Controlling Cuba News

But One Miami TV STATION Reports True!!
{Wednesday, May 1st, 2019}
     Since January of 1959 -- when the victorious Cuban Revolution ACTUALLY chased the leaders of the U.S./Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship to their luxurious sanctuary on U. S. soil -- the Miami/Newark-based Batistianos have dictated most of America's Cuban policies and almost all of the Cuban narratives in the United States. That evolved because excess money and unadulterated intimidation simply overwhelmed Miami and Newark VERY quickly and then overwhelmed the political apparatus in Washington as well as the mainstream U. S. media. Incredibly, the top television station IN MIAMI is the exception to those harsh but accurate facts. WPLG-10, the ABC television affiliate in Miami, has an excellent broadcast journalist, Hatzel Vela, stationed in Cuba and...INCREDIBLY...he regularly files fair and excellent reports from Cuba back to Miami.
    So, if Hatzel Vela and Channel 10 in Miami can report fairly from Cuba back to Miami/Little Havana, why on MAY 1-2019 is the mainstream national U. S. media still afraid to do so? I believe that is a pertinent question to be asked in the world's democratic Superpower.
    Since 1959 Cuba has been very vulnerable to powerful Caribbean storms as well as to powerful USA-based MILITARY-TERRORIST-ECONOMIC attacks. Hatzel Vela does a superb, unbiased job as a true journalist in reporting those Cuban stories. In South Florida there are about two million Cubans and Vela's Miami station -- WPLG-TV 10 -- seems to understand that most of those Miami Cubans want to HELP and NOT ASSAULT OR STARVE their fellow Cubans on the island. But, of course that majority of Cubans in Miami are not the political superpowers, all of whom are Batistiano advocates tightly aligned with Republicans in the U. S. Congress and with all Republican presidential administrations. In the two Hatzel Vela video reports below you can first see and hear him discuss the latest sanctions and regime-change USA tactics with Cuba's Carlos Fernandez de Cossio, the island's Director of U. S. Affairs. But also Hatzel Vela included a broadcast that featured FIVE of the most vicious anti-Cuban Cubans in this precise order -- Mario Diaz-Balart whose dad was a top Batista Minister, the Havana-born Ileana Ros-Lehtinen who spent 29 years representing Little Havana extremists in the U. S. Congress, Marco Rubio who incredibly is the current Cuban dictator on U. S. soil, Yoani Sanchez who is the powerful Little Havana-backed Cuban dissident in Havana, and Carlos Curbello who recently was a Little Havana Cuban voted out of the U. S. Congress. So start with the top Hatzel Vela broadcast below to hear him interview Cuba's de Cossio to get the island's perspective on the Trump administration's pro-Batistiano treatment of Cubans.
     Now in the next broadcast below Hatzel Vela at Miami's WPLG-TV 10 discusses the Trump administration's activation of Title 3, the cruelest and most extreme aspect of the extremely cruel Batistiano-written Helms-Burton Act that even Batistiano-aligned President George W. Bush refused to activate. As referenced in the above Hatzel Vela video, most Cubans in Miami favor decent treatment of Cubans on the island and, in fact, send billions of dollars of help to relatives and friends on the island. But as dictated to Trump by vicious Cuban-Americans such as Marco Rubio and Mario Diaz-Balart, during Republican administrations the Rubio/Diaz-Balart-types can punish America's best friends in the world, such as Canada and the 28 EU nations, in order to punish Cuba. Also, the Rubio/Diaz-Balart-types can punish Cuban-Americans in Miami in order to punish Cubans on the island...and now Rubio-Diaz Balart are sharply restricting how much Miami Cubans can send to Cuba to help their relatives and friends in Cuba. That is discussed fairly in the Hatzel Vela broadcast below:
     So, I think you might agree with me when I point out how unusual it is in May of 2019 that the top television station in Miami, WPLG-TV 10, and its excellent journalist, Hatzel Vela, represent the only source in the USA for fair-minded updates on the U.S.-Cuban conundrum.
So, hats off to Hatzel.

Genocide or Stupidity or Both

The USA's Cuban Policy IS BOTH!!
