Chaos & Intrigue Dominate Cuban Headlines Daily


     Revolutionary Cuba in 2023 has entered into its 64th Year after the pugnacious Caribbean island on the first day of 1959 overthrew the supposedly unbeatable U.S./Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship. During the centuries of Spanish control, during the decades of U. S. domination after the 1895 Spanish-American War, and from 1952 till 1959 when the ultra-powerful Batista dictatorship ruled the island, the Chaos & Intrigue attached to Cuba saturated headlines internationally.

   And since January 1-1959 till January 30th of 2023, the United States -- viewing Cuba across the Florida Straits from the nearby Miami community of Little Havana -- has plotted every conceivable plan to overthrow Revolutionary Cuba...including the 1961 Bay of Pigs military attack, 500+ world-record assassination attempts on Fidel Castro, and since 1962 by history's longest and cruelest economic Embargo ever posed on any small nation by any much larger nation. Thus, it can be said that the Chaos & Intrigue related to Revolutionary Cuba has reached new heights in the past six decades. That fact...or nuance...was illustrated again today -- January 30th, 2023 -- by the international Cuban headlines.
    Today, as you can see above, the CNBC Cuban headline on Jan. 30th-2023 screams these words: "Chaos and intrigue reign in UK court fight over Castro-era Cuban debt." As usual, the other three TOP CUBAN HEADLINES -- the ones from the Miami Herald, the Associated Press, and the Wall Street Street -- simply stick to their constant themes of propagandizing about how terribly bad Revolutionary Cuba is and how terribly nice the murderous Batista dictatorship that preceded it was.
    From the 1940s and the 1950s the brutal Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista, as shown above, was squired around as a saint when he visited the U. S. capital of Washington.
     As the leader of the victorious Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro survived numerous assassination attempts. Many sources list over 600 times in which assassins from the CIA and Mafia tried to kill him. Other sources including the Guinness Book of World Records, a notable documentary, and the following You Tube video place the number at "638", pinpointing the well-known "7 times" that the U. S. Congress Senator Church Committee confirmed. {Senator Frank Church, to this very day, remains the most notable politician famed for criticizing governments, notably his own, for trying to kill foreign leaders, and Senator Church was astonished when he learned about just the First 7 such attempts against Fidel Castro...not knowing at the time there were or would be about 600 more}. The video below mentions Mr. Church:
     Whatever the number of assassination attempts against Fidel Castro, it is surely a world record!!!! And before he died of Old Age in Havana at 90 he often joked about how many.


Yes, Cubans STILL LOVE Their Independence Fighters!!

     All across Cuba all this week Cubans are honoring the life of Jose Marti, the famed poet who was born in Havana on January 28th, 1853. He could have lived out his rich life in Paris, London, New York or wherever he desired but he returned to his beloved Cuba to fight in the island's Independence War against Spanish soldiers. He died in the Battle of Rio Cauto on May 19th, 1895. To this day in 2023 Jose Marti is roundly heralded on the island every day, especially on his BIRTHDAY. The children in Cuba particularly still celebrate Jose Marti's BIRTHDAY, as shown above by 9-year-old Mariana who is shown today in her favorite Spanish Dancer dress so she can dance in honor of the child-loving Jose Marti.
     For sure, Jose Marti left behind many, many quotations that still resonate around the world, but the one above is the one that means the most to Cuban mothers in Cuba today: "Children are the hope of the world." 
    This was Mariana, the now 9-year-old Spanish Dancer who is dancing this week to honor Jose Marti's January 28th birthday. Even at Age 4, as she was when the photo above was taken, Mariana's mother posted on Facebook a truly beautiful video that showed the 4-year-old Mariana beautifully singing a song entitled "Marti!! Marti!!"
January 28th-1853 -- May19th, 1895!!!
     The photo above was taken today -- January 27th, 2023 -- in Havana,  the city where Jose Marti was born on January 28th, 1853. The 9-year-old Spanish Dancer Mariana today in Havana was dancing to honor Jose Marti's birthday, which is tomorrow!!!!
     In Spanish the word "Patria" means "Homeland" and it was appropriately headlined around the world when the internationally renowned poet Jose Marti died on his return to Cuba to fight for Cuban independence against Spanish soldiers. Jose Marti died in the Battle of Rio Cauto on May 19, 1895...a bloody battle in which Spain won to keep control of Cuba. But the love that Jose Marti had for Cuba surely inspired future Cuban independent fighters...including a young lawyer named Fidel Castro in 1952!!




