Rubio: America's BIGGEST Farce

Shames America, Shames Democracy!!
{Updated: Monday, December 31st, 2018}
     In this last week of 2018 the BIGGEST HEADLINE in the United States related to Cuba was illustrated by the above photo montage. It fronted a blaring headline spread across the United States and the Internet by both Fox News and the Major League Baseball Network. The HUGE headline is: "Marco Rubio Calls MLB Deal With Cuba 'A Farce' That Needs To Be 'Over-Ruled'" Of course, the biggest FARCE in America and the FARCE that needs to be OVER-RULED is Marco Rubio himself. Marco Rubio is a disgraceful Cuban-American.

     Last week the Federation of Cuban Baseball and Major League Baseball reached an historic agreement that was long overdue and one that every decent American and Cuban-American, as far as is known, agreed with and welcomed. But, of course, it is no surprise that the Little Havana choirboy from Miami, Senator Marco Rubio, is earnestly trying to get his puppeteer regarding Cuba, President Trump, to veto the deal. As with everything else related to Cuba that Rubio espouses, his FCB-MLB tirade is designed to help the extreme Counter Revolutionary element that, for six decades and counting, has tried to terrorize, annihilate, and starve totally innocent Cubans on the island, while also shaming America and Democracy as reflected by the unanimity of the UN vote -- 191-to-0 -- in 2016 in the UN, the last year of the decent Obama administration when President Obama agreed with the entire rest of the world that the U. S. should be unanimously condemned for its Cuban policy dictated by the likes of choirboy Marco Rubio. The FCB-MLB agreement has been hailed by ALL DECENT PEOPLE because it is designed to have Cuban prospects sign with the 30 MLB teams the same way a prospect from Japan or Korea or Taiwan, for example, can sign. This is to prevent the main benefactors of the age-old Cuban process, the criminal Human Traffickers, from dictating the Cuban signings by tormenting, threatening, and black-mailing Cuban players. Only a Marco Rubio could oppose the decency and sanity of the FCB-MLB agreement, but unfortunately {via an egregious political pay-off} President Trump has anointed Marco Rubio as America's Cuban dictator. Exacerbating that abomination is the fact that even the left-wing U. S. media that is trying so hard to impeach Trump is too afraid to assail Trump for his most malevolent act, which is turning America's Cuban policies over to the likes of a Marco Rubio.
  A veteran and respected Cuban journalist, Randy Alonso Falcon, reacted strongly in the Cuban media, on television and in print, to Marco Rubio's opposition to the FCB-MLB agreement that is designed to remove human traffickers from their dominant role when Cuban baseball players sign with USA Major League teams. Mr. Alonso wrote/said: "It is typical Rubio tactics and even if he got Trump to nuke Cuba, the U. S. media, and not just the right-wing element, would not be brave enough to object to it. Rubio is right now the main promoter and benefactor, economically and politically, of the anti-Cuban policies of the current Trump administration. That says something about Cuba, I guess, but it says a lot more about the United States."
    Another respected Cuban journalist, Jose Manzaneda, has also gotten fed-up by the U. S. media coverage of Rubio's uncontested assaults on Cubans in Cuba. Manzaneda wrote: "Rubio's gains from assaults on Cuba mostly affect our most innocent people, another generation of Cuban children that Cuban adults, since the defeat of Batista and the Mafia, have tried to protect as their top priority. Even 100% sane agreements between American and Cuban interests, such as the baseball deal designed to make it safe for Cuban players to sign with American pro teams, are often turned upside-down by a few extremists like Rubio. All the while, the traditional anti-Cuban U. S. media cheers-on Rubio while the primary upfront media is just too scared to criticize him. That's kind of funny, isn't it?.....except for the fact that Rubio's gains always hurt another generation of totally nice Cuban children the most."
    A top Cuban writer for the Miami Herald-McClatchy newspaper chain is Franco Ordonez. His Dec. 29-2018 article reports that America's Cuban dictator, Rubio, has persuaded President Trump to veto the Cuba-MLB deal. The Ordonez article is entitled: "Trump Administration Aims To Stop Professional Baseball Deal With Cuba." The veto, of course, will hurt or displease everyone -- especially Cuban players on the island and the dozens of Cubans currently playing in the U. S. pro leagues. The only ones the veto will please, of course, are a few self-serving extremists such as the incredibly selfish Rubio. And that, sadly, has been going on in the United States since the Batista-Mafia dictators in Cuba were chased off the island on January 1, 1959...only to quickly regroup with another capital, Little Havana in Miami.
    The best journalist and the best Cuban expert at the Miami Herald is Mimi Whitefield. Her Dec. 28-2018 article is entitled: "Rubio Calls Deal To Allow Cuban Players To Sign With MLB 'A Farce,' Vows To Overturn It." To allow a greedy, self-serving Rubio to do that to whet his own economic and political nests shames America and Democracy, but with a Republican president in tow, he can, of course, do it.
    Baseball is far more important to the 11.4 million Cubans on the island than it is to the 325 million Americans in America. For a handful of greedy, self-serving, revengeful, and mostly unchecked miscreants in the U. S. to use baseball to punish totally innocent Cubans in Cuba should be something that concerns all Americans and all Cuban-Americans. Being scared regarding the Batistiano-dictation of the Cuban narrative in the USA is no longer an excuse, not after six decades.
     When a Marco Rubio is put in charge of America's Cuban policies by the latest pro-Batistiano-Mafiosi Republican President, it is the one primary reason Trump should be impeached, even if the mainstream United States media that is engaged in a coup to impeach him is too afraid to admit it. Marco Rubio is the biggest FARCE in the United States and Marco Rubio is the first thing in the United States that should be OVER-RULED by Democracy-loving Americans.
    The montage above that fronts this week's latest Marco Rubio headline attests to the sheer greed and gutlessness of America's new Cuban dictator from Little Havana in Miami. Hiding behind the skirts of the U. S. Democracy and the U. S. Treasury, Marco Rubio's shameless desire is to starve, deprive, and make miserable everyday Cubans on the island to satisfy his extremist Counter Revolutionary donors. A United States democracy that cannot rein-in or corral a Marco Rubio is a democracy that deserves the unanimity of that world-wide 191-to-0 condemnation in the United Nations.


