Cuba Braces For Nov. 15th Coup

 Will Protests Next Week Recapture Cuba?

 The photo above today is by the powerful CANADIAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION. It shows a group of everyday Cubans on the island gearing up with clubs to try to protect the Cuba Revolution during the Protests/Coup that will start next week -- on November 15th-2021. These Cubans are active on Social Media and they are being told by the U. S. media that...for the first time since January of 1959...the latest attempt to overthrow Revolutionary Cuba WILL FINALLY SUCCEED starting next week, November 15-2021.
     Cubans are being told that dissident Yunior Garcia Aguilera this time has enough support from the U. S. and from other dissidents on the island to finally topple the Cuban Revolution that back on January 1 of 1959 defeated the Batista dictatorship that was supported by the U. S., the Mafia, and by massive U. S. tourism and U. S. businesses.
    Actually, this week Cubans in Cuba...this last week before Nov. 15th-2021...are very happy that the results of a massive vaccination campaign with homemade vaccines is apparently curbing what was a massive COVID-19 surge. Just a month ago there were thousands of new cases and about a hundred deaths per day on the island but now those numbers are miniscule in comparison. In the past 24 hours, for example, there have been only 483 new cases and only one 1 death. {See above}Yes, Cubans believe their government's numbers and its own vaccines...and daily the Cuban media minutely updates those numbers with every name listed that is a new case or new death, so Cubans can see the names and make sure someone they know who should be on the list is included.
     With Cuba's success in curbing the pandemic, the island...not coincidentally...is opening its classes in its universities and public schools by Nov. 15th-2021 and also reopening its borders to international terrorism. Therefore, countries that don't knuckle down totally to the U. S. Blockade are now resuming air flights to Cuba...especially including tourist-minded flights from Canada, Spain, Russia, China, Vietnam, Mexico, etc.

 For example, new airlines like Mexico's MAGNI has scheduled flights to Cuba starting next week. MAGNI is beginning regular flights from Cancun to Holguin in eastern Cuba.
    The new Spanish airline Sunwing is flying tourists to Cuban beaches such as Veradero.
Between them, Melia and Iberostar the two giant Madrid-based Hotels & Resorts chains have dozens of 4-star and 5-star properties in Cuba...and both of those Spanish giants are lavishly promoting tourism to Cuba.

     A few miles southeast of Miami, Cuba's Varadero Beach has been listed as the #1 Best Beach in the World by international travel writers.
     This image of Varadero Beach is from a new international print & video ad by Spain's Iberostar Hotels & Resorts that has dozens of world-class properties in Cuba awaiting the island's winter 2021-22 tourism season.
    Right below Florida, the Cuban beaches such as Varadero and Cayo Santa Maria are rated high on any lists of the Best Beaches in the World, much higher than any beaches in nearby Florida. While Varadero is more famous, in 2021 Cayo Santa Maria has been listed as the #2 Best Beach in the World. Of course, the U. S. media and U. S. government lavishly promote tourism to Florida but lavishly try to block tourism to Cuba. Of course, back in the 1950s both the U. S. and the Mafia lavishly promoted tourism to Cuba!
     Today -- on November 9th-2021 -- the TOP CUBA HEADLINES -- included, as usual, the Miami Herald trying to attack Cuba for having the audacity to resume "flights to Havana, but now U. S. travel rules pose a challenge for Cubans." OF COURSE, such U. S. media sources are busy reminding Cubans on the island of what really awaits them next week starting on Nov. 15-2021, which is the end of their Cuban Revolution, which has endured such threats since Jan. 1-1959.
 Even the CBC -- the powerful Canadian Broadcasting Corporation -- seems to be predicting that the Protests/Coup in Cuba next week starting Nov. 15-2021 will be the end of Revolutionary Cuba "just in time for the tourism season." WOW!! In other words, if the Protests/Coup next week succeed, perhaps Cuban lures will be allowed to compete with those of nearby Florida during the 2021-22 winter "tourism season."
    But...tuh...will everyday Cubans on the island accept dissident Yunior Garcia as there new leader??????????????????????????????????
     A revolutionary flag has flown over Cuba since January 1, 1959...after a Revolution took power on the island from the Batistianos, the Mafia, and the United States. Prior to Jan. 1-1959 Spain had dominated and looted Cuba for a century...till the United States gained dominance of the island after the 1898 Spanish-American War. What followed after 1898 WAS NOT DEMOCRACY but such things as the theft of Guantanamo Bay in 1903 and the brutal Mafia-riddled Batista dictatorship starting in 1952, which only ended at 3:00 A. M. on January 1, 1959. Now next week, will the Cuban flag fly over Revolutionary Cuba for the last time??
STAY TUNED!!! After all, since 1492 Cuba has certainly been the World CHAMPION when it comes to surprises!!






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