Cuba Battles Two Perils

The Blockade & the Coronavirus!!
    Today -- June 30th, 2020 -- the update above indicates that Cuba believes it is winning its battle against the Coronavirus. The deaths {"fallecidos"} from the pandemic are holding steady today at 86...so as usual now today's statistics show "0" deaths in the past 24 hours and just "1" new case of COVID-19 patients.
     But the 11 million Cubans on the Caribbean's largest island are now more concerned about the  "Genocidal Blockade" that the American people, without a whimper, have allowed the Trump administration to impose on them. Trump elevated the 6-decade-old U. S. EMBARGO into what is truly a genocidal BLOCKADE  against masses of Cubans on the island to appease a mere handful of self-serving, greedy, and heartless Cubans in Little Havana.
     The excellent journalist Michael Weissenstein, who heads the Associated Press's Caribbean News Bureau in Havana, recently wrote an important article that Americans, as usual, ignored. The article is entitled: "Trump Policy Changes Frightens Cubans." Direly afraid of the Little Havana Cubans in Miami and in Congress, Americans simply don't have the guts to oppose genocide being perpetrated on their/our BEHALF against Cuban children, women, and men on the island...and, probably, most Americans also would not object if Little Havana denizens persuaded their current patsy in the White House, Trump, to nuke Cuba...paving the way for a second generation of Batistianos to finally regain control of the island. Thus, when a respected journalist like Michael Weissenstein reports in the U.S.-based news agency AP that Cubans on the island are more "frightened" about genocide imposed on them from Little Havana than they are of the Coronavirus pandemic, Americans have been programmed not to object. After all, since 1959 Americans have been told that the nice Cubans are in Little Havana and the Bad Cubans are in Cuba. In other words, unchecked propaganda...even in a Democracy...is a powerful tool. 
    Four Republican presidents prior to Trump -- Nixon, Reagan, Bush #2, and Bush #1 -- garnered enormous political and economic benefits from their flagrant ties to decades of supporting the Batista regime in Cuba in the 1950s and then, after the Cuban Revolutionary triumph in 1959,  doing the same thing with the Batistiano's takeover of Miami with their new Batistiano capital, Little Havana. Yes, the Republican ties to Batista/Batistiano Cuba began in 1952 when, as Vice President and before he later became President, Nixon helped align the U. S. with the Mafia to support the Batista dictatorship in Cuba. But, that being said, only the current Republican Trump regime in Washington has permitted the Batistianos to openly use genocide in its quest to recapture Cuba.
      In June of 2020 after almost four years of the Trump presidency, most Americans have problems with some or many of things Trump has done. But Americans are programmed to accept anything any Republican U. S. president does, including genocide, to appease the Cuban extremists in Little Havana two generations since the Cuban Revolution in 1959 booted them out of Havana to Miami. Thus, the image above of Trump wielding the infamous Helms-Burton club to impose genocide against masses of innocent Cubans on the island is cowardly accepted by another generation of Americans. At the same time, many Democracy-loving Americans cringe at the correct image depicted above, but there is nothing they/we can do to correct it.