Will Cuba Survive 2018?

HEY!! It's ONLY 1 More Day!!
    If you get your Cuba news from extreme right-wing media rags like Breitbart or extreme right-wing blogs like Babalu, you are probably convinced that Cuba's revolutionary government mows down thousands of Cubans each day with machine-guns set up in Havana's streets on the island's western end and Santiago's streets on the eastern end, with the carnage even worse in between those two major cities. But if you're smart enough to avoid right-wing propaganda, there are media sources off the island that actually report fairly about Cuban issues. For example, even the three major Cuban headlines from legitimate sources on December 28th-2018 indicated Cuba might after trouble surviving 2018 with just 3 days left in the old year. The first such Dec. 28-2018 headline I reference was illustrated by the above-right photo and it fronted a Reuters article written by Marc Frank, a great journalist and a true Cuban expert. This Dec. 28-2018 article is entitled: "Realty Bites: Cuba Plans More Austerity As Finances Worsen." That detailed update from the great Marc Frank is truly foreboding.
    The photo on the left illustrated a major Dec. 28th-2018 article in the legitimate Miami Herald that is also foreboding. It is entitled: "After 60 years Of Revolution In Cuba, Cracks In Leadership Emerge." This updated article from a respected media source that monitors Cuba closely is also foreboding and therefore also should be legitimately heeded as 2018 draws to a close.
     The photo on the right illustrated a Dec. 28th-2018 article by Bay News, which is a legitimate South Florida source dispensing updated Cuban news. This article is entitled: "First New Church In Cuba In 60 Years Built By Tampa Parish." While innocent enough, this article too is foreboding because it updates the growing influence of the USA state of Florida on the nearby Caribbean island. That emerging influence is not all bad, of course, because it reflects the desires of the majority of the 2+ million Cuban-Americans in South Florida who favor decent relations with Cubans on the island...but the foreboding aspect of this article hints that even such decent openings leave cracks that the indecent Counter Revolutionary Cubans can exploit.
     In other words, I believe the three major legitimate articles about Cuba on Dec. 28th-2018 confirm that, just three days prior to 2019, the long-maligned island of Cuba is still being cruelly encircled by a minority of nefarious Cuban-American forces headquartered in Miami even as a majority of Cuban-Americans even in Miami, along with most Americans and most citizens of the World, have decent and compassionate feelings about 11.4 million Cubans on their island.
     In the meantime, three days prior to the New Year of 2019, it is apparent to the world, and to America's and Cuba's friends and foes alike, that the vaunted U. S. democracy is not strong enough to shed the yoke of history's longest and cruelest EMBARGO ever imposed by a powerful nation against a weaker nation. And until it does shed that albatross, the United States of America will well deserve the unanimity of the 191-to-0 worldwide condemnation it received in the UN in 2016, the last year of the decent Obama administration when President Obama himself approved that unanimous vote. But even when a decent, two-term U. S. President couldn't budge the definitive image depicted above, the question that lingers as we prepare to enter 2019 is this: Does the EMBARGO shame the United States and Democracy even more than it harms innocent Cubans? A U. S. democracy unwilling to address that question is not the U. S. democracy crafted and molded by America's Founding Fathers. Instead, it is a U. S. democracy being crafted and molded to suit the greed and the whims of another generation from the long-ago overthrown {January 1, 1959} Batista-Mafia dictatorship on the nearby island of Cuba, dictators that fled and then resettled mainly in Miami's Little Havana initially but later became the dictators of America's Cuban policies and narratives from the USA's capital city.


