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US Media vs. Cuba

Scared OR biased!!
    Representative of the mainstream media in the United States, Mary Anastasia O'Grady is a power at the Wall Street Journal as a key member of the Editorial Board and expert on Latin America and the Americas. Her latest excoriation of Revolutionary Cuba was blared in a major article on Dec. 1-2019 entitled "Cuba Imprisons A Humanitarian."
     As with her Wall Street Journal article that kicked off this month of December in 2019, Mary O'Grady routinely seems to tell her readers that the best government in the world in the past century was the Batista-Mafia dictatorship in Cuba in the 1950s and the worst government in the past century has been the Cuban Revolution that ousted the Batistiano and Mafiosi leaders on January 1, 1959. Whether simply biased or just intimidated, Mary O'Grady is typical of high-profile mainstream journalists in the United States who are incapable of reporting honestly on Cuban issues or on topics relating to U.S.-Cuban relations.
      As another prime example, today's scathing anti-Cuban article in the New York Times {Dec. 2nd, 2019} is written by Frances Robles. Since 2013 Ms. Robles has written major articles for the New York Times that seem to portray the Batista-Mafia rule of Cuba in the 1950s as the best government in world in the past century and Revolutionary Cuba's rule since 1959 as the worst government in the world in the past century. Even as a high-profile anti-Cuban mouthpiece for the New York Times, Frances Robles still resides in Miami and, of course, her articles reflect only the views of Little Havana's anti-revolutionary extremists. Her New York Times article today is entitled: "ACTIVIST'S CASE HINTS AT WHAT CHANGES AND WHAT STAYS THE SAME IN CUBA." The sub-title is: "Jose Daniel Ferrer's Arrest Reflects The Lengths To Which The Diaz-Canel Government Will Go Against Dissidents." As usual, Frances Robles' propaganda today amply provides the views of prime anti-Cuban dissidents such as Jose Daniel Ferrer, Martha Beatriz Roque, Yoani Sanchez, etc., while not providing the official statement regarding this topic from Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel who stated: "Everyone knows that dissidents in Cuba such as Ferrer are salaried agents at the service of the United States." In her New York Times article on Dec. 2nd-2019 Frances Robles did write that Cuba is burdened by "widespread gasoline shortages and crippling United States sanctions" and she wrote about "Cuba's frequent food shortages and other hardships." But, of course, Frances Robles implied that such things in Cuba are totally Cuba's fault and have nothing to do with the Trump administration doing the genocidal bidding of a handful of vicious, anti-revolutionary Cubans in Little Havana.
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     Today's high-profile anti-Cuban articles by Mary O'Grady in the Wall Street Journal and Frances Robles in the New York Times relate to Cuba's most powerful dissident Jose Daniel Ferrer. He has been jailed in Cuba since October 1st, 2019, and he supposedly secreted out of his prison a letter to his family saying: "...on hunger and thirst strike...they have done everything to life is in grave danger..." While those things may well be true, the fact that Cuba has ample reason to be concerned about U.S.-financed dissent is also undeniable. And while the volatile Mr. Ferrer is afforded luscious backing and coverage by Little Havana, Counter Revolutionary members in the Trump White House, in the U. S. Congress, and by the U. S. media, there are two sides to the Jose Daniel Ferrer story, such as whether the U. S. would allow a Russia or a China to massively and openly support anti-U. S. dissidents in the United States. Mr. Ferrer has repeatedly been jailed in Cuba and it is always used as anti-Cuban fodder in the United States. In the U. S. since 1959, Batistianos in Little Havana have dictated the USA's Cuban policies just as they did in Havana from 1952 till 1959. Less biased entities, such as the UN and the 28-nation EU should be allowed to weigh-in on fractious U.S.-Cuban concerns.
      The YouTube videos, like the one above that was posted recently, ubiquitously chronicle the Jose Daniel Ferrer saga. But, like the above YouTube video from the EU, most such reports are one-sided and well-funded against Cuba.
      Of course, the leader and High Representative of the 28-nation European Union, Federica Mogherini, is a staunch supporter of the Cuba people and Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel. Appalled by the Trump administration's "assaults on the Cuban people," Mogherini has long labeled the U. S. embargo against Cuba "both illegal and extremely cruel."
