No Invite to Cuba For U.S.'s Summit of the Americas

      Later this week -- on June 3rd in Los Angeles -- the Ninth Summit of the Americas will begin its five-day 2022 event. Even the map shown above registers the fact that Cuba is one of the nations that comprises the Americas. But most of the attention leading up to the Summit concerns the fact that the United States plans to not invite Cuba and its allies Venezuela and Nicaragua to the event.
     Today -- on May 30th, 2022 -- above are the two Top Headlines in the world related to Cuba. Al Jazeera's headline concerns a long interview its respected Latin American expert Lucia Newman had with Cuba's Carlos Fernandez de Cossio, who is Cuba's prime Minister in charge of issues with the United States. And the Miami Herald's headline today, of course, only concerns the views of extremist Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Miami's Little Havana section. Of course, Little Havana dominates Florida's politics as well as Washington's politics when it comes to Cuba. Thus, of course, Cuba is not welcomed at the Summit of the Americas starting Friday in Los Angeles. But, of course, key Cuban dissidents in Cuba are invited!!
    Because she is a well known Cuban dissident from Santa Clara, Cuba, Saily Gonzalez got a massive invitation to attend the Summit of the Americas!!
    The Cuban government blames Saily Gonzalez of being supported by Miami Cubans and that she has backed riotous opposition protests. Below is how Saily Gonzalez proudly splashed her Summit invitation all over Social Media as well, of course, via 14/Medio, the ultra powerful and supposedly well-funded counter revolutionary digital newspaper published by Yoani Sanchez, who is Little Havana's & Washington's favorite dissident.

   For a couple of decades Lucia Newman was one of the USA's most notable journalist related to Latin American, with top awards including the Edward R. Murrow prize for Latin American coverage. She now is the Latin America Editor for Al Jazeera.
       Prior to the Summit of the Americas starting June 3rd in Los Angeles, Lucia Newman had a long interview with Carlos Fernandez De Cossio, Cuba's top Minister concerning the United States. The half-hour interview is in English and all of it is shown in the video below, so just tap it to see & hear it.
 The entire Lucia Newman-Carlos Fernandez interview is shown in its entirety above and it shows the astute and respected Carlos Fernandez presenting Cuba's views on such things as the Summit, the Embago/blockade, etc. A very pleasant man, he has been invited to speak in Miami and other Florida venues but he has repeatedly said that the U. S. media "only presents one side of the two-sided story pertaining to U.S.-Cuban relations."
    The world-renowned London-based Reuters News Agency can be relied on to report honestly about U.S.-Cuban relations, including this week's summit.
    As you can see above, Reuters honestly informed the world about: "Sally Gonzalez, a Cuban entrepreneur and one-time member of a dissident group that called for protests in Cuba last November, posted an image of her invitation, dated May 20, on social media late on Friday."
    The President of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel has not and will not be invited to the Summit of the Americas...but he also has strongly stated that he would not attend "under no circumstances."

   The 61-year-old Miguel Diaz-Canel was born after the Cuban Revolution overthrew the U.S.-backed Batista dictatorship more than 62 years ago. But he is a fierce supporter of "our Revolution" and, moreover, he believes most Cubans strongly support him. He says, "I wish, for the region's sake, that the U. S. was a strong democracy. But I see that the polls show that Presidents such as Trump and Biden have had approval ratings in the 30s. I have told meetings, and even on news broadcasts, that I would resign the day I believed that most Cubans don't support me as President." For sure, independent and foreign journalists in Cuba have reported that Diaz-Canel was very popular during his important stint as Cuba's Minister of Education and that he has been popular with most Cubans in Cuba since he became President in 2018.
    As Education Minister and now as President, Miguel Diaz-Canel has emphasized being in close touch with "the Cuban people." He often walks on the streets of Cuban cities, and not just in Havana, to talk to the citizens. He also makes ubiquitous opportunities to speak to the people on radio and television as well as Social Media outlets. For example, above is the start of a Diaz-Canel Social Media reminder to the Cuban people. Translated to English it says, "A mercenary will never understand a patriot...With this I say..." Diaz-Canel often states that mercenaries fight for money while patriots fight for their country. Then he adds: "Americans are not told how in the world this little nation's revolution beat Batista, a powerful dictator who was backed by the United States, the most powerful nation, and by the Mafia, the most powerful criminal organization. Well, the Cuban rebels who fought for Cuba against the mercenaries were patriots. And, so, the American people are not told how in the world this little nation has held off such powerful U.S.-based mercenaries since 1959. Well, the answer is...since 1959 we have always had enough patriots to survive the mercenaries who think of Cuba as a money pit, the way it was for Batista, the United States, and the Mafia prior to the Revolution."
  Perhaps...a powerful Cuban Minister named Betsy Diaz is even more blunt than President Diaz-Canel regarding mercenaries and patriots. Betsy Diaz said: "Before the rebel patriots defeated the mercenaries...I mean the Americans, the Mafiosi, and the Batista thugs...the money kings didn't bother to throw a few crumbs to the majority peasants...no education, no food, no health...and then brutally killed anyone who objected. So, thank god...the patriots were smarter and more motivated than the mercenaries."
    And so...this week as the Ninth Summit of the Americas gets underway in Los Angeles, the United States apparently doesn't think of Cuba as a country in the Americas. But Cubans such as President Miguel Diaz-Canel and Minister Betsy Diaz try to remind everyone that Batista's Cuba in the 1950s was a time when the United States believed that Cuba was an utra-important country just below Key West, Florida!!!!