Advances in US-Cuba Relations

Heading into the New Year!!
    The Center for Democracy in the Americas {CDA} based in Washington has worked tirelessly for the past decade to improve relations between Cuba and the United States. It greatly influenced the Obama administration to do exactly that...but then came the Republican Trump administration. Yet, in this final week of 2018 the CDA is pleased with some recent and major USA-Cuba successes.
     The CDA's Executive Director, Emily Mendrala, has emailed supporters of the Center for Democracy in the Americas that there is much work to do in 2019 but she hailed three particular recent advances in U.S.-Cuban relations. They are:
         *"Roswell Park Cancer Institute entered into the first ever joint venture with Cuba's Center for Molecular Immunology to research life-saving cancer medicine,
             **"MLB brokered  deal to protect Cuban baseball players to sign directly with MLB clubs and avoid the smugglers' routes of years past, and
         ***"Just this week, President Trump signed into law a Farm Bill that dealth the first legislative blow to the embargo in almost two decades."
       Taking Americans to Cuba and Cubans to America is just one of the many things that Emily Mendrala and the Center for Democracy in the Americas do to foster goodwill between Americans and Cubans while also improving the relations between the two governments whenever and wherever possible. When there are improvements in U.S.-Cuban relations, it can be assumed that the CDA helped broker them.


Christmas Message From Cuba

Hoping for Peace In New Year !!
{Updated: Thursday, December 27th, 2018}
     On Christmas Day 2018 the message the Cuban government sent worldwide was the Tweet shown above from the island's highly respected Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez. Translated to English, it says:
             "Let's Preserve Life and Peace. Let's take care of all the girls and boys. Let's encourage the achievements of the Youth. Protect the Family. Let's treat everyone as one would like to be treated."
     This is one of the Cuban children that Bruno Rodriguez referenced in his Tweet. Her name is Mariana. She turned 5-years-old back in October. She is shown Christmas Day-2018 on the set in the Cubanvision International studio in Havana where her mom, Rosy Amaro Perez, is an anchor. Mariana is training to be like her mom. But she'll have other options too. At her tender age, Mariana is already a talented and poised singer, an accomplished dancer, and an award-winning gymnast. I am totally convinced that foreign Counter Revolutionary extremists in a foreign nation, such as Marco Rubio and Mauricio Claver-Carone, should never have any influence on Mariana's life. Mothers on the island like Mariana's mom should have total influence on the lives of their children, and that's been Mariana's good fortune for 5+ years.
Mariana and her mom.
Mariana and her mom.
Mariana's mom.
     Never challenged by the mainstream USA media and shamefully promoted by the right-wing USA media, Marco Rubio can go on USA television anytime he chooses and say anything he wants to about Cubans on the island. Rubio's biggest lie, of course, is when he says his primary concern regarding Cubans on the island is "to help them." Rubio's only concern, in my acutely researched opinion, is to promote his bank accounts and his political ambitions.
 Cuban children on the island...that's Mariana in the blue and white gown...deserve a future predicated by their mothers on the island, not by greedy and revengeful Rubio-type people off the island.
    The last thing the precocious Mariana needs is someone like Marco Rubio predicating her future. That's a chore for her mom Rosy.
     Any American not embarrassed by the image above does not, in my opinion, have either the guts or the decency to comment on what's best for the Cuban children on the island. That prerogative should be left up to the mothers on the island, not miscreants off the island like Rubio. And any American not enbarrassed by the loud unanimity of the world's condemnation of the Embargo...as registered 191-to-0 in 2016 when the decent President Obama agreed...is, in my opinion, gutless and unAmerican. Hiding behind the skirts of the world Superpower enables the sanctimonious Rubio to ignore the unanimity of World Opinion and continue, year after year, targeting Cuban children on the island...especially when Republicans control the White House or either branch of Congress. Of course, a cowardly U. S. news media and a pusillanimous American citizenry are two gigantic reasons the likes of Rubio have gotten away with such shame since January 1, 1959.


