Does US Want To Be Cuba's Friend?

    This photo was taken this last week of June-2023 by the Associated Press/Ismael Francisco. The AP is the USA's largest News Agency and the photo shows young female entrepreneurs in Cuba trying to survive the cruel 6-decade-old U. S. economic Embargo/Blockade and still try to start their own companies. This is an amazing photo and it was used to illustrate an amazing headline and article from the AP.
    Above are the four TOP U. S. Cuban Headlines today -- on June 28th-2023. The top-left headline from the Miami Herald can be dismissed as just the usual anti-Cuban propaganda from Little Havana/Havana. But do read the AP headline shown today in the top-right: "Cuban Entrepreneurs Get Business Training From The US And Hope Biden Lifts The Sanctions." Now that headline/article, although coming from the mainstream U. S. media, is indeed worth reading. So...let us check it out!!
   As you can see above, the worthwhile and accurate AP article is written by Andrea Rodriguez, an honest AP journalist that actually lives in Cuba. Her interesting report above actually and fairly tells us of what these young female entrepreneurs trying to start their businesses are actually getting some encouragement and training from Washington's Biden administration in late June of 2023. That is surprising...and important to know.
     Meanwhile today -- June 28th-2023 -- the image above is also important and it was taken from a top nationwide Newscast televised in Cuba today. It shows a major speech being made by Ana Teresita Gonzalez, a very powerful Cuban business expert that Cuba's would-be ENTREPRENEURS trust. And as you see from the two images below, Ana's packed audience -- both in person and on nationwide TV -- is raptly attentive to what Ana was telling them today as she used a large screen to illustrate her major Talking Points!!!
     So, yes, today on June 28th-2023 take time to read and study the honest AP article about hopeful female entrepreneurs in Cuba getting help from the U. S. government, but also respect what hopeful female entrepreneurs in Cuba are being told about how a Cuban business-woman is speaking to and helping female entrepreneurs to be successful in Cuba, and understand that the Cubans crowded into the audience today are totally trustful even though that Cuban business woman, Ana Teresita Gonzalez, is a powerful and very top leader in Revolutionary Cuba today.
    So...on June 28th-2023...both the AP in the U. S. and a nationwide Newscast in Cuba are reporting that many highly educated and talented female entrepreneurs in Cuba are being helped in their quest to be successful by both the U. S. government in Washington and by the Cuban government in Havana. But, of course, there remains one massive and cruel obstacle that has been in place since 1962 and that is...the endless and asinine U. S. EMBARGO that the U. S. is UNABLE or UNWILLING to end.



More ON Why China Newly Loves Cuba!!!


      Today -- June 27th-2023 -- this interesting photo was taken on a street in Bejing, China. It shows a popular television journalist/anchor in Havana communicating warmly today on a street in Bejing with two welcoming Chinese children.
     Also interesting today -- June 27th, 2023 -- above are top News Headlines flashing around the U. S. from four top U. S. media sources. They are obsessed with China, the second economic and military power in the whole world, cozying up to Cuba, the pugnacious but little island nation supposedly reeling FROM near starvation more than ever from the 6-decade-old U. S. economic Embargo/Blockade of the island. Presumably...China is newly helping Cuba financially in exchange for things such as maintaining a Spy Base or even a Military Base in Cuba, where the U. S. has had an unwelcome Military Base since 1903 at the lucious Cuban port of Guantanamo Bay.
    Among the extreme anti-Cuba/China headlines in the U. S. today is the news that Francis Suarez is now joining the current and already crowded Republican primary race to unseat Democratic President Biden in the 2024 election. Francis Suarez was born 45 years ago in Miami and since 2017 he has been the Mayor of Miami. He is from a long line of Cuban-Americans who have led Miami/Little Havana as well as the rich and politically powerful state of Florida for many decades, and always they have been at the forefront of Washington's 6+ decade fight to overthrow Revolutionary Cuba.
     In fact, Xavier Suarez, the father of current Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, was the first Cuban-born Mayor of Miami/Little Havana. Xavier Suarez was born 74 years in Villa Clara, Cuba, and remains a political force in Florida and Washington.
     Yes, the current Major of Miami, Francis Suarez, is currently running for President of the United States to hopefully overtake other Republican frontrunners Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and a host of other Republican candidates now frantically trying to unseat Democratic President Joe Biden in 2024. As shown above Francis Suarez, the current Miami Mayor, is being supported by his father Xavier Suarez, the first Cuban major of Miami, and many other ultra-powerful and rich Cuban-American residents that dominate Florida.
     If you look back at the top of this page to study the Top Cuba-China Headlines topping the U. S. media today -- June 27-2023 -- you will see that Carlos Gimenez is one of the rich and ultra-powerful Cuban-Americans leading the charge condemning Cuba for supposingly allowing China to have a "base in Cuba." For sure, Carlos Gimenez is among the long line of Cubans that have been Mayor of Miami/Little Havana and now he has joined a list of Miami Cubans currently in the U. S. Congress in Washington, also including vehement Counter Revolutionary Cuban-Americans in Congress from Miami/Little Havava such as Marco Rubio, Mario Diaz-Balart, Elmira Salazar, etc.
      Indeed on June 27th-2023 "Welcome to Little Havana USA". Closer than ever before, perhaps Little Havana USA in the heart of Miami is edging ever-closer to finally overthrowing the 1959 Triumph of the Cuban Revolution that shocked the world by overthrowing the U.S./Mafia-backed Batista Dictatorship in Cuba, and even one day Little Havana USA might claim an even larger prize -- the White House in Washington. Question: After many excuses in the past have failed, is the uproar over a Chinese Base in Cuba in June-2023 turning out to be the final excuse for Little Havana USA to finally recapture Havana and the whole of Cuba???? Uh...MAYBE, or MAYBE not!!!!!!


