Sunday, November 14, 2021

Tomorrow: Much Bloodshed in Cuba?

 Tomorrow Is: November 15-2021!!!

    The photo above is flashing around the world today -- on Sunday, November 14th, 2021. It was taken by the great photo-journalist Yamil Lage for the Paris-based AFP News Agency that covers Cuba fairly. This photo shows..."...Cubans arguing at El Quijote Park in Havana Sunday where dissident Yunior Garcia was scheduled to speak today." Tomorrow -- on Nov. 15th-2021 -- Yunior Garcia will lead "Protests in Cuba" that millions of Cubans on the island believe is meant to start "A Miami-backed COUP meant to overthrow the Cuban Revolution."

     Today -- SUNDAY -Nov. 14th-2021 -- the image above shows that the powerful TV-10 and other media in Miami is promoting the fact that tomorrow -- MONDAY -- might be a bloody day in Cuba.
     Today -- Sunday, Nov. 14-2021 -- these are the googled Cuban headlines. The NY Times claims that "Desires for Food and Freedom" are the reasons for the protests that will roil Cuba tomorrow. Cuba itself says the reason for the coup is Miami's decades-long desire to recapture Cuba as in the days of the Batista-Mafia rule on the island in the 1950s prior to the Cuban Revolution that created Little Havana in nearby Miami in 1959. As you see above, The Washington Post today heralds the fact that the "Cuban Government, Dissidents Head Toward Monday Confrontation." And The Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the history of the world, and Jeff Bezos's step-father is anti-Castro/Cuban-born Miguel Bezos. And, as you see above, today TV-10 in Miami is promoting live coverage of demonstrations that are "SHOWING SOLIDARITY for those in Cuba...!!!!!"
         Of course, since 1959 the Little Havana section in Miami has been supported by the U. S. media, the U. S. government, extreme amounts of money, as well as extreme amounts of terror and military excursions...and still Little Havana has been unable to recapture Cuba. All the while, to obtain the support of U. S. citizens and U. S. dollars, Little Havana has loudly proclaimed that Cubans on the island hate their Revolutionary government and long for the U.S.-backed Batistiano/Mafiosi rulers that ruled Cuba in the 1950s and spawned the Cuban Revolution that in 1959 captured Havana and created Little Havana in Miami.
    While since 1959 Little Havana leaders in the U. S. have dictated their views to both the U. S. media and the U. S. government, but the views of Cubans on the island such as Adriana, an everyday Cuban, and Yadira, a journalist on Cuban TV, also have Adriana on Social Media and Yadira {shown above reporting on a street in Havana today} would also like the world to know about the Havana-Little Havana conundrum. And their point is this: "Most Cubans on the island were do-or-die supporters of the Revolution and for all these decades since 1959 most of the Cubans on the island are still do-or-die supporters of Revolutionary Cuba. And if that was not or is not so, the Miami Cubans would have regained control of Cuba long ago." In other words, there are two sides to the Havana-Little Havana conundrum...and unless and until Adriana and Yadira are proved to be either idiots or liars, I believe that the U. S. media should EXPLAIN why Little Havana, with all its economic, political, and fire-power advantages, has been unable to recapture Havana since 1959!!
    Facing what Cubans on the island believe is a well-funded and powerful coup that will commence tomorrow -- Nov. 15th-2021 -- the photo above shows an outdoor concert in Havana last night -- Saturday, Nov. 13th -- that drew thousands of Cubans. Cuba's most beloved band, Buena Fe/Good Faith, told the audience on the live televised video, "We came here tonight to give the world, including Miami, a kiss and nothing else."
This afternoon -- on Sunday, Nov. 14-2021 -- the music-loving Cubans are attending other concerts on the eve of tomorrow's coup/protests. The concert above today, as you see above, was attended by Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel.
   After that concert today, as you see above, President Diaz-Canel was facing a bevy of television cameras on TV and live on Social Media as he said: "In the 1950s brave revolutionaries were willing to give their lives to chase greedy and brutal leaders supported by a foreign power off our land. At the Bay of Pigs attack in 1961 and many other times, revolutionaries have been willing to die to save our country. Tomorrow we must be willing to do whatever it takes, as similar revolutionaries, to keep remnants of greedy and brutal foreign-backed forces from doing what the Batista and Mafia forces did to our people before the 1959 triumph of the our revolution. The first two things the coup tomorrow will try to do is get video to send back to Miami of the coup-mongers being brutalized, and we must not do that, and the second thing they want is for Yunior Garcia or someone like him to become your leader. I want to be your leader only as long as you Cubans want to be led by me, and not by Miami Cubans."
    Starting tomorrow -- Monday, November 15th, 2021 -- it appears that President Miguel Diaz-Canel is the underdog against Miami-supported dissidence. But he believes that since his days as Education Minister he has had the strong support of most Cubans on the island. But since its first-known existence in 1492, the island of Cuba has been a huge underdog against a vast array of supposedly much-stronger imperialist nations. And the only Revolution that defeated such forces was in 1959 when underdog rebels defeated the U.S.-backed & Mafia-backed Batista regime, creating the endless and ultra-powerful Little Havana faction on U. S. soil. Tomorrow will yet again be a major test for Cuba, and unfortunately once again foreign influence will be a deciding factor in the outcome...whether or not the U. S. calls it Protests, a War, or a Coup!!!
Little Havana vs. Havana!!
Tomorrow is: Nov. 15th-2021!!

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