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Dictating U.S. Cuban Policy

Secretively by Extremists!!
{Updated: Wednesday, December 12, 2018}
    A few months ago when President Trump appointed John Bolton as National Security Adviser, all intelligent Americans should have cringed. All his adult life Bolton has been an extreme war-monger, particularly regarding small countries like Cuba. It has been duly reported that at one point when it appeared the Bush presidency was about to attack Cuba, Bolton was trying to provide the clinching excuse by claiming that Cuba had nuclear weapons capable of hurting the USA. Instantly, when Trump named Bolton National Security Adviser, I quickly expressed on Cubaninsider that Bolton figured he had the clearance from Trump, Senator Rubio, Secretary of State Pompeo, and extreme Counter Revolutionary Mauricio Claver-Carone to finally fulfill his wish to hurt Cuba. The final assuance, I believe, came when Trump made a particularly egregious appointment -- putting viciously anti-Cuban Mauricio Claver-Carone in charge of America's Western Hemisphere Affairs department, with the vicious Claver-Carone savoring the fact that CUBA is in the Western Hemisphere!!!
   And so it was no surprise to Cubaninsider when, as shown above, John Bolton went to Miami to essentially declare America's war on Cuba and two key Cuban allies, Venezuela and Nicaragua. It was also no surprise that the incompetent or propagandized-obsessed mainstream U. S. media would not take Bolton seriously, but Cuba did, Nicaragua did, Venezuela did, I did...and, as we learn today, so did Russia. As I have tirelessly explained in this space, Bolton's regime-change war on Cuba would inflame the Caribbean, Latin America, and maybe the world.
     This updated BBC photo was taken at Simon Bolivar Airport on the edge of Caracas. It shows Venezuelan Military boss Vladimir Padrino, left-center, welcoming two Russian nuclear-equipped TU-160 jets. It is, to put it mildly, a show of force in answer to John Bolton's declaration of war against Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. Venezuela, Cuba's prime ally, is indeed an economic basket-case but Venezuela can be resurrected as a Latin American force and Russia {and the U. S.} well knows strategically vital Venezuela has the world's largest known oil reserves.
     The two Russian TU-160s, like this one, that landed in Venezuela are nuclear-powered and they have a range of 3,410 miles. While Russia is an economic pygmy compared to the U. S. and equally concerned China, an under-estimation of Russia's military power is stupid. Russia has a nuclear arsenal...from the air, from land, on the sea, and especially from submarines beneath the sea...that could obliterate the world despite the quick retaliatory might of the U. S. and its allies. Underestimating little Cuba at the Bay of Pigs in 1961 was one stupid mistake. But underestimating Russia's military might today would be even stupider. Bolton-Trump-Rubio-Pompeo and Claver-Carone could execute some bloody regime-changes in Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua but such idiocy would surely inflame the Caribbean, Latin America, and maybe the rest of the world. Yet, such greedy, power-hungry, revengeful idiots have the power, it seems, to light those flames they might have trouble extinguishing in the next 20 years or so.
      Nuclear-armed Russian TU-160s landing in Venezuela scared Secretary of State Pompeo into a pompous Tweet but more rationale people than Pompeo, Bolton, Trump, Claver-Carone, and Rubio need to be included in decision-making that involves, going on 7 decades after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, whether a regime-change in Cuba is appropriate or sane. Little Cuba itself, despite what Rubio proclaims all over network television these days, would wage a do-or-die defense as it did during the Revolution, at the Bay of Pigs, etc. But beyond Cuba, a regime-change attempt launched to sate the whims of a few Counter Revolutionary zealots would expand far beyond the borders of both Cuba and the USA. And I don't believe Rubio is concerned with that.
     President Trump fully realizes that Senator Marco Rubio is the biggest back-stabber in his Republican Party, and even more of threat than the omnipotent left-wing media that is trying so hard to impeach him. Yet, purely related to politics in Miami and in Florida, Trump has anointed Rubio as America's Cuban czar, or dictator. That has resulted in Rubio being permitted to install approximately 15 of the planets most vehement  war-mongers, such as John Bolton, and the Top Ten most vehement Counter Revolutionary Cuban-Americans, such as Mauricio Claver-Carone, to massively important war-mongering positions that will soon create the most violent regime-change attempt in Cuba since the April-1961 Bay of Pigs attack. While the mainstream U. S. media, including the powerful left-wing coalition bent on dethroning Trump, is too afraid, too incompetent or too politically correct to even mention Rubio's unholy grip on the Trump presidency, it is the grip that portends a possibly bloody conflict specifically involving at least two Caribbean nations {Cuba and Puerto Rico} and at least five Latin American countries {Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Brazil, and Colombia} by the spring of  2019. With Trump forced to allow Rubio, Trump's most hated primary foe in 2016, to become Commander-in-Chief as far as little Cuba is concerned, the consequences could portend big trouble for the United States within the next four months. I'll explain that and then conclude with the fact that Rubio is not the Little Havana choirboy that his promoters, with the concurrence of the mainstream media, project him as being.  
