Punishing Cubans Is A U.S. Obsession

 Rubio Loves Making Cuban Baseball Fans Cry!!!

     This photo shows the Cuban National Team arriving in West Palm Beach, Florida this last week May-2021 to participate in the 8-team pre-Olympic Qualifying Tournament that will be played May 1st till June 5th in West Palm and St. Lucie in Florida. The other 7 teams in the event are the U. S., Canada, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. Cuba's first game will be on Monday, May 1st, against Venezuela. The winner of this overall event in Florida will then be awarded one of the six spots in the Summer Olympics to be played in Japan starting in July. Please note: U. S. soil, especially in Florida, is very hostile for Cuba as well as two nations -- Venezuela and Nicaragua -- that the U. S. government severely punishes because of their friendship to Cuba. And as soon as the Cuban baseball team arrived in West Palm Beach, the insatiable U. S. antagonism against the Cuban players came into fruition, which was not at all unanticipated!!!
      Twenty-two-year-old Cesar Prieto was the star infielder for the Cuban team that arrived in Florida for the pre-Olympic Qualifying Baseball Tournament late Wednesday. The photo above was used as the BBC's renowned journalist Will Grant said Prieto was setting batting records in Cuba while playing for Cienguegos. As Prieto arrived at the team's hotel, the Hilton in Palm Beach, Will Grant reported that he got into a waiting car and was quickly whisked away. He, of course, surely knew the car would be waiting for him. Obviously, Prieto is considered a Major League prospect and, of course, unsavory human traffickers and baseball agents plan to cash in on his eventual U. S. contract. Regarding the "legality" of that aspect of U.S.-Cuban relations, politicians in Florida and in the U. S. Congress have made sure that it is totally legal from the standpoint of two things: {1} Money; and {2} merely hurting the baseball-loving Cuban people on the island. Anyone who denies that fact it telling you a lie.
     To understand the gutless and cowardice U. S. contempt for decency and for its democratic principles, please note the article depicted above from USA Today written by Cesar Brioso and published on April 9, 2019. The title of the article told Americans: "OPINION: TRUMP'S SCUTTLING OF MLB-CUBA DEAL MEANS DEFECTIONS, HUMAN TRAFFICKING WILL CONTINUE." In other words, the sheer indecency of the U. S. dealings with Cuba scuttled an agreement that Major League Baseball had signed with Cuban Baseball so that Cuban players would be treated almost the same as other foreign players as far as the U. S. Major League teams were concerned. MLB wanted to keep unsavory agents and human traffickers from profiting so mightily by persuading and helping Cuban players to defect and then sign lucrative Major League contracts that the agents and human traffickers would share in. Of course, all decent people agreed with the deal...except, of course, the people dictating President Trump's genocidal four-year cruelty against Cuba that was designed to severely punish Cubans on the island, enrich Cubans in Miami/Little Havana, and also enrich certain people involved in the genocide and ransacking of Cuba. In that milieu, President Trump's prime Cuban dictator in the U. S., Senator Marco Rubio from Miami/Little Havana, quickly vetoed that decent and sane agreement between Major League Baseball and Cuba's Baseball Federation...and OF COURSE, every unsavory baseball agent and human trafficker in the Caribbean and Florida rejoiced!!
       In the two graphics depicted above, the USA Today clearly chronicled the sheer indecency of how the Trump administration vetoed the decent and sane agreement signed by Major League Baseball and Cuba in 2019. Moreover, what happened this week -- in this last week of May of 2021 -- shows that the new Biden administration in Washington also doesn't have either the guts or the integrity to correct any of the Trump administration's indecency and insanity against Cubans on the island.
      In other words, in America's money-crazed two-Party political system, Democratic President Joe Biden has his own vicious Cuban dictator, the controversial Senator Bob Menendez from Union City/Newark.
      And in other words, Trump's Cuban dictator Rubio and Biden's Cuban dictator Menendez merely continue the shame to the U. S. democracy that began in earnest back in 1952 when the U. S. teamed with the top echelon of the Mafia to support the brutal, thieving Batista dictatorship in Cuba.
      In other words, beginning in Cuba in 1952 and in Miami in 1959 {after the Cuban Revolution} cowardly generations of U. S. citizens have been the most to blame for allowing this to happen. So 1952 and 1959 remain watershed years...for both Cuba and for the USA.


cubaninsider: The Celia Sanchez Revolution

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U.S. Media Propaganda Harms Democracy

And Harms Masses  of Cubans!!

