USA Cuban Genocide

As Americans Accept & Deny It Exists!!
         The Mexican media giant La Jornada today -- October 31, 2019 -- did something that the U. S. media is too afraid to do, which is to report fairly on the Trump administration's ongoing genocide against Cubans on the island {while, of course, using Florida lawsuits to make another passel of Cuban political allies millionaires}. Yes, even the vehemently anti-Trump extremist left-wing U. S. media is too afraid of Miami's Little Havana counter-revolutionaries to report on the genocide newly imposed on Cuban families by President Trump who believes Little Havana will therefore make sure Trump's re-election in 2020 will garner Florida's 29 crucial Electoral Votes.
     Mexico City's powerful media giant La Jornada on October 31-2019 updated the current U. S. genocide against Cubans on the island by using the above photo of President Trump depicted as Santa Claus. It pointed out that the USA media and USA citizens are cowardly permitting President Trump to "CREATE A GENOCIDAL CHRISTMAS" for Cuban families on the island to appease a handful of rich, powerful Cuban counter-revolutionaries in Miami and in the U. S. Congress. Of course, the same U. S. media and U. S. citizens would sanctimoniously condemn other powerful nations like China or Russia if they were remotely "CREATING A GENOCIDAL CHRISTMAS" for totally innocent people in a much, totally helpless country. Yet, the intimidated U. S. media -- including the anti-Trump left-wing zealots -- and the easily propagandized American citizenry -- meekly accept Trump-authorized GENOCIDE perpetrated by a handful of Little Havana denizens against Cubans on the island.
       The La Jornada article published today in Mexico City pointed out correctly that Trump's genocide against innocent Cubans expanded greatly when Little Havana's Rubio was anointed as the USA's Cuban dictator on U. S. soil, with Trump's PAY-OFF supposedly being Florida's 29 Electoral Votes heading into Trump's 2020 re-election. Every journalist and politician in Washington comprehends that fact but few have the guts to acknowledge it. But not-so-intimidated La Jornada in its Oct. 31-2019 edition explained correctly that the reason "Trump is an indomitable Jack the Ripper to the Cuban people" is because the vicious, self-serving "Rubio is blowing on Trump's ear." Meanwhile, the U. S. media is obligated to portray Rubio as a Miami choirboy whom Trump has allowed to appoint the most twenty-or-so most well-known and most-vicious Counter Revolutionary zealots to dictate America's genocidal Cuban policies.
      This photo illustrates why La Jornada today explained Trump-Rubio genocide against Cubans in Cuba translates to what it termed "a Trump genocidal Christmas" for Cubans on the island with victims including vulnerable Cuban children as well as these two elderly women. All their lives these women have been punished severely by America's Batistiano embargo against Cuba that has existed since 1962. But only Rubio-inspired Trump this year activated Title 3, a provision of the Batistiano bible known as Helms-Burton that since 1996 has dictated drastic Little Havana U. S. Cuban policy as well, of course, creating massive millionaires and billionaires for selected Cuban-Americans. This photo illustrates a known trait that has served Cubans well, which is their legendary desire to help each other survive the embargo, including even the genocidal new restrictions regularly dictated from Trump's White House. In this photo, as Trump dictates exports and imports from entering or leaving the island and causing such degradations as food shortages and blackouts, the lady on the left is giving her last egg to her neighbor in the contiguous apartment. This photo is a product of a few rich, powerful, unconscionable, and unchecked people in a powerful nation being able to commit genocide against innocent people in a much weaker nation. As La Jornada, as the influential newspaper in Mexico said today, "Sixty years of hostility from the North {a few unchecked Cubans in the USA} is daily life for  everyday Cubans in Cuba." Those six decades have now  been exacerbated by Rubio-Trump having free reins to activate Title 3/Helms-Burton as a lush Cash Cow for greedy Cubans in Miami while also bludgeoning innocent Cubans in Cuba.
     While the La Jornada newspaper in Mexico City writes that "The Trump White House is stepping on the accelerator of the Blockade and trying to sink the small island," the Cash Cow known as Helms-Burton for a few Cubans in the USA is also used as a genocidal tool against everyday Cubans on the island. With Trump and Rubio "activating" Title 3/Helms-Burton, America and Democracy...along with everyday Cubans in Cuba...are victims.
        Therefore, while topical headlines in the USA suggest otherwise, this handshake to Little Havana's "Little Marco" might well be what history will register one day as President Trump's most egregious act.