    Now a journalism professor at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida, Tracey Eaton still tops the list of U. S. journalists with both the integrity and the guts to report fairly regarding U.S.-Cuban relations. All major U. S. media sources rely on Eaton if they want accurate information from inside Cuba or inside the U. S. government pertaining to Cuban issues...including his major article in USA Today on Dec. 5-2018 entitled "Havana's Buildings Turn to Rubble." I actually considered that a biased anti-Cuba article because it indicated that all of Havana, which is mostly stable and beautiful, is turning into "Rubble." Well, I told Tracey what I thought about the article and he then told me that he agreed the headline, which he didn't write, was "misleading." For the past twenty years I've considered Tracey the best source of fair information related to Cuba, and I still do. I first met Tracey Eaton face-to-face in Cuba in March of 2004 when he was stationed there as head of the Dallas Morning News bureau in Havana.
    Having said that, permit me to also say this: Anyone unfamiliar with Tracey Eaton's blog -- Cuba Money Project -- is also unfamiliar with the most nefarious aspects of the current Trump administration in Washington, and that is Trump's turning over America's Cuban policies to only right-wing extremists, some who are dangerous idiots and some who are clever benefactors. One thing to remember about this basic fact is this: The powerful left-wing U. S. news media -- CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, the Washington Post, and the New York Times -- have worked tirelessly the past two years trying to impeach the Trump presidency instead of letting the voters in 2019 perform that task democratically; but that extreme left-wing media does not have the guts to assail Trump for his most cowardly and most dangerous action, which is letting only extremists dictate his...and thus America's...Cuban policies. Why is that significant? Good question, and this is the answer: Trump's questionable business tactics and his questionable relations with Russia, China, North Korea, etc., will not lead to a bloody conflict anytime soon because the U. S. fears the military power of Russia and both the military might and the economic power of China. the spring of 2019 Trump's Cuban policy might well result in a bloody conflagration in the Caribbean involving Cuba and the U. S. Territory of Puerto Rico and then spreading like a wildfire into perhaps as many as five Latin American nations --  with Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Bolivia supporting Cuba while Brazil and Colombia would be USA staging points for anti-Cuban aggression...similar to the way in 1961 when Nicaragua, ruled by the U.S.-backed Somoza dictatorship, was used as a staging point for the Bay of Pigs attack on Cuba.
     Now back to Tracey Eaton's Cuba Money Project. If you disbelieve the somewhat doomsday data mentioned above, you haven't consulted the best source of information regarding U.S.-Cuban relations. In no less than ten recent articles that originated on the Cuba Money Project blog, Eaton has used data via the Freedom of Information Act to document conclusively the results of President Trump turning over America's Cuban policies to Senator Rubio, resulting in at least 15 of the most notorious anti-Cuban extremists being maneuvered, by Rubio, into positions that may well be able to promote an actual attack on Cuba by the spring of 2019 -- and those maneuvers include John Bolton as Trump's top National Security Adviser; Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State; and Mauricio Claver-Carone as head of Western Hemisphere Affairs. Those three anti-Cuban Rubio stalwarts, especially the extremely vindictive Claver-Carone, dictate what is already being put in place, namely a forcible regime-change in Cuba by the spring of 2019.
   In about 10 recent Cuba Money Project articles, Tracey Eaton uses Freedom of Information data to document the #1 motive of Cuban extremists since the 1950s -- and that's MONEY. So, study the photos above -- Havana-born Tomas Regalado on the left and Miami-born U. S. Senator Marco Rubio on the right. Since President Trump anointed his former {and present} Republican enemy Rubio as America's new Cuban dictator, Rubio, among at least 14 salaciously important appointments, has put his old mentor and former Miami mayor Regalado in charge of the Miami Gold Mine known, since the 1980s, as Radio-TV Marti. As every informed U. S. journalists since the 1980s well knows, Radio-TV Marti is a Miami-based anti-Cuban propaganda machine that is primarily designed to massively enrich Cubans who support Miami's most extreme anti-Cuban politicians like Regalado, Rubio, the Diaz-Balart brothers, Ros-Lehtinen, etc., etc. Of course, with Rubio now dictating things, a series of updated Cuba Money Project articles conclusively document to the millions-of-dollars right down to the pennies {thanks to FOI official documents} how incredibly lucrative to a select few in Miami Radio-TV Marti has been for decades and, under Trump-Rubio, that has been extremely exacerbated. For example, the Cuba Money Project reveals a poet recently corralling over a million dollars via the Radio-TV Marti financial shenanigans but other recipients by name and their largess listed right down to the dollars-and-pennies courtesy of unwitting taxpayers are also revealed in the duly investigated Tracey Eaton updates, all of which are fairly documented and all of which should make democracy-lovers and taxpayers cry...or at least cringe regarding self-serving Cuban extremists continuing unchallenged as dictators of America's Cuban policies. And, yes, not even the extreme left-wing U. S. media trying so hard to impeach Trump has the guts to challenge the likes of Regalado and Rubio in their self-serving dictates of a Cuban policy that, under Trump's administration, might well result in Caribbean and Latin American bloodshed.