    As a rare jewel in journalism for the past three decades, Ginger Thompson today remains one of the final vestiges of America's once renowned and respected journalistic endeavors. Including fifteen years as a truly great New York Times investigative reporter, Ms. Thompson won Pulitzers and other major honors for her uniquely informative and acutely  accurate reporting on Latin America and Caribbean developments, even including Cuba!! Even today, while also teaching journalism at Colombia University, Ms. Thompson is the Chief Correspondent for ProPublica, which particularly treasures important investigative reporting. Founding Father Thomas Jefferson would have loved Ginger Thompson because the writer of the USA's Declaration also once wrote that journalism was more important than anything else in a Democracy, including the government itself. For almost 240 years, the U. S. media was a hallmark of the world's best and most admired journalism. But no more. Now polls reveal that most Americans don't trust their mainstream media...believing that...the NY Times, the Washington Post, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, and CBS have become dispensers of extreme left-wing propaganda while Fox News, the NY Post, etc., are dispensers of extreme right-wing propaganda. But THANKFULLY, there is some light left in the increasingly dark tilt of the money-crazed and propaganda-obsessed U. S. media. Almost alone among the journalists now trying to keep some of the tunnel lights on, Ginger Thompson is more important now than she was in the recent past. Below is a post that Ms. Thompson published on Social Media today -- May 25, 2021 -- about the revival of one of her classic reports from 2011.
      As mentioned by ProPublica above, Ginger Thompson has long been renowned for producing and writing vitally important "breaking news events across the region, including Cuba, Haiti, and Venezuela" And, yes, the inference is correct because Ginger Thompson for many years has stood  almost alone for having the courage and integrity to report intelligently and accurately about Cuba; Haiti; and Venezuela. In other words, Ginger Thompson remains a thorn in the butts of otherwise mostly unchecked miscreants in the ultra-powerful U. S. who for decades have had lucrative pathways to exploiting targeted nations deemed vulnerable and exploitable. Regarding Revolutionary Cuba, the little revolution that defeated a brutal & thieving U.S.-backed and Mafia-backed dictatorship, any journalist in the U. S. who reports the unbiased truth tends to get car-bombed like Emilio Milian in Miami or summarily gets fired or bludgeoned. From the Miami Herald to the Washington Post to the New York Times -- and to NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, Fox News, Newsmax, etc. -- the anti-Cuban propagandists masquerading as "journalists" out-number mosquitoes in a tropical swamp...such as, for example, NBC's Miami-based Carmen Sesin!!!

