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Cuban Insanity by Rubio-Bolton

War-Mongers Now In Charge!!
{Sunday, December 16th, 2018}
      Of the top twenty or so American experts on U.S.-Cuban relations, as far as I can detect EVERY SINGLE ONE is concerned that President Trump's turning over America's Cuban policies to Marco Rubio and John Bolton could result in dire consequences for the United States...maybe getting the U. S. entangled in a Latin American War or maybe just severely harming the U. S. economically or just giving the U. S. and Democracy another Black Eye, such as the 191-to-0 world-wide denunciation of the U. S. Cuban Policy in the United Nations vote.
          If you dismiss the above paragraph, it's probably because you get your Cuban information from Counter Revolutionary Cuban-Americans who generally have easy one-sided access to the mainstream U. S. media when it comes to Cuban issues. Therefore, Americans are programmed to believe that pounding Cubans on the island by a handful of Cuban extremists in the U. S. is the proper thing for the world's Superpower and Greatest Democracy to do...after all, ANY DAY NOW rich U. S. businessmen WILL ONCE AGAIN be allowed to partake in the rape-and-robbery of Cuba in another Batista/Mafia-like U.S. FRIENDLY regime on the nearby island. While all Republican administrations and an intimidated-incompetent U. S. media project such idiocy, all twenty-or-so of America's best Cuban experts agree little Cuba is capable of getting the mighty USA involved in a regional or international WAR and, YES, little Cuba is capable of drastically harming the USA economy and the USA image.
             And that takes us to one of those Top Twenty U. S. Cuban experts -- Phil Peters. Actually, Mr. Peters is considered one of the top two or three experts regarding economic issues related to U.S.-Cuban relations. He founded Cuba that stresses Cuban Business and Economic News. As such, Phil Peters is attuned to all up-to-date topics involving Superpower USA and its neighbor,  little nearby Cuba.
     On Dec. 13, 2018, the Phil Peters-penned article that originated on his Cuba is entitled: "Analysis: Activating Title III of Helms-Burton." Anyone interested in how the current Rubio-Bolton dictation of America's Cuban policy is sabotaging America even more than it is hurting Cuba should read and heed this article. Peters points out these facts:
                    "If you think that what U. S. foreign policy needs right now is a new trade dispute with our closest allies, national security adviser John Bolton has got you covered. The trigger, oddly enough, will be U. S. policy towards Cuba. In a swing through Miami, Bolton signaled that the Trump administration wants to raise the pressure on Havana, and the White House is now considering allowing Title III of the Helms-Burton law to go into effect. That law would unleash lawsuits in U. S. courts against companies doing business with Cuba. Title III has never gone into effect because ever since it was enacted, Presidents Trump, Obama, Bush, and Clinton suspended it every six months, citing the U. S. National Interest.
                   "Ostensibly, Title III aims to uphold property rights and, as Senator Marco Rubio puts it, to address an 'unjust' situation and 'punish companies benefiting from use of a property that was never paid for.'"
    Of course, there are a plethora of reasons, well remembered and documented across Latin America, that explain why not even the Bush presidencies would allow Title III to be enacted. That's because, in any courtroom outside of the Mafia-Batistiano bastions of Miami and Newark, Cuba could easily sue the USA for untold massive amounts of dollars for such things as...the theft of Guantanamo Bay, fatal hotel bombings in Havana bragged about in the New York Times by the best-known anti-Cuban CIA terrorist, fatal cannon-fire from speedboats on Cuban coastal fishing villages in which still-living Cubans remain maimed and which radio station audio tapes still recount the terrorists bragging about the attack upon their return to Miami docks, the terrorist bombing of the civilian and child-laden Cubana Flight 455 in which all 73 innocents on board were killed, etc., etc. etc. While suing for such things...say, at the World Court in the Hague...Cuba could also claim U. S. lawsuits for lost property in Cuba were bogus because proving such property was legally owned would be impossible. For example, Mafia kingpin Meyer Lansky built the Riviera Hotel in Havana in 1957 and owned it till he fled the Cuban Revolution on Jan. 1, 1959. Today heirs of Meyer Lansky are trying to sue Cuba in Miami courts, but did the Mafia kingpin legally own such property or was the money he used to build it and operate it ill-gotten loot squandered from the Cuban people?