Why Does the US Hate Dr. Velez?

 Because he hasn't defected to Miami?

    Beyond doubt, Dr. Vicente Velez is one of the world's most brilliant and most successful doctors and medical researchers. He is famed for developing treatments and vaccines that have saved millions of people, especially focusing his energy on childhood diseases. Dr. Velez is also listed as a terrorist by the United States, apparently designated as such to appease some unknown but zealous Counter Revolutionary in the U. S. that promotes the six-decade-old economic Embargo/Blockade of Cuba. Thus, while the world loves and respects Dr. Velez, the U. S. hates him as he continues his vital work at Cuba's famed Findlay Institute in Havana.
    In mid-January of 2023, this massive headline {and article} in the WASHINGTON POST tells the world "How Cuba became a pioneer in covid-19 vaccines for kids." Of course, the answer is the brilliant Dr. Vicente Velez!! Yes, somehow at Havana's Findlay Institute Dr. Velez, despite the U. S. Embargo that tries to starve Cuba's economy, developed Covid-19 vaccines that have saved the lives of MANY children in Cuba and elsewhere. The WASHINGTON POST confirmed and updated these facts in these early days of 2023.
 From Havana in January of 2023 the WASHINGTON POST says: "Long before he was declared a U. S. national security threat, Vicente Verez was a Cuban chemist who loved kids. His specialty was vaccines. In the 1990s, he helped create an inexpensive vaccine targeting the bacteria known as haemophilus influenzae type b, or Hib, which had been killing children under 5. It was a global hit. So when covid-19 came along, Verez knew what he had to do." Then if you dial up the very long article in the WASHINGTON POST and study it, you will learn how once again, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the brilliant Dr. Velez developed more vaccines that have saved and are saving the lives of children. "So when covid-19 came along, Verez knew what he had to do." And so, as he so brilliantly did in the 1990s when so many children were dying from haemophilus influenzae, Dr. Velez quickly developed successful vaccines to fight Covid-19.
  The WASHINGTON POST: "Most of Cuba's youngsters got their shots months ago. His Soberana 02, used in children as young as 2, is one of a pair of homemade vaccines credited with taming covid-19."

A precious jewel from Dr. Velez.
     His love for Cuba's children inspired Dr. Vicente Velez to devote his life to creating vaccines that are fighting dreadful diseases, such as Covid-19.
Dr. Vicente Velez
     And by the way, this photo courtesy of Flickr shows the Findlay Institute in 1991 right after it was opened. Fidel Castro named it to honor Carlos Juan Findlay, the doctor who pioneered the research that resulted in the life-saving Yellow Fever vaccine.



Cuba Allowed Fair Treatment in the World Baseball Classic!!


     The 20-team World Baseball Classic 2023 starts in March. Baseball-loving Cuba, per capita, has the best players in the world and, on fair playing fields, the island nation regularly won most international tournaments...including three consecutive Gold Medals in the Olympics. But the U. S. embargo kept enlarging the Embargo/Blockade sanctions against Cuba, including making the island uncompetitive in recent international baseball events, including the World Baseball Classic. But, lo 'n behold, the U. S. in 2023 incredibly has allowed Cuba to finally include Cuban Major League players, giving the island nation a fighting chance in the WBC 2023 starting in March.
   Above are recent articles from sources such as Reuters that explain how Cuba, like the other 19 teams in the World Baseball Classic, can use some native players that are currently stars in the U. S. Major Leagues.
    Thus, Cuba's preliminary starting line-up for the World Baseball Classic -- as shown above -- includes some Cuban-born players that are superstars in the U. S. Major Leagues. Luis Robert will be anchoring the Cuban outfield in Center Field and Yoan Moncada will be anchoring the Cuban infield at Third Base. This drastically improves Cuba's chances in the World Baseball Classic. Cuba's first game in the WBC will be March 7th against the Netherlands in faraway Taiwan.
     This is Luis Robert, the superstar Center Fielder for the Chicago White Sox. Born 25 years ago in Abreus, a town of 30,000 on Cuba's southern coast, Luis is one of the most talented outfielders in the U. S. Major Leagues and will be one of the top players in the World Baseball Classic.
    This is Yoan Moncada, the superstar Third Baseman for the Chicago White Sox in the U. S. Major Leagues and for Cuba in the World Baseball Classic. Yoan was born 27 years ago in Guantanamo, Cuba. Both Yoan and Luis combine superb power and speed. Both had injury-plagued 2022 seasons for the White Sox but are now healthy as the Cuban National Team begins to practice for the WBC, including exhibition games in the Dominican Republic and Mexico before flying to Taiwan to face the Netherlands on March 7th.
    The aforementioned Reuters article depicted above mentions that over "650 Cuban players have defected to the U. S." to pursue their dreams of becoming multi-millionaire stars in the Major Leagues. Many of them now own lavish mansions, especially in Florida. The photos above show Luis Robert and his mansion in nearby Florida. Luis, of course, has plenty of money to buy such things as the mansion shown above but, at age 25, he is still not quite eligible for Free Agency. When he reaches Free Agency -- meaning all 30 MLB teams can bid for him, Luis Robert will be able to purchase ten mansions like the property shown above. Below are some more photos of Luis Robert's current mansion in Florida.