       Based in Miami, Carmen Sesin is the Counter Revolutionary anti-Cuba expert for NBC News. Meanwhile, NBC News along with its extreme left-wing sister MSNBC network lobbies strongly for Little Havana's take over of Havana, using Carmen Sesin's prime pro-Little Havana and anti-Havana propaganda that poses as journalism.
     The above words from Carmen Sesin distributed by NBC News is, unfortunately, typical of today's propaganda-obsessed mainstream media in the United States. Note that Sesin above is mocking Cuban families on the island who are praying that one of the five vaccines that Cuba is developing will be efficacious enough to curb the surge of the COVID-19 pandemic on the island. Sesin, instead of spewing anti-Cuban propaganda, could have explained that...or explain that the well-educated, well informed, and Internet/Social Media-savvy Cubans in Cuba believe that the Trump-Biden tightening of the Embargo/Blockade is, along with trying to starve Cuban families on the island, currently taking advantage of COVID-19 to further to eviscerate Cubans on the island to appease a few "nice" Cubans such as Rubio & Menendez...and apparently to appease the bank accounts of rich corporations than now own major news operations such as NBC News.
      Of course, when it comes to Cuba the propaganda media in the U. S. never cares about the plight of Cubans on the island nor about their opinions, only about the opinions of the unholy people in the U. S. -- especially in Miami and in Congress -- who benefit so massively, economically and politically, from their unchecked and unsavory control of the USA's Cuban policies, which means rich U. S. Cubans get richer and richer while Cubans in Cuba get POORER and POORER!! Rosy Amaro, the young journalist and young mother shown above, has twice received lucrative, guaranteed offers from a well-known Cuban-American communications executive in Miami. And twice she has refused it. While there are millions of Cubans, and others, yearning to get and make their fortunes in the U. S., Cuba is unique in having millions of Cubans on the island willing to still fight-to-the-death in support of their families, their sovereignty, and their Cuban Revolution. So, the Celia Sanchez-like Rosy Amaro is a typical Cuban on the island. Moreover, she is extremely smart, well-educated, and vastly more decent than the miscreants in the U. S. who benefit so much from tormenting generations of Cuban children that Rosy Amaro verily adores. Meanwhile, the propagandists in the U. S. media are obliged to salivate about the plight of Cuban families on the island to appease and benefit unsavory people in a foreign, nearby, and much-more powerful nation. 
       The U. S. democracy, I believe, took a drastic hit when the Supreme Court allowed individual and corporate multi-billionaires to pour virtually unlimited ,dollars into political campaigns. Now multi-billionaire individuals and corporations can buy main media outlets and turn them into vast propaganda dispensers. For sure, in classic capitalist form, it creates many other multi-millionaires who are involved in producing the unending stream of nauseous commercials that bombard Americans around-the-clock, but all other great nations would not allow their citizens to be bombarded so cruelly.  And when money can dictate the elections of people to high positions that otherwise would not have the decency, intelligence, or skills to be useful dog-catchers in a tiny town, then the U. S. democracy is in dire straits. I also believe that the biggest threat to the U. S. democracy involves what has happened to the institution of journalism in the United States of America. For example, when 330 million Americans are persuaded to not be ashamed of the image depicted below, the America that the Founding Fathers envisioned is now one that does not exist.
     In that milieu, since 1962 the U. S. Embargo against the island of Cuba has existed for all these decades for the same reason that the U. S. elections now exist to make millionaires and billionaires out of the cretins involved in saturating screens with all those nauseous political commercials. In other words, those political commercials will continue to proliferate just like the Embargo of Cuba has continued to proliferate since 1962: "HEY...DON'T MIND WHAT IT SAYS ABOUT THE U. S. DEMOCRACY OR WHAT INSANITY IS SHOVES DOWN THE THROATS OF DECENT AMERICANS!!! AFTER ALL...CAPITALISM RULES, RIGHT?"
     Now that May-2021 is almost over, the poor little Embargoed/Blockaded island nation of Cuba is trying desperately to develop five vaccines to curb the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, most of the island's 11.2 million people believe that a few Embargo/Blockade supporters in the U. S. who have benefited economically and politically from that strangulation of masses of innocent Cubans are now using the U. S. Democracy to try to keep Cubans on the island from benefiting from the COVID-19 vaccines that people on the island are praying will prove to be efficacious...as soon as possible. Of course, as shown at the top of this post, much of the mainstream media in the U. S. is busy mocking Cuba's efforts to produce its own effective pandemic-easing vaccines despite the ever-tightening U. S. EMBARGO-BLOCKADE!!
      In 1959 no island nation remotely close to Cuba's size was expected to defeat a brutal dictator supported by the strongest criminal organization in the world and by the strongest nation in the world. And now, midway through 2021, there are predictions that the addition of the COVID-19 pandemic will finally doom the island, despite the hopes that the great Editorial Cartoonist Carlos LaTuff seems to be expressing above.



cubaninsider: Celia Sanchez's Saddest Days

cubaninsider: Celia Sanchez's Saddest Days: As She Fueled The Revolution Updated: Comments-Photos  Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015           This photo { Courtesy of AFP / Yamil Lage /...{Reposted by request on May 24th, 2021}


Who Dictates Genocide Against Cuba?

 Can Just One or Two U. S. Cubans Dictate It??