I'll make this Cubaninsider update very short because, actually, I believe a California journalist named Daniel Rey has the best article today relating to the Trump administration's genocidal cruelty and stupidity that incredibly saturates the USA's unfathomably insane assaults on Cuba's women and children. The article is entitled: "Trump's New Cuba Policy Isn't As Bad As The Bay of Pigs Fiasco -- But It's Close." The article has the guts and the insight to point out that Trump's Little Havana-Batistiano dictates from Miami "stymies the Cuban private sector," which exposes the blatant lie about the USA "trying to help the Cuban people" by starving them to death. So with that heads-up, GOOGLE Daniel Rey's article and then return here to Cubaninsider tomorrow for my fresh views.



Cuba: Sanity-Insanity

And Decency vs. Indecency!!
In other words: Mendrala vs. Bolton!!
{Monday, April 29th, 2019}
      When it comes to U.S.-Cuba Relations, Emily Mendrala -- the Executive Director of the Washington-based Center for Democracy in the Americas -- represents not only sanity and decency but also No One in Washington knows more about U.S.-Cuba Relations than Emily Mendrala. Having worked tirelessly on those issues and challenges both inside and outside the U. S. government, her expertise...along with her decency and sanity...should mean that she...and others like her...should be the ones primarily influencing or actually making Cuban decisions within the U. S. government in Republican or Democratic administrations. Yet, incredibly, within the bowels of the world's strongest democracy, it is people like Emily Mendrala that the Batistiono-Mafiosi stranglehold on the USA's Cuban policies leave out of the loop on Cuban issues, almost all of which are dictated by a small extremist fringe from Miami and within both the U. S. Congress and in all Republican White Houses. And sadly for Americans, for Cuban-Americans, and for Cubans on the island, that means...for the most part...indecency and insanity have ruled the USA's Cuban policies virtually since January 1 of 1959 when ultra-rich/high echelon exiles fleeing the Cuban Revolution overwhelmed U. S. cities such as Miami and Newark, which put them on the path to political power once entities such as the Bush dynasty; Congressmen like Jesse Helms, Dan Burton, and Robert Torricelli, etc.; and the Tea Party hitched their economic and political fortunes to that of the most vicious Counter Revolutionary Cubans. This situation, always massively exacerbated during Republican administrations that literally take their Cuban orders from only the most extremist Counter Revolutionary Cubans, means that the unique knowledge, decency, and sanity from America's best Cuban experts like Emily Mendrala are totally drowned out by recycled old war-mongering/anti Cuban zealots such as...John Bolton.
      Thus, with a Republican President like Donald Trump in the White House, John Bolton in April of 2019 can go back to Little Havana/Batistiano territory in the Miami area and dictate, on America's behalf, vast amount of punishment and torture for Cubans on the island. As an even bigger insult to America and to Democracy, John Bolton can make those pronouncements standing in front of the Brigada Asalto 2506 banner that was the battle flag in April of 1961 when the USA/CIA/Cuban exiles attacked Revolutionary Cuba at the Bay of Pigs, which still stands as one of America's and Democracy's BIGGEST LOSSES and LOUDEST HUMILIATIONS. But never mind because John Bolton can get away with such cruel, vitriolic speeches because he speaks for another Republican White House and because even the mainstream U. S. media...including the left-wingers intent on impeaching Trump...are too afraid of the Batistianos to report fairly or objectively on the depths of the Cuban-exile government that exists within the bowels of what is known worldwide as the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT.
       Therefore, in April of 2019 it simply doesn't matter what true, decent, sane, and democracy-loving Cuban experts such as Emily Mendrala say regarding U.S.-Cuban relations...not when their sanity and decency can be so easily over-ruled, overshadowed, and overwhelmed by a mere handful of right-wing rogues who benefit revengfully, economically, and politically hiding behind the skirts of the world's nearby Superpower. But just for the record, here are some of the exact words that Emily Mendrala at the Center for Democracy in The Americas wrote concerning John Bolton's April-2019 "Brigada Asalto 2506" pronouncements of uniquely cruel punishments for totally innocent children, women, and men on the island of Cuba: "U. S. National Security Adviser John Bolton, speaking against an overly political backdrop in the largest swing state in the U. S., announced new sanctions against Cuba. Frankly speaking, the measures are mean-spirited, and can only be understood as a means of creating economic hardship for the Cuban people...they will cause great pain to the Cuban people...create obstacles for companies around the world...and represent a significant step backwards."