     The photo above, I believe, chronicles the moment that Little Havana got permission from President Trump to impose genocide against Cubans on the island. The Four Batistiano Horsemen shown above are, left to right: Mario Diaz-Balart of Little Havana; Ron DeSantis, the current Batistiano Governor of Florida; Marco Rubio of Little Havana; and Rick Scott, who preceded DeSantis as the two-term Batistiano Governor of Florida and then became, along with Rubio, a Batistiano U. S. Senator in Washington. Like countless other politicians such as Jeb Bush and Porter Goss, DeSantis and Scott owe their political careers to becoming 100% anti-revolutionary Cubans that the Batistianos in Little Havana would support and control. Mario Diaz-Balart or his Havana-born brother Lincoln have been continuously in the U. S. Congress since the 1990s as extreme Counter Revolutionary zealots, after the Bush dynasty began the trek of Little Havana zealots to Congress when Jeb Bush led Havana-born Little Havana's Ileana Ros-Lehtinen to the U. S. Congress in 1989, where she stayed till 2019 when, like Lincoln Diaz-Balart, Ros-Lehtinen resigned her safe Congressional seat to pursue, apparently, better opportunities to recapture Cuba. The Diaz-Balart brothers are the sons of a powerful Minister in the Batista dictatorship in Havana, a family that reached their political and financial heights, not in Havana, but in...Little Havana from 1959 till today. In that milieu, the Little Havana Four Horsemen in the photo above -- Diaz-Balart,  DeSantis, Rubio, and Scott -- had just reached that bevy of microphones outside the White House AFTER just having had a one-sided discussion with President Trump. With Rubio telling what they had just gotten from Trump, it apparently turned to be what Little Havana most wanted, which was the activation of Title III of Helms-Burton that Little Havana zealots had LONG-believed was the final tool they needed to regain control of Cuba once and FOR all.
     Right-wing Republicans in 1952 teamed the U. S. democracy with Mafia kingpins like Lucky Luciano to support the brutal Batista dictatorship in Cuba so rich Americans could partake in the rape and robbery of the island. But on Jan. 1-1959 when the Cuban Revolution chased the Batistianos off the island, two generations of Little Havana denizens in Miami, Newark, and the U. S. Congress, still riding the coattails of the Republican Party as shown above, have garnered even more wealth and power on U. S. soil than they ever amassed in Batista's Cuba.
       Like Rick Scott today, the Little Havana Batistianos have never had any trouble getting sycophants such as Jesse Helms of North Carolina and Dan Burton of Indiana to do their bidding in the U. S. Congress.
     The Helms-Burton Act -- considered the work of Little Havana zealots Jorge Mas Canosa and Lincoln Diaz-Balart -- became the inviolable Little Havana Bible in 1996. Not only was it designed to use the U. S. treasury and other means to recapture Cuba, just as importantly it also became an incredible piggy-bank that has to this day gushed pipelines of tax-dollars from Washington to Little Havana, quickly helping make Little Havana's Mas Canosa its first billionaire. Incredibly, even from 2009 till 2017 when Democrat Barack Obama was the U. S. President who tried desperately to normalize relations with Cuba, the wording of the Helms-Burton Act makes it protected from decent Democratic presidents who might want to kick it into the dust bin. Thus, after surviving Obama, Helms-Burton to this day does the bidding of Little Havana Cubans, financially and politically.
      But Helms-Burton has a provision known as Title III that not even the two-term George W. Bush presidency would activate...because even Bush considered it too GENOCIDAL to impose on masses of Cubans on the island. Of course, Title III also has provisions to supposedly make more billions of dollars available to Little Havana by legalizing lawsuits against companies and nations doing business with Cuba. When the Trump administration activated Title III in 2019 it essentially legalized genocide against Cuban families on the island to appease already rich and powerful Little Havana families. So, you ask, where does that leave the rest of the world regarding Title III's genocide against Cuba? Answer: It leaves the rest of the world out in the cold because, after all, the U. S. is the world's economic and military Superpower.
     And so, you ask, why doesn't the U. S. Democracy itself curtail the genocide against Cubans via Title III of Helms-Burton? The answer: The last two generations of Americans...since the 1950's...have been the most cowardly and  thus the less democratic generations in America's history.


