Punching Above Its Weight

Cuba On The World Stage!!
      Meet David Asman. He is a liar and propagandist. Unfortunately, he now epitomizes what the mainstream media -- both the print and electronic media -- in the United States has become: A vast saturation of Liars and PROPAGANDISTS masquerading as journalists. David Asman is the host on the Fox Network's "Bulls & Bears" business program. Today -- on December 27th, 2019 -- Asman was one of the typical propagandist panelists on a regular Fox "news" hour -- the kind of "journalists" that sadly now dominate America's television networks that are not obviously no longer concerned with hiring real journalists and letting them gather and dispense real news. Instead people like Asman -- both anchors and the ubiquitous and obnoxious pundits -- are ordered and programmed to provide either left-wing or right-wing propaganda, depending on the political or social persuasions of the ultra-rich network owners, which include either individual multi-billionaires or even corporations worth trillions of dollars. Thus, typically today Asman was just one propagandist pundit on a crowded network surrounded by other pundits dispensing obnoxious punditry. Asman has a fixation on Cuba and, although the discussion wasn't at all about Cuba, he kept getting back to demeaning the island's Revolutionary government. When the discussion evolved into how perfect a nation America is, Asman was inspired to point out that Revolutionary Cuba is the worst nation in the whole world: "When I go to Cuba I see the elites eating on crystal china and the everyday Cubans starving...!!!!!!!" -- or something to that effect. Asman today, as usual, was implying that Revolutionary Cuba is simply the worst nation in the world and Asman was implying that the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship that preceded Revolutionary Cuba was the best government in the world -- a refrain that has been promoted to define the Cuban narrative in the U. S. since the Cuban Revolution overthrew U. S. domination way back in 1959. So, Asman on Fox today was merely a reminder that television network "news" in the United States has now become totally devoid of real journalists while being fully saturated with lying propagandists -- both the anchors and the pundits. Sadly, David Asman, today on Fox, was being nothing more than a lying propagandist, typically of what has replaced real journalists throughout today's U. S. media.
     David Asman's performance on Fox today was laughable, of course, because in a punditry discussion that had nothing to do with Cuba he kept returning to defiling Revolutionary Cuba even though the other pundits on the "news" panel were eager and programmed to lie about their own propaganda topics. But David Asman's weird lies about Cuba pointed out one fact: THE ISLAND OF CUBA SINCE THE TRIUMPH OF THE CUBAN REVOLUTION ON JANUARY 1-1959 HAS VASTLY PUNCHED ABOVE ITS WEIGHT ON THE WORLD STAGE.  Otherwise the propaganda punditry today on Fox would never had injected little Cuba to the forefront. And that fact about Cuba is also amply amplified by the fact that, EVERYDAY since January 1-1959, the strongest nation in the world has tried its damnnest to recapture the pugnacious island.


Marco Rubio's Christmas Wish

{It went unfulfilled}
     On December 25th, 2019 -- Christmas day -- the best article about U.S.-Cuba relations was, appropriately, written by John McAuliff. For decades John has been one of the most decent  and most authoritative Americans working tirelessly to improve U.S.-Cuba relations for the benefit of most Americans and most Cuban-Americans. His article today, which you can dial up online, is entitled: "DONALD TRUMP IS NOT YET SHOWING CUBA WHO'S BOSS." That's an interesting update by an expert because President Trump already has been the first U. S. President to activate Title 3 of the infamous Batistiano-written Helms-Burton Act and the Title 3 activation of that anti-democratic abomination has already unleashed "LEGAL" genocide on everyday Cubans on the island at the direction of a few powerful Cubans in the Little Havana section of Miami. Today's Christmas day article by John McAuliff is an excellent updated explanation of why President Trump should be impeached, but...of course...genocide against innocent Cubans is not the reason the U. S. House of Representatives impeached Trump last week, a process that will now be squashed easily by the Republican-led U. S. Senate.
