Miami Demands A Military Attack On Cuba!!

The Miami Herald Beating War Drums!!

    On the last weekend of November-2021 a blaring OP-ED in the Miami Herald strongly urged the United States to fund and train another military attack to finally overthrow the Cuban Revolution that has ruled the island since January 1, 1959. As shown above, you can see that this weekend's Miami Herald Editorial didn't hold back any punches -- it wants the awesome U. S. military to recapture Cuba for this latest generation of rich & powerful Cuban counter-revolutionaries who rule Miami/Little Havana and much of Washington.
    The Cuban war-mongers in Miami are reaching new heights in urging the U. S. military to finally launch another attack that will overthrow Cuba's Revolutionary government...a successful attack this time!! Back in April of 1961 -- six decades ago -- the famed air-land-sea Bay of Pigs military attack turned out to be a quick and gigantic defensive victory for the Fidel Castro-led rebels who had incredibly overthrown the U.S.-backed and Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship on January 1, 1959 on the Caribbean's largest, most beautiful, most pugnacious, and most tenacious island nation. Since January 1, 1959 the Batistianos who took over Miami/Little Havana have used their powerful resources and the resources of the United States to try to recapture Cuba. In the closing days of November-2021 that crescendo has reached new stages after two heralded protests in recent weeks {that Cuba called coup attempts} were easily squashed on the island.
    As shown by the images directly above, after the two recent Protests/Coups, the leader Yunior Garcia bolted to airports on his way to his new temporary haven of Madrid, Spain. Of Course, the famed international dissident journalist Yoani Sanchez -- who has made very successful flights to Madrid, Miami, and the U. S. Senate -- operates her lavish support of dissidents from her well-heeled apartment in Havana, where her international digital newspaper and social media dissidence are widely promoted. With mainstream U. S. media such as the Miami Herald and powerful digital 'journalists" such as Yoani Sanchez unchecked in wildly promoting for the Superpower U. S. to finally recapture Cuba from the Revolution, both Miami's media and Yoani's Havana-based operations obviously believe 2021-2022 will see the end of Revolutionary Cuba. After all, for the past five years during both the Trump & Biden administrations, the two most powerful Cuban-American counter-revolutionaries -- U. S. Senators Rubio & Menendez -- have been given total dictation of the U. S. democracy's Cuban policies...as they cater warmly {as shown above} to prime dissidents like Yoani Sanchez.
    In the last days of November-2021, the always underdog Cuban Revolution, which has been in power since 1959, will not LIKELY be overthrown in 2021 or 2022...as Rubio, Menendez, Yoani, Yunior, the Miami Herald, etc., etc., predict. And that is true although this week Cubans mourned the 5th anniversary of Fidel Castro's death; he died at age 90 on November 25th, 2016.
      Because Miami, the CIA, and the U. S. didn't like Fidel Castro's 1959 overthrow of the Batista dictatorship in Cuba, nor his brilliant defense of his Revolution in the 1961 Bay of Pigs attack, etc., Fidel Castro had to survive 634 assassination ATTEMPTS before he died of old age at 90 in 2016.