US Bullies Caribbean Nations

To Accept US Cuban Policies!!
      St. Lucia is an island nation in the Eastern Caribbean with a population of about 180,000 people. They speak English and French and adher mostly to English and French customs and laws. In 2020, with Little Havana zealots in Miami and in Congress anxious to regain control of Cuba while Trump is still President, St. Lucia and all other Caribbean nations are being pressured to accept what many of them openly consider U. S. genocide against the masses of Cubans on the island. St. Lucia is a feisty little nation and it has, in print and online, a feisty newspaper -- the St. Lucia News. This weekend -- on June 27th, 2020 -- its top article is entitled: "US BLACKLISTS CUBA FOR DOCTORS OVERSEAS PROGRAMS; MINISTER FLOOD REACTS." Like the other Caribbean nations, St. Lucia tries real hard to resist U. S. pressure -- via money inducements or other threats -- to join in the overthrow of Revolutionary Cuba.
    This weekend the St. Lucia News used the photo depicted above to illustrate its denunciation of the US effort to exert pressure on its sovereignty by trying to force its Little Havana-propelled effort to recapture Cuba on St. Lucia. This photo shows St. Lucia welcoming a brigade of Cuban doctors to help St. Lucia battle the Coronavirus pandemic -- the same thing other nations from Jamaica to Barbados to Italy to Spain to Brazil to South Africa to Qatar and two dozen other nations have begged for and received. That's because Cuban doctors have a well-earned reputation for being the best for fighting pandemics such as Ebola, COVID-19, and Hurricanes such as Katrina. But Little Havana, meaning the U. S., is afraid Cuba will garner some financial windfall from its famed medical programs overseas, and that goes against the Trump administration's herculean effort to blockade all revenue from reaching Cuba.
       The top Minister for the nation of St. Lucia is the brilliant and feisty Sarah Flood-Beaubrun. Fifty-one-years-old, she got her law degree at the University of Westminster and, among other things, Sarah represents St. Lucia at the United Nations...as well as against U. S. pressure to turn St. Lucia against Cuba. Regarding the U. S. effort to pressure all nations, small and large, from using Cuban doctors, Sarah gave this exact quote to the St. Lucia News this weekend: "For us, Cuba is a friend and Cuba has assisted Saint Lucia in so many ways." I believe that Americans should go online and read that June 27-2020 article in the St. Lucia News because in the U. S. even the powerful anti-Trump mainstream media is usually too afraid of Little Havana to report fairly on positive Cuban issues.
     This photo shows Sarah Flood-Beaubrun posing with U. S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo after he supposedly had arrived in St. Lucia trying to pressure Sarah to join Little Havana's anti-Cuban crusade. But Sarah had earlier criticized Jamaica and other nations for what she believed were some in the Caribbean taking "nice" financial inducements from the U. S. to denounce Cuba..."Even though Jamaica, I believe, was the very first nation to beg and receive Cuban doctors to fight its problem with COVID-19." Of course, as Sarah Flood-Beaubrun has stated, "U. S. money is welcomed by everyone, and the last few years anti-Cuba money from Washington is plentiful, and some take it...but there are other things more important than money, such as the lives of people in small and vulnerable sovereign countries."
     In the tiny Eastern Caribbean nation of St. Lucia, there is  a female politician named Sarah Flood-Beaubrun who has both the courage and the decency to speak up against the money and might of both LITTLE HAVANA and WASHINGTON on behalf of saving the lives of her fellow citizens in St. Lucia. So, although Americans are not supposed to care, Sarah Flood-Beaubrun this weekend had the courage and the decency to make this exact statement in the St. Lucia News: "For us, Cuba is a friend and Cuba has assisted Saint Lucia in so many ways." And, of course, Cuba's latest way to help Sarah's nation is to fight the Coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, in USA we are told that the likes of Claver-Carone, Rubio, the Diaz-Balarts, Menendez, and Rick Scott who are able to commit the U. S. government to a genocidal Cuban policy are better humans than Sarah Flood-Beaubrun. And that is simply a lie that no democracy should tolerate, certainly not for over six decades. The face depicted above shows compassion and love, not hate and greed. Sarah Flood-Beaubrun can not be bought off by U. S. dollars because she is more concerned with helping the citizens of St. Lucia fight the COVID pandemic...and with helping Cuban citizens fight both the COVID pandemic and its age-old Little Havana pandemic...now 6+ decades old.
     This week -- on June 26th, 2020 -- the Jamaica Gleaner, a newspaper established in 1834, quoted Dr. Morais Guy about renowned Little Havana zealots in the U. S. Senate introducing a new bill entitled: "The Cut Profits to the Cuban Regime Act." It is the latest Little Havana effort to block all money to the island, this time supposedly cutting off revenue from the Cuban doctors sent abroad that many nations believe are vital to saving lives in their nations. The exact words by Dr. Morais Guy were: 
              "The Cuban people have always stood with the people of Jamaica in challenging times, from the 1970s to today's COVID-19 pandemic crisis, when over 140 medical professionals arrived in Jamaica from Cuba. For over 40 years, Jamaica has been benefiting from the assistance of Cuban healthcare workers and we cannot remain silent as to be bullied into adopting the political agenda of another country." Those were the exact words of Dr. Guy but I underlined his word "bullied" to remind the likes of Claver-Carone, Rubio, the Diaz-Balart brothers, Rick Scott, and others that it is no secret about what they are doing...and able to do.
           Of course, as every health professional in the Caribbean well knows, the Little Havana Counter Revolutionaries who introduced "The Cut Profits to the Cuban Regime Act" a few days ago in the U. S. Senate are not supposed to be asked in the United States if they agree that such self-serving bills are aimed at enriching and embolding certain politicians in Little Havana while committing genocide against Cubans on the island. In the last few days it appears some health experts in the Caribbean such as Dr. Morais Guy in Jamaica and Minister Sarah Blood-Beaubrun in St. Lucia would love to ask the Little Havana politicians that very question.