     The photo above shows John McAuliff in 2012 on one of his many humanitarian trips to Cuba, so John knows Cuba's current President Miguel Diaz-Canel from the days when Diaz-Canel was the island's popular Minister of Education before he became First President and President. Thus, John NcAuliff -- a brilliant author, writer, and lecturer -- knows all aspects of the U.S.-Cuban equation from both sides of the Florida Straits that separate the two neighboring nation by just 90 miles. And thus John, on Christmas day in 2019, knows what Miguel Diaz-Canel knows, which is this: A lightweight, self-serving politician from Little Havana in Miami -- Cuban-American Marco Rubio -- is orchestrating the current Trump-authorized Cuban genocide.
      The most egregious thing Trump has done in his first three years as President is not what he has done involving Ukraine, Russia, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, China, etc. The above Trump handshake with Rubio constitutes Trump's most egregious and most impeachable act as President. Trump believes that the rich and powerful Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Little Havana will deliver Trump Florida's 29 absolutely crucial Electoral Votes that he will need for his 2020 re-election. Therefore, in the quintessential Sell-Out disgrace, Trump made Rubio America's Cuban dictator...and, to fulfill Little Havana's insatiable desire that has festered since 1959 to re-capture Cuba, Rubio's ongoing strategy includes unleashing genocide on everyday Cubans on the island. The stratagem has created blockouts and food shortages but, to date, has merely strengthened the resolve of Cubans on the island to continuing do what they have incredibly done since January of 1959, which is a do-or-die struggle to keep the U.S.-backed remnants of the long-ago Batista-Mafia dictatorship to regain control of Cuba.
    Of course, in his role as America's Batista-like Cuban dictator on U. S. soil, Rubio is indebted to Trump but Rubio is closely watched over by far more powerful leaders in Little Havana such as, like shown above, by second-generation members of the Diaz-Balart family whose father Rafael was a top member of the Batista dictatorship in Cuba before, starting in January of 1959, creating the first-ever anti-Castro paramilitary unit in the Miami area.
     It is ironic that President Trump empowered Rubio as America's Cuban dictator because the two men actually hate each other. During the 2016 presidential primary, for example, Rubio called Trump "a con man" and, among other things, Trump ridiculed Rubio as "Little Marco." But as President, Trump put Rubio in charge of Little Havana's genocide against Cubans on the island, which Little Marco believes will result in the re-capture of Cuba.
      And so, on Christmas day in 2019 Donald Trump remains President of the United States and he should be impeached for authorizing Marco Rubio to unleash genocide against everyday Cubans on the island, not for a nebulous statement in a phone Trump call to the new President of Ukraine. Of course, the juxtaposition between documented Cuban truth and  concocted Ukrainian propaganda reflects the fact that entities INCLUDING EVEN the mainstream left-wing U. S. media are deathly afraid of reporting on Little Havana's vice-like grip around Trump's neck, which is even more prominent than the choke-hold Little Havana had on other Republican Presidents since the 1950s.
     This EFE photo showed an angered Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel lashing back at Marco Rubio who lashes at Diaz-Canel via Tweets. It appears that Little Havana's Trump-authorized strategy to regain control of Cuba includes regime-changes in nations allied to Cuba -- especially, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Bolivia {which, in fact, recently experienced a coup-transitioned change from a pro-Cuban government to a pro-Little Havana-American government}. Back in January-2019 when he believed Venezuela's pro-Cuban leader was about to be overthrown, an euphoric Marco Rubio couldn't resist blasting a three-word Tweet to Diaz-Canel that said, "See You Soon." Well, Diaz-Canel also has a Tweeter account and he has taken to firing jibes back at Marco Rubio. All experts about today's U.S.-Cuban relations...including Diaz-Canel, the aforementioned John McAuliff, etc...are well aware that "Little Marco" Rubio is dictating America's genocidal, regime-change policies in the Age of Trump.
