Is There A Source For Honest News From Cuba? Yes!


    Founded in London in 1851, REUTERS is now the World's Best News Agency. For example, the Associated Press, Miami Herald, New York Times, Washington Post, etc., seem obliged to saturate the news with anti-Cuban propaganda while REUTERS actually provides honest and balanced jouralism regarding Cuba, and it includes a bureau on the island well-staffed with world-class journalists and photographers. Thus, here at the end of 2023 REUTERS is providing the article with a fair and balanced report on a Holiday marriage in Havana.
     This is a major worldwide REUTERS article from Havana to close out the Year of 2023. The caption for the photo above says: "Daniley, 21, and Reininier, 27, Celebrate Their Wedding on His Electric Motorcyle. Photos by REUTERS/Alexandre Meneghini." As usual, with this article from Havana at the End of 2023, REUTERS is fair and balanced and uses two of its top journalists to write the story while their top photographer shows the event to the world.
    And so...this year-end story of a special wedding in Havana is truthfully and expertly told and shown to the world by the excellent REUTERS News Bureau stationed in Cuba. Internationally, REUTERS will remain the best source for honest and truthful news from Cuba in 2024 too!!
     Actually, it can also be said that, despite its embargoed economic problems associated with the nearby superpower United States, Cuba has sophisticated and modern Radio & Television operations that cover the entire island 24-hours a day.
    This was television news anchor Rosy Amaro in Havana last night captioning her "Final Broadcast of 2023." 
   Then before daybreak today -- December 30th-2023 -- Rosy Amaro was on a bus riding down the ocean highway from Havana to Santiago de Cuba, and there she will be broadcasting from that city this weekend. While on the bus ride today, she posted this photo to show that she is "half-way there." 
    For the record, this map shows that Havana, on Cuba's northwestern tip, is a long way from Santiago de Cuba, which is on the island's southeastern tip. The distance, as shown above, between Havana and Santiago de Cuba is 538.3 miles and the drive takes 12 hours and 16 miles. While not nearly as well known as Havana, Santiago de Cuba is Cuba's second largest city and, quite historically, it is where Fidel Castro started his Cuban Revolution on July 26th of 1953 by attacking dictator Fulgencio Batista's Moncada Military Barracks.
    Totally refurbished with all the attacking bullet marks removed, this is the building that was Batista's Moncada Military Barracks in 1953. It is now an important School Building in Santiago de Cuba.
    The three photos directly above were taken this week in Santiago de Cuba by notoble photographer Vladimir Molina. It is a beautiful and historic city that was once Cuba's capital city and, because of its strategic location, it has been widely coveted since it began in 1515. Today it has a vibrant population of about 435,000 and it is very close to the U. S. Military Base at Guantanamo Bay, a plush port that Cuba hopes one day to reclaim if it ever has friendly ties with the United States.
    When Fidel Castro died in 2016 at age 90, his ashes were entombed in Santiago de Cuba. As far as the Cuban news media is concerned, January 1st of 2024 will be widely celebrated because it was on January 1st of 1959 that Fidel Castro's Cuban Revolution overthrew the Batista dictatorship.


Does Little Havana Plan to Overthrow Havana in January?