   In 2021 the President of Cuba is Miguel Diaz-Canel. He was born in 1960, the year after the triumph of the Revolution on January 1, 1959. But he is a fierce supporter of the Revolution and of Fidel Castro's legacy. As a Democracy-loving American, I was told bogus reasons for the triumph of the Cuban Revolution. Then in 2004 the self-serving and counter revolutionary George W. Bush administration allowed me to visit Cuba. I rented a car/chauffer and exited Havana to meet everyday Cubans across the island...staying overnight with five different families, starting when I asked my driver Jose to stop and let me see a man who was working his field with an oxen. The next day we stopped to meet with a woman and her daughter that were selling bananas on the side of the road, and ended up staying with her large family that night; etc. I was verily surprised that each of those large Cuban families...which included several generations of about 25 adult people...had one thing in common: They were willing to die to support the Revolution and they hated the Cubans in Miami who had attacked them at the Bay of Pigs in 1961, who had made deadly unchecked terror attacks against them such as the bombing of the civilian Cubana Flight 455 that killed all 72 on board, and had in 1962 imposed on Cuban families history's all-time cruelest and longest Embargo/Blockade ever inflicted on a small nation by a much larger nation. So, till 2004 -- like other Americans -- I had no idea why the Cuban Revolution started in 1952 and why it triumphed in 1959, and for sure I had no idea why it had been able to survive all these decades against such overwhelming odds. That's because, before I went to Cuba in 2004, I had been told about US-Cuba relations by "experts" who had revenge, economic, and political reasons to lie to American taxpayers and voters who they needed to help support their three prime objectives -- MONEY, political power, and the recapture of Cuba. But from March of 2004 till November of 2021, I think I know why Fidel Castro's revolution triumphed in January of 1959 and why Miguel Diaz-Canel's defense of the revolution is still strong in November of 2021. Since the 1950s Americans have been grossly lied to by self-serving "experts" who told them/us it was a wonderful thing that the U. S. Democracy in 1952 teamed with the top echelon of the Mafia to support the brutal and thieving Batista dictatorship in Cuba. Such lies have continued since 1952. So, I suggest that you stop listening to the "experts" and listen to honest & unbiased non/"experts" and non/self-serving but insightful Americans and Cubans. Thus...this is the reason Fidel Castro's rebels won and this is why Miguel Diaz-Canel's defense of it is succeeding: Both Fidel Castro and Miguel Diaz-Canel have both been and still are SUPPORTED BY THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE ON THE ISLAND. The lies you have been told in contrast to that basic fact leaves you dumb-founded, I believe, about how a little island nation for all these many decades has survived against overwhelming ODDS...and why it will likely survive the latest effort this weekend by Miami and the Miami Herald to launch another BAY OF PIGS assault on that very vulnerable but also very pugnacious little island.
    Starting in January of 1959 powerful and fiercely dedicated military units such as ALPHA 66 began training in the Miami area for the purpose of recapturing Cuba. At the same time up in the state of Georgia at Fort Benning the very secretive "ARMY of the Americas" was training the Cuban-exile "Brigade 2506 that became the US-backed unit that attacked Cuba at the Bay of Pigs in 1961.
    It was logical that the Army of the Americas at Fort Benning was where Brigade 2506 was trained to attack and recapture Cuba. Unknown to Americans who paid for such things, the Army of the Americas was where the U. S. had trained soldiers for U.S.-backed dictators such as Batista in Cuba, Trujillo in the Dominican Republic, Somoza in Nicaragua so those soldiers could then go back to protect those brutal dictatorships that allowed rich U. S. companies to thrive in those countries. It wasn't until the Clinton administration in the 1990s that Americans finally were told what Army of the Americas was all about, and President Clinton held one press briefing to apologize for it and then Americans forgot about it. But within 72 hours in April of 1961 Fidel Castro didn't need his reserves to win a resounding defensive victory at the Bay of Pigs attack.
    The English historical website...Spartacus Educational...has the best history of the attack, including the question being posed above by a rebel to a captive: "Did you really believe that Fidel would allow you Miami Cubans to overthrow his revolution so after it chased the Batistianos to Miami?"
    Actually, the Bay of Pigs attack in mid-April of 1961 began when U. S. bombers began obliterating three main airfields, including Camp Colombia on the edge of Havana. The Havana bombs awakened revolutionary heroine Celia Sanchez at her 11th Street apartment and she then quickly awakened Fidel Castro. From Brigade 2506 training bases at Fort Benning and in Nicaragua, Celia Sanchez had been informed by cable and phone calls exactly where the land invasion would start from U. S. warships that had departed from Nicaragua and then landed at the Bay of Pigs shore near the colonial city of Trinidad. So, Fidel Castro immediately raced from Havana to the Bay of Pigs beach with what he had decided would be 30,000 frontline rebels with as many as 400,000 others backing them up if needed. It turned out that he didn't need the reserves, which surprised even Celia Sanchez. Thus...somehow Cuba had done two impossible things, winning the Revolution in 1959 and then winning the Bay of Pigs attack in 1961...while facing the strongest nation in the world, the U. S.; the strongest criminal organization in the world, the Mafia; and the two strongest U.S.-friendly dictators in the region, Trujillo and Somoza.