Not ALL Cubans Want to leave Their Island.


   Today -- on Jan. 21-2023 -- all the U. S. Cuban Headlines, as usual, herald news that all Cubans in Cuba are anxious to get to nearby Key West-Miami by crossing the Florida Straits or crossing the U.S.-Mexican border on their longer and costlier journeys to Florida. But, since 1959, there also have been enough Cubans in Cuba who, come HELL or HIGH Water, love Cuba and the Revolution enough to remain on their beloved island at all costs. The photo above today was taken in a TV Studio in Havana in which anchor Rosy Amaro  had just interviewed famed singer Israel Rojas. After a recent journalistic trip to Dubai, Rosy, either working or on vacations, has also visited seven top European cities. Israel, as the lead singer of the Buena Fe Band, has also had many chances to defect. But neither of them will ever do so...come hell or high water. So, perhaps, at least one headline and article in the U. S. might explain that key phenomenon...or otherwise Americans will never understand why, since 1959 come hell or high water, millions of Cubans in Cuba have actually never contemplated forsaking their island for the riches in the nearby USA. {And if that is not so the Revolution would have ended many, many decades ago instead of now being in its 64th year since overthrowing the U.S.-Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship in 1959}.
The Buena Fe Duo singing the Revolution's praises.
{Video from YouTube}


Embargo Designed to Block Cuba's Tourism!!

 So it doesn't overwhelm Florida's tourism?

    This week -- now into the third week of 2023 -- the New York Times, the USA's most famed newspaper, recommended that Cuba should be a top tourist destination this year. The photo that illustrated the article shows the Cuban beach at Cayo Coco.
    This map shows the location of Cayo Coco, Santa Clara, and Varadero. These three ultra-beautiful beaches on Cuba's northern coast are due southeast of Havana and just below Florida. While the New York Times this week spotlights Cayo Coco, the two beaches just northwest of Cayo Coco -- Santa Clara and Varadero -- have each been voted The Best Beach in the World by international tourist publications. In other words, Cuba has a plethora of beaches rated more beautiful than the beaches in Florida!!! The New York Times article this week reminds some people that one reason for the six-decades-old U. S. Embargo against Cuba is to PROTECT Florida's tourism against having tourist competition from nearby Cuba!!!
    But for sure the U. S. EMBARGO of Cuba, which began in 1962, is still very much alive in January of 2023 and for the last six+ decades it has powerfully enriched Cubans in Florida while starving Cubans in Cuba. And for sure, promoting and protecting Florida tourism while blocking and starving Cuban tourism is a prime offshoot. Of course, with Florida having dictated the USA's Cuban policies and narratives since 1959, Americans are programmed to lavishly support tourism and dollars to Florida while cowardly supporting starvation in Cuba, which, of course, includes blocking Cuban tourism.
     And that is why Cubans in Cuba use the Spanish word "bloqueo" to describe the EMBARGO.
     And meanwhile, by all means, Americans are programmed not to be ashamed of the EMBARGO.

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