     The war between Little Havana in Miami against Havana in Cuba has essentially been going on since January of 1959, which was the month the Cuban Revolution shocked the world by overthrowing the US/Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship on the Caribbean's largest and most beautiful island-nation. After extreme schemes such as the April-1961 Bay of Pigs military attack failed to overthrow Revolutionary Cuba, Little Havana and the U. S. legalized the Economic Embargo against Cuba in March of 1962 believing that starving, depriving, and making miserable the Cuban people would induce them to rise up and overthrow their own governments.
    Well...six decades after the start of the Embargo, which Cuba and most of the world calls a genocidal blockade, it still has not caused the overthrow of Revolutionary Cuba but -- at the end of 2023 -- it continues to starve, deprive, and make miserable another generation of Cubans on the island. But in the past five years the tightening of the Embargo by the Trump-Biden administrations have so seriously created such starvation, deprivations, and misery on the island that most sources in Cuba and in United States believe that it is now too intolerable for Cuba to continue to resist Little Havana's beloved EMBARGO.
    Today's Top Cuban headlines on December 27th of 2023 are shown above and seem to reveal that key leaders in both Havana and Washington believe that Little Havana has plans to regain control of Havana as early as January of 2024. For example, the Miami Herald's headline above reveals one of the major reasons the superpower U. S. government must regain control of Cuba or else poor little Cuba has the power to determine the results of the next U. S. election!! And, yes, Little Havana has enough political power in Washington to dictate such things, as this latest Miami Herald diatribe suggests...as shown below.
    That headline above at the end of 2023 is a part of a massive year-end Editorial that suggests poor little Cuba must not be allowed to take over the current national U. S. election!! The three Little Havana members of the U. S. Congress in Washington shown with the Miami Herald headline -- Scott, Salazar, and Gimenez -- are in the U. S. Congress to seal Little Havana's agendas as they join long-time Little Havana members of the U. S. Congress such as Rubio, Diaz-Balart, etc. And, yes, the rest of the members of the 535-member U. S. Congress do not have the power or the desire to challenge what unchallenged Little Havana stalwarts tell the U. S. government to do regarding Cuba.
   And therefore, as you can above, please note in the Miami Herald editorial shown above that Scott, Salazar, and Gimenez -- on behalf of Little Havana -- are telling Washington that Cuba's capturing "the already approaching and nerve-wracking 2024 presidential elections" is the reason for the U. S. to give Little Havana control of Havana and do it now!!!!!!
    As this map shows, Havana is just a few miles southwest of Miami and Miami is where Little Havana Cubans have enough financial and political clout to dictate United States policy regarding Cuba. Therefore...when the Miami Herald editorial on December 27th of 2023 indicates that, after all these years, there is finally an absolute reason to retake Havana, the editorial should be taken SERIOUSLY!! And that reason, of course, is because poor little Cuba has taken over control "of the already nerve-wracking 2024 presidential elections" in the SUPERPOWER United States!! {Wow, I wonder if the Miami Herald will win another Pulitzer Prize for discovering that amazing fact??????


Cuba Trying to Survive U. S. Blockade on Christmas

  Since 1962 the United States has imposed an Embargo/Blockade on Cuba that declassified U. S. documents revealed was designed to starve, deprive, and make miserable Cubans on the island to induce them to rise up and overthrow their revolutionary government, which had overthrown the U.S.-backed Batista dictatorship in 1959. The goal of the Embargo/Blockade has not worked but, yet, it still continues to fulfill its three prime purposes sixty-two years later, including Christmas Day in 2023 despite the fact that, for all these decades, the rest of the world begs the superpower United States to put an end to it. Here at the end of 2023, as shown above, Cuba is actually thinking about a PROSPEROUS 2024.
    Cuba's President since 2018, Miguel Diaz-Canel, was born after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution on January 1st of 1959. He was Cuba's popular Education Minister prior to becoming President. Shown above speaking this last week in December of 2023, Diaz-Canel continues to be a popular President according to most unbiased observers.
     Translated from Spanish to English on Facebook, above you see what President Diaz-Canel told Cuba's 470-member National Assembly on December 23rd of 2023 about the starvation-type effects the U. S. Blockade is having on the Cuban people. This speech was broadcast to Cuba's Parliament and carried live on Cuban and Caribbean television, and also widely posted on top Social Media platforms. His theme stressed: "...the blockade imposed by the United States more than 60 years ago seeks to mutilate the capacity of the Government of Cuba to respond to the fundamental needs of the people." As he often does, President Diaz-Canel admitted that Cuba since 1959 has made its own mistakes but "the crimes of the United States to regain control of this island nation have superseded good things we and others try to do. The U. S. blockade, terror and military attacks, and other tactics from the United States are opposed by the whole world. Yet, as I cry today because the ever-tightening blockade is causing drastic food, medical, and power shortages in Cuba, the Cuban people know that the Revolutionary promises of things such as free heathcare for life, free education through college for everyone, and free food when necessary remain priorities for us. The U. S. government and the U. S. media lies maintain and perpertrate the criminal assaults, such lies saying that the Cuban leaders live as rich as kings while the people starve. Those lies take hold, of course, but the Cuban people live with and among their leaders and they know the truths. But the superpower U. S. government and the superpower U. S. media have a criminal Cuban policy and the entire world knows that basic fact, but not even the whole world can match the nuclear United States lies about Cuba." 
     The two images above, including the Social Media captions, show how Cuba -- on Christmas week in 2023 -- addressed the U.S. Blockade's effects on how its two prime revolutionary promises -- Heathcare and Education -- are being dealth with. As you can see, on Cuban-Caribbean television and during the National Assembly session, Cuba touted its famed Literary Campaign that started in 1961 to replace the Batista-US-Mafia neglilence. And Cuba also addressed prior to Christmas-2023 the government's free medical/healthcare priorities that it has maintained since ousting Batista in 1959. At the same time, while discussing Education and Health as shown above, Cuba explained that the U. S. Blockade is now forcing the government to made some "necessary reductions" even to reduce the guaranteed food rations.
    As it has done, especially through 2023, Cuba at the National Assembly session to end December explained that it is continuing to spend "a strong percentage of our resources" to helping farmers produce their own food, including enough to sell. Indeed, some of the island's finances are being used to purchase tractors that are replacing oxen.
   This is a post today on Facebook and other Social Media forums by Roberto Suarez, a great and popular photo-journalist. Roberto on December 24th of 2023 was expressing his opinion of the drastic status of the Cuban economy. While he believes that the U. S. government and the U. S. media promote only the extreme views and policies of the Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Miami and Washington, Roberto's expression kinda says: "Hey, we Cubans in Cuba actually live here and we have well-lived and well-educated opinions too. We know more about the Blockade than the Miami Cubans who just lie and laugh about it. So I wonder why no one in the U. S. democracy is allowed to ask us about it!! As the blockade starves some Cuban families, it also starves the international perception of the U. S. democracy, at least in our opinions."