      It is known that Rubio has recycled the most-famed Counter Revolutionary extremists from the Bush dynasty, such as Otto Reich who helped President George W. Bush's regime-change coup in Venezuela in 2002 although the Venezuelan people within hours had taken to the streets and restored Cuban ally Hugo Chavez back to power. But Rubio's recycling of Bush dynasty Cuban-born anti-Cuban zealots like Otto Reich reminds Latin American nations that ANYTHING related to America's dreaded Batistiano history or to its topicality is tolerated in the USA regardless of what the rest of the world thinks about it.
      And, of course, vicious unchecked Counter Revolutionaries who have spent their entire adult lives trying desperately to DESTROY Revolutionary Cuba have been routinely anointed by Rubio in the Age of Trump to ultra-powerful positions that give them the wherewithal to do THAT. For example, Mauricio Claver-Carone, INCREDIBLY!!!!, is now making vicious anti-Cuban decisions from his perch as AMERICA'S WESTERN HEMISPHERE leader. For decades anti-Cuban zealots have craved such a position, and now Maurico Claver-Carone HAS IT and he is using it EVERYDAY to hurt Cuba, which means hurting everyday Cubans on the island of Cuba AS WELL AS also hurting most Cuban-Americans in the Miami area who desire good Obama-like relations with Cuba.
      So, on Christmas Day in 2019 this photo reveals the true reason that President Trump deserves to be impeached. Ukraine? That is the reason the powerful left-wing U. S. media  and radical Democrats have concocted to impeach Trump. But Trump's desire for Florida's 29 crucial 29 Electoral Votes heading into his 2020 re-election caused him to authorize Little Havana anti-Cuban Counter Revolutionaries such as Rubio and the Diaz-Balarts to unleash genocide against totally innocent Cubans on the island -- and that IS THE REAL REASON TRUMP SHOULD BE IMPEACHED.
           The mainstream U. S. media that is trying so hard to eliminate Trump is simply too afraid to even tell the American people how genocidal Title 3 of Helms-Burton is to the innocent masses in Cuba. That same mainstream U. S. media is also too afraid of Little Havana to tell Americans about the real reason Trump should be impeached, which is genocide against Cuba. Those two facts also explain how much Little Havana since 1959 has reshaped what, beyond question, was once the world's most respected government.


CUBA -- America's Greatest Shame

From 1492 Till Today!!
     The best update this week -- the last full week of 2019 -- regarding the Trump administration's ongoing genocide against everyday Cubans on the island is chronicled magnificently in a gripping article in London's influential The Guardian. It is written by Carrie Gibson, who is easily the world's greatest expert on both Caribbean history and Caribbean topicality. The article is entitled: "QUIET DOCKS, EMPTY STREETS...CUBANS COUNT THE COST AS TOURISTS STAY AWAY." Ms. Gibson began her latest masterpiece on the Caribbean in The Guardian with these words: "After Donald Trump reversed Obama's warming of relations, curtailing flights and cruise-ship visits, the island is braced for a return to economic limbo. Now the docks in Havana are empty, the streets are quiet. While thousands of people once disembarked from cruise ships on a daily basis, the port now lies empty." Ms. Gibson's insight today is why Americans especially need to go Online to read this update that described Trump's and the USA's current genocide against innocent and vulnerable everyday Cubans. And that is important because the U. S. media, including the powerful mainstream left-wing propaganda specialists that primarily hate Trump and spend most of their time trying to evict him, is too afraid to inform Americans the truth about America's greatest historic and ongoing shame -- its history and topicality regarding the nearby island of Cuba.