    And, of course, it was in 1962 -- after the Bay of Pigs attack in 1961 -- that Miami and the United States imposed its genocidio Embargo/Blockade on Cuba for the purpose of starving, depriving, and making miserable Cubans to induce them to rise up and overthrow their revolutionary government, after which, OF COURSE, Miami and the U. S. would saturate the island with money and businesses!! But...like the U.S.-led fight to beat the revolution and the U.S.-led fight to recapture Cuba with the Bay of Pigs attack, the Embargo/Blockade...which has existed from 1962 till the end of 2021 and beyond...also has not led to the end of the Revolution. WHY???? The answer, I believe, is revealed by the photos this weekend -- the last weekend of November-2021 -- from Cuba.
     Within hours after Cubans on social media saw the Editorial in the Miami Herald demanding that the United States military begin planning and funding a 2021 or 2022 military attack on Cuba, Cubans flocked to the streets chanting slogans such as "Another Bay of Pigs victory to honor Fidel!!"
      It appeared this last weekend of Nov.-2021 that the vast majority of Cubans reacting strongly against the Miami Herald war-mongering were students and other young Cubans chanting the name "Jose Antonio Echeverria!!"
    In March of 1957 the dictator Batista had closed the University of Havana because it was a hotbed of support for the anti-Batista rebels. Batista then sent his deadly goons out to murder student leaders, including Jose Antonio Echeverria, who was the President of the Federation of University Students.
   Cuba's longtime Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez, is a respected diplomat admired even by many Americans at the United Nations. After watching the huge march for young Cubans the last weekend in November-2021, Bruno Rodriguez, as shown above, said: "The U. S. State Department would do well to observe the firm youth demonstration in support of the Revolution today, November 27. Your destabilizing plan, illegitimate and illegal, has failed once again." Then Bruno Rodriguez once this past week on state television and once on social media said: "A democracy that continues to allow a handful of fanatic Cubans to dictate its genocide against the families on the island is no longer a democracy, and most of the world is beginning to recognize that."
      Actually, since January of 1959 the Miami/U.S. quest to recapture Fidel Castro's Cuba has been led by only a handful of fanatic anti-Castro Cubans such as Rafael Diaz-Balart and his sons.
    This Washington Post photo shows Rafael Diaz-Balart flanked by his four sons when they were rich & powerful anti-Castro zealots in Miami and its environs. Rafael, of course, had to flee Havana when the Cuban Revolution overthrew the Batista dictatorship on January 1st, 1959. In the 1950s Rafael was a powerful Minister in the Batista dictatorship with a visceral hatred for the rebel Fidel Castro, who actually had been married to Rafael's sister Mirta from 1948 till 1955. Rich and powerful by the time he resurfaced in the Miami area, Rafael quickly created the first anti-Castro group on U. S. soil and he named it The White Rose after a Jose Marti poem. Rafael had been born in Banes-Cuba in 1926, the same year and same area that Fidel Castro was born. Rafael died in 2005 in Key Biscayne-Florida but his four anti-Castro sons, shown left to right above, are: Rafael, a powerful banker; Lincoln, a powerful politician/lobbyist; Jose, a powerful News Anchor at Telemundo and NBC News; and Mario, a powerful politician. 
    Since 1993, either at the same time or separately, Mario & Lincoln Diaz-Balart have been ultra-powerful representatives for Miami/Little Havana in the U. S. Congress. The two sons of the former powerful Minister in Cuba's Batista dictatorship have been powerfully instrumental in drafting and passing drastic anti-Havana/PRO-Little Havana laws since 1993, such as the massively lucrative but genocidal Helms-Burton Act and Miami's tax-draining anti-Cuban Radio-TV Marti operation, both among the many cash cows for Miami but legal chaos, and worse, for Cuban families on the island from 1993 till at least the end of 2021. Mario, 60, was born in 1961 in Key Biscayne when his father Rafael was already a rich and powerful leader in South Florida; Lincoln, 67, was born in Havana in 1954 when his father was a powerful Minister in the Batista dictatorship. Despite their visceral hatred of Castro and the Revolution, it was the Revolution's victory in 1959 that chased many soon-to-be ultra-RICH Cubans to their rich Economic and Political haven in Miami, including the Diaz-Balarts, the first Bush-anointed Cuban billionaire in Miami JORGE MAS CANOSA , the Bacardi heirs, the Fanjul heirs, etc., etc., etc.!!!!