     And speaking of idiots and extremists that may be leading the U. S. into a bloody venture in the Caribbean and Latin America, let's discuss U. S. Congressman Paul Cook of California. On Dec. 8th-2018 the Tracey Eaton-Cuba Money Project article was entitled: "Florida Lawmaker Calls for 'Boots on the Ground' in Cuba." The California lawmaker Cook is the anti-Cuban idiot and/or extremist who happens to be the current Chairman of the Western Hemisphere subcommittee of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. That subcommittee recently held a 68-minute meeting totally dominated by anti-Cuban extremists desiring a regime change in Cuba during the Trump administration. Cook ignorantly blasted Cuba for "its close relations with Russia" as apparently one reason for a Cuban regime-change, stupidly ignoring Trump's own close relations with Russia and, of course, ignoring the fact that a Cuban regime-change, while initially easy, would be a bloody quagmire in the long term. And Cook's 68-minute war-mongering subcommittee meeting is documented via a word-for-word transcript thanks to Eaton's Cuba Money Project article published on December 8th, 2018, but Eaton at the end of the transcript says the subcommittee meeting then adjourned to a "secretive" room, which is fitting if a war against Cuba is to be discussed in a forum in which the American people, who would pay for such a war, don't have the right to know about the war-mongering pretexts and excuses, of course, that started it.
    And now we get to the anti-Cuban idiot-extremist who called for United States soldiers' "boots on the ground" in Cuba. And remember...that quote was and is based on the actual transcript of that Western Hemisphere subcommittee meeting before it was adjourned to a secret roomThe U. S. Congressman saddled with the "boots on the ground" quote is Ted Yoho from Florida. I wonder if Yoho meant his boots or his son's boots or someone else's boots? Yoho, hoping to remain in Congress from Florida, raved about funding Miami's money-hungry Radio-TV Marti anti-Cuban propaganda Embarrassment to Democracy monstrosity, said, "I think we should continue to do that, but boots on the ground. I think we need to re-look at how we do things down there." Or perhaps, Mr. Yoho, you should keep your mouth shut and allow people "down there" to have a say-so about what happens "down there." Seeing that quote in the transcript, one wonders how idiots like that, even funded by extreme Counter Revolutionary groups, ever end up in the United States Congress, even from Florida. And if Yoho would make such a statement when he was being recorded, what did he say when the subcommittee discussion adjourned to what Tracey Eaton called "a secret room." Behind closed, secretive, war-mongering doors, did some idiot say something like: "There are 11.2 million people on the island who probably haven't even attempted to get to Miami. So, how many of them do ya'll think we'll have to kill before the rest of them surrender to us?" If that sounds hyperbolic, read the transcript before those geniuses adjourned to the "secret room" and then decide if it sounds like an exaggeration. While the mainstream U. S. media, including the left-wing powerhouses trying so hard to impeach Trump, simply do not have the guts to report on such Cuban-related topics as that high-brow Western Hemisphere Subcommittee meeting, idiots and extremists like Florida Congressman Ted Yoho are given what may be free reins to dictate a regime-change in Cuba that, yes, the U. S. military could easily execute with Trump as Commander-in-Chief but then the bloodshed in the Caribbean and Latin America would be the beginning, not the end.
     All six Republican administrations since the 1950s have been tightly aligned with the Batistiano-Mafiosi Cuban factions but only the extremism of the Trump administration would likely have permitted Senator Marco Rubio to maneuver a Mauricio Claver-Carone into a position as the actual head of the U. S. government's Western Hemisphere Affairs division, the area most likely to lead the execution of a regime-change in Cuba. In the entire United States in the past 15 years, Mauricio Claver-Carone has been the most extremist advocate of a regime-change in Cuba. Backed by extreme amounts of right-wing money, many millions that he solicited himself, Mauricio Claver-Carone's extreme propaganda has propagandized a gigantic falsehood about "our regime-change in Cuba is designed to help Cubans on the island." That is a ridiculously pompous and blatant lie that, if Claver-Carone has his way, will assault "Cubans on the island" even worse that they were assaulted when the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship ruled Cuba from 1952 till 1959.