WHO Will Be First Cuban U. S. President??

Yes, there is a TOP candidate!! 

  Born in 1949 in Las Villas, Cuba, Xavier Suarez, after getting his law degree from Harvard, became the first Cuban-American to become Mayor of Miami on November 13th, 1985.

             Now 73 years old, Xavier Suarez remains an awesome political superpower in Miami, as are his sons.
     One of Xavier Suarez's sons -- Francis Xavier Suarez -- is now the Mayor of Miami and he has held that position since 2017.
    Born in Miami on October 6, 1977, Francis Suarez...like his father before him as Mayor of Miami...wields enormous political and economic power nationally because of Florida's massive haul of Electoral Votes that can dictate U. S. presidential elections. As noted above, Francis Suarez has already used his power as Miami mayor to ask the "U. S. to intervene in Cuba." And Francis Suarez now is considered to one day become the first Cuban-American to be President of the United States.
    As noted above, even the superstar columnist George Will with the superstar Washington Post is among the media experts predicting that Francis Suarez is on the path to become the first Cuban-American to become President of the United States.
     If the Washington Post and its decades-long most famed columnist George Will is the latest to predict that Miami Mayor Francis X. Suarez will soon be the first Cuban-American to become President of the United States, PERHAPS we can bet on it happening. The owner of the Washington Post is Jeff Bezos who became the richest person in the history of the world after he became the adopted son of Miguel Bezos who was born in Cuba and openly doesn't like the current "regime" in Cuba. Ultra-rich people, especially such as the exceptionally and uniquely rich Jeff Bezos, can decide elections in the United States. Yes, in 2016 Miami's Marco Rubio ran in the Republican primary as a well-funded presidential candidate, but lost. But Miami's Francis X. Suarez will {likely} win, perhaps as early as 2028!!!


Cubans Try to Survive US Blockade


    Today -- Saturday, May 21st, 2022 -- these two Cubans won a Gold metal in the World Canoeing Championships in the Czech city of Racice. Yaristeidis Cirilo and Katherine Nuevo won Gold in a spirited duel with top challengers from China and Moldova. This photo and report today is a reminder that there are times each day when Cubans are involved in things other than just reacting to the endless U. S. Blockade, the lessening Pandemic, etc., etc.
      And today -- Saturday, May 21, 2022 -- The Mexico City newspaper Exceisior was startled to report {above} that six Cuban boxers shocked Mexican sportswriters by totally dominating a key professional boxing event!!!!


Miami Wildly Nostalgic for CUBA!!!


    This weekend -- May 21-22 of 2022 -- Little Havana in the heart of Miami will hold a lavish and wild celebration entitled: "Cuba Nostalgia: More Than An Event, It's A Cuban Experience."
    Since January of 1959 -- when the Cuban Revolution booted the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship out of Cuba -- Little Havana in Miami has been an  economic and political Gold Mine in the USA...much like Cuba was in the 1950s for the Batistianos, the Mafiosi, and the rich U. S. businessmen.

