Miami Police Chief & the Cuban Mafia

Fired For SPEAKING Frankly!!
    Born in Havana-Cuba in 1964, Arturo {Art} Acevedo has been the powerful Police Chief of two major U. S. cities -- Houston and Miami.
     It is interesting, I believe, why Art Acevedo was fired as the Police Chief of Miami/Little Havana.
    The reason Art Acevedo was fired as the Police Chief of Miami was because he said the city that he protected was hard to protect because it was run "by the Cuban Mafia." In his letter to support that claim, Art Acevedo referred to Commissioner Joe Carollo, Mayor Francis Suarez, City Manager Arthur Noriega, etc., as the "Cuban Mafia."
   This {above} is how WPLX-ABC-10 TV in Miami explained Police Chief Art Acevedo's demise in Miami: "Acevedo made recent headlines for a comment about the 'Cuban mafia running Miami police,' a term used by late Cuban leader Fidel Castro referring to Cuban exiles."
     Many brave and well-known journalists/authors -- such as T. J. English and Ann Louise Bardach -- have written about "How the Mob Owned Cuba...and Then Lost It to the Revolution" and about "LOVE AND VENGEANCE IN MIAMI AND HAVANA."  And after the Mob lost Havana to the Revolution, the leaders of the U.S.-backed and the Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship in Havana fled to nearby Miami where very soon Little Havana was created beginning in January of 1959 and it has flourished economically and politically ever since, dictating self-serving U. S. policies since 1959 but, incredibly, never managing to recapture Cuba!! Yet, while the Cuban Revolution in 1959 reshaped the U. S. so much, the mainstream media in the U. S. for all these decades, with few exceptions, has had neither the courage nor the integrity to tell the truth about either Batista's Havana or about Little Havana's grip on not just Miami but also the entire United States.
        In fact, even famed Hollywood movies have told more truth about U.S.-Cuba relations since 1959 than the mainstream U. S. media has told!! For example, the still-ubiquitous 1983 classic Scarface was a product of legends such as screenwriter Oliver Stone, producer Martin Bergman, director Brian De Palma, and actor Al Pacino {who played the Cuban Tony Montana who took over the lucrative and bloody drug trade that roiled Miami after the Cuban Revolution chased the Mafia-riddled Batista dictatorship from Havana in the wee hours of January 1, 1959}.
     It is a known fact that Mafia kingpin Meyer Lansky one day in 1952 in his home in Hallandale, Florida, told his friend and neighbor Fulgencio Batista, the former brutal dictator of Cuba, that he always wanted for "the Mob to have its own country." That discussion spawned a second Batista dictatorship in Cuba from 1952 until 1959, one much more brutal than before and one supported by both the Mafia and by the United States, who condoned it because, via kickbacks, prime U. S. companies also partook in the extremely lucrative spoils from 1952 till 1959 {until the Cuban Revolution intervened on January 1, 1959!!!}.
    With Mafia kingpins such as Meyer Lansky ruling the Batista dictatorship, the wealth reaped from the Caribbean's largest and most beautiful nation in the 1950s was truly enormous for/from thriving U.S.-owned businesses, tourism, illegal drugs, gambling, prostitution, etc. The historic photo above shows Lansky leaving one of his casinos with a satchel of loot in Batista's Cuba.
    Although Meyer Lansky and Lucky Luciano are still reputed to be the all-time smartest Mafia leaders, they made two stupid mistakes in Cuba in the 1950s. While reaping vast fortunes on the island, the Mafiosi and Batistiano leaders weren't smart enough to at least toss some crumbs and even provide some education and health provisions for the majority peasants. While Americans, of course, are told the opposite, the true & typical photo above in Batista's Cuba truly explains the plight of peasant women and children in Batista's Cuba that was supported both by the Mafia and the United States, the strongest criminal organization in the world and the strongest nation in the world.
     Together...the two historic photos above chronicle the two mistakes that the the Lansky-Luciano-Batista Cuban dictators in the 1950s made -- which was to not even toss a few crumbs to the majority peasants...and then #2 using its U.S.-funded and U.S.-trained {at Fort Benning} police and army to commit wholesale murder against peasant children to deter dissent by their parents. The historic photo directly above shows the mother of Little Willie Soler {in the white jacket} marching with other distraught but brave mothers to protest the gruesome murders of their children. These were the marches that started the Cuban Revolution and galvanized virtually the entire majority population in dire hatred of Batista and with a dire love of rebel leader Fidel Castro. Today in Revolutionary Cuba the top Children's Hospital in Havana is named William Soler Children's Hospital.
      And so...yes, there were two reasons for the success and the longevity of Fidel Castro's Cuban Revolution...and they both resulted in do-or-die island-wide support for the anti-Batista rebels.