          Of course, there is no sane, decent person in the entire world who can deny a single word, as shown above, written by the highly respected Emily Mendrala at the highly respected Center for Democracy in the Americas. Yet, EVERY sane, decent person in the entire world, I believe, CAN DENY every cruel word John Bolton, speaking for the United States of America, spoke in Florida in front of the Brigada Asalto 2506 banner. And YET, John Bolton's words, not Emily Mendrala's words, represent the United States of America. And that, I believe, says a lot more about America and the American people than it says about Cuba and the Cuban people. You see, like Emily Mendrala, I'm a democracy-loving American.


IF Bolton Nukes Cuba

Would It BE OK?
{Saturday, April 27th, 2019}
     Beginning in 2002 it is well known that John Bolton concocted absurd excuses in urging President George W. Bush to launch an all-out attack on Cuba to avenge the April-1961 attack at the Bay of Pigs. Although the Bush dynasty for decades has been fully aligned with the Little Havana extremists in Miami, President George W. Bush not only refused an all-out military attack on Cuba but he also refused to activate Title 3 of the Helms-Burton Act that was written in 1996 for the clear purpose of starving Revolutionary Cuba to death or at least to induce Cubans on the island to rise up and overthrow their revolutionary government.
    Now FAST-FORWARD to April-2019. John Bolton, incredibly, has been named President Donald Trump's National Security Adviser after Trump had already put Counter Revolutionary extremists Marco Rubio, Mario Diaz-Balart, and Mauricio Claver-Carone in charge of recapturing Cuba on behalf of what Bolton lovingly calls "the Bay of Pigs survivors" in Little Havana.
     Anyone who studies John Bolton's rise as an imperialist war-monger courtesy of the Bush dynasty will detect a pattern: Bolton tends to merely salute nuclear-powered Big Boys like Russia, China, and even North Korea but believes any smaller nation that doesn't lushly share its natural resources with rich Americans is ripe for a USA take-over. Thus, Bolton's most beloved historic example is Cuba back when rich Americans {from 1952 till 1959} paid cash kick-backs to the Batista-Mafia dictators so they could partake of the wholesale fleecing of the Caribbean's largest and most promising island. Therefore, it is no surprise that Bolton, after his political resurrection by President Trump, is once again showering his imperialist love on Little Havana's Cuban exiles from the long-ago ousted Batista-Mafia dictatorship. And in doing so, of course, John Bolton is busy trying to execute a regime-change in Cuba that will, potentially, ONCE AGAIN be a playpen for Batistianos, Mafiosi and rich American businessmen.
    Thus, boldly representing Trump and the United States of America, John Bolton has made two highly publicized trips to Little Havana territory on U. S. soil and {1} declared war on Cuba; and {2} announced that the Trump administration was ACTIVATING Title 3 of Helms-Burton. Remember that Bolton could not even get President Bush to do either of those two things because even Bush knew that the rest of the world considered both things to be extreme cruelty...even genocide...perpetrated by a powerful nation against people in a much-weaker nation.
Mr. Bolton and Brigada Asalto 2506.
    The Bay of Pigs attack on Cuba lingers historically as one of America's greatest humiliations and surely one of the most monumental achievements of Fidel Castro and his Cuban Revolution, boosting their stock eternally on the international stage far out of proportion to a small island nation. It took place in APRIL OF 1961. In APRIL OF 2019 Americans are  STILL supposed to be TOO AFRAID to ask questions such as, "The Bay of Pigs attack on Cuba was six decades ago...so how many of the attackers that Bolton loves so much are still living?" Well...uh, not many. But remember, Americans are not supposed to ask such Cuban questions. After all, Little Havana in Miami since 1959 has basically dictated both the Cuban narrative in the U. S. and the USA's Cuban policies.
      And, of course, Americans in April-2019 are not supposed to Google such names as...Emilio Milian. In 1976 Emilio was the top Cuban-American newsman in Miami and he complained about the terrorist murders of innocent and non-Counter Revolutionary Cubans...including such things as the bombing of the civilian Cubana Flight 455 airplane that killed all 73 people on board. But for his decency and bravery in Miami, Emilio Milian was car-bombed.