      On Dec. 1-2018 the BBC used the above Getty Images photo to illustrate an article entitled: "THE BUSH DYNASTY -- THE MODERN KENNEDYS."
     As shown above, the BBC article says that the Bush Dynasty started with industrialist Samuel Prescott Bush, the father of investment banker Prescott Sheldon Bush, who became a U. S. Senator in 1952. Prescott was the father of George Herbert Walker Bush who became CIA Director, Ronald Reagan's Vice President for 8 years, and then President for one 4-year-old term. It was the George Herbert Walker Bush who was the father of George W. Bush, who became President for 8 years, and his younger brother Jeb became a two-term Governor of Florida. Starting with George Herbert Walker Bush, it was the Bush Dynasty that elevated the exiles from Little Havana in Miami into a powerful economic and political power in both Florida and in the whole USA.
     The dynamic of the U.S.-Cuban conundrum changed dramatically when George H. W. Bush figuratively and essential anointed Jorge Mas Canosa the leader of the Cuban exiles in Miami, and thus for the entire nation. Mas Canosa was born in Santiago de Cuba in 1939 and fled to Florida because of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution on Jan. 1-1959. Like other notable anti-Castro Cubans such as the famed & infamous Luis Posada Carilles, etc., Mas Canosa quickly was put on the U. S. payroll and sent as a soldier to the then secretive Army of the Americas at Fort Benning in Georgia. That is where, unknown U. S. citizens, that the U. S. had long-trained soldiers and police from U. S.-backed dictatorships such as Batista in Cuba, Trujillo in the Dominican Republic, Somoza in Nicaragua, etc. Like Posada and others, Mas Canosa left Fort Benning as a 2nd Lt. trained to joined the CIA-led Bay of Pigs attack on Cuba in April of 1961 that was supposed to recapture Cuba but instead made Fidel Castro, who led the frontline defense, more entrenched in his firm control of Revolutionary Cuba. After the Bay of Pigs debacle for Miami and the U. S., GHW Bush decided Mas Canosa could dictate the demise of Cuba in the U. S. while having the unchecked backing of tax dollars and others mainstays of the U. S. government. Quickly Mas Canosa quickly created massive jewels for himself and for Miami...such as the Cuban American National FoundationRadio-TV Marti, the Helms-Burton Act, etc., etc. Long before 1976 when he became CIA Director GHW Bush, known to Americans as a World War II hero and oil man from Texas, had been instrumental in orchestrating and benefiting from anti-Cuban and pro-Little Havana/Miami projects. But anointing Mas Canosa as the Cuban dictator on U. S. soil was the major Bush Dynasty-Little Havana nexus.
      Thanks to the Bush Dynasty, Jorge Mas Canosa, the soldier from Fort Benning, quickly became a billionaire in Miami and his three sons, led by Mas-Tec CEO Jorge Mas, are billionaires today. Around the Miami area today there are many monuments to Jorge Mas Canosa in the form of prime schools, highways, etc., etc. Although he died unexpectedly of a heart attack in 1997 in Coral Gables, no other Counter Revolutionary Cuban in the U. S. has ever come close to the enduring power Jorge Mas Canosa had...and which to this day guides the ongoing, unchecked, lucrative and powerful Counter Revolutionary movement in the United States. From the 1950s {correct} till today {correct} the Bush dynasty reshaped the United States because of its tight economic and political alignment with extreme Counter Revolutionary Cubans from the Batista-Mafia dictatorship that the Cuban Revolution overthrew on Jan. 1, 1959.
    This 1989 photo pinpoints the indelible ties with the Busy dynasty and the most fierce Counter Revolutionary Cubans who had settled in the Little Havana section of Miami as the prime political forces in Florida, a prime state that has 29 vital Electoral Votes in presidential elections. The day this photo was taken in 1989 when young Jeb Bush had moved to Florida and, as Campaign Manager, used Bush power to put Ileana Ros-Lehtinen in the U. S. Congress from Little Havana-Miami. She was born in Havana and exiled to Little Havana with her powerful Counter Revolutionary family after the 1959 triumph of the Cuban Revolution. Obviously Jeb Bush considered her to be the most powerful Counter Revolutionary Cuban, and Jed latched onto her as his ticket to become the two-term Governor of Florida, which happened, and he expected that to be his pathway to be a U. S. President like his older brother George W. Bush and his grandfather George H. W. Bush, but that didn't happen.
    Once Jed Bush had used the self-serving Bush dynasty to put Little Havana's Ileana Ros-Lehtinen in the U. S. Congress in 1989, she remained there for 38 LONG YEARS as an ultra-powerful and unchecked Counter Revolutionary with extreme power over drastic legislation that helped Little Havana drastically while also drastically assaulting Cubans in Cuba. And as the photo shows, she soon began to make sure that the Bush dynasty helped her to also send other Little Havana extremists into the U. S. Congress, such as the two men flanking her in the above photo -- Havana-born Lincoln Diaz-Balart and his younger brother Mario Diaz-Balart, who have been in the U. S. Congress, together or singularly, since 1993 -- almost three decades. The Diaz-Balart brothers are the sons of Rafael Diaz-Balart who was an ultra-powerful and rich Minister in the Batista dictatorship in Cuba and, after the Cuban Revolution's triumph in 1959, became an ultra-powerful and rich Counter Revolutionary leader who quickly created in South Florida The White Rose, the very first Counter Revolutionary anti-Cuban paramilitary group on U. S. soil. And thus, while neither American citizens nor the American media are supposed to even mention it, Ros-Lehtinen and the Diaz-Balart brothers are unchallenged when it comes to dictating Cuban policies in Washington just as their father did in Havana. Mario Diaz-Balart is still in the U. S. Congress while both Ros-Lehtinen and Lincoln Diaz-Balart have retired from their long stints in Congress but remain powerfully committed to continue dictating the USA's Cuban policies from their South Florida strongholds.