    But rich and powerful Little Havana USA in Miami on May 21-22 in 2022 will show how wildly nostalgic it is for the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship that ruled Cuba from 1952 till the first day of January in 1959. Of courseBatista's Cuba, while extremely brutal, was a financial bonanza for the Batistianos, the Mafiosi, and rich U. S. businessmen and rich U. S. companies in the 1950s...prior to the Cuban Revolution!!!
     Since January 1, 1959 Little Havana in Miami has essentially dictated the USA's Cuban policies because, by controlling Miami, Little Havana also basically controls Florida's crucial and massive haul of Electoral Votes that often dictate who becomes the President of the United States, meaning U. S. Presidential contenders routinely go to the Versailles Restaurant in Little Havana and meekly bow to the Little Havana leaders.
      For sure, since 1959 Little Havana in Miami has controlled both the Cuban politics and narratives in the USA, meaning Americans are routinely told how fantastically nice the Little Havana Cubans are and how fantastically bad the Cubans in Cuba are. Of course, as you can see above, a few brave sources -- such as The Mob Museum and the great author T. J. ENGLISH have documented what Batista's Mob-Ruled Cuba in the 1950s was really like. The second paragraph above states correctly that Batista's Cuba in the 1950s was ruled by the all-time top four U. S. Mafia kingpins -- namely: "The Havana Mob, including Charles 'Lucky' Luciano, Meyer Lansky, Santos Trafficante and Albert Anastasia, operated freely in the city until New Year's Day 1959 when Fidel Castro's leftist rebels suddenly overthrew Batista, seized the Mob's properties and closed its casinos." Every brave historian is aware of that history but since 1959 Americans are supposed to believe that all the good Cubans are in Little Havana USA in Miami.
       In May of 2022 a Google search about "Mobsters in Miami" will reveal countless shocking things Americans are not supposed to know...such as the headline "Miami is run by the Cuban mafia" in the Miami-based Progreso Weekly that is published by brave Cuban-Americans like Alvaro Fernandez.
     Above you can see the article by Miami-based Progreso Weekly's update by the notable journalist Alvaro Fernandez. It documents why Cuban-American Police Chief Art Acevedo, shortly after he left his huge job as Police Chief in Houston to take over the Police Chief job in Miami, quickly disclosed: "Miami is run BY the Cuban mafia." As you see in the article above, Art Acevedo was a "Cuban-American from California" before he became Police Chief in Houston and before he became Miami's Police Chief. So...except for his brief stint in Miami, he didn't know "Miami is run BY the Cuban mafia." And, of course, as pointed out earlier by T. J. English, so was Havana also run by the Mob in the 1950s!!!
    And, of course, for over six-decades the cruel and ugly U. S. Embargo against Cuba has cruelly harmed generations of Cuban families. In all those decades, while Little Havana USA has tried to regain control of Havana, Americans have been told that all the good Cubans are in Little Havana USA while all the bad Cubans are in Cuba, so it's alright to do things like starve Cubans in Cuba while lavishly enriching Little Havana USA Cubans. Thus, for over six decades Americans have been obliged to support Little Havana USA and hurt Cubans on the island.
      And this weekend -- May 21-22, 2022 -- in Little Havana-Miami there will be a lavish and loud celebration named Cuba Nostalgia!!! You know...for the Cuba that they...uh...Lost.


Cuba News? Depend on London, Not US!!!

     In the United States there is no chance to get accurate, unbiased news related to Cuba from the mainstream U. S. media, but it so happens that the two world-renowned London-based news sources -- the BBC and Reuters -- actually happen to have great, unbiased Cuban correspondents in Cuba, such as the BBC's Will Grant.
    Here are some prime Cuban headlines today -- Thursday, May 19th, 2022 -- pertaining to President Biden finally apparently easing some of President Trump's genocidal policies against Cuban families on the island that Trump legalized to appease a few rich and powerful Cubans in Miami/Little Havana. But from sources such as the Miami Herald, as usual, you are bombarded with only anti-Cuba/pro-Little Havana propaganda. So...if you prefer actual Cuban news, good or bad, you should take time to check with unbiased sources such as the BBC's Will Grant, not biased propaganda outlets in places like Miami.
    As shown above, when Will Grant reports Cuban News for the BBC, it is honest information.
     And as shown above today, Will Grant for the BBC even includes the opinions of Cubans on the island such as Bruno Rodriguez as well as the opinions of extremely powerful, rich, and Counter Revolutionary Cuban-Americans such as Senator Bob Menendez. In other words, as shown above Will Grant tells us both sides of two-sided news items.
     The mainstream U. S. media for too long has seemed only obligated to stress or only consider Cuban opinions and Cuban policies from extreme Counter Revolutionary Cuban-Americans such as Democratic Senator Bob Menendez or Republican Senator Marco Rubio...and in a two-party Democracy that is, I think, as injurious to the United States as it is to Cuban families on the island.
   Regardless of what the powerful mainstream U. S. media reports on behalf of Miami, this is the image of the United States of America that much of the world has today and has had for the past six decades regarding greedy and cruel U. S. grabs at Cuba. Perhaps...it is time that the mainstream U. S. media reports on such things as the general opinion that most people worldwide have regarding Cuban facts such as when a rich and powerful nation maintains policies that direly harm masses of everyday people in the much weaker and poorer nation...especially when it is meant to appease, enrich, and empower a few already rich and powerful people in the superpower nation.
    Many people...including Democracy-lovers like me...agree with this billboard that calls the six-decade-old Embargo/Blockade of Cuba to be "the largest and longest genocide in history." And if that is not true, perhaps the mainstream U. S. media should have the guts and integrity to tell us why that billboard is wrong or tell us it is simply misinformation.


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