     Of all the journalists and authors in the world, Carrie Gibson has the best bonafides to tell the world about today's U. S. genocide against everyday Cubans on the island currently being dictated by a handful of vicious Cuban-Americans empowered by President Trump who believes he needs their help to win Florida's crucial 29 Electoral Votes necessary for his re-election in 2020. Ms. Gibson's book "EMPIRE'S CROSSROADS: A New History of the Caribbean" is by far the greatest explanation of America's pernicious relations with Cuba from 1492, when Columbus discovered Cuba, till the eve of 2020. That HISTORY includes the explosion of the U. S. warship Maine, killing 261 U. S. sailors, to create the excuse for the Spanish-Amerian War in 1898 whereby the U. S. wrested  its long-desired imperialist domination of Cuba -- the Caribbean's largest, most beautiful, and most luscious island. The U. S. then dominated Cuba from 1898 till 1959, only losing its ownership of Cuba when the Cuban Revolution incredibly defeated the brutal, thieving U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship, chasing the leaders out of Havana to their new capital of Little Havana in nearby Miami, Florida. Incredibly, from 1959 till the eve of 2020 remnants of the Batista-Mafia regime in Cuba have dictated America's efforts to recapture the island for the Batistianos. Those efforts have included stealing lush Guantanamo Bay from Cuba in 1903 and to this day its where the U. S. has a military base as well as an infamous prison on Cuban soil. Owning the island, however, was exacerbated in 1952 when the U. S. democracy formed a nexus with the leaders of the Mafia -- Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, etc. -- to support the Batista dictatorship JUST SO rich U. S. businessmen could, with the Mafia's help, increase their larceny on the island. But starting in 1952 the extreme brutality against everyday Cubans to protect the robbery spawned the Cuban Revolution, which shocked the world when it triumphed on January 1, 1959. Beginning in Jan.-1959 the Batistiano-Mafia exiles had more than enough money to take total control of Miami economically and politically. That power, with help from the Bush dynasty and other self-serving sycophants, soon resulted in the Batistiano Americans purchasing control of Washington's dictation of Cuban policies. This usurping of the U. S. democracy essentially created a Batistiano government that exists lucratively and powerfully within the U. S. government to this day. YET, incredibly, it has not recaptured Cuba. But since 1959 the reconstituted U. S. government and the sub-government have united to fund and create grossly documented extreme terrorism against innocent Cubans on the island as well as against Cubans in Miami who sympathized with innocent Cubans on the island; the April-1961 Bay of Pigs air-land-and-sea military attack on the island was another U.S.-Batistiano disaster; an extreme U. S. economic embargo/blockade against the island has existed since 1962 till today to shame democracy; and in 1996 vicious Havana-born Counter Revolutionary exiles in Miami -- billionaire Jorge Mas Canosa and Lincoln Diaz-Balart, son of a key Minister in the Batista dictatorship -- crafted the infamous Helms-Burton Act that, from 1996 till today, funnels tons of tax dollars from Washington to selected Cubans in Miami while also legalizing unconscionable punishment for Cubans on the island, punishments that turned GENOCIDAL in April-2019 when Trump activated Title 3 of Helms-Burton that not even the Batistiano-aligned George W. Bush presidency considered too GENOCIDAL to activate; etc., etc. The Carrie Gibson book depicted above chronicles such history and her article in the The Guardian this week updates the Trump-orchestrated genocide against Cubans on the island that is currently taking place. Both scenarios -- the U.S.-Cuban history and the current U. S. genocide against Cuba -- say a helluva lot more about the United States than they say about Cuba, an island nation forced to cope with a lustful nearby Superpower.
     The aforementioned article in The Guardian this week by Carrie Gibson features the above photo, which is courtesy of Adalberto Roque/AFP//Getty Images. It showed, thanks to President Obama's concluding his normalization of relations with Cuba in 2016, Havana Harbor alive with Cubans watching another cruise ship visiting the island. Such tourism thanks to Obama fueled a thriving entrepreneur class in Cuba and the commerce also greatly aided Americans, including all those involved with the ports and other businesses in nearby Florida. But in January-2017 Trump replaced Obama as President and once again, as with all Republican administrations since the 1950s, the Batistiano leaders in Miami and in Congress gained total control of America's Cuban relations. Thus, with the Batistiano grip around Trump's neck, America's shame pertaining to Cuba has involved into genocide against totally innocent Cubans on the island while also, of course, further enriching already rich Cubans in Florida by Trump's activation of Title 3/Helms-Burton that, while legalizing genocide against the island, allows lucrative lawsuits in Florida courtrooms against individuals and companies considered remotely friendly to Revolutionary Cuba.
