Yes, U.S. Cubans Hate the Blockade TOO

 But the U. S. Media Denies Such Facts

    This Sunday -- July 31st, 2022 -- Carlos Lazo -- will lead a caravan in the heart of Miami to protest the Miami-beloved U. S. Embargo-Blockade of Cuba that has purposely tormented Cuban families in Cuba since 1962...while, of course, enriching and empowering a handful of anointed Cuban-Americans in Miami. While he blames U. S. citizens for allowing this to happen decade-after-decade by the richest and strongest nation in the world, mostly people around the world, including most Cuban-Americans, blame rich and unchecked Cuban-Americans in Miami.
   The ultra-passionate Carlos Lazo is a beloved Cuban-American professor in Seattle. He, and some of his students, rode their bicycles the 3,000 miles from Seattle to Washington to beg President Trump to end or at least ease the Cuban blockade because it is devastating Cuban families with food and medical shortages. Of course, neither President Trump nor the mainstream U. S. media paid any attention to Carlos Lazo but they lavishly promote Miami Cubans who want the Blockade in perpetuity {unless Miami's recapture of Havana occurs before then}. Later Carlos Lazo and some of his followers walked the 300 miles from Little Havana-Miami to Washington to beg President Biden to end or at least ease the Cuban blockade. Of course, President Biden and the mainstream U. S. media ignored Carlos Lazo...because a few rich Cubans in Congress like Rubio, Menendez, Salazar, Diaz-Balart, etc., won't give any President or Congress the permission to loosen their hold on the Embargo/Blockade.
    Despite being blocked by Washington and Miami, Carlos Lazo has amassed a large Social Media following. He regularly flies planeloads of food, toiletries, and medicine to Cuba to help Cuban families. He sincerely believes that most Cuban-Americans also believe that the United States of America should have "a democratic and decent approach to totally deal with the masses of Cubans in Cuba, as opposed to showing the world that the USA's indecent Cuban policies are meant to  please and apparently reward only a handful of already rich and powerful Cubans in Miami, Newark, and Congress."
  Indeed, most people around the world; most Americans; and most Cuba-Americans are ashamed of this famed Carlos LaTuff image of the U. S. Embargo against Cuba. And, YES, most people -- including most Cuban-Americans -- are ashamed of this image of the United States.
    In addition to Saturday's Carlos Lazo-led anti-Blockade caravan in the heart of Little Havana-Miami, there are other anti-Blockade caravan protests in other cities this weekend. That includes the highly promoted protest in Vancouver tomorrow -- Saturday, July 30th.


How Cuba Hopes to Survive US Blockade

    One of the most important Cubans is Rodrigo Malmierca, the island's Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment. He now says: "We now know that President Biden and Democratic Senator Menendez will continue Miami's decades-old effort to try to starve Cuban families into overthrowing the Revolution for them. And we are fully aware that financial vessels like NED and USAID send bushels of tax dollars to create as many as dissidents as possible. Coupled with our own mistakes as well as other tragedies such as the pandemic, we ourselves must do a better job of battling the Blockade. Improving our economy with such things as revamping our island's new financial initiatives is a must."
     Rodrigo Malmierca realized by 2022 that President Biden would not change very much of President Trump's genocidal Cuban policies, and now he says that Cuba must revamp its economy into more market and entrepreneurial realms that allow more foreign investment in "private businesses."
    Rodrigo Malmierca said that Cuba has begun an extensive campaign to produce more of its own food as opposed to buying much of it from foreign sources. "That stands as a real weakness of the revolution," he said. The Revolution starting in 1959 guaranteed college educations, free healthcare, and free food if needed for every Cuban. But buying much of it from faraway nations adds to shipping costs and sometimes creates delays, because since 1962 the nearby U. S. Embargo bars buying it from U. S. farmers, many who would love to oblige. Recently Cuba, for example, had major problems providing powdered milk for babies because shipments from faraway New Zealand were delayed. Now across the island, as shown above, food and milk and beef products are being prioritized.
     Rodrigo Malmierca's boss, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel, is shown above working a field along with young volunteers to encourage the production of more food. Thousands of college students have joined the effort. Diaz-Canel said, "While much of the vast amounts of money the U. S. uses to stabilize and disrupt this island is aimed at our well-educated young people...creating dissidence and encouraging defections. But by in the 1950s when the United States wildly supported the brutal Batista regime so U. S. companies could also make fortunes, while doing nothing to help non-Batistiano Cubans, the great supporters of Fidel and the Revolution came from the poorest Cubans and the universities. That is why Batista closed universities and sent goons to kill student leaders, including historic murders such as that of  Jose Antonio Echeverria, the Student Leader at the University of Havana, and many others. Recently we have lost many such talented young people to defections, but we still have many more who are determined to stay and help Cuba."