UN Backs Cuba vs. US

Cuba Responds To The UN!!
     Today -- June 26, 2020 -- the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel heartily agreed in Havana regarding Cuba's fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, and the help Cuba has provided to "dozens of other nations" in their fight against the Coronavirus crisis. Mr. Guterres also praised Cuba for its "diligence in adhering to democratic UN guidelines regarding human rights." Then Mr. Guterres accepted a long letter from Mr. Diaz-Canel related to their discussion, with the exact last three paragraphs listed below:

            "Havana, June 26, 2020
               Year 62 of the Revolution

            "His Excellency Antonio Guterres
              Secretary-General of the United Nations
      "Timing and common sense compel the international community to set aside political differences and seek joint solutions to global problems, through international cooperation.

            "It is everyone's duty to fulfill the commitments that we assured by signing the UN charter, which continues to be a timeless, universal and indispensable basis for promoting a just, democratic and equitable international order that responds to the demand for peace, development and justice of the people around the world, and contribute to the fulfillment of the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development.

         "I take this opportunity to reiterate to your Excellency the assurance of my highest consideration and esteem.

              "Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez
                President of the Republic of Cuba."


cubaninsider: Cuba's TWO Pandemics

cubaninsider: Cuba's TWO Pandemics: From   COVID  &   USA !!!          As of today -- June 25, 2020 -- Cuba feels it has gotten a handle on the   Coronavirus  pandemi...