     The article in The Guardian this week by Carrie Gibson includes the above photo of Cuba reeling under the post-Obama genocide imposed by the grip Batistianos in Miami and in Congress have on President Trump. The fact that a great  foreign journalist-author like Carrie Gibson can write about this American shame while American journalists-authors don't have either the guts or the integrity to do so explains the acute insult to America and Democracy that has been perpetrated by the U.S.-backed Batista rule in Cuba in the 1950s and the Batistiano rule in the United States today. It reconfigured the famed democracy that the United States once so honorably enjoyed.
     So, Americans who are bombarded by the U. S. Media about America's shame about Trump's nebulous and amorphous phone call to Ukraine's new President are not being told about Trump's greatest shame, which involves the Title 3/Helms-Burton genocide being unleashed against innocent Cubans on their vulnerable island. Meanwhile, from London Carrie Gibson this week in The Guardian tells the world about America's greatest shame, which involves ongoing genocide against Cuba perpetrated by the Batistiano government headquartered in Miami with the help of the United States government headquartered in Washington.
    Democracy-loving Americans, after going Online to read Carrie Gibson's must-read article today in The Guardian, should care ENOUGH about their democracy to read Carrie Gibson's seminal book "EMPIRE'S CROSSROADS" that tells Cuba's Spanish and American ownership in the four+ centuries that preceded the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in January of 1959. In 2019 the King of Spain made a friendly four-day visit to Cuba to apologize for Spain's brutal imperialist domination of the island but the United States of America would need permission from its Batistiano government to either apologize to Cuba or to cease the ongoing TRUMP ERA GENOCIDE that the world knows all about but Americans are not supposed to know about.
   For Americans not to be truthfully told about the difference between Trump's genocide AGAINST Cuba and Obama's decency TO Cuba bespeaks monumentally of America's GREATEST SHAME. A democracy that distorts such a monumental fact is not the great nation that America's Founding Fathers envisioned in 1776.


Cuba Has New Prime Minister

Prime Minister Manuel Marrero of Cuba!!
     Cuba today -- Saturday, Dec. 21, 2019 -- got it's first Prime Minister in 40 years, or since Fidel Castro transitioned from Prime Minister to President four decades ago. Manuel Marrero is the island's new Prime Minister, being promoted from his job as Tourism Minister.
     At 11:37 A. M. today President Miguel Diaz-Canel announced that Manuel Marrero was named Cuba's Prime Minister.
     Since April 19, 2018, 59-year-old former Education Minister Miguel Diaz-Canel has been President of Cuba. He suggested the position of Prime Minister, which will largely be in charge of Cuba's economy "particularly in the areas of food and energy security." That makes the Prime Minister Manuel Marrero almost as important as Diaz-Canel.
    With tourism so vital to Revolutionary Cuba's economic survival, the island's new Prime Minister Manuel Marrero earned the promotion because of his stellar reputation as Minister of Tourism. In 2018 Cuba set records for tourism on the heels of U. S. President Barack Obama's historic normalization of relations with Cuba but the transition to President Donald Trump in January of 2017 began to erase all of Obama's detente and has replaced it with stifling and even genocidal economic restrictions on Cuba's economic existence, including U. S. efforts to block tourism and all other efforts to harm the island's ability to make money. So 2019 has shown a drastic dip in tourism for Cuba, drastically hurting the private entrepreneurial class that had thrived briefly because of Obama. Now as Prime Minister Manuel Marrero's expertise in the area of promoting tourism in the Age of Trump is perhaps more needed now than it has ever been during the six decades that the U. S. embargo against Cuba has existed.