Cuba Asks Russia's HELP

And Putin Responds!!
        The excellent Associated Press journalist headquartered in Havana, Andrea Rodriguez, reported from Moscow today that Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel is soliciting Russia's help to keep the Trump administration's obvious effort to commit what Diaz-Canel openly calls "genocide" against everyday Cubans on the island. The AP article is entitled "Putin Hosts Cuban Leader For Talks on Expanding Ties."
    This AP photo shows Russian President Vladimir Putin responding favorably today to Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel's plea for Russia to stall "U.S. genocide" on the Caribbean's largest island. Putin said: "Russia hails Cuba's resilience in face of the fierce U. S. pressure. It's not easy to solve economic and social issues in the conditions that Cuba finds itself in, but you have done it successfully so far and honorably. Your island will have our help on strengthening the Cuban state." President Diaz-Canel said, "Considering that the Trump administration is conducting genocide against Cubans on the island to appease a few Cubans in Miami and Congress, Cuba will develop ties with Russia as a top priority. We observe the growing rule of Russia that resists the U. S. attempts of domination of vulnerable small nations like Cuba, and particularly Cuba. The six decades of what the Cuban Revolution gave Cuba, which was freedom from the U. S. Mafia rule of Cuba in the 1950s, must extend to the last breaths that sovereign-loving Cubans in Cuba will give to defend the island from more U. S. Mafia domination."
        This AP/Ismael Francisco photo shows the Power Plant in Santa Cruz del Norte, Cuba that Russia is refurbishing to provide the island with energy to combat the frequent blackouts inflict the island because of extreme U. S. sanctions that prevent Cuban exports and imports that limit food and other staples other than energy. This is one of three Power Plants that Russia is repairing in Cuba. Russia and China have greatly also improved rail service on the island while Russia is also continue to ship new Lada cars and Kamay trucks to the island.
       The AP article by Andrea Rodriguez today quoted Cuban-born Arturo Lopez-Levy, now a notable Professor in the United States on International Relations and a renowned expert on U.S.-Cuban relations. Lopez-Levy opined that Cuban President Diaz-Canel's successful visit to Moscow today was timely and necessary and will be "helpful" for Cuba. The AP's Andrea Rodriguez quoted Lopez-Levy as making this exact statement: "Russia is trying to preserve the zone of influence it had during the era of the Soviet Union, looking for partners in Latin America and letting Washington know that it's still a great power. Cuba is signing up for Russian prospects that can benefit it, and are already showing results on the island."
     Today's photo in Moscow reveals that Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel believes that Russia's President Vladimir Putin is deemed instrumental in the island's all-out effort to survive the otherwise unchecked "genocidal tactics" by the Trump administration's ongoing efforts to starve and deprive Cuba's people. Before he left for Russia this week, Diaz-Canel reportedly told well-known Cuban television journalist Randy Alonso, "When the Trump criminals have the muscle to stop food and other exports and imports to our island, and even to restrict travel by Cubans on visits to relatives else where on the island, and other such things, the U. S. muscle will have to be met by muscle...along with the revolutionary zeal that defines what we are as Cubans who don't want to be conquered again or to be annihilated."
      This photo shows Randy Alonso interviewing Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel on the primetime Roundtable television program. Diaz-Canel was Cuba's Education Minister and he was born after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution. He uses radio and television as well Social Media to stay in touch with the Cuban people, who also personally frequently visits around the island even at small meetings. But he is passionate about "preserving the Cuban Revolution that in 1959 gave this island life and sovereignty. That freedom, opposed to foreign domination, must sustain us to our last breath." It was that philosophy that propelled Diaz-Canel to Moscow to meet with Russian President Putin this week. If Cuba survives the Trump administration, Diaz-Canel yearns for "decent relations" with the United States and Russia and all other trade partners, but right now he understands Cuba most needs Russia.


cubaninsider: US Expands Cuban Genocide

cubaninsider: US Expands Cuban Genocide: As   U. S. Citizens  Allow It To Happen !!                 INCREDIBLY , U. S. President  Donald Trump  and his top diplomat Secretary ...