USA's Top Cuba Expert Explains Chinese Headlines!!


     America's greatest expert regarding U. S.-Cuban Relations is William LeoGrande, the Professor at American University in Washington. It is highly significant that Professor LeoGrande has publicly explained in late June of 2023 the dire U. S. and Worldwide Headlines regarding the reality and allegations about China putting Spy Bases and even a Military Base in the USA's backyard in Cuba.
      Regardless of what you have read or heard about the ongoing Cuba-U.S.-China saga, you actually don't know what is happening unless you depend on William LeoGrande explaining it to you, as he does in the vastly important article above. Then below you can see the full explanation from the incomparably insightful William LeoGrande.
     You may have noted that William LeoGrande above pointed out that the U. S. media is not reliable because the once-believed mainstream U. S. media now rely on repeated propaganda sources that desire to promote their extreme Anti-Cuba or Pro-Cuba views, thus regularly "leaking" resultant articles that now routinely create major Top Cuban Stories. Unfortunately the "leaks" -- as William LeoGrande states above -- end up being published by top U. S. media sources such as The NY Times, The Washington Post, Fox News, NBC News, etc., etc.
     For the past three decades, William LeoGrande has been the best source for the most honest and insightful news regarding U.S.-Cuba Relations. And that fact is still true in Late June-2023.


Are Cuba & China New Economic and Military Allies??

   The photo above was taken in Havana by Roberto Suarez, a Cuban who is one of the Caribbean's greatest photographers. The photo chronicles Cuba accurately with schools now closed for the summer on the island and with these children, all consumed with rolling skating as they take a rest break. This photo does not resonate in the news media but it does chronicle Cuba's capital city of Havana in late June of 2023. Meanwhile, the Cuban headlines in the U. S. and international media currently are telling the world that Cuba might soon be the focal point of a clash between the United States and China, the world's two richest and most powerful nations!!
          How, you may ask, is the poor little nation of Cuba and Superpower China tied together in late June of 2023 in worldwide headlines as possibly the catalyst portending what might be World War 3 between the top current nuclear powers, such as history to this day registers the fact that way back in October of 1962 poor little Cuba was the catalyst in what still is the closest the world has ever come to a nuclear holocaust, with that one pitting the United States against the Soviet Union.

\    So now, in late June of 2023, above are the Top Cuba Headlines circling around the world as rich and powerful Counter Revolutionary Cubans in the U. S. seem to have latched onto headlines that finally, after 64+ years later, might portend the end of Revolutionary Cuba. It, of course, doesn't help if citizens of the world study those headlines-articles because, in recent years, even top media sources in the United States have evolved mostly into propaganda providers instead of dispensers of the news that people need, crave, and deserve.
     The Articles/Editorials shown directly above are about the current Cuba-China uproar and the producers are prime media sources such as the Wall Street Journal, the China News, the New York Times, etc., etc. Yet...studying the photos shown below paint better pictures of what is actually taking place.
    China's leader Zi is cozying up to Cuba's leader Diaz-Canel because Cuba, in late June of 2023, is reeling from the six-decade-old U. S. economic Embargo/Blockade of the island nation that is a mere 90 miles south of Key West, Florida. Zi, fiercely competing with the U. S. in the Taiwan Straits, wants all the support he can muster, including that of Diaz-Canel.
     Even before things heated up between China and the United States over Taiwan, Zi and his wife were close friends to Diaz-Canel and his wife. Now, as some headlines suggest that some Cubans are starving in the throes of the U. S. Embargo, the ultra-powerful Zi may feel he needs Cuba's help more than ever, and most Cubans have good feelings about Zi because he has sent rice and other things to Cuba, as well as greatly improving rail service on the Island.
    Also, it should be noted, Zi idolized Cuba's revolutionary icon Fidel Castro. The photo above shows Zi in Fidel's home in Havana shortly before Fidel died at age 90 in 2016.
     The map above shows little Cuba and the world's two most powerful and richest nations, the United States and China. Cuba is just a few miles from the United States and it is many thousands of miles from China. From a geographical standpoint, Cuba would be much better off if the United States, not China, was its best friend. But that is not the way it is.



Will CHINA EXCUSE Finally Doom the Cuban Revolution?