     Incredibly, one-trick-pony Mauricio Claver-Carone -- astride his only horse that is named "Cuba" -- is now in charge of America's Western Hemisphere Affairs because his obsession is a regime-change in a particular Western Hemispheric nation -- CUBA!!! And it appears his three main bosses -- President Trump, National Security Adviser Bolton, and Secretary of State Pompeo -- have all given Claver-Carone the green-light to accomplish his obsessive goal. Without question, Claver-Carone is the most dangerous appointment Rubio is responsible for; if Cuba was not in the Western Hemisphere, there is zero chance an extremist like Claver-Carone would be the USA's Western Hemisphere chief, even in a Republican administration led by Donald Trump.
      Listening to the likes of Mauricio Claver-Carone, Americans have been programmed to believe that Cuba was ruled from 1952 till 1959 by the U.S.-backed Mother Teresa. In fact, in those brutal years prior to the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, Cuba was ruled by the U.S.-backed Havana Mob, which consisted of America's most powerful Mafia thugs, including the three kingpins depicted above. But any serious Googling of the Havana Mob's treatment of the Cuban people in the 1950s should convince Americans that any return of the remnants of the Havana Mob to Cuba should not be dictated once again from the United States and, once again, funded by United States tax dollars.
  The best political reporter in Washington, Marc Caputo, was brave enough to pen a Politico article on Oct. 31-2018 entitled: "Trump Packs Foreign Policy Team With Cuba Hardliners From Florida." And Caputo was keen enough to explain, "All have close ties to Sen. Marco Rubio, Chairman of the Senate's Sub-committee on the Western Hemisphere." In both the House and the Senate, the anti-Cuban extremists flock to the Foreign Affairs and Western Hemisphere committees, all the better to make war against Cuba or to at least lavishly fund with tax dollars a vast multitude of anti-Cuban schemes. If the highly respected Marc Caputo at Politico, the best political source in Washington, has the guts to make those points, why is Caputo and Politico lone wolves among the media in Washington? Surely, when Trump packs his foreign policy team with anti-Cuban/war mongering extremists, the American people who pay for wars have a right to know!!! And when all those anti-Cuban/war mongering extremists have close ties to Sen. Marco Rubio, Americans who pay for wars also have a right to know that too, especially in a Democracy!!!
     When even the mainstream left-wing U. S. media that is trying so hard to impeach Trump doesn't have the guts to criticize Trump for putting Marco Rubio in charge of America's Cuban policies, the consequences may be even more dire in the long run for the United States than for Cuba. America's keenest Cuban experts...such as Tracey Eaton and Marc Caputo...seem to comprehend that fact and are even busy explaining it to the American people. In other words, Rubio perhaps should study such historic events as the Cuban Revolution and the Vietnam War when supposedly over-matched people in their own countries proved more willing to die fighting to defend their countries than the more heavily armed foreign soldiers were willing to die defeating them. Yet, though engaged in a fervent media coup to eliminate Trump, the left-wing media led by CNN-NBC-MSNBC-ABC-CBS-WASHINGTON POST-New York Times do not have the guts to challenge Trump's march toward a possible Caribbean-Latin American War on behalf of Cuban extremists like Marco Rubio, whom the mainstream U. S. media timidly and falsely projects as a Little Havana choirboy from Miami. But a careful study of ten recent Cuba Money Project articles researched and penned by Tracey Eaton reveal, I believe, that Marco Rubio is a self-serving/war-mongering benefactor benefiting from a dangerous Trump administration that, combined with a precipitously weak mainstream U. S. media, results in  a Perfect Storm combination that is currently producing what might well evolve into a bloody Spring of 2019...mostly a conflict fought in the Caribbean and Latin America but one that can also leave red stains on U. S. soil too.
    Just across the Florida Straits, the Caribbean island of Cuba since 1898 and especially since 1959 has been unwittingly allowed to say more about the superpower United States than any other single topic has said, including World War II. Of course, journalists and politicians not willing to even contemplate that fact-assumption-possibility continue to meekly play into the greedy hands of a handful of profiteering and revengeful Cuban-Americans at the expense of everyone else, including the millions of far more decent, democracy-loving Cuban-Americans.

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