      This photo was taken in 1948 when Mirta Diaz-Balart married Fidel Castro. They divorced in 1955 when Fidel was on a Batista prison on the Isle of Pines. But Mirta later regularly visited Revolutionary Cuba to see their son and, some say, to see Fidel himself. So Mirta remains the aunt of the four Diaz-Balart sons who remain ultra-rich and powerful in Miami and in Washington...and thus the photo above is a reminder that the Cuba-U.S. nexus is perhaps the Western Hemisphere's most intriguing saga!!
  Beyond question, starting in January of 1959 the most military Cubans who fled Revolutionary Cuba for safe havens in nearby Florida were unrestricted in their drastic efforts to recapture Cuba. The photo here is an example of that fact. It shows Jorge Mas Canosa upon his arrival in Florida, armed and determined. It so happens that Jorge would emerge as the all-time most powerful  anti-Castro zealot in South Florida, and the FIRST Cuban billionaire in South Florida. Jorge was born in 1939 in Santiago de Cuba and died in 1997 in Coral Gables, Florida. How Jorge Mas Canosa became the all-time most powerful Cuban exile from Batista's Cuba is rarely explained for the benefit of the American people, but permit me to try to fairly give an explanation to that extremely important part of the U.S.-Cuban saga since 1959.
    From 1952 till 1959 the Batista dictatorship in Cuba was supported by the U. S. government, the CIA, and the Mafia because it permitted rich American companies and Mafiosi kingpins to partake in the vast financial spoils. When the Cuban Revolution ended that situation on the 1st of January of 1959, the U. S. and the Mafia needed to use Miami as a base to recapture their Cash Cow in Cuba. Multiple anti-Castro paramilitary groups quickly started to form in Southern Florida but the CIA and the U. S. government also began to send the most diligent anti-Castro Cubans to the secretive Army of the Americas at Fort Benning in Georgia. It was secretive because the U. S. didn't want the taxpayers and voters know that the Army of the Americas had long trained soldiers for U.S.-friendly dictators such as Batista in Cuba, Trujillo in the Dominican Republic, Somoza in Nicaragua, etc. Thus, beginning in January of 1959 Jorge Mas Canosa was among the young anti-Castro Cubans sent to the Army of the Americas to train for the Special Brigade 2506 that was expected to be the unit that would attack Cuba and recapture the lush island for the rich U. S. companies and the Mafiosi kingpins. That's how Jorge Mas Canosa, as shown above, graduated as as 2nd Lt. in Special Brigade 2506. But while Brigade 2506's was massively and humiliatingly defeated when it attacked Cuba at the Bay of Pigs in April of 1961, it successfully started Jorge Mas Canosa on the way to becoming the all-time most powerful anti-Castro zealot in the U. S., and the first Cuban billionaire in Miami.
    This photo shows the trajectory of how/why the Bush dynasty anointed Jorge Mas Canosa as, essentially, the Cuban dictator on U. S. soil. The orchestrator, as shown above was George H. W. Bush who, as a rich and powerful politician, had been a CIA Director, a two-term Vice President under President Reagan, a one-term President himself, the father of two-term President George W. Bush, and the father of two-term Governor of Florida Jeb Bush. Once anointed as America's Cuban dictator on U. S. soil, Jorge Mas Canosa was unchecked and unstoppable.
   Thanks to the Bush dynasty, Jorge Mas Canosa totally dictated Cuban policies to Republican presidents such as Ronald Reagan.
     And thanks to the wealth and power of the Bush dynasty, Jorge Mas Canosa was in high-heaven when George H. W. Bush was President and eager to sign into law any anti-Cuba/Pro-Miami bill that Jorge desired. The photo shows a grinning President Bush handing a signing pen to Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, the Havana-born anti-Castro zealot, as Jorge smilingly approves.
      And thanks to the Republican Bush dynasty, in the USA's two-party political system Jorge Mas Canosa was able to dictate Cuban policies to even Democratic Presidents such as Bill Clinton, as shown above.