US Expands Cuban Genocide

As U. S. Citizens Allow It To Happen!!
               INCREDIBLY, U. S. President Donald Trump and his top diplomat Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are mired in massive dire threats with drastic implications that have both domestic and international impacts to the nation and to the White House particularly -- including a heated and pending impeachment as well as powerful anti-American military powers and anti-American terrorist groups understandably viewing the Trump/Pompeo-led USA as more-and-more vulnerable. YET, it appears that each Friday afternoon, as Americans prepare for their weekend extragandas, Trump & Pompeo issue their latest genocidal assaults on their favorite targets -- totally innocent Cuban families on the island. Friday, October 25th, 2019 included yet another Trump-Pompeo official blow to democracy with more self-serving U. S. genocidal dictates against Cuban families. This new Oct. 25-2019 cruelty mirrors all the others dating back to this summer when Trump & Pompeo activated Title 3/Helms-Burton, which not even the Batistiano-aligned George W. Bush presidency believed was too cruel and too genocidal to unleash on Cuban families on the island. On Friday-Oct. 25-2019 Pompeo used the letter depicted below to legalize Trump's new genocidal strike against innocent Cubans. Americans, I believe, need to read it to comprehend that persistent and unchecked genocide is being conducted in their names against helpless and innocent people:
      This Oct. 25, 2019, letter by U. S. Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo to Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao to dictate that airplane flights to all airports in Cuba, EXCEPT the airport in Havana, for the purpose of shutting off any money Cuba could possible derive from such flights, typically reveals that Trump & Pompeo are willing to do anything to appease only a few extremist Cuban-Americans EVEN IF IT CREATES TO FURTHERING GENOCIDE AGAINST INNOCENT CUBANS WHILE HURTING MOST AMERICANS AND CUBAN-AMERICANS WHO MUST ABIDE BY SUCH DICTATES. Note that such notices typically, as shown above, state that the "United States is taking firm action in response to the regime's ongoing repression of its people..." Of course, most of the 11.4 million Cubans on the island blame Little Havana extremists in Miami and their sycophants such as...Trump, Pompeo, Rubio, Claver-Carone, the Diaz-Balarts, and other political and economic BENEFACTORS who profit from a Superpower's starvation tactics against innocent Cubans during every Republican administration that emerges in Washington. Banning all flights in Cuba except those that land at the Havana airport is both extreme cruelty and extreme stupidity, as this video shows:
            WOW!!!! The Oct. 25-2019 directive by the Trump administration to ban all flights to all Cuban airports except for the Havana airport continues both the cruelty and stupidity of Republican presidencies to conduct Cuban policies that spawned the Cuban Revolution that booted the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia regime to its new capital in Little Havana/Miami WAY BACK on January 1, 1959. INCREDIBLY, on this last weekend of October-2019, the Republican nexus with the denizens in Little Havana have, after all these decades, continued to remind enough Cubans on the island that their Cuban Revolution was both justified and necessary.
     In the Oct. 25-2019 announcement and above letter, U. S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued his latest "this will finally wipe out the Cuban Revolution" edict. Next Friday at the start of Nov.-2019, the next Pompeo Cuban proclamation will likely tighten the screws on Cubans on the island who would like to tell the United States that they would like to say who governs their nation -- Havana or Little Havana. In fact, Cubans on the island say that was what their Cuban Revolution was all about -- SOVEREIGNTY.
Welcome to Little Havana in USA.
Welcome to Havana in Cuba.
        On Oct. 25-2019 the Trump administration's latest dictate against Cuba was to ban all flights to all Cuban airports except for the airport in Havana. WONDERFUL!!! If that doesn't finally overthrow the Cuban Revolution, expect Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to announce another brilliant stratagem to further starve the Cuban people next Friday afternoon as Americans will again be supposedly distracted by another festive weekend. AND SO THE BEAT GOES ON, as America heads into a Seventh Decade of allowing a handful of right-wing thugs dictating Cuban policies that say a lot more about the United States than they say about Cuba!!!

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