      The brave and heroic effort to normalize relations with Cuba by the last Democratic U. S. President, Barack Obama, unfortunately was followed by another Republican president, Donald Trump. All Republican presidents since 1952, especially the entire Bush dynasty and the current Trump presidency, have been totally aligned with extreme Cuban Counter Revolutionary right-wingers.
     On January 20th, 2017, the Trump presidency reversed Obama's decency with Trump's indecency regarding relations with Cuba. That is reflected by Trump solely turning the USA's Cuban affairs to Little Havana denizens such as Marco Rubio, shown above making a Trump-authorized tirade against Cuba while speaking to the choir at the luscious Manuel Artime Theater in Miami, which is named for a leader of the Bay of Pigs attack on Cuba in April of 1961.
     The bravery and sanity of President Obama was overturned by President Trump and handed back over to a minority of vicious Cubans in Little Havana.
      The Obama decency, sanity, and bravery regarding Cuba is now back in the hands of a small but rich and politically powerful Cuban extremists in Little Havana, in Congress, and in the White House. When all 25 Democrats were still running to defeat Trump in the November-2020 presidential election, all 25 vowed, if elected, they would revert America's Cuban policies to Obama's ideals, not Trump's.
      When he writes Executive Orders eviscerating Cubans on the island, President Trump likes to go to Little Havana in Miami and sign such documents in the company of extremists Little Havana Cuban-Americans, like Mario Diaz-Balart and Marco Rubio and self-serving sycophants like Rick Scott who is shown clapping as he stands between them.
      Regardless of what genocide the Trump administration is allowing Little Havana extremists to carry out against everyday Cubans on the island, as mentioned earlier it appears that even mainstream U. S. journalists such as Frances Robles/New York Times and Mary O'Grady/Wall Street Journal support and hail such atrocities. But Americans need to get to know Tracey Eaton, the best and respected U. S. journalist who also happens to be a renowned expert on Cuba. Tracey headed a bureau in Havana and now is a beloved journalism professor at Flagler College in Florida, but he still writes the most important U. S. articles related to U.S.-Cuban relations, including six recent articles carried prominently in the Tampa Bay Times in Florida. Tracey's expertise regarding Cuba has been used by USA Today, NBC News, and dozens other high-profile media outlets but his two blogs...Cuba Money Project and Along the Malecon...are must-reading for anyone interested in honest facts regarding U.S.-Cuba relations. Tracey, for example, regularly obtains Freedom of Information access to U. S. government data and statistics to buttress his reporting on his ubiquitous and fascinating Cuba Money Project blog. If you check them out, I guarantee that you will be amazed and outraged how much tax dollars regularly are devoted to Little Havana anti-Cuban projects and how much tax dollars are devoted to a plethora of dissident programs on the island. For example, Tracey often details right down to the penny some of the outrageous sums and who and what they go to. Also, he often publishes on his Cuba Money Project blog the incredible amount of times the U. S. government posts elaborate solicitations for people who will be interested in getting paid tax dollars for engaging in anti-Cuban projects. And what makes Tracey Eaton's journalism so important is that most of the U. S. media is too intimidated or biased to report honestly regarding on U.S.-Cuban issues, and especially on the lush money pipelines that flow daily from Washington to Miami. Today on his Facebook page Tracey Eaton dusted off a 2013 interview he had with Jose Daniel Ferrer that by the 7th minute was talking about the money that Cuban dissidents like Ferrer get from the United States. On Eaton's Facebook page you can see that interview. Of course, supposedly well-funded dissidents on the island are now able to fly to the U. S. and other places to solicit money, such as the video below that shows Yoani Sanchez doing precisely that: {You can see this interesting 47-second video if you hit the "Watch on YouTube" line}:
       Of course, Cuban dissident Yoani Sanchez made sure to visit U. S. Senators Marco Rubio and Bob Menendez, two viciously unchecked anti-Counter Revolutionary zealots in the U. S. Congress. By the time she flew back to Cuba, it is widely presumed that Yoani Sanchez had been gifted with bushels of tax dollars to expand her diligence on the island.
{Enough Cuban billionaires in Miami?}


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