     Again...I suggest if you want to truly know how the Cuba Revolution won in 1959 and has survived all these decades since, study the explanation depicted by the three photos above. The ultra-powerful and ultra-important heroine Celia Sanchez, as shown above, made the definitive quote: "We rebels...get far too much credit for winning the Revolution. Our enemies deserve most of the credit, for being greedy cowards and idiots."
      And of course, while since 1959 Americans have been advised not to acknowledge the true and historic photos about the extreme poverty and brutality in Batista's Cuba, Little Havana's dictation of the USA's lucrative but genocidal policies since 1959 have always lied about many positive aspects of Revolutionary Cuba...such as the Revolution's vast LITERARY CAMPAIGN that quickly in 1959 began an extremely fruitful effort to education the majority Cubans who were totally neglected or brutalized while the Batistianos, the Mafiosi, and the U. S. businessmen were raking in mass financial fortunes. The photo above shows a young female rebel that helped win the Revolution who then joined about 400,000 other educated rebels into engaging in a massive campaign to educate the majority Cubans across the island. Perhaps, in November of 2021 it will finally & hopefully be allowed for Americans to understand what that photo of the young female-rebel-turned teacher  shown above is all about.
    In November of 2021 Americans are not supposed to know the name of Jose Antonio Echeverria nor know about the vital role he played in the Cuban Revolution. In 1957 Cuba's dictator Fulgencio Batista closed the University of Havana because it was a hotbed of support of the rebels beginning to make serious headway on the southeastern half of the island. Batista then sent his most famed assassins out to murder the student leaders, especially Jose Antonio Echeverria.
    Like other student leaders, four of whom were famously murdered in an apartment they thought was a safe-house, Jose Antonio Echeverria was captured and gruesomely murdered on March 13th-1957 and his body {above} left on a street to serve as a warning. Such episodes of the Revolution are not known to Americans but in November of 2021 memorials to Jose Antonio Echeverria include an airport and other edifices named for him, a stamp in his honor, and many statutes and billboards saluting his important role as an anti-Batista leader in the crucial year of 1957. It is well known that in the first 8 days of January in 1959, as they drove from Santiago de Cuba to Havana to take over as the new rebel leaders of Cuba, Fidel Castro and Celia Sanchez made it a point to stop off and spend a night with Jose Antonio Echeverria's mother.
     Of course, in November of 2021 Americans are also not to understand this photo/graphic shown above, so let me tell its historic truth. In 1958 Mafia kingpin Meyer Lansky built and opened his lavish Hotel Riveria in Havana even though on the southeast end of the island rebel armies were beginning to capture cities and hold them as they began driving toward the capital of Havana.
     As shown above, the Mob/Mafia had thrived in Cuba from the 1930s as the U. S. had dominated the island since the 1898 Spanish-American War. Above in the update posted in the Traveler, it is truthfully revealed: "The Mob had enjoyed part ownership of the grand old Hotel Nacional from at least the 1930s. Sitting on an incomparable site overlooking the Bay of Havana, the Nacional famously hosted Lucky Luciano's 1946 Mafia conclave at which Frank Sinatra performed the entertainment. But it was in 1957 and 1958 that the grand new Havana hotels were built -- notably the Riviera and the Hilton. Lansky concentrated his efforts on the 21-story, 440-room Havana Riviera..." All of that, of course, is history but, also of course, anything that doesn't compute with Little Havana's self-serving history of Batista's Cuba is simply not readily permitted in Little Havana's USA in November of 2021.
      This is a very truthful graphic depicting Batista's Cuba in 1958 right after Meyer Lansky's luxurious new Hotel Riviera was opened to tourists. And, yes, in 1958 tourism was fueling windfalls in Cuba for the Mafia, the Batistianos, and major U. S. companies. Please contrast this image of Batista's Cuba in 1958 as opposed to Revolutionary Cuba in November-2021 when Cuba's tourism has been greatly restricted by Little Havana USA for the past six+ decades as the nearby United States, the richest & strongest nation in the world, is intent on starving Cuba's economy, including tourism, at the behest of the rich-and-powerful Cubans in charge of Little Havana and Miami. Somehow, billions of people around the world are ashamed about that but, in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, the mainstream U. S. media in November of 2021 is neither Free enough nor Brave enough to tell the American people the Truth about...images such as the one above that depict Batista's Cuba that spawned the triumph of the 1959 Cuban Revolution. The fact is...in 1958 the United States lavishly promoted tourism to Batista's Cuba but since 1959, as a part of its efforts to starve Revolutionary Cuba, the United States has greatly tried to block/blockade tourism to Cuba.
Decade AFTER Decade!!
 Is there no shame for shameful things?

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