     Most of the two million Cuban-Americans in the Miami area, including powerful businessmen like Frank Del Rio, are decent U. S. citizens and don't want to punish Cubans on the island. In fact, Cuban-Americans each year...despite history's all-time cruelest and longest Embargo...have been sending several billion dollars a year in cash and goods to the island to help the embargoed Cubans. But it seems that only Rubio-types, not Frank Del Rio-types, get elected to public office in Miami or get sent to the U. S. Congress in Washington. And adding to the extreme Helms-Burton/Title 3 cruelty, the famous war-monger, John Bolton, has announced that cash-and-goods from decent Cuban-Americans to Cubans on the island will be SHARPLY CURTAILED, much to the dismay of decent Cuban-Americans like Frank Del Rio.
    The 28-nation European Union's Ambassador to Cuba is Alberto Navarro. In a few days...on May 2, 2019...the Trump administration's activation of Helms-Burton Title 3 will enable the heirs of Mafia kingpin Meyer Lansky and thousands of other to sue in U. S. courts for property allegedly lost to the Cuban Revolution in 1959...and sue companies in other nations doing business with Cuba. Such an attempt to starve Cuba, as noted, was not even allowed by the Batistiano-driven George W. Bush presidency...but it reflects both the stupidity and the brazenness of today's Trump White House to punish other friendly nations in order to starve innocent Cubans on the island. The typical worldwide respond echoes the precise words that Alberto Navarro as he pointedly stated this week: "The Title-3 action by the Trump administration is causing unprecedented concern all over Europe and elsewhere. The extraterritorial application of the U. S. Embargo against Cuba is illegal, contrary to international law, and I also consider it immoral. The U. S. is the world nuclear power and has dire economic influence worldwide, too much it seems. And a president who is also Commander-in-Chief can do certain things, I guess, if the American people let him. But to infringe on the freedoms of all other nations in order to punish a much smaller victim nation is a bridge much too far. If the American people don't realize that now, they will realize it later."
 The European Union's High Representative, Federica Mogherini, has long called the U. S. embargo against Cuba "blatantly illegal and exceedingly cruel." Now additionally outraged by the activation of Helms-Burton Title 3, Mogherini is threatening to use the clout of the EU to sue the USA in the World Court and in the World Trade Association..."on behalf of the EU nations and on behalf of Cuba whose people have been unmercifully punished and robbed for six decades by a powerful nation that does it because it can get away with it. Maybe, with Trump, it is time for the world to react properly."
    As the powerful leader of the 28-nation European Union, Federica Mogherini testifying in a non-USA World Court or in the non-USA World Trade Organization would likely shed much-needed light on the "blatantly illegal and exceedingly cruel" economic embargo of Cuba that has existed since 1962. Obviously, the World Court and the World Trade Organization MIGHT take exception to a powerful nation trying to starve people in a much smaller nation AND MIGHT even confront that powerful nation for dictating punishment to other nations who MIGHT disagree with history's longest and cruelest embargo.
   As if the image above and the unfathomable Helms-Burton cruelty is not enough to shame America and Democracy in the eyes of the world, now the Little Havana-dictated Trump administration in Washington seeks to punish ALL DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN COMPANIES that might do business with Cuba.
    One thing the Trump administration's unprecedented effort to starve Cubans on the island is doing is REMINDING the world of the brutal-thieving and U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship that verily robbed and brutalized Cuba from 1952 till 1959. Left-to-right above are Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, and Fulgencio Batista.
    This photo shows Meyer Lansky leaving one of the Mafia-owned hotel-casino's in Havana in 1957 with a typical satchel full of money.
    With U.S.-backing Meyer Lansky and the Mafia created "A Caribbean Mob Story" in Cuba from 1952 till 1959. The Lansky character in the famed "Godfather" movies said while he was PLUNDERING Cuba blind, "We are bigger than U. S. Steel."
   While in Cuba, Meyer Lansky built and owned the plush Riviera Hotel.