Cuba Rides Caribbean Waves

At Christmastime 2018!!
{Updated: Tuesday, December 25th, 2018}
      At Christmastime in the Americas in 2018, most citizens are celebrating the end of a fading year and gaily anticipating the New Year of 2019. But the most targeted nation in the Western Hemisphere, very vulnerable Cuba, is primarily dealing with other age-old realities concerning the environment and geography -- namely the island's sometime wicked attacks from the often fierce Caribbean weather and the island's close proximity, unfortunately, to the Counter Revolutionary zealots headquartered in Miami's Little Havana sector. The photo above shows workers at Cuba's main government building, MINREX, dealing this past Holiday weekend with Havana's latest flood that yet again highlighted the capital city's dangerous ocean-front shoreline. A key MINREX official, Johana Tablada, wrote: "Asi esta entorno de nuestro Ministeria a las 12 horas. La Habana y el mar, relacion de amor y peligro." {"This is the environment for our Ministry at 12 o'clock. Havana and the sea, relationship of love and danger."}. Yes, love & danger.
       The people this weekend cleaning up the most important office complex in Havana include top MINREX government officials such as Johana Tablada, Ana Teresita, and Marcelino Medina.
     This weekend's flood plaguing Havana only troubled the lowest-lying areas near the famed Malecon Seawall, but Cubans such as the frustrated young man shown walking away after he viewed the partially flooded street is newly confronted with more assaults than just those from the often-fickle, sometimes deadly Caribbean weather. The primary attacks for everyday Cubans are coming from Little Havana, the U. S. Congress, and the White House in Washington...a foreign land much stronger and many times richer than Cuba.
    The last major hurricane that tormented Havana and the entire island was a reminder that the nearby Superpower United States once again came to the financial and recovery aid of other Hurricane-devastated Caribbean nations, all except Cuba. Instead of helping 11.4 million totally innocent everyday Cubans during such disasters, the United States takes advantage of such Cuban problems by even blocking or scaring off other nations from providing needed material and other assistance to the swamped Cuban people.
       Since January of 1959 the Cuban policies of the United States have been largely dictated by what Cubans on the island consider the criminals {and now their rich-and-powerful offspring} from the overthrown Batista-Mafia dictatorship, which quickly resettled in their new headquarters on U. S. soil, namely nearby Miami but also such Mafia-influenced USA cities as Newark. For the world's greatest Democracy to allow that to persist for six decades, while also failing to even recapture Cuba, does two things: {1} It shames the United States far more than it shames Cuba; and {2} it has been allowed to shame both the U. S. and Democracy more than any other topic in the eyes of the entire world. For example, in 2016 -- the final year in which the decent Barack Obama was President of the United States, the entire world voted 191-to-0 at the UN to condemn the USA for its gutless and cruel Cuban policies, and the loud unanimity of that vote was endorsed by the then decent U. S. President Obama. Yet, to appease a handful of yet another generation of Batista-Mafia benefactors, the USA Cuban policies...as universally depicted by the Carlos LaTuff image above, persists. That fact shines the primary spotlight not on the criminal benefactors but on the generations of cowardly and unpatriotic U. S. citizens who have so meekly allowed the LaTuff image to shame America and Democracy every day since January 1, 1959. The quintessential image of America's Cuban policy since the 1950s IS the Latuff image; it embarrasses me as a democracy-loving American and I will forever not understand why it doesn't embarrass more Americans other than the most decent ones, like Obama.
     During his two terms as President of the United States {2009-2017} Barack Obama did all he could to bring decency and sanity to America's Cuban policies...including the normalization of everything he could possibly normalize. He even became the first U. S. President since Herbert Hoover {who visited the island on a warship} to visit Cuba since 1928. While in Cuba, the decent President Obama, speaking directly {see above} to the Cuban people on nationwide television, made this sincerely brave, and  eminently decent statement: "Cuba does not need to fear a threat from the United States." Of course, when he made that sincere, decent, and sane promise to the Cuban people, President Obama didn't anticipate that his successor as President would be a Republican named Donald Trump.