Cuba's TWO Pandemics

From COVID & USA!!!
        As of today -- June 25, 2020 -- Cuba feels it has gotten a handle on the Coronavirus pandemic. As today's stats show, the deaths from COVID-19 has dramatically stalled in the mid-80s, with only one death, that of an 84-year-old patient in Havana, in the past three weeks. Cuba, in its recovery mode against COVID-19, is focused more than ever on surviving its own age-old pandemic -- the 6-decade-old U. S. Embargo of the island that was elevated to a genocidal Blockade in 2019 by the Little Havana-infected Trump administration in Washington.
       In 2019 -- as ordered by self-serving Little Havana zealots such as Claver-Carone, Rubio, Diaz-Balart, etc. -- President Trump activated the Title III portion of Little Havana's ageless and lucrative Congressional bible known as the Helms-Burton Act. Even President George W. Bush, who was also indelibly tied to the Little Havana extremists, refused to activate Title III because even Bush considered Title III too genocidal to impose on masses of innocent people on the nearby island.
     Since Trump activated Title III of Helms-Burton in 2019, a genocidal Blockade of Cuba has existed. Every decent and intelligent American citizen and journalist knows about this flagrant blight on the U. S. democracy, even though few have the guts to oppose it...apparently because of a long-standing fear of Little Havana extremists. 
     One of the most insightful and most important Cubans is Josefina Vidal, who has been Cuba's Ambassador to Canada since 2018. She is pleased that the island has begun its recovery stage against the Coronavirus pandemic but she says, "We had faith in our healthcare system to deal with the COVID pandemic but we also know that another Republican administration, especially Trump's, has created another pandemic for our people on the island that is an undertaking that also must be survived." Prior to her role as Cuba's Ambassador to Canada, Josefina Vidal for many years was the island's top diplomat regarding Affairs and Relations with the United States. In that role, during the two-terms of the Democratic Obama administration, Vidal negotiated near-normal and almost decent relations between the United States and Cuba. But even with Obama as President from 2009 till 2017, Vidal had to stand up to constand vitriol from the likes of Nikki Haley and Marco Rubio as well as news conference questions in the United States such as, "How, Ms. Vidal, can you claim Revolutionary Cuba is better than the U.S.-approved Batista government that preceded it?"
     And now, from her base as Cuba's Ambassador to Canada, Josefina Vidal admits that, "Recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, we knew, would be difficult but a lot easier than recovering from the pandemic represented by Republican leadership in the White House and Little Havana leadership in the Congress. If America doesn't one day rein in this second generation of anti-Cuban benefactors like Rubio, the great democracy that America once had will continue to crumble. That free-fall is illustrated today by the otherwise troubled Trump presidency being able to get away with generating a Blockade that  is committing genocide against the Cuban people on the island to benefit a small amount of American Cubans and their greedy acolytes like the conniving Rick Scott. But the resilience of Cubans on the island is legendary and I actually believe it will endure."

cubaninsider: "The Country That Raped Me" (A True Story)

cubaninsider: "The Country That Raped Me" (A True Story): Note : This particular essay on  Ana Margarita Martinez  was first posted on   Cubaninsider  on November 2nd, 2011. Yet, for some reason...


cubaninsider: What John Bolton Really Says

cubaninsider: What John Bolton Really Says: About the   US ,   Cuba , etc. !!      Surely, probably the stupidest hairbrain scheme that   Donald Trump  has made as President of t...


