Monday, May 9, 2022

CUBA: Blockade, Pandemic, Explosion


    This photo began circling around the world this afternoon -- May 9th, 2022 -- because it was from the worldwide Paris-based AFP News Agency. It shows a Cuban journalist and rescue workers still tirelessly doing what they can at the scene of Friday morning's deadly explosion that destroyed the famed 5-star Saratoga Hotel in the heart of Havana. The death toll has now reached 35, including four children and a pregnant woman. The Saratoga was built in the 1930s, was massively refurbished in 2005, and was being refurbished again but scheduled to be reopened tomorrow, May 10th, as a prime 96-room tourist-friendly hotel just a block from Havana's El Capitolio, the capital building.
    When the death toll was 31 yesterday the Associated Press journalist stationed in Cuba reported this news but mostly the mainstream U. S. media only reports Cuba-related news that is friendly to the counter-revolutionary Cubans in Miami and Congress.
    Over the weekend -- May 7th & 8th, 2022 -- the President of Mexico was in Havana and this photo-headline circled around the globe because it originated with the powerful worldwide Paris-based AFP News Agency and Yamil Lage, its great photojournalist stationed in Cuba. Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel and Mexico's President Manuel Lopez Obrador are dear friends dating back to when Diaz-Canel was Cuba's Minister of Education. Lopez Obrador has loudly called the U. S. Embargo/Blockade "inhumane and criminal although the American people have shamefully allowed it to exist for over six decades. Now both the Trump and Biden administrations have taken advantage of the Pandemic to tighten the blockade. Now the inhumane and criminal elements who try to starve Cuban families in Cuba to appease important Cubans in the United States may be rejoicing about the Saratoga Hotel disaster."
   The photos above reveal that even veteran rescue workers are perplexed how much damage and death one explosion at the Saratoga Hotel did. Not only was the 96-room/5-star Saratoga Hotel demolished but vehicles and buildings close to the hotel were also totally ruined.
    As of the morning of Monday-May 9th-2022, above are the names, ages, and the residences of the deceased in the Saratoga Hotel.
     Prior to Friday morning -- May 6th, 2022 -- this was what the beautiful Saratoga Hotel in the heart of Havana looked like.'s a memory.

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