   From 1952, when the USA sicced the Mafia on Cuba so rich Americans could partake in the fleecing of Cuba, through the year 2018 all six Republican administrations in Washington have been tightly aligned with the Batista-Mafia rape-and-robbery of Cuba, which includes since 1959 the vicious military-terrorist-assassination-embargo attempts to re-capture the vulnerable but pugnacious island. Thus, shortly after being inaugurated on Jan. 20-2017 as America's all-time most unlikely President, Donald Trump made a beeline to Little Havana in Miami to inform the most vicious Cuban-American Counter Revolutionaries that he would not only reverse all of Obama's decency towards Cuba but he would also avenge their, and America's, humiliating military defeat at the Bay of Pigs in April of 1961. Today, as we prepare to enter the new year of 2019, Little Havana in Miami is awash in tributes to Assault Brigade 2506, the losers along with the United States at the Bay of Pigs. When Trump made those promises in Little Havana he was highlighting the Brigade 2506 banner and, of course, he was doing so in a lavish Little Havana building named for one of the Brigade 2506 attack leaders.
     Since his despicable lack of respect for the United States democracy was on display in front of the Brigada Asalto 2506 banner in Little Havana, President Trump has spent two years turning America's Cuban policy back over to the most self-serving Counter Revolutionary zealots on U. S. soil -- such as Marco Rubio, John Bolton, Mauricio Claver-Carone, and Little Havana's Diaz-Balart clan whose father Rafael Diaz-Balart was a key Minister in Cuba's Batista-Mafia dictatorship and, after 1959, one of the all-time richest and most powerful Counter Revolutionary extremists on American soil.
     As America approaches the New Year of 2019, since 1959 the Diaz-Balart family and other extreme zealots with extreme ties dating back to Cuba's Batista dictatorship have been allowed to dictate the Cuban policies and the Cuban narratives in the United States to suit their whims, greed, and revenge.
    This week the much-maligned but very sophisticated Cuban state media has used the above image to respond to such things as a Batistiano-dictated control of the Cuban narrative in the USA. The above photo and words were spewed to the world on Twitter by Havana-born Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Little Havana/Counter Revolutionary fame. For the past three decades Ros-Lehtinen has been extremely effective as a vicious anti-Cuban member of the U. S. Congress, a position gifted to her in 1989 by the self-serving Bush dynasty when Jeb Bush was Ros-Lehtinen's Campaign Manager. Using the photo above, Ros-Lehtinen was trying to depict a revolt or anti-government demonstration by Cubans. The U. S. media, of course, accepted the apparent ruse as a typical component of the U. S. Cuban narrative, but the Cuban media also pointed out that the photo was not taken in Cuba...but in Egypt against the Egyptian government, and there was no such anti-Cuban demonstration. Cairo is not Havana, except maybe when a juxtaposition can benefit the USA Cuban narrative.
      Regardless of what cruelty is directed at Cubans on their island, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and all the Little Havana politicians have gotten a totally free ride from the U. S. media. After three decades of a Bush dynasty-sponsored tenure in the U. S. Congress from Miami, Ros-Lehtinen is retiring. She expected her hand-picked successor, one of America's most famous Hispanic journalists, would be elected to succeed her.
     The Nov.-2018 election to replace Ros-Lehtinen in the U. S. Congress pitted 77-year-old Donna Shalala against Maria Elvira Salazar, Ros-Lehtinen's and Donald Trump's pick.
     The new U. S. Congresswoman from Ros-Lehtinen's Florida district, Donna Shalala, indicates that Little Havana's grip on politics in Florida and in the U. S. Congress is showing some cracks. If so, it's about time...considering that most of the 2+ million Cuban-Americans favor decent treatment of Cubans on the island and therefore their voices need to be stronger.