Cuba at Christmas Time 2023

A Couple of Historic Celebrations!! 

    Today is December the 22nd of 2023 and Cuba is celebrating the 62nd Aniversario de la Campana de Afabetization. That refers to the Historic and Massive Literary Campaign that Fidel Castro's Cuban Revolution began in January of 1961, two years after the Revolution overthrew the U.S.-backed Batista dictatorship. "Historic and Masssive" is correct because history proclaims it as The Most Successful Literary Campaign of All Time, and historians still claim that it was much needed!! At the same time, Fidel Castro ordered free educations for all Cubans through college.
    Cuba's Historic Literary Campaign soon after the Revolution was indeed needed because, as shown above, during the brutal Batista dictatorship in the 1950s, the majority peasant families in Cuba were left with nothing -- no food, no education, no healthcare, etc. And this was while, very famously, during the 1950s Batista and the Mafia and rich U. S. businessmen were raking in millions of dollars on tourism, gambling, prostitution, drugs, etc. All that ended on January 1st of 1959 when Fidel Castro's rebels took over Havana.
    The images above show young revolutionary volunteers who spread out all over Cuba to show illeterate peasants how to read and write, something that Batista, the Mafia, and the U. S. had totally neglected prior to the triumph of the Revolution in 1959. Such facts are documented by notable historicans as well as YouTube documentaries and Goggle searches.
   The Batista dictatorship in the 1950s in Cuba robbed and brutalized the island massively, and felt no need to toss even crumbs to the majority peasants for educational or health needs. That cruelty spawned the Cuban Revolution led by a University of Havana Law School graduate named Fidel Castro. But the neglect of the peasants regarding education & heathcare was not the last straw that doomed the Batista rule in Cuba, it was the murder of Cuban children, a cruel and stupid ploy that was supposed to quell any uprising from the terrified peasants. 
    And so, instead of calming the peasant mothers, the murders of their children -- "Nuestros Hijos"/"Our Children" -- Cuban mothers bravely took to the streets in massive protests  demanding that Batista "Stop the murders of our children. Cuban Mothers," as the sign above told the murderous Batista. The mother second from the left wearing a white blouse and sunglasses was the mother of Little Willie Soler. Today, in December of 2023, the largest children's hospital in Havana is named William Soler Children's Hospital. The Mother's Marches became Batistas's nightmare but also became a powerful symbol of why Fidel Castro had enough support to start his Revolution on July 26th of 1953...and to win it!!
    But the Mother Marches to demand that Batista STOP ASSASSINATING their children was just one of the reasons Fidel Castro ousted Fulgencio Batista as Cuba's leader. Starting in 1952 the students at the University of Havana were in the forefront of trying to overthrow Batista...and alum Fidel Castro cultivated great support from the students. By 1957, when rebel forces in the foothills of the Sierra Maestra Mountains in far southeast were beginning to beat Batista's U.S.-backed soldiers, Batista had closed the University of Havana but also had murder squads, led by Lt. Colonel Esteban Ventura, that began eliminating the student leaders. The murder of Student President Jose Antonio Echeverria on March 13th of 1957 remains to this day the most notable such assassation. There are many brutal photos of Jose's body, which was left on a Havana street as a warning to others.
    In addition to what happened to Jose Antonio Echeverria, the Four University of Havana Students shown above are also well known to history. Tipped off about the safe house they were in on Humboldt 7 Street, Lt. Colonel Esteban Ventura led a squad armed with submarine guns to kill them. It is what history calls The Humboldt 7 Massacre in Havana in 1957. These four  students have historic names that are still rmembered and enshrined to this day: Frustuoso Rodriguez, Juan Pedro Carbo, Jose Machado, and Joe Westbrook -- three Cubans and one American.
    And so...today on December 22nd of 2023 Cubans are reminded that today is the "62nd Anniversary of Cuba's Historic Literary Campaign," which history calls the most successful Literary Campaign in History. That is because many historians believe it also was necessary to replace one of the Batista dictatorship's cruelest decisions {not to educate the majority peasants}...alongside Batista's decision to kill children to quell peasant revolts and to assassinate student leaders he deemed as threats to his lucrative control of Cuba.
    Also during this week leading up to Christmas in 2023, Cuba is holding massive celebrations related to the birth of Alicia Alonso, the world's best ballerina who was acclaimed from New York to San Francisco and from London to Paris. But she returned to Cuba in January of 1959 after the Cuban Revolution ousted Batista. One day to her surprise, as is known to HISTORY, there was a knock on her door by Fidel Castro. He had come to offer her $200,000 to start and run the Cuban National Ballet. She kissed his cheek and said, "I gladly accept, Commander!!"
    For sure, Alicia Alonso was absolutely the world's prime ballerina. She was born in Cuba on December 21 of 1920 and from January of 1959 when she accepted Fidel Castro's offer, she was the world's greatest ballet teacher in Havana from 1959 until the day she died at age 98 on October 17th of 2019!!
      Once she returned to Cuba after the overthrow of Batista in 1959, Alicia Alonso remained Fidel Castro's dear friend until the day he died at age 90 on October 25th of 2016. And till the day that Alicia Alonso died at age 98 on October 17th of 2019, she supported Fidel Castro's Cuban Revolution.


