Saturday, December 29, 2018

Rubio: America's BIGGEST Farce

Shames America, Shames Democracy!!
{Updated: Monday, December 31st, 2018}
     In this last week of 2018 the BIGGEST HEADLINE in the United States related to Cuba was illustrated by the above photo montage. It fronted a blaring headline spread across the United States and the Internet by both Fox News and the Major League Baseball Network. The HUGE headline is: "Marco Rubio Calls MLB Deal With Cuba 'A Farce' That Needs To Be 'Over-Ruled'" Of course, the biggest FARCE in America and the FARCE that needs to be OVER-RULED is Marco Rubio himself. Marco Rubio is a disgraceful Cuban-American.

     Last week the Federation of Cuban Baseball and Major League Baseball reached an historic agreement that was long overdue and one that every decent American and Cuban-American, as far as is known, agreed with and welcomed. But, of course, it is no surprise that the Little Havana choirboy from Miami, Senator Marco Rubio, is earnestly trying to get his puppeteer regarding Cuba, President Trump, to veto the deal. As with everything else related to Cuba that Rubio espouses, his FCB-MLB tirade is designed to help the extreme Counter Revolutionary element that, for six decades and counting, has tried to terrorize, annihilate, and starve totally innocent Cubans on the island, while also shaming America and Democracy as reflected by the unanimity of the UN vote -- 191-to-0 -- in 2016 in the UN, the last year of the decent Obama administration when President Obama agreed with the entire rest of the world that the U. S. should be unanimously condemned for its Cuban policy dictated by the likes of choirboy Marco Rubio. The FCB-MLB agreement has been hailed by ALL DECENT PEOPLE because it is designed to have Cuban prospects sign with the 30 MLB teams the same way a prospect from Japan or Korea or Taiwan, for example, can sign. This is to prevent the main benefactors of the age-old Cuban process, the criminal Human Traffickers, from dictating the Cuban signings by tormenting, threatening, and black-mailing Cuban players. Only a Marco Rubio could oppose the decency and sanity of the FCB-MLB agreement, but unfortunately {via an egregious political pay-off} President Trump has anointed Marco Rubio as America's Cuban dictator. Exacerbating that abomination is the fact that even the left-wing U. S. media that is trying so hard to impeach Trump is too afraid to assail Trump for his most malevolent act, which is turning America's Cuban policies over to the likes of a Marco Rubio.
  A veteran and respected Cuban journalist, Randy Alonso Falcon, reacted strongly in the Cuban media, on television and in print, to Marco Rubio's opposition to the FCB-MLB agreement that is designed to remove human traffickers from their dominant role when Cuban baseball players sign with USA Major League teams. Mr. Alonso wrote/said: "It is typical Rubio tactics and even if he got Trump to nuke Cuba, the U. S. media, and not just the right-wing element, would not be brave enough to object to it. Rubio is right now the main promoter and benefactor, economically and politically, of the anti-Cuban policies of the current Trump administration. That says something about Cuba, I guess, but it says a lot more about the United States."
    Another respected Cuban journalist, Jose Manzaneda, has also gotten fed-up by the U. S. media coverage of Rubio's uncontested assaults on Cubans in Cuba. Manzaneda wrote: "Rubio's gains from assaults on Cuba mostly affect our most innocent people, another generation of Cuban children that Cuban adults, since the defeat of Batista and the Mafia, have tried to protect as their top priority. Even 100% sane agreements between American and Cuban interests, such as the baseball deal designed to make it safe for Cuban players to sign with American pro teams, are often turned upside-down by a few extremists like Rubio. All the while, the traditional anti-Cuban U. S. media cheers-on Rubio while the primary upfront media is just too scared to criticize him. That's kind of funny, isn't it?.....except for the fact that Rubio's gains always hurt another generation of totally nice Cuban children the most."
    A top Cuban writer for the Miami Herald-McClatchy newspaper chain is Franco Ordonez. His Dec. 29-2018 article reports that America's Cuban dictator, Rubio, has persuaded President Trump to veto the Cuba-MLB deal. The Ordonez article is entitled: "Trump Administration Aims To Stop Professional Baseball Deal With Cuba." The veto, of course, will hurt or displease everyone -- especially Cuban players on the island and the dozens of Cubans currently playing in the U. S. pro leagues. The only ones the veto will please, of course, are a few self-serving extremists such as the incredibly selfish Rubio. And that, sadly, has been going on in the United States since the Batista-Mafia dictators in Cuba were chased off the island on January 1, 1959...only to quickly regroup with another capital, Little Havana in Miami.
    The best journalist and the best Cuban expert at the Miami Herald is Mimi Whitefield. Her Dec. 28-2018 article is entitled: "Rubio Calls Deal To Allow Cuban Players To Sign With MLB 'A Farce,' Vows To Overturn It." To allow a greedy, self-serving Rubio to do that to whet his own economic and political nests shames America and Democracy, but with a Republican president in tow, he can, of course, do it.
    Baseball is far more important to the 11.4 million Cubans on the island than it is to the 325 million Americans in America. For a handful of greedy, self-serving, revengeful, and mostly unchecked miscreants in the U. S. to use baseball to punish totally innocent Cubans in Cuba should be something that concerns all Americans and all Cuban-Americans. Being scared regarding the Batistiano-dictation of the Cuban narrative in the USA is no longer an excuse, not after six decades.
     When a Marco Rubio is put in charge of America's Cuban policies by the latest pro-Batistiano-Mafiosi Republican President, it is the one primary reason Trump should be impeached, even if the mainstream United States media that is engaged in a coup to impeach him is too afraid to admit it. Marco Rubio is the biggest FARCE in the United States and Marco Rubio is the first thing in the United States that should be OVER-RULED by Democracy-loving Americans.
    The montage above that fronts this week's latest Marco Rubio headline attests to the sheer greed and gutlessness of America's new Cuban dictator from Little Havana in Miami. Hiding behind the skirts of the U. S. Democracy and the U. S. Treasury, Marco Rubio's shameless desire is to starve, deprive, and make miserable everyday Cubans on the island to satisfy his extremist Counter Revolutionary donors. A United States democracy that cannot rein-in or corral a Marco Rubio is a democracy that deserves the unanimity of that world-wide 191-to-0 condemnation in the United Nations.

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