   Indeed, the name Jose Antonio Echeverria today still reverberates powerfully on the island in the history of the Cuban Revolution. Most of the do-or-die support for the revolution's anti-Batista fervor was on the eastern tip of the island in and around Santiago de Cuba, but in the western tip in and around Havana, the leader was Jose, the head of the Federation of University Students at the University of Havana. That's why Batista shut down the University and sent goons out to kill student leaders like Jose. Then, as shown above, his body was left for awhile just as a warning to others.
     And indeed, in these last days of July in 2022, many members of the Federation of University Students remain among the strongest supporters of Revolutionary Cuba. This photo, as an example of that support, was posted on Social Media platforms today -- July 27th, 2022.
     But, to be sure, this Reuters report today chronicles the fact that many young Cubans, including top athletes, are leaving the island and defecting to the United States. The article above starts with the defection of world-class discus thrower Yaime Perez who just defected while she was competing in the World Championships in Eugene, Oregon.
     And so...these are the Top Cuban Headlines that many Americans are reading today -- July 27th, 2022. As usual, the Miami Herald leads with an article telling or implying about how much of a hellhole Revolutionary Cuba is while heralding how rich, successful, and powerful the counter-revolutionary Cubans in Miami are. "Bank founded by exile in Miami...!!!" screams the Miami Herald headline today. WONDERFUL. The plan in Miami for six decades, it seems, is for rich Miami Cubans to keep getting richer while making sure to starve Cubans that choose to stay in Cuba. The secondary plan since 1959, it seems, is for Miami -- with the help of the superpower leaders in Washington -- to regain control of Havana. Eventually, of course, it might happen.


A Cuban Report From A Journalist You Can TRUST


   For a couple of decades Lucia Newman was the world's best television reporter regarding Latin America. That was when she worked for the richest U. S. networks who now have lost most of their trust, turning to left-wing/right-wing propaganda instead of honest news. One recent U. S. poll said only 11% of Americans trust their mainstream media. Therefore, regarding Cuba, Americans are being spoon-fed anti-Cuban/pro-Miami propaganda. Yet, there is still one honest journalist that reports honestly about Cuba by interviewing everyday Cuban people on the island, and that journalist is Lucia Newman. She is now the International Latin American Expert for Al Jazeera, which allows her to report the way she wants to, which is honestly.
     This week -- the last full week of July, 2022 -- Lucia Newman filed a 26-minute honest report from Cuba. She didn't interview Cuban government officials nor vicious Miami Cubans. She interviewed everyday Cubans about why literally millions of them have left or are leaving Cuba now, suddenly dropping the island's population from about 13 million to about 11 million people. That is very important and only a great journalist like Lucia Newman, not propagandists, should tell it.
     To learn why so many mostly young, well educated, and talented Cubans are now leaving the island, Lucia Newman interviewed many of them. Even Julian Gonzalez, who is 76-years-old, is finally leaving. He has, from his home as shown above, long been one of the world's best makers of homemade shoes. He told Lucia Newsman, "I've decided to leave my country because for years, I've dreamt of showing the world my work." Yes, he is 76-years-old and has lived all his life in Cuba.  He now has made plans to move to Argentina.
  Being a great and honest journalist, Lucia Newman asked Julian Gonzalez why, after all these years, he is finally leaving Cuba to live and work in Argentina. He explained that...like many other Cubans like him...he has waited for things to change in Cuba and change with the USA's Embargo and other harmful things against the Cuban people. As you can see above, he said, "We have been told that we will overcome all the problems we are facing, but we've seen that it is not true."
    This photo was taken from Lucia Newman's brilliant and important 26-minute video report from Cuba this week entitled: "Cuba: A Deserted Revolution?" I sincerely believe you should dial it up on the Al Zazeera website or YouTube. It shows a great and seminal journalist and Latin American expert who reports honestly on Cuba, including its grave problems and its talented, well-educated, and resilient people. If Americans  ignore reports from Cuba by great, honest journalists such as Lucia Newman, Americans basically get only anti-Cuba, pro-Miami journalism regarding the important issue of a neighboring country that happens to be...Cuba. But, of course, Lucia Newman reports Cuban news whether it is positive, negative, or somewhere between. Yes, she knows the everyday people on the important island nation and she knows its contentious relationship with its northern neighbor, the United States.