      With supreme power in Little Havana after the Bush dynasty put her in the U. S. Congress for 38 years, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen has been able to point to younger Miami Counter Revolutionaries that she has successfully mentored and steered into the U. S. Congress, such as Marco Rubio!!!!
      This photo shows a News Conference in which Rubio, the Diaz-Balart brothers, and Ros-Lehtinen ruled the day in outlining policies. Please understand, as a democracy-loving American I do believe that Little Havana Cubans should have a voice in the USA's Cuban policies, but I don't believe they should be able to dictate Cuban policies in the U. S. the way the Batista/Luciano dictatorship, supported by the U. S. and the Mafia, dictated things in Cuba back in the 1950s. For the situation in the United States whereby a handful of Cuban extremists {as depicted by the photo above} can dictate Cuban policies in the U. S. since 1989 is, I believe, as disastrous to most Cubans, Cuban-Americans, and Americans -- just as the Batista-Mafia-U. S. rule was in Cuba in the 1950s. During Trump's four years as President, he turned Cuban policies totally over to Marco Rubio, Mario Diaz-Balart, and Mauricio Claver-Carone because Trump knew all three were life-long extremists as Counter Revolutionary Cubans. During Biden's 100+ days as President, he has totally turned Cuban policies over to the Republican Senator Rubio and the Democratic Senator Bob Menendez, because Trump knows both of them have built their economic and political bases as Counter Revolutionary Cubans. So in America's money-crazed two-party political system, nothing changed after the Trump-to-Biden transition. In other words, in regards to Cuba, only a handful of U. S. Cubans are allowed opinions related to Cuba. Surely, the opinions of 11 million Cubans on the island don't count at all regarding the genocide endlessly aimed at them from Washington and Little Havana. And, in fact, the opinions of most Cuban-Americans don't count at all in the United States when it comes to Cuba.
     For example, Carlos Lazo is a Cuban-American professor in Seattle and he, along with many of his students, have ridden their bicycles the 3-thousand miles from Seattle to Washington to beg members of Congress and the Trump-Biden White Houses TO STOP THE GENOCIDE AGAINST CUBAN FAMILIES THAT APPEASES ONLY A SELF-SERVING HANDFUL OF U. S. CUBANS!!! But, within the bowels of the U. S. democracy, Carlos Lazo's opinion doesn't count at all when it comes to genocide against Cuban families on the island. On the other hand, the now propaganda-spewing but still powerful Washington Post, now owned by JEFF BEZOS whose stepfather was Cuban-born Miguel Bezos, allows the most extremist Counter Revolutionary Cuban dissidents to write massive Editorials but the Washington Post, as far as I know, wouldn't allow a great Cuban-American like Carlos Lazo to say a word or to be mentioned in a Washington Post article. That is one example of the low-esteem Americans now for the mainstream media in the U. S. where, at prior times, they were deeply respected.
    In the USA's two-party political system, Republican Senator Marco Rubio from Florida and Democratic Senator Bob Menendez from New Jersey in these last few days in May of 2021 are easily dictating the USA's Cuban policies that many decent people...surely 11 million Cubans on the island!!!...consider to be genocide against masses of innocent people in a tiny country being pounded by self-serving and not-so-innocent people in a much larger nation. Of course,  neither everyday Americans nor the mainstream U. S. media are supposed to care. Also, no one in the U. S. is supposed to notice that either Rubio or Menendez seem to always be the Chairman of the U. S. Senate's powerful Foreign Relations Committee...to better dictate policy against Cuba, which is, of course, now an independent nation that is not dominated by foreign powers like Spain {for over a century} or by America and the Mafia, at least till the Cuban Revolution triumphed on January 1, 1959. Periodically since 1959 the U. S. government -- meaning Congress and the White House -- allowed other voices to speak about U.S.