    From the first day almost two years ago when Donald Trump was sworn in as America's 45th President, the ultra-powerful and ultra-rich left-wing media in the United States has refused to accept his election and thus, for the past two years, has engaged in an all-out media coup to impeach him without doing the democratic thing, which is waiting for the next presidential election to democratically perform that deed. The anti-democratic/extreme left-wing culprits seeking to impeach/imprison Trump include...the New York Times, the Washington Post, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, and ABC. All those omnipotent and so-called news outlets are far less interested in covering the news than in overturning the Trump presidency. And yet...not any of those left-wing/anti-Trump media sources has the guts to even mention Trump's most diabolical digression, which is his Batistiano/Mafiosi-driven Cuban policies. And this is so even though all of those aforementioned left-wing media culprits assign their propagandists-pundits {masquerading as real journalists} to dig up and exploit anything possible to demean Trump -- anything possible, that is, except Trump's most demeaning action, which is turning America's Cuban policies back over to the Counter Revolutionary extremists.
     And so, ironically, the besieged President Trump is actually correct when he accuses the left-wing/Fake News culprits of shaming America's democratic principles by using a media coup to try to overthrow his presidency. And moreover...frankly, my dear...the left-wing media extremists did not do democracy-lovers like me any favors by putting Trump in the White House following Obama...and moreover might further exacerbate the situation by getting Trump re-elected for a second term beginning in 2020.
      In other words, while the ultra-powerful left-wing extremists who dominate the pundit/propagandist-driven U. S. media are trying so hard to dethrone President Trump and even put him in JAIL, the white backlash to such anti-democratic stupidity put Trump in the White House for his first term and might give him a second term.
      Meanwhile, on the island of Cuba at Christmastime in 2018, this young Cuban man had to check on the latest flood to hit Havana. But the main threat to him and the other 11.4 million Cubans on the island, most Cubans believe, is what they consider another criminal administration, Trump's, in Washington.
     And meanwhile, this young Cuban woman, and most of the other 11.4 million Cubans on the island, are busy studying what is the first new Cuban Constitution since the 1970s. Then on February 24th, 2019, she and the other everyday Cubans will actually get to vote on the island's new Constitution. Of course, it is not perfect...BUT it is not nearly as imperfect as self-serving miscreants hiding behind the skirts of a nearby Superpower being allowed to punish this woman because she has chosen not to defect to Miami and not to try to overthrow her revolutionary government, which she hopes the new constitution will improve while the one thing she has no control over or input on is the Trump-Batistiano administration in Washington.
 And Through it all, Cuba's sovereign revolutionary flag still waves in those often troubling Caribbean breezes. And while imperfect, it is better than another Batistiano-Mafiosi flag representing the Caribbean's largest, most beautiful, and most coveted island nation. In other words, Cubans on the island should determine Cuba's future, not miscreants hiding decade after decade behind the skirts of a foreign Superpower.
     Cuba's new President Miguel Diaz-Canel frequently uses Twitter and the Cuban Radio & Television media to connect with the people. His Dec. 23rd-2018 Tweet shown above says: "Much congratulations to Mailen Diaz Almaguer on your birthday. All Cubans celebrate with you. With love and appreciation we wish you a happy day. We are Cuba. We are continuity."
      The 19-year-old Mailen Diaz Almaguer is the only survivor from the May 18-2018 plane crash on the edge of Havana that killed the other 112 people on board.
This is Mailen right after the crash.
     With massive injuries from the top of her head to her toes, Mailen was provided loving minute-by-minute care at Calixto Garcia Hospital, the island's top trauma facility. Once she was out of danger, Mailen was moved to the renowned Amejeiras Brothers rehabilitation unit where on December 23rd she celebrated her 20th birthday along with the island's President.
      This is Mailen's sister Maylen showing a beloved Smart Phone photo of Mailen just before the crash. There were still sad tears in Maylen's eyes, but some happy, grateful tears too.
     This photo shows Mailen, on the left, looking strong on her 20th birthday on Dec. 23rd-2018. The selfi was taken by her sister Maylen and posted on Facebook and in the Cuban media.
    The horrendous airplane crash occurred exactly one month after Miguel Diaz-Canel had become President of Cuba on April 19th, 2018. Within minutes of the tragedy, President Diaz-Canel was at the site as shown above. Cuba's Triumphs & Tragedies are now Diaz-Canel's.

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