Nelson Mandela & Fidel Castro WERE Best Friends

   It is not well known in the western world but Nelson Mandela's best friend was Fidel Castro.
    As one of history's most beloved Civil Rights Leaders, the world this week -- on July 18-2022 -- observed another NELSON MANDELA INTERNATIONAL DAY.

   Known for his love "For Liberty, Justice, and Democracy," Nelson Mandela on a visit to Miami was ridiculed and embarrassed. That's because Nelson Mandela's best friend was Cuba's revolutionary icon Fidel Castro whom Mandela credited with getting him out of a apartheid prison in South Africa, which led him to becoming the President of South Africa. Mandela till 1990 had spent 27 years in prison where he had a bucket for a toilet. Then he was democratically elected President of his nation from 1994 till 1999. He died at age 95 on December 5th, 2013. To this day he is known in his country as the "Father of the Nation." Till the day he died, Nelson Mandela and Fidel Castro were Dear Friends.
      Leading up to his inauguration as President of South Africa in 1994, the one person that Mandela insisted would be with him was Castro. But his phone calls to Havana didn't convince Fidel who repeatedly said, "Nelson, it is your day, not mine. I would be a distraction, but I will be with you in my deepest thoughts." But Mandela would not accept "no" over the phone for his answer; he simply flew to Havana and in person convinced Castro to attend.
    Not only did Fidel Castro attend Nelson Mandela's inauguration in 1994 but four years later President Mandela insisted that his best friend return to address the African National Congress, during which raucous calls of "Fidel-Fidel" repeatedly interrupted Fidel's speech.
     Americans, of course, are not supposed to know of Nelson Mandela's abiding love for Fidel Castro. And, of course, Americans are not supposed to know that the two men co-authored a book together.


Bad Times for Cubans in Cuba


   In Revolutionary Cuba today Alejandro Gil Fernandez is one of the island's most powerful and most important people...with titles such as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy. 
     This was the subdued Alejandro Gil today -- July 21st, 2022 -- as he spent the day addressing Cuba's General Assembly and, on state-wide television and radio, speaking directly to the island's people. He admitted that there "are not short-cuts" for the dire problem that currently hurts the Cuban citizenry -- the energy struggles that create daily blackouts. For sure, Gil mostly blamed the U. S. blockade of the island for the blackouts but he also spoke about failures of the revolutionary government.
Cubans today were told: "There are no shortcuts."
    In addition to the strong words from energy boss Alejandro Gil, Cuban television news today heard from Cuban mothers and a multitude of Cubans out on the streets explaining how the ubiquitous blackouts and inflation are affecting their families.
     Here are some of the statistics and plans that Alejandro Gil discussed with the Cuban people today as the island struggles with the blackouts, inflationCOVID, and -- of course -- with the endless U.S.-Blockade that they alone face.
Oh, yes!! The Blockade!!
     Families in the nation of Cuba are the only people in the world who have faced a Embargo/Blockade since 1962 imposed by a much more powerful nation. The current blackouts remind them that it is unending. Thousands of Cubans are leaving...or trying to leave...the island for the United States. But many are determined to try to survive in Cuba and hope for better days, such as without the Blockade. Meanwhile, truth be known, a few years ago the population of Cuba was a little over 13 million people...and now it is a little over 11 million people.

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