What John Bolton Really Says

About the US, Cuba, etc.!!
     Surely, probably the stupidest hairbrain scheme that Donald Trump has made as President of the United States was appointing John Bolton to the powerful position as National Security Advisor.
     Now 71-years-old, John Bolton long ago earned a reputation as America's most war-mongering right-winger.
      But a Republican stalwart because of his ability to energize and raise buckets of money to support the extreme right-wing of the Republican Party, John Bolton, in the USA's Two party political system, has hung around for decades as a popular war-mongering neocon whether either the Republican or Democratic Party was in power in Washington.
     The Bush dynasty, starting in the 1950's soon after George H. W. Bush emerged from World War II as a hero, has never been held accountable for creating powerful right-wing economic and military war-mongers. An example is this handshake between President George W. Bush and John Bolton. Dating back to George H. W. Bush's stints as Vice President for 8 years, one year as CIA Director {1976}, and 4 years as President, all that spawned the 8 years of the George W. Bush presidency that resuscitated a massive array of right-wing Bush dynasty war-mongers such as...John Bolton, Elliott Abrams, Roger Noriega, Otto Reich, etc., etc. And, unfortunately, every Republican administration, including TRUMP'S, has also been obliged to continue the resuscitations of the likes of Bolton into powerful political positions. Otherwise, during Democratic administrations, the likes of Bolton would be working in the "private sector" for rich right-wing Think Tanks and making additional money making speeches, writing books, and funding right-wing causes. Trump's administration, of course, reached back into the Bush dynasty to resurrect the likes of Bolton, Abrams, Noriega, Reich, Claver-Carone, etc., etc.
           Today -- Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020 -- John Bolton's much-touted book -- "THE ROOM WHERE IT HAPPENED" -- goes on sale. It is Bolton's "tell-all" account of his war-monging days as Trump's National Security Advisor before Bolton was fired by Trump. What it says is a one-sided telling to suit Bolton but it, indeed, says a lot about Trump, the USA, the media, and...especially...capitalism. A powerful publisher, Simon & Schuster, paid $5 million or so upfront to Bolton for the rights to the book...and the publisher's high-profile publicity regarding the book, in pre-sales and starting today when it comes out, will generate more money for itself and for Bolton. But even more importantly is what the book says about the state of politics, the media, and money-crazed capitalism in the USA, such as:
            No longer do Americans enter politics as a "public service" via elective or appointive positions. Now...in local, state, and national elections...extreme amounts of money are used to get politicians elected because once in office it is a gold mine via salaries, benefits, pensions, donations, etc. Thus even in little city elections candidates have the money to prepare slick ads and then saturate even their small television stations with high-priced promotional ads. Then in congressional and presidential elections, the money-crazed system, of course, makes untold numbers of millionaires at ad agencies, television stations, promoters, and countless other venues while obscenely enriched the politicians. In that milieu, politicians and others crave to promote their books, etc., on television. The ultra-powerful left-wing media that hates everything Trump & Bolton stand for includes NBC, MSNBC, CNN, the Washington Post, and the NY Times that have spent almost four years trying mightily to reverse the 2016 election that put Trump in the White House...with the above named sources spending 24-hour days as anti-Trump sources as opposed to covering and reporting the news. Those left-wingers hated Bolton every bit as they hate Trump...until Bolton wrote his ANTI-Trump book. Bolton, of course, is a typical money-crazed politician who knows all that. Thus, the most powerful media sources in the U. S. were willing to ubiquitously promote Bolton's book only because of its anti-Trump slants, and that says more about the state of the mainstream media in the U. S. today than it says about either Trump or Bolton.
     The poor, plush, vulnerable island of Cuba...actually...says more about Bolton, Trump, the extreme Republican right-wingers, the extreme Democratic left-wingers, the extreme left-wing media, and the extremes of capitalism than, perhaps, anything else that impacts America. Of course, since the overthrown Batista-Mafia dictatorship in 1959 reconstituted its headquarters in Miami with Little Havana as its new capital, most U. S. politicians and most of the U. S. media remain too afraid to subscribe to that fact. Thus, the photo above reveals such true facts about Bolton, Trump, etc. that Americans are not supposed to understand. Once anointed by Trump as the USA's National Security Advisor, Bolton immediately went to Little Havana to tell vicious Cubans he would recapture Havana for them...and further that he would also overthrow the Cuba-allied nations of Venezuela and Nicaragua. To make that war-mongering statement, of course, Bolton stood in front of a huge Brigade 2506 Attack banner, the battle flag for the Bay of Pigs military attack against Cuba in April of 1961. Revolutionary Cuba, of course, humiliated Little Havana and the United States at the Bay of Pigs but the distorted Cuban narrative in the reconstituted U. S. since 1959 allows for such distortions, which in turn allow for war-mongers like Bolton to wage war and genocide against Cubans on the island on behalf of a few Cuban extremists in Little Havana...where the Bay of Pigs Brigade 2506 attack banner has an exalted place in the annals of U. S. history that all Republicans are obliged to bow to and the rest of America is obliged TO ACCEPT.