      But proving that a CIA operative, and thus the government of the United States of America, was responsible for the terrorist bombing of Cubana Flight 455 would figure to be relatively easy in any unbiased courtroom. The Cuban government, as its best evidence, would use de-classified U. S. government documents to make it cases.
Documents such as...this.
     In other words, even the Trump administration should have second thoughts about opening up, in unbiased courtrooms, lawsuits against or by Cuba. But for sure, President Trump's appointment of John Bolton as National Security Adviser is a disaster waiting to happen regarding America's national security, not to mention that of some small nations that the war-mongering Bolton has long targeted, ESPECIALLY CUBA.
          And MARCO RUBIO being allowed to install JOHN BOLTON and many other Cuban Counter Revolutionary extremists into power-positions in the Trump administration may well result in the United States getting entangled in a Caribbean-Latin American war that the American people and taxpayers do not need.
        Of course, as Phil Peters and all other Cuban experts realize, little Cuba is actually big Cuba when right-wing extremists are allowed to greedily covet it. The Cuban Missile Crisis in October of 1962 is to this day considered the closest the world has ever come to a nuclear holocaust, and re-studying U.S.-Cuban history is important JUST as studying updated articles by U.S.-Cuban experts such as Phil Peters is important. Ignorance and apathy on the part of U. S. citizens can be {and has been} used as fuel by war-mongers to get America involved in unnecessary and unholy wars and coups.
     Even anti-Cuban journalists in the U. S., such as Sara Egozi, clearly understand the stupidity and danger of allowing self-serving extremist like Rubio & Bolton to dictate America's Cuban policies. Egozi this week penned a long article in the Miami Herald that is entitled: "In United States vs. Cuba, Russia Is The Big Winner." She starts off her insightful article with these two sentences: "The U. S. government pulled out of Cuba in self-defense. Yet by ramping up sanctions on the island, Americans are forfeiting their shot at retribution. National Security Adviser Bolton recently pledged retaliation..." That stupid and dangerous "retaliation" envisioned by Bolton & Rubio, as Egozi points out, makes Russia "the big winner." Back in 1962 at the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis Russia had enough nuclear weapons to make the U. S. and the whole world tremble in fear. WELL, today Russia has nuclear weapons a thousand times more powerful and more accurate than it had way back in 1962. Egozi seems to understand that, but Rubio & Bolton either don't care or are too stupid to consider that fact.
    Beyond any doubt, John McAulliff is one of America's greatest experts on anything related to Cuba. Mr. McAulliff followed the aforementioned Sara Egozi article in the Miami Herald with this incredibly sane comment: "Let's not forget the gross hypocrisy of Sen. Rubio." After that pertinent sentence, Mr. McAulliff in detail explained "THE GROSS HYPOCRISY OF SEN. RUBIO." Peace-loving and Democracy-loving Americans, like John McAulliff, are appalled that, AT THE MOMENT, "the gross hypocrisy of Sen. Rubio" is dictating America's Cuban policy, a policy that Russia and other dangerous U. S. competitors love but a policy that should make peace-loving and Democracy-loving Americans CRINGE. Ask the great John McAullifF if he's cringing. "The gross hypocrisy of Sen. Rubio."
    Allowing the likes of Marco Rubio & John Bolton to dictate America's Cuban policy is not only totally insane but also extremely dangerous. What exacerbates that situation is the fact that the mainstream U. S. media, including the powerful left-wingers intent on impeaching Trump, does not have either the guts or the competence to intelligently discuss the Rubio-Bolton dilemma. Thus, not just right-wing rags like Breitbart and right-wing blogs like Babalu, BUT THE MAINSTREAM U. S. WILL ALLOW RUBIO & BOLTON TO SAY WHATEVER THEY CHOOSE ABOUT CUBA BUT NEVER let the decent and brilliant John McAulliff counter the Rubio-Bolton Cuban extremismAnd dusting off the cold ashes of the hot inferno being lit by Marco Rubio & John Bolton will, I believe, be too late not just for Cuba but also for America...and for other nations too.
      PERHAPS having intelligent people in Cuba and the United States negotiating a People to People Partnership might make a little more sense than leaving Cuba/US affairs in the hands of Rubio & Bolton.

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