 when Carlos Lazo was about halfway on his 300 mile walk from Little Havana in the heart of Miami to Washington. His mission was to beg President Biden to ease the Embargo's starvation tactics against Cuban women and children in Cuba. Of course, neither President Biden nor the U. S. media care even a little bit about what Carlos Lazo says. Thus, Americans are not supposed to even know about Carlos because he happens to be a great Cuban-American who happens to love Cuban children in Cuba...and therefore doesn't think a few rich people in a powerful country should ever, and certainly not endlessly, assault children is a much-weaker country. Carlos maintains that Little Havana Cubans are "spewing propaganda" when they claim that the Embargo doesn't primarily impact women and children on the island..."while also making a few people richer and more powerful in the United States."
     Yes, there are two sides to the two images above -- "The Embargo" and "Little Havana USA." And the side espoused loudly by Carlos Lazo should also be allowed to be heard.


Cuba Wants Friendship From Colombia


    The recent and monumental election of Gustavo Petro as the new President of Colombia has been heralded by Cubans in Cuba and decried by counter revolutionary Cubans in Miami, Newark, and in the U. S. Congress. Since the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959 most Cubans in Cuba believe that counter revolutionary U. S. Cubans dictate the USA's drastic anti-Cuban policies. And, moreover, Cubans in Cuba believe that the Latin American nation most helping Miami, Newark, and Congress in its drastic Cuban policies has been Colombia. But in June of 2022 the presidential election in Colombia has just elected a left-wing rebel who supposedly will be pro-Cuban. Gustavo Petro, therefore, deeply worries counter revolutionary Cubans in the United States and their monumental supporters in the mainstream U. S. media.
     The massive headline in Forbes today -- June 24-2022 --heralded a worrisome article written by Steve Forbes himself.

      Without waiting to actually see how Colombian President Gustavo Petro will govern, Forbes and most of the rest of the U. S. media decry him as "a former guerrilla" that will likely change Colombia's and the USA's dire anti-Cuban policies.
      It has been reported that Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel was the first leader to call Gustavo Petro and congratulate him for his election to be Colombia's new President. On state media in Cuba and on Social Media platforms, as shown above, Diaz-Canel remains hopeful that now Colombia's alignment with "Miami's and Washington's assaults on Cuban families in my nation will now be refocused by Colombia's more compassion leaders."
     And, meanwhile, as shown above, Miguel Diaz-Canel today saluted a Cuban woman named Yamila Gonzalez Ferrer for helping him to pass a new Eliminate Discriminations Against Women Law. Most Cubans on the island supported Miguel Diaz-Canel when he was Education Minister and, since 2018, it appears that most Cubans in Cuba now support Miguel Diaz-Canel as President...according to unbiased sources on the island.


A Concert TRILLS Havana!!


    Born 79 years ago in Bayamo, Cuba, Pablo Milanes is a legendary singer, guitar player, and songwriter. Last night -- June 21-2022 -- the legend performed a concert in Havana that electrified the capital city and is still thrilling Cubans today as they discuss it. As he gave them his classic songs such as "Love Me As I Am" the sold-out audience that loves him were enthralled and ecstatic!!
    Cubans "had been days before, all night and morning, waiting to buy tickets to see it." And they were not disappointed.
The Legend and his Guitar.
   The Legend Pablo Milanes and his Superstar daughter Haydee. Together or solo, Cubans love their concerts and their albums.



Cuba Gains MORE Regional Friends!!!


     Led by Mexico's President Lopez Obrador, more-and-more Latin American leaders are vehemently blasting Miami and Washington for what they believe is the USA's "inhumane, criminal, and genocidal policies against Cuban families in Cuba."
   And now a smashingly important election in Colombia has elected Gustavo Petro as that country's new President. A former left-wing rebel who was once imprisoned, President Petro is the first left-winger to ever be elected President of Colombia. For decades the U. S. has pumped millions of dollars into Colombia for purposes such as eradicating things such as illegal drugs...and, many believe, to eliminate Revolutionary Cuba!! Now Colombia appears to finally be joining pro-Cuba friends, or at least to finally strongly  oppose the USA's ageless Embargo/Blockade against Cuba.
   The U. S. media...including the CNN article above...explains the historic ramifications of the victory in Colombia by Gustavo Petro. Yes, "Colombia has been Washington's closest ally in the region for decades." It has also been Miami's closest friend in Latin America regarding the USA's brutal treatment of Cuba. Now...that might change!!
     As the CNN article above also explains, Colombia's new President Gustavo Petro "has his own allies in Washington" and many of them want to end the USA's harsh treatment of Cuba...such as powerful Senator Bernie Sanders who last week joined 26 other key Democrats in the U. S. Congress who sent a scathing letter to President Biden on behalf of Cuban families that are being harshly punished by the draconian U. S. policies.
     This is Francia Marguez. She is the new Vice President of Colombia under President Gustavo Petro. During the blistering presidential campaign in Colombia, Francia Marguez was quoted as saying, "For too long the Western Hemisphere has been shamed by the United States unconscionable policies that come down most harshly on women and children in Cuba. For too long U. S. dollars sent to Colombia has supported that terrible policy. Those U. S. dollars should be helping decent children and women in Colombia...and in Cuba."
    No one watched the elections from Colombia more closely than Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel!!! He was also the first Latin American leader to congratulate President Petro and Vice President Marguez on their elections.
    Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel and millions of other Cubans on the island ubiquitously use Social Media to express their views. As soon as the election results from Colombia were official, there were numerous digital viewpoints such as the two above expressing thanks and congratulations to the voters in Colombia. Cubans on the island sincerely believe that Colombia will become their friend after decades of supporting the U. S. Embargo-Blockade of their Caribbean island nation.
    Unlike the Cubans in the U. S. Congress, Cubans in Cuba believe that: "The U. S. blockade of Cuba constitutes the longest and largest genocide in history ever imposed by any powerful nation against any much-smaller nation." And that viewpoint is certainly held by Latin American presidents like Lopez Obrador in Mexico and now, apparently, by Gustavo Petro in Colombia, among others.
    And now in June of 2022 Cubans in Cuba hope that the presidential election in Colombia will remind U. S. President Joe Biden of one thing:

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