      As Cuba's Minister of Tourism, new Prime Minister Manuel Marrero has expertly championed the Caribbean's largest and arguably its most beautiful island as the best choice and bargain for tourists. It is likely that Cuba would be dominating tourism in the Caribbean except for the fact that Cuba remains, decade after decade, the nation that faced history's cruelest and longest economic blockade/embargo ever imposed by a powerful nation against a much weaker nation. For over six decades, or since the Cuban Revolution in 1959 overthrew the brutal U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship, sovereign Cuba has somehow held off the drastic efforts of the United States, the Batistianos, and the Mafiosi to regain control of the island. All the while Cuba's pugnacity and mystique, instead of thriving as a prosperous jewel as a tourism magnet coupled with its other assets, since 1959 has been forced to defend itself against the U.S.-backed Batistiano-Mafia exiles who once dictated Cuba but now dictate the nefarious U. S. policies against Cuba.
      In the last six decades, only President Barack Obama has had the guts, decency, and intelligence to strike back at the above definitive worldwide image of the United States regarding its unconscious red-eyed greed and black-clawed avarice against the nearby island that, since evicting the U. S. and the Batistianos in 1959, has been an independent country. As the post-Obama presidency of Donald Trump proves, the USA's relations with Cuba, dating back to the Spanish-American War fought on Cuban soil in 1898, have done more to tarnish the United States democracy than anything else in America's history. And during Trump's three years as President, Cuba has proven more than ever that the renowned United States democracy is simply not strong enough to deal with the image evoked above.


Cuba Has Opinions Too

And Not Just Miami Cubans!!
     Today and tomorrow -- December 20th and 21st, 2019 -- the 605-member Cuban National Assembly is holding sessions to discuss issues relating to what most members believe is the USA's Trump regime conducting genocide on everyday Cubans. Another item that will be decided is the naming of a Prime Minister to assist President Miguel Diaz-Canel's governing of the island. The last time Cuba had a Prime Minister was forty years ago when overall leader Fidel Castro was transitioned, among other things, to President to replace Osvaldo Dorticos. The new Prime Minister will serve for five years and must come from the full National Assembly, be at least 35 and be a citizen of Cuba by birth.
        Powerful Cubans such the three above are among the major candidates to be the island's new Prime Minister by tomorrow, Dec. 21-2019.
       Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel not only approves the position of Prime Minister but he suggested it.
      If he wants the job as Cuba's new Prime Minister, Alejandro Castro Espin will likely be named to the position tomorrow. He is the son of two revolutionary icons, his still-living dad Raul Castro and his late mother Vilma Espin.
 Raul and Alejandro.
     Of all {13} of the children of Raul and Fidel, Alejandro Castro Espin is easily the most powerful. It is now known that Alejandro represented Cuba in all the major decisions that finalized the historic normalization of U.S.-Cuban relations during the administration of President Barack Obama.
     And now we know that Ben Rhodes represented Obama and the United States during the massive discussions that brought detente that drastically normalized six decades of fierce animosity between the two neighboring nations that followed the Jan. 1-1959 overthrow of the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship that robbed and brutalized Cuba throughout most of the 1950s. In his insightful book "THE WORLD AS IT IS," Ben Rhodes revealed his exhaustive and delicate discussions with Alejandro Castro Espin during secretive meetings the two men had first in Canada and then later in a neutral Caribbean country. In his book, Rhodes detailed that Alejandro powerfully and expertly laid out what Cuba wanted and didn't want from Obama and the USA. For example, Alejandro adamantly wanted the Cuban 5 -- the Cubans who had been sent up-to-lifetime jail terms in the U. S. to please vicious Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Miami. Amazingly, Alejandro insisted that the imprisoned Cubans were returned to Cuba as national heroes for their work trying to prevent terrorism against innocent Cubans by Cuban exiles in Miami. Amazingly, Rhodes on behalf of Obama agreed to freeing the Cuban 5 who remain superb national heroes on the island today. Also in his book, Rhodes said that Alejandro insisted that the U. S. return Guantanamo Bay to Cuba because Alejandro maintained that the U. S. had stole the plush land and port in 1903 when occupied Cuba was dominated by the U. S. after the 1898 Spanish-American War. Rhodes was sympathetic to Alejandro's plea about Guantanamo Bay but the persistent Cuban negotiator finally understood that Obama could not deliver that jewel back to Cuba because the U. S. Congress, which abides with Miami extremists on Cuban issues, dictates that the congressional Helms-Burton Law, a Batistiano goldmine, controls things such as the infamous but "legal" theft of Guantanamo Bay. After reluctantly accepting the situation that governs Guantanamo Bay, Alejandro basically won all of his other demands, making the normalization of U.S.-Cuban relations an historic fact -- at least till the Republican Trump replaced the Democrat Obama as President of the United States in January of 2017.
