Thursday, April 18, 2019

A Testament to Greed

With A Dose Of Revenge!!
{The USA's Cuban Cocktail}
{Saturday, April 20th, 2019}
     This photo in Miami/Coral Gables {April 17th, 2019}, courtesy of Politico, is a testament to #1 greed and #2 revenge, two staples within the bowels of the U. S. democracy since 1952, when the USA partnered with the Mafia in Batista's Cuba, and since 1959 when the Cuban Revolution chased the Batistianos-Mafiosi to U. S. soil, with Little Havana their new capital in Miami. Above,  that's John Bolton speaking on behalf of the weakened U. S. democracy in front of the Brigada Asalto 2506 banner, the battle-flag for the CIA/Batistiano attackers that humiliated the USA and Democracy way back in mid-April of 1961. In mid-April of 2019, it still humiliates the USA and Democracy.
     When a John Bolton, speaking on behalf of the President of the United this case Donald Trump...can continue to insult and punish innocent Cubans on their island as well as most Americans and most Cuban-Americans, then perhaps the USA is in more trouble than the Caribbean's largest island. Most Cuban-Americans are decent U. S. citizens and they are responsible for sending several billion dollars worth of help to Cubans on the island each year. But, with a renewed all-out effort to starve Cubans on the island, the war-mongered Bolton greatly assaulted even that remaining freedom for Cuban Americans. Back on Friday, Bolton had gleefully presaged his Miami speech with a Tweet that saluted "the Bay of Pigs survivors" in Miami as if there were thousands. There are merely a handful because the lamentable Bay of Pigs attack was six decades ago. But whatever words Republican officials parrot, Americans are commanded to accept them. One such pathetic line from Bolton was this one: "In no uncertain terms, the Obama administration's policies toward Cuba have enabled the Cuban colonization of Venezuela today." Americans are programmed to believe such absurdity when it relates to post-Batista Cuba. Cuba is a besieged island nation with 11 million targeted and embargoed souls. Venezuela is currently being contested by three huge nuclear Superpowers -- the U. S. with 326 million people against China and Russia with a total exceeding 1.5 billion people. While Bolton is very afraid of the soldiers and military equipment Russia and China now have in Venezuela, he has the temerity and the audacity to accuse Cuba, for the USA's and Little Havana's benefit, as being the COLONIAL POWER IN VENEZUELA. And you know what? The implication from Bolton for Americans and Cuban-Americans is this: YOU BELIEVE WHAT I SAY ABOUT CUBA...or else!!! And so, we either put our tales between our legs and sleek away or we stand and say, "OK, Mr. Bolton, sir...what else?"
      Prior to Bolton's embarrassing foray to Miami this week, America's Commander-in-Chief himself, President Trump, had geneflected the U. S. democracy to the denizens in Little Havana. In this photo they included Rick Scott who just completed his tenure as Florida's governor and then got elected to the U. S. Senate from Florida. Scott is an absurdly vicious anti-Cuban Counter Revolutionary and, typical of Jeb Bush, Scott arrived in Florida from a distant state well-knowing how to make it in Florida politics -- by casting his lot with the most extremists Cuban exiles. Also in the above photo looking directly down over Trump's head is Mario Diaz-Balart, the son of a former ultra-rich Batista Minister. Mario and/or his older Havana-born brother Lincoln Diaz-Balart have represented Little Havana in the U. S. Congress for two decades. Americans are not supposed to know little tidbits like that...or else they might realize how Congressional laws such as the Helms-Burton Act, the Torricelli Billetc., etc. so drastically enrich and empower certain Cuban-Americans while unmercifully punishing innocent Cubans.
      The New York Times had another Editorial this week about Cuba and it again revealed what everyone knows, which is that little Marco Rubio from Little Havana has been designated by President Trump as the USA's new Cuban dictator. This New York Times Editorial assaulted Rubio for dictating that the sane U.S.-Cuban baseball deal would be blocked, meaning it will now only benefit human traffickers and Little Havana extremists. A democracy that allows a lightweight like Rubio to dictate such things is not the democracy it was prior to 1959. In the photo above, Rubio is shown making a Counter Revolutionary Cuban speech at the plush Manuel Artime Theater in Little Havana. Manuel Artime was one of the leaders of the Bay of Pigs attack on Cuba in mid-April of 1961. To this day, in mid-April of 2019, Americans and their tax dollars are supposed to herald the historic Bay of Pigs attack as a monumental event in American history. And as long as a Republican president can anoint a Marco Rubio as America's Cuban dictator on U. S. soil, that's precisely the propaganda Americans will be forced to accept and to pay for.
     When Republican Donald Trump was incredibly elected President of the United States because the other political party, the Democrats, had tilted too far to the extreme left, Johana Tablada was serving as Cuba's Ambassador to Portugal. She was then called back to Havana to serve as Deputy Director of all things related to the United States because Cuba knew that Trump would reverse the positive normalization efforts of outgoing President Barack Obama. In official statements, at news conferences, on YouTube, and on social media, Johana Tablada is now an eloquent spokesperson for Cuba in either Spanish or English. On her Twitter page, as you can check, she expressed these exact words regarding John Bolton's assault on Cuba in his Miami speech yesterday: "Before they try to  euphorically ride a wave of wickedness and lies, they should themselves take a dose of reality. The world has told John Bolton and the U. S. government to eliminate the Helms-Burton Act and the criminal blockade of Cuba."
    Above, posted by Johana Tablada, is an official Cuban statement regarding John Bolton's unequivocal vows to eviscerate/own Cuba once and all. The statement, translated to English, says: "The United States establishes that all foreign territory is its own land, including that of its most unconditional allies, and it does so with a cocktail of lies, abuse of power, greed, and arrogance. For a change."
     On an NBC News and YouTube video Johana Tablada discussed President Trump and the grip that the Brigada Asalto 2506 Bay of Pigs Banner has had on all Republican administrations in the USA since mid-April of 1961. Ms. Tablada, in that discussion, was astute enough to equate that grip on Republicans as a "vice-like grip on its democracy." Americans, I believe, should be brave enough to at least offer opinions as to whether Johana Tablada is right or wrong.
This was Johana Tablada's opinion.


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