     This Victor Toledo photo was taken today -- June 21st-2023 -- and it shows the famed and beautiful Capital Dome Building in Havana, which Revolutionary Cuba has recently amd very beautifully restored to its true ELIGANCE. And this photo today also proves to the world that the Cuban Revolution still rules Cuba -- not the Batistianos, not the Mafia, nor the United States. But in the 64th year of being ruled by The Cuban Revolution, the worldwide Cuban Headlines today -- June 21st-2023 -- are telling the world that the end of Revolutionary Cuba is finally about to occur!!!!!
   Since January 1st of 1959 -- the day the Cuban Revolution shocked the world by defeating the unbeatable trio of Batista-the Mafia-&-the United States -- Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Miami, Newark, and Washington have expected to recapture Cuba "any day now." Incredibly, as of June 21st in 2023 it still hasn't happened!! But...today -- June 21st-2023 -- worldwide headlines, as shown below, are screaming that the rich and ultra-powerful Counter Revolutionary forces -- that failed in the Bay of Pigs air-land-sea military attack in April of 1961, during the Cuban Missile Crisis in October of 1962, etc., etc. -- have finally found the excuse that will doom Revolutionary Cuba AT LONG LAST!!!!
    Above you can see the screaming headlines criss-crossing the world today on June 21-2023. Counter Revolutionaries, 64+ years after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, firmly believe the headlines above will finally lead to the demise of Revolutionary Cuba.
      This elderly and dying Cuban Rebel -- a guerrilla fighter who helped Fidel Castro win the Cuban Revolution -- has seen all the latest Headlines and Escuses that finally, once and FOR ALL, portend the end of the Cuban Revolution. But the sick old Rebel got up from his bed where his grand-daughter and his doctor both believed he was dying. But he didn't die, at least not until he sat up in a chair and gave a Middle Finger message to all those Headlines on June 21-2023 that are predicting that his beloved Cuban Revolution is finally doomed!!!!!!


Cuba Goes Worldwide to Combat U.S. Media


     Today -- on June 19th-2023 -- the image above was taken from a nationwide Cuban newscast. Abdiel and Indira are emblematic of one of Revolutionary Cuba's most vividly important successess since it overthrew the U.S./Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship in Cuba on January 1st, 1959. Revolutionary Cuba has always invested heavily in the power of Television News to project its revolutionary views...and that has been true since 1959 till this very day in June of 2023. The University of Havana, which was historically closed by Batista prior to the Revolution when he sent squads of goons out to assassinate student leaders such as the martyred Jose Echevarria, has concentrated on educating talented journalists such as Abdiel and Indira to anchor the island's many regional and national Newscasts, as shown today.
     For example, in the annals of US-Cuba Relations since 1959, Americans are not supposed to see or comprehend the two photos shown above. They were taken in December of 1959 when Fidel Castro made his first televised address to the Cuban people. He was introduced by the legendary Marta Rojas who was the greatest journalist in first Batista's Cuba and then in Castro's Cuba. In this December of 1959 televised speech to the Cuban people Fidel Castro said: "First let me say, Batista was paid by foreign criminals from the Mafia, from Spain, and by the United States so he would allow the foreigners to rape and rob and kill the Cuban people at will. The Revolution that now rules you will permit you to rule your own country as you see fit." To this day in June of 2023, those words and those two photos above are denied emphatically by the vast array of Counter Revolutionary Cubans and Americans.
      Now to advance from the two historic black-and-white 1959 photos to the color photo above taken today -- June 19-2023, we can take cognizant of what the Cuban Television Newscasts today are showing and telling the Cuban people. The image above shows Cuba's current President Miguel Diaz-Canel and his wife Lis Cuesta landing in Rome to discuss with the Italian leaders the drastic economic problems confronting the Cuban people, with the six-decade-old U. S. Embargo postured as being the prime reason for Cuba's plight. This flight to Rome comes after President Diaz-Canel in this month of June-2023 has hosted important delegations in Havana from China, Russia, and Iran -- generally considered the USA's three prime competitors/enemies.
       In Rome the Cuban President Diaz-Canel, in the grey suit, was warmly welcomed by Italy's three most powerful people -- President Sergio Mattarella, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, and Pope Francis.
           The Spanish word "LLEGA" means "To Arrive." When they arrived in Rome today, Cuban President Diaz-Canel and his wife Lis were given a red-carpet arrival.
     The ultra-modern Cuban Newscasts today provided live video coverage of the presidential visit to Rome by the island's First Couple, Miguel and Lis.
     Starting in 1959 with Fidel Castro's aforementioned first televised address to the Cuban people, to this day on June 19th-2023 Cuba's untra-modern Newscasts are ubiquitous in reporting Revolutionary News to the Cuban people.
     And, YES, in June of 2023 TV broadcasts in Cuba routinely tell the Cuban people such things as...even most Americans believe that the U. S. Embargo/Blockade against them should end, and that even most Americans believe that the United States should end its massive Military Base in Guantanamo Bay and return the lush port to its rightful owners, the Cuban people.


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