    This is Meyer Lansky's grandson Gary Rapoport. The London Daily Mail as well as the Tampa Bay Times reported that Gary and other Meyer Lansky heirs have tried for years to have Helms-Burton Title 3 activated so they could sue for the loss of the Lansky properties in Batista's Cuba. Now, starting on May 2-2019, the Trump administration has activated Title 3, opening the door for a reported 200,000 or so such lawsuits in U. S. courtrooms, something that will overwhelm U.S. courts and, to put it mildly, UNDERwhelm all other nations in the world. Yet, it might backfire on TRUMP and LITTLE HAVANA because it could end up allowing Cuba to sue the U. S. in the World Court and in the World Trade Organization for such things as...the Embargo, Guantanamo Bay, terrorists acts such as the downing of Cubana Flight 455, etc., etc., etc., etc.
    Meanwhile, the world knows that the U. S. presidential transition from the Cuba-friendly Obama to the Little Havana-controlled TRUMP has created "URGENT" times for Cuba's new President Miguel Diaz-Canel.


STARVATION: Another Cuban Attack

Once Again, Little Cuba, Coveted by BIG USA!!
{Wednesday, April 24th, 2019}
    Unfortunately for America and for Democracy, I believe that Ana Quintana is a prime example of extreme, well-funded propagandists masquerading as prolific "journalists" while they do the business of ultra-rich Think Tanks {in her case, the Heritage Foundation}. Catering to special extreme projects {in her case, the long-sought/right-wing recapture of Cuba}, Ana Quintana's vicious and ubiquitous propaganda assaults on innocent Cubans, taking full advantage of the digital age and untold millions of propaganda dollars, often get saturation coverage, overwhelming and drowning out real journalism. The latest Ana Quintana propaganda speil flooded the media spectrum on April 21st and is entitled: "Trump's Cuba Sanctions Will Punish Maduro's Enablers In Havana." Of course, what this and all of Ana Quintana's right-wing propaganda jolts promote is the starvation of Cubans on the island to appease or actually benefit a few rich and politically powerful Cuban-Americans as well as, most unfortunately, the RUBIO/DIAZ-BALART/CLAVER-CARONE/BOLTON/POMPEO morass that is hellbent on using the Trump White House to orchestrate the recapture of Cuba for the saintly, Mother Teresa-like denizens hovering in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood. And that's where still today their prized 1961 Bay of Pigs battle flag...BRIGADA ASALTO 2506...SEEMS to take precedence over the still-PROUD United States of America flag.
      As a democracy-loving American, I sincerely believe that the U. S. flag on U. S. soil should always fly higher than all other flags, including the normal Cuban flag.
     Of course, massively funded right-wing propagandists like Ana Quintana who masquerade as "journalists" can emerge from the Internet and from live engagements before right-wing choirs to be featured on a vast array of massively funded right-wing propaganda Think Tanks and media outfits, both print & radio-tv propaganda units. This phenomenon, both left-wing and right-wing, has created a "news" media in the USA that is strictly on the LEFT OR RIGHT fringes of America...leaving behind the 80% or so of decent and moderate Americans who don't cater to either left-wing or right-wing propaganda from either the media, politicians or the rich, biased, mushrooming Think Tanks. But the primary losers from the extremes of propagandists like Ana Quintana are totally innocent people who are their targets -- and in Ana Quintana's media-hyped gun-sights are the innocent people on the island of Cuba that Ana Quintana seems to take joy in starving...to APPARENTLY soften up the island for a stronger BAY OF PIGS-like attack.
     With that being said, by contrast, allow me to introduce you to a real journalist. Colombia-born Andrea Rodriguez is stationed in Cuba by the Associated Press. Andrea is not a media propagandist; she is a journalist. She fairly writes balanced and unbiased articles from Havana for the AP, whether they shed pro-or-con vibes about the Cuban government. And Andrea understands the rhythms and pulses that course through the lives of everyday Cubans on the island, and so would her readers IF they ignored the likes of ANA QUINTANA and depended on true journalism from the likes of Andrea Rodriguez emanating from the island. Why is that important, you say, if Cuba is merely a small island nation? Well, it's important because...in the eyes of much of the world...Cuba says a helluva lot more about the superpower United States than it says about Cuba. And for that reason alone, Americans should know the difference between a lushly funded propagandist like Ana Quintana and a hard-working true journalist like Andrea Rodriguez. You see, the right-wing propagandist rejoices in punishing innocent people in a weaker country while the true journalist just reports on it.