-Cuban relations but mostly the long Bush dynasty -- which included three Presidential terms, two Vice Presidential terms, a very bloody CIA directorship, two terms as Governor of Florida, etc. -- self-servingly teamed with Counter Revolutionary Cuban extremists economically and politically. Importantly, the Bush power anointed Cuban exile extremist Jorge Mas Canosa as the Cuban dictator on U. S. soil, namely Little Havana in Miami. That soon resulted in Canosa becoming the first Cuban billionaire in Miami as well as the founder of ultra-powerful enterprises that massively enriched/empowered already powerful U. S. Cubans while also massively starving-depriving-and-making miserable the masses of Cubans on the island. All of this was orchestrated by the Republicans in the Bush dynasty and then expanded further by the Republican Trump administration from 2017 till 2021. But even the George W. Bush presidency, for example, refused to activate Title 3 of the Batistiano-orchestrated congressional Helms-Burton Act, which Canosa made sure would vastly enrich certain U. S. Cubans while vastly depriving Cubans on the island. But Trump did activate Title 3 although even President George W. Bush, and surely all decent people, believed it was too grossly genocidal to activate against Cuban families on the island. When the Democrat Biden replaced the Republican Trump as President of the U. S. on Jan. 20-2021, many people around the world believed that well-known Title 3 genocide against Cuba would surely be curbed or ended. But, of course, that hasn't and won't happen. As back as in the 1950s when the U. S. and the Mafia self-servingly supported the brutal-thieving Batista dictatorship in Cuba, and since 1959 has supported the Batistiano contingent feasting on Cuban bones from their strongholds in the U. S., the island of Cuba has been considered a piggybank for rich Americans and, of course, for the politically connected Batistiano-Cuban exiles who fled the victorious Cuban Revolution starting in the wee hours before daylight on Jan. 1-1959. In that constantly evolving milieu for over six decades, while also drastically reshaping the U. S. democracy into a Little Havana image, the U. S. currently appears to have two co-Cuban dictators -- Republican Senator Marco Rubio and Democratic Senator Bob Menendez. In other words, in a two-party political system, Rubio & Menendez now have all of their Cuban bases covered. Surely, although Republican Trump is no longer a factor, the Democratic control of both Congress and the White House is also a patsy for being dictated to by Rubio and Menendez. {P.S.: I am aware that it is generally too unhealthy for U. S. citizens and U. S. journalists to agree with anything that criticizes Little Havana's control of America's Cuban policies, but it would be, I think, interesting to see or hear the benefactors of such policies try to justify them!!}.
      As you see above, Rubio and Menendez -- taking advantage of having control of the USA's Cuban policies in both the Senate and in the Biden White House -- can easily dictate to President Biden's Secretary of the Treasury YET another policy to appease Little Havana while also trying to further starve Cuban families on the island. This, of course, has been going on for decades but now money-crazed Washington has recently become more-and-more at the unchecked mercy of the likes of Rubio and Menendez. What, you ask, can 330 million Americans who don't benefit from such policies but actually fund them do about it? In my opinion the answer is: NOTHING!!
     Back in 1952 a generation of Americans didn't object when the U. S. government teamed with the highest echelon of the Mafia to support the brutal/thieving Batista dictatorship in Cuba. Then that same generation of Americans didn't object when the leading remnants of the Batista dictatorship, chased off the island by the victorious Cuban Revolution, replicated Batista's Havana on U. S. soil in Miami, known as Little Havana. The great Editorial Cartoonist Carlos LaTuff is known worldwide for his depictions of the U.S./Little Havana genocide against Cubans on the island, as depicted above. In the United States of America, when Americans are not ashamed of the images of the USA shown above, I believe the USA's Cuban policies are as detrimental to America as they are to Cubans in Cuba. But as an American and as a democracy-lover, Carlos LaTuff's famed images of the USA's genocide against Cubans on the island do shame me!!!
      As shown above, Carlos LaTuff says that the U. S. is taking advantage of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic to further tighten the embargo against Cubans on the island. For a couple of centuries, the most democratic U. S. Democracy would have helped Cuban families on the island during such a pandemic as COVID-19. But...no more!! 
      As shown above, Carlos LaTuff says that the U.S. levies huge fines on foreign and U. S. companies that might do some business with Cuba, and that the U. S. routinely promotes people and countries that help the U. S. eviscerate Cuba while the U. S. also routinely PULL THE RUGS FROM UNDER NATIONS THAT MIGHT BE FRIENDS TO CUBA!!!
     With his emphatic international Editorial Cartoons -- and with a microphone -- Carlos LaTuff, a Brazilian, says that the U. S. Embargo/Blockade against Cuba since 1962 "has been 'legal' for all these decades because the rest of the world cowardly allows a nuclear and economic superpower to get away with it against masses of people in a much smaller nation. But being afraid of the U.S's economic and military power is no excuse."
     More and more people, it seems, are beginning to agree with Carlos LaTuff particularly now that the Biden administration in May of 2021 refuses to ease the genocide against Cubans on the island even while Cuba is trying mightily to produce its own vaccine to combat the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. In other words, there were times since the 1950s that decent people in the Democratic Party tried their best to ease or to end the Republican Party's self-serving genocide against Cubans on the island. But no more!!!!
    Now, as far as Cuba is concerned, Marco Rubio is the Republican dictator of Cuba; and Bob Menendez is the Democratic dictator of Cuba. And in a two-party political system, I believe that is an ultra-undemocratic disaster for both the island of Cuba and for the United States of America!!!