    Thanks to the Bush dynasty, the photo above depicts the awesome power of Jorge Mas Canosa. In 1996 the Democratic Prsident Bill Clinton was trying to ease the genocidal effects of the U. S. Embargo against Cuban families. BUT GUESS WHAT?? President Clinton signed Mas Canosa's historic legislation that to this day remains the prime lucrative anti-Cuba/PRO-Miami Cash Cow known as the Helms-Burton Act. As shown above, the very reluctant but scared President Clinton signed Helms-Burton into everlasting U. S. law as Canosa-disciples Bob Menendez, 3rd from the left, and Lincoln Diaz-Balart, 2nd from the right, looked on.
     How scared was President Bill Clinton when he signed Helms-Burton into law in 1996 after earlier in the year he had pledged to ease the U. S. Embargo against Cuba? You tell me how scared Clinton looked as he gazed up at Canosa-disciple Menendez after signing Helms-Burton into law, a law that to this days makes Cubans in Miami very rich while also "ASPHYSIATING" Cubans on the island.
    From 1996 until today, the Helms-Burton Act deserves a "skull bone X" because, while it enriches Cubans in Miami, it also is genocidal against Cubans families in Cuba. And Helms-Burton a prime legacy of the billionaire Jorge Mas Canosa although, of course, today there remain many edifices, schools, etc. named in honor of Jorge Mas Canosa.
       Another prime legacy in Miami thanks to Jorge Mas Canosa are luxurious studios of Radio-TV Marti, which is a plush 24-hour anti-Cuban propaganda operation. Yet, for three decades and to this very day Radio-TV Marti has luxuriated with a massive load of dollars from the U. S. taxpayers.
     The best source to learn how Jorge Mas Canosa emerged as the all-time most powerful Cuban dictator on U. S. soil and the first Cuban billionaire in Miami is to know the books, lectures, and articles by the great Julia E. Sweig, an unimpeachable expert regarding U.S.-Cuban relations.
   In her seminal book -- "CUBA: WHAT EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW" -- Julia E. Sweig traces the trajectory of Jorge Mas Canosa's rise to incomparable power in both Miami and Washington...and its power that resonates loudly to this day. For example, in her scintillating book, Julia E. Sweig reports that the Bush dynasty, when it anointed Jorge Mas Canosa as America's Cuban dictator, he was given this sage advice: Study AIPAC and then create a similar political funding PAC for your Cuban projects. Of course, AIPAC is the ultra-wealthy Israeli political action committee.
    As documented by Julia E. Sweig, Jorge Mas Canosa founded The Cuban American National Fouindation, and the rest is history as far Jorge, Miami, Washington, and Cuba are concerned. The results have included...among the major items mentioned earlier in this review...the suggestion from the Miami Herald that the Biden administration begin the MILITARY attack on Cuba that will FINALLY overthrew the Cuban Revolution!!!!
      This Cuban girl in Havana read that Miami Herald Editorial about another U. S. military attack on her island. She then took to the street and used a bullhorn and TV cameras to shout: "OKAY MIAMI...WE HOPE YOU DO GIVE US A CHANCE AT ANOTHER BAY OF PIGS VICTORY!!! Homeland or Death!!!"



Yes, Fidel Still Rules Cuba

    It was on August 13th-1926 in Biran, Cuba that Fidel Castro was born. It was on January 1st- 1959 that Fidel Castro led the Cuban Revolution to a rather astounding victory over the U.S.-backed and Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship in Cuba. And it was on March 25th-2016 in Havana that Fidel Castro died at age 90.
     But on November 26th, 2021, the fact is that Fidel Castro not only still "SPEAKS" for Cuba but Fidel Castro still RULES Cuba. Of course, the Cubans who control Miami and are in total control of Washington's Cuban policies totally deny that truth...and that is perhaps why they are unable to regain control of Cuba despite having the overwhelming and unchecked wherewithal to do so over the last 6+ decades. But...like the U. S., Mafia, and Batista back in the 1950s...in 2021 the Cubans in Miami and in Washington today simply can't seem to out-smart Fidel Castro -- not even five years after Fidel Castro's death.