     In the last few days while the likes of Ana Quintana were propagandizing about the wonderful Mother Teresa-types in the Trump administration starving Cubans on the island, Andrea Rodriguez was merely reporting on it for the Associated Press. Thus, Andrea reported that the incredibly new and cruel starvation-type sanctions imposed by the USA's Batistiano-aligned Trump administration are creating food shortages on the island, JUST LIKE they were intended to do. The AP photo above, for example, shows 80-year-old Puro Castell as she left one normally well-stocked Supermarket that had empty shelves in search of one that had food she needed. The AP article quoted Ms. Castell as saying, "I've taken care of myself my whole life. I don't just sit on my hands. I'm worn out but I walk all over town." Intense sanctions or military strikes by a strong nation against a much smaller and weaker nation usually affects the very old and the very young the most, and that's the case with the harsher-than-ever sanctions newly imposed by the Trump administration against Cubans on the island. AND REMEMBER, the U. S. economic embargo against Cuba was first imposed in 1962 for the purpose, according to de-classified U. S. documents, of STARVING, DEPRIVING, AND MAKING MISERABLE Cubans on the island to induce them to rise up and overthrow their Revolutionary government. {And then what? A return of the brutal U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship from Little Havana?}. The economic embargo by the U. S. against Cuba...1962 till today in 2019...is easily the longest and cruelest in history by a powerful nation against a weaker nation. But the cruelest sanctions have been imposed in the past couple of weeks by Trump's minions...Rubio, Diaz-Balart, Bolton, Pompeo, Claver-Carone, etc...who must be rejoicing over the AP photo above of the hungry 80-year-old Puro Castell. But Andrea Rodriguez also pointed out that "as of now no one is starving in Cuba." Since 1959 Cuba has guaranteed food where needed as well as maintaining totally free educations through college and totally free healthcare for life for all Cubans. When Little Havana in Miami inflicts Republican administrations to try to starve Cubans on the island by cutting off all financial assets of the government, the people...of course...who suffer the most are people like Puro Castell. But instead of studying the AP photo above, Americans are propagandized to believe that starving Cubans on the island like Puro is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to save the United States. Of course, for the past 6+ decades it has been to enrich and empower the likes of revengeful denizens like...Rubio, the Diaz-Balarts, Claver-Carone, Reich, Noriega, Quintana, etc. etc. It appears that this generation of pusillanimous Americans is simply too propagandized or too afraid to offer an opinion on the fresh AP photo above. But I believe all Americans should be free to visit Cuba and SEE AND JUDGE its people for themselves and also be free enough to form this opinion: IT IS UNFATHOMABLY CRUEL FOR ANY POWERFUL NATION TO USE FOOD AS A TOOL OR WEAPON TO PUNISH OR TO EVISCERATE INNOCENT CITIZENS IN A MUCH WEAKER NATION EVEN FOR ONE WEEK!! Yes, the United States of America has been using food as a weapon against innocent Cubans since 1962, on behalf of the American people. And now in 2019, again on behalf of the American people, the Little Havana-directed Trump minions have greatly expanded that unfathomable cruelty RELATED TO FOOD.
    Twice in recent days America's and Donald Trump's NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER John Bolton has been to Miami to declare the USA's war on Cuba, supposedly convincing Americans that little Cuba IS THE BIGGEST NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT TO SUPERPOWER AMERICA. Bolton, while he was a key adviser to President George W. Bush, famously concocted lies in 2002 to try to convince the Batistiano-aligned Bush to launch a full-out military overthrow of Cuba's revolutionary government. Even President Bush refused to take Bolton's advice. Incredibly, the mostly scared mainstream U. S. media as well as the USA's 326 million mostly propagandized citizens accepted the USA's latest Republican president, Donald Trump, recycling the most dangerous right-wing Counter Revolutionary anti-Cuban zealots from the Little Havana-aligned Bush dynasty -- such as Mauricio Claver-Carone, Otto Reich, Elliott Abrams, John Bolton, etc. -- into ultra-powerful/war-mongering positions in the current White House. To pacify a few elderly remnants of Cuba's long-ago Batista dictatorship that {since 1959} have dominated Little Havana in Miami, President Trump has allowed Little Havana's Marco Rubio to personally position the likes of Bolton to direct the long-desired Batistiano regime-change in Cuba. The photo above was Bolton's first trip to Miami to declare war on Cuba. The photo below shows Bolton's second trip to Batistiano territory in Florida a few days ago to re-emphasize the USA's war on Cuba...you know, the poor little island nation that Mr. Bolton says is about to conquer and destroy the USA.