    This policy, I believe, chronicles how deeply Little Havana has ingrained itself into the fabric of the U. S. democracy since the Cuba Revolution defeated the Batista dictatorship in Cuba, essentially chasing it to nearby Miami. As soon as he was named Trump's {and the USA's} National Security Advisor, John Bolton...forever known as a rabid anti-Cuban war-monger...raced to Little Havana to inform Counter Revolutionary Cubans that he...Bolton...would recapture Havana for them, as soon as he captured Cuban allies Venezuela and Nicaragua. In that photo above with the jovial John Bolton is the even more jovial Johnny Lopez de la Cruz. Johnny Lopez is the President of the Bay of Pigs Veterans Association Brigade 2506. Johnny Lopez is shown reacting to what the grinning John Bolton had just said about recapturing Cuba. The Republican Party, which is indelibly tied to Little Havana extremists and the legacy of Brigade 2506, which is famed for LOSING a U.S./Little Havana military attack on Cuba in April of 1961. The fact that the Republican Party was pleased that this photo was shown nationally, not just in Miami, proves that one of America's two political parties is not ashamed of its indelible nexus with Little Havana extremists, which does not align with the majority of Cuban-Americans even in Miami.
     While Little Havana controls the journalists at the Miami Herald and other sycophantic media, the image of John Bolton and Marco Rubio shown above is from the Miami-based PROGRESO WEEKLY that features non-Little Havana Cubans.
     At the behest of Little Havana, President Trump turned his entire Cuban policy over to these anti-Cuban zealots -- Elliott Abrams, John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, Marco Rubio, and Mauricio Claver-Carone. Not a single person with even moderately sane views on U.S.-Cuban relations is allowed any input regarding Cuba in the Trump administration. And that is a Little Havana insult to Democracy as well as to all Americans and all Cuban-Americans.
     And once Little Havana knew that they had a total grip on the Trump administration, Little Havana anointed Marco Rubio as America's Cuban dictator and Rubio, in turn, has been able to anoint only war-minded anti-Cuban zealots like John Bolton in positions of power to finish annihilating Revolutionary Cuba to appease Rubio's mentors in Little Havana.
            And make no mistake about it, the reason Rubio and Little Havana wanted John Bolton as Trump's National Security Advisor was because they knew John Bolton was America's quintessential WAR-MONGER who all his adult life had wanted to make war on Cuba. The fact that the American media and the American people were too intimidated to object to John Bolton being placed in that position is testimony to the fact that both the American media and the American people are afraid of Little Havana. Those facts factored into Bolton being named National Security Advisor...and to his firing as National Security Advisor. And, of course, his FIRING spawned his heralded and obscenely lucrative book deal...and, of course, the book thrashed his old boss Trump and therefore the extreme left-wing media that viciously hates both Bolton and Trump now has a new hero -- Bolton!!
         I repeat, one of Trump's stupidest decisions as president was when he named the famed war-mongering and back-stabbing John Bolton as National Security Advisor to appease the anti-Cuban zealots in Little Havana.
        From the day he was elected President in November-2016, the USA's iconic liberal mainstream media ceased to be news gatherers and became 24-hour anti-Trump propaganda dispensers. Unfortunately for America and Democracy, that includes ultra-rich and ultra-powerful sources such as...The Washington Post, New York Times, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, etc....that, at least prior to his anti-Trump book, hated John Bolton as much as they hated Trump. So, as illustrated by the photo and image above, The Washington Post and the hate-Trump media in the U. S. have saturated promotion of John Bolton's anti-Trump book.
      Actually, one of the best reviews of John Bolton's book was posted today -- June 23, 2020 -- in the official Cuban media. That is actually not surprising because a Republican U. S. president is as important to Cuba as it is to the USA. The official Cuban media review included these words: "In the book Bolton refers to 'Cuba' or 'Cubans' on 84 occasions, including the mentions that are reflected in the footnotes." Of course, the 84 times in his book that Bolton referred to Cuba or Cubans are unimportant and unsurprising except that they remind us that little Cuba, since overthrowing the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship way back in 1959, and quickly creating the Little Havana foothold on U. S. soil in Miami and in Congress, Cuba has punched far above its size and population on the international stage. That is because Little Havana and the United States have for more than six decades frantically been trying but SO FAR FAILED to first starve and then re-CAPTURE the pugnacious island nation. And John Bolton's book...84 times according to Cuba's review...emphasizes Cuba tenacity and Little Havana's greed.

cubaninsider: "The Country That Raped Me" (A True Story)

cubaninsider: "The Country That Raped Me" (A True Story) : Note : This particular essay on  Ana Margarita Martinez  was first ...