    This photo shows President Obama and Ben Rhodes looking out the windows of Air Force One on its historic flight over Havana in March of 2016. Because of help from Rhodes, Obama became the first U. S. President with the guts and decency to visit Cuba since President Herbert Hoover visited the occupied island on a warship in 1928.
     Not only did Ben Rhodes represent President Obama in all the delicate negotiations with Alejandro Castro Aspin that normalized U.S.-Cuban relations, Ben Rhodes was the speech-writer who wrote all of Obama's speeches related to Cuba. That included the speech above in which, while in Cuba, Obama spoke on state-wide Cuban television and radio the above words: "Cuba does not need to fear a threat from the United States." They were sincere words delivered by Obama and written by Ben Rhodes alhought that promise was later turned upside-down, unfortunately, by the less decent and less intelligent Trump administration that followed the Obama presidency.
     But the Ben Rhodes' book "THE WORLD AS IT IS" remains the best documentations about how Cuba and the United States finalized the historic detente during the Obama presidency. One fact that Rhodes documents in his book is the fact that Alejandro Castro Espin is one of the three most powerful people in Cuba today.
          And tomorrow -- Dec. 21st, 2019 -- Alejandro Castro Espin will be named Cuba's Prime Minister unless he has already decided that he doesn't want the position. Alejandro was born 54-years-ago in Havana.
      Earlier in Havana this week an amazing thing happened: A decent Cuban, Carlos Fernandez de Cossio, and a decent American, Benjamin Chavis, held discussions about how the two neighboring countries can possibly have decent interactions even as another Republican administration, Trump's, is determined to finally recapture the island to appease a handful of Little Havana-headquartered Cubans in Miami and in the U. S. Congress. Carlos de Cossio is Cuba's top Minister related to U. S. relations and Ben Chavis is the President and Executive Director of the National Association of Newspaper Publishers. This session in the latter days of December-2019 is actually a part of Edition XVIII of the Series of Conversations About Cuba in the Foreign Policy of the United States. This session is ultra-important but mostly unreported because the Trump-authorized genocide of innocent Cubans on the island is being gruesomely carried out by a few unchecked Cuban Counter Revolutionaries even as Trump's impeachment is continuing to dominate both the mainstream U. S. media and the United States Congress.
     In the above news conference, Carlos Fernandez de Cossio summarized his discussions with Ben Chavis with these words: "Cuba negotiated with Obama's people and had great  results and benefits for Cubans and Americans. But Trump's people will not speak with us and all they do is impose more-and-more genocidal assaults on the Cuban people. And that's where we are now, as we stand ready to discuss with the United States relations to help both nations. We need to act like friends, not enemies, because we are neighbors."
       And then, as de Cossio listened, America's Ben Chavis said, "I represent Americans who are working with Cubans like Mr. de Cossio now because we are not waiting for November of 2020 till President Trump, who is surrounded with bad people, is voted out of office. The vast majority of Cubans as well as Americans and Cuban-Americans want us to succeed, and America is still a democracy. And our democracy must respond to the will of its people, EVEN concerning CUBA."

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