    This photo shows John Bolton last Wednesday in prime Batistiano territory -- Miami/Coral Gables/Little Havana -- officially speaking for America and declaring his war on Cuba. Notice, if you will, that Bolton's is heralding his insult to America, to Democracy, and to Decency by standing in front of the BRIGADA ASALTO 2506 banner, which was the Battle Flag used by the USA/CIA-trained Batistiano exiles who attacked Cuba at the BAY OF PIGS in mid-April of 1961. Six decades later right-wing Batistiano sycophants like Bolton preach that the USA humiliation at the BAY OF PIGS was one of the USA's monumental achievements. When a JOHN BOLTON can fly into Little Havana, speak for the USA, and then get APPLAUDED for promising to use the Treasury and the Military of the United States to eviscerate totally innocent people in a nearby helpless nation, perhaps it is time for even cowardly and unpatriotic Americans to finally admit that the USA may be in more trouble than the island of Cuba.
        Note: The two following photos from Batista's Cuba in the 1950's still today vividly remind Cuban mothers on the island that PERHAPS evisceration by the Trump minions would be better than a return of the Batistianos. Study the photos, then judge for yourself.
      In APRIL OF 2019 it is still apparent that right-wing thugs in all Republican administrations since the 1950's can get away with assaulting and starving Cubans on the island because Americans are not supposed to know that the photo above correctly represents how the Batista-Mafia dictatorship treated everyday Cubans who were not allowed to participate in the wholesale rape and robbery of the island by the Batistianos, the Mafiosi, and the U. S. companies that paid lush kickbacks in order to partake of the financial rewards. The photo above, I believe, indicates that the Batistianos, the Mafiosi, and the U. S. businessmen were stupid not to at least throw some crumbs to such everyday Cubans...and maybe even provide them a little educational and health care.
    This photo, TOO, is one that Americans are propagandized NOT to consider as an integral part of U.S.-Cuban relations. But, yes, these Cuban mothers were bravely protesting the murder of their children by agents of the Batista-Mafia dictatorship, and this was the major cause of the Cuban Revolution AND the primary reason the Cuban Revolution ended the Batista-Mafia dictatorship. "Stop the murders of our children. CUBAN MOTHERS" is what the Poster above said. The mother second from the left wearing the white blouse and sunglasses was the mother of Little Willie Soler. Today in Havana a major Children's Hospital is named for Little Willie Soler. And, what you ask, was the reason for the child murders? Apparently it was to quell dissent. However, such extremes of the Batista-Mafia dictatorship both QUELLED and sustained the Cuban Revolution. But beyond all that, the two black-and-white photos depicted historically above are reminders of why...also against all odds...the two latest generations of Cuban mothers on the island have resisted a return of the Batista-Mafia brutality.
    The U.S.-Soviet Union "COLD WAR" is over. The legendary Cuban revolutionary icon Fidel Castro died at age 90 in Havana on November 25th, 2016. America's most popular President, John Kennedy, was murdered at age 43 in Dallas on November 22nd, 1963, and he was a notable victim of the "COLD WAR." Moreover, John Kennedy was the most notable victim of the U.S.-backed 1952-1959 Batista-Mafia dictatorship in Cuba AND, truth be known, John Kennedy was the most notable victim of the Batista-Mafia dictatorship's resurgence 1959-2019 on U. S. soil.
1950's U.S.-backed dictator in Cuba.
A part of USA-Cuban history.
Dictator of 2019 U.S. Cuban policies?
But this flag still waves in little Cuba.
USA's continuous SHAME!!


cubaninsider: "The Country That Raped Me" (A True Story)

cubaninsider: "The Country That Raped Me" (A True Story) : Note : This particular essay on  Ana Margarita Martinez  was first ...