    Back on Sunday -- November 25th-2021 -- the United States celebrated its Thanksgiving Holiday while the very same day Cuba mourned the 5th anniversary of Fidel Castro death.
     On November 25th-2021 -- exactly five years after Fidel Castro's death at age 90 -- Cubans all over the island, everyday Cubans as well as government officials -- paid elaborate homage to "their eternal Commander."
   On November 25th-2021 the new hand-crafted "USA HANDS OFF CUBA NOW" signs were ubiquitous and they were in honor of Cuba's eternal Commander.
    On November 25th-2021 on the 5th anniversary of Fidel Castro's death at age 90 in 2016, all the top leaders in Cuba journeyed to the southeastern tip of the island to Santiago de Cuba to pay homage at the tomb of the rebel leader. That included Fidel Castro's beloved widow Dalia Soto del Valle.
At the tomb, Dalia Soto del Valle.
     From 1980 until he died in 2016, Dalia Soto del Valle was Fidel Castro's devoted wife. She gave birth to his last five children, all sons: Alex, Antonio, Alejandro, Alexis, and Angel.
     From 1980 till his death in 2016, all intimates knew that Dalia Soto del Valle kept very keen eyes on Fidel Castro and on everyone who visited them in their Havana home. Dalia was born in the south-central coastal city of Trinidad where she was well-educated and became a teacher. That is how she became close friends with Cuba's incomparable revolutionary heroine Celia Sanchez. Celia recruited Dalia during the island's Literary Campaign that educated Cuban children and adults who had been direly uneducated until the Revolution overthrew the Batista regime. It was at a Literary event in Cienfuegos that Celia introduced Dalia to Fidel. From 1957, when he joined Celia's vital guerrilla war in the Maestra Mountains and its foothills, until she died of cancer on January 11th in 1980, Fidel's constant companion was Celia but a few days after Celia died, to fulfill Celia's wishes, Dalia married Fidel...and the marriage was an extremely loving one until Fidel died on November 25th, 2016.
    One of the prime lies about the Cuban Revolution that Americans have been systematically told since the 1950s is this true fact: Women have always been prime fighters, recruiters, and decision-makers during and after the Revolutionary War, such as Celia Sanchez, Vilma Espin, Haydee Santamaria, etc., etc. 
      Cubans on the island are well aware that Celia Sanchez was not only the Flower of the Revolution but also, with Fidel Castro's total blessing, the prime decision-maker...and whether or not he agreed with those decisions, Fidel supported them.
    Whatever decision that Celia Sanchez was writing down on the morning shown above in Revolutionary Cuba, she well knew that Fidel Castro would support it when he got out of his rocking chair and studied it...meaning that things such as the Committees to Defend the Revolution, the Federation of Cuban Women, a Guarantee of Free Education Through College and Free Healthcare Birth to Death for all Cubans, etc., etc. would become law in Revolutionary Cuba. For the past 6+ decades, since 1959, Miami and Washington have spent day-after-day trying to overthrow Revolutionary Cuba...and all the while Americans have been told lies about things as important as...Celia Sanchez.
      And, therefore, Americans are told that the Celia Sanchez quotation depicted above was/is a lie, although it was/is uncannily true: "We rebels...get far too much credit for winning the revolution. Our enemies deserve most of the credit, for being greedy cowards and idiots."
     In these closing days of November-2021, one of the greatest Celia Sanchez disciples is Johana Tablada. For years, Johana has been one of  the most important Cubans and is especially ultra-vital regarding Cuba's relations with the United States. In the photo above, Johana Tablada was being interviewed a few days ago by a journalist named Liz Oliva. In the U. S., the media is only interested in the extreme anti-Cuban views of dissidents or Miami Cubans but surely not the views of everyday Cubans who support the revolution and certainly not those of  ultra-powerful and well-respected Cubans like Johana TabladaAnd, for the record, in the interview shown above, Johana Tablada, the fierce Celia Sanchez disciple, gave some prime hints as to why Miami and Washington keep having, decade-to-decade, such unsuccessful efforts in trying to recapture the pugnacious Caribbean island that is close-by, just south of Miami.

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