UN Ashamed of US Cuban Blockade

 During Pandemic Especially!!!

     This week -- on May 12th, 2021 -- a joint News Conference at the UN in New York consisted of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres both expressing the UN's shame about not being able to end what they consider the genocidal U. S. Embargo-Blockade against mass Cuban families on the island. Lavrov said, "Americans are told that Russia, China and others each day commit genocide against masses of people in smaller countries. Of course, most of the world daily recognizes the daily U. S. genocide committed against millions of Cubans in their much smaller country."
     The leader at the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, said, "Even during the deadly Pandemic, the nations of the world cannot persuade the United States to ease, or hopefully end, its economic blockade of the Cuban people. Next month, on June 23rd, the nations of the world in near unanimity will yet again vote to beg the United States to end over six decades of its Blockade of Cuba and yet again the U. S. will again laugh at us and veto the will of the world. At the United Nations here on U. S. soil, our frustrations will again confront us on June 23rd, 2021. In other words, there is something very wrong with that picture."
    For many years, the graphic depicted above created by the great Brazilian Editorial Cartoonist Carlos LaTuff has circled around the world millions of times. It's message...urging the United Nations to persuade the United States to lift the Embargo against Cuba...has been unheeded for many years by the United States. Moreover, 330 million Americans are programmed not to be ashamed of this image of the United States democracy.
      During the 2020-2021 COVID PANDEMIC this Editorial Cartoon by the great Carlos LaTuff has also circled around the world millions of times, although the mainstream U. S. media is obliged to ignore its pertinent message. BUT THE MESSAGE IS THIS FOR THE REST OF THE WORLD TO UNDERSTAND: "The United States has taken advantage of the COVID Pandemic to expand its six-decade-old genocidal Embargo against Cuba."
      The Trump administration in Washington anointed Senator Marco Rubio as the Cuban dictator on U. S. soil. To the surprise of some, the Biden administration beginning on January 20-2021 anointed Senator Bob Menendez as the new Cuban dictator on U. S. soil to succeed Rubio. In other words, both Trump & Biden feathered their political nests by anointing the two most vicious and self-serving  Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Washington to dictate their genocidal Cuban policies. Unfortunately, no longer does the U. S. democracy have either a decent media nor a decent generation of Americans to act as a Check and Balance against such depravity as a Superpower committing genocide against masses of people in a much smaller nation.
      Of course, when the present generation of Americans are programmed to not be ashamed of this worldwide image of America, perhaps the superpower United States is actually in more trouble than poor and vulnerable little Cuba!!!
     Meanwhile, the world's best News Agency, London-based REUTERS, has three excellent and unbiased journalists who regularly report from Cuba, including Sarah Marsh. Thus, this international REUTERS article tells us that Latin America is hoping that Little Cuba is about to unleash it own COVID-19 vaccine.




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