US Blockade of Cuba is an Albatross!!


    Cuba calls it a Blockade and the United States calls it an EMBARGO. Whatever it is, it has existed since 1962 and it seems that everyone in the world except a few supporters in Miami and Washington believes that it shames the United States as much as it devastates Cuba!! Even de-classified U. S. documents from 1962 reveal that the purpose of the Embargo/Blockade was/is to...starve, deprive, and make miserable the Cubans in Cuba to induce them to rise up and overthrow their revolutionary governemnt!! Well...the overthrow has not happened but the six decades of the 1962-imposed "sanctions" have indeed starved, deprived, and made miserable three generations of Cubans, especially the Cuban children and their mothers on the embargoed and blockaded island.
    Yes, for six decades it seems that only a few rich and powerful people in Miami and Washington support the three images depicted above. Yet...in the richest and strongest nation in the whole world, those images have existed worldwide since 1962!! Even the international reach of YouTube daily tells billions of people around the world about "The War On Cuba" that has existed since 1962 from the nearby United States of America.
   For sure...for the past six decades it has been the "USA VS. THE WORLD" when it comes to the U. S. EMBARGO/BLOCKADE of Cuba. But, of course, the USA is the world's richest and most powerful nation, so world opinion takes a back-seat to the USA's Cuban policies.
   One might expect that worldwide images such as the one above would have long ago shamed the USA into ending the EMBARGO/BLOCKADE of Cuba. But that simply has not happened.
    This photo was taken on October 24th of 1962 and it shows the moment when President John F. Kennedy signed the EMBARGO/BLOCKADE on Cuba into a U. S. law. Many biographies reveal that before the young JFK was assassinated in Dallas in 1963, he had strongly wished that he had not signed that bill. But as the new and young Democratic President in 1960, JFK had inherited already planned and very drastic anti-Cuban plans already put in place by the previous Republican administration -- drastic and historic actions such as...the U. S. Bay of Pigs Military Attack on Cuba in April of 1961; the Embargo/Blockade of Cuba in October of 1962, etc., etc.
    The photo above is a reminder that, since 1962, three generations of children in Cuba have been adversely affected by the U. S. EMBARGO/BLOCKADE of their island. All the while, of course, the American people have been told the EMBARGO/BLOKCADE is only meant to hurt the mean leaders of Cuba!!!
            And all the while since 1962 all little girls in both Cuba and in the United States deserve to live without the drastic affects of an EMBARGO/BLOCKADE imposed by a powerful nation on a much-weaker nation. And that logic, of course, even includes little girls holding Cuban flags, such as the little girl shown above.

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