Maduro To Leave Venezuela

{UPDATED: Sunday, September 1st, 2019}
     Last week in this CubanINsider forum I said Venezuela's harassed President Nicolas Madudo was capitulating to vicious U. S. sanctions and had authorized his negotiators in Oslo to finalize his exile to another country. This week -- Thursday, August 29, 2019 -- Maduro gave China's Xinhua News Agency this update: "Contacts through Norway with Venezuelan opposition delegates have resumed. The next few days will bring good news about the dialogue."
      With Counter Revolutionary Cubans IN MIAMI directing U. S. President Trump's all-out efforts to finally restore Little Havana zealots to power in Havana, the dire Venezuelan turmoil arose as a golden pretext. All opposition leaders in Latin America, such as Juan Guaido in Venezuela seeking to unseat President Nicolas Maduro, depend on Little Havana Cubans in MIAMI to dictate Republican Party leaders to do their bidding...financially, of course, but also, if necessary, militarily. That scenario will soon put Guaido in charge of Venezuela with a promised democratic election to follow. Maduro, in a compromise, will be allowed to exile to another country.
        The exile of Maduro, agreed to by Guaido, would logically be to his longtime ally Cuba but it will more likely be to some other country -- such as Russia, China, El Salvador, or Turkey. However, within the bowels of the Rubio-Bolton circles, where regaining control of Cuba is most passionate, it is hoped Maduro will exile to Cuba...because, apart from Venezuela, that would give them added fodder in persuading Trump to complete his regime-change in Cuba.
   So, the Stand-off in Venezuela between President Maduro and the U.S.-backed opposition leader Guaido is now essentially over, with Guaido the interim winner. Miami Cubans, rich Americans, and rich Venezuelans will rejoice about that. But any honest election in Venezuela will reveal two untidy facts: {1} Most non-rich Venezuelans actually prefer Maduro over Guaido; and {2} all of Latin America remembers past U.S.-sponsored imperialist regime-changes, including bloody coups, throughout Latin American from 1953 till the Nixon/Kissinger-backed 1973 coup that killed democratically elected President Allende in Chile to install the U.S.-friendly/blood thirsty dictator Pinochet for 17 bloody but lucrative years.
      In other words, another Little Havana-directed Republican President, Trump, seen as orchestrating the denouement of Maduro and the empowerment of Guaido will have lingering aftermaths -- maybe more Latin American revolutions or perhaps even a war in America's backyard.
     Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro remain close friends and necessary allies. But crippling U. S. sanctions have devastated both countries and Diaz-Canel is aware that Little Havana's primary concern with regime-change in Venezuela is to facilitate regime-change in Cuba. If Maduro's exile from Venezuela lands him in Cuba, Little Havana seems to believe it will be the last nail in Revolutionary Cuba's coffin because then, while Trump is President, the U. S. military would easily overpower Cuba.
     Latin American opposition leaders like Juan Guaido in Venezuela know all the right phone numbers of the anti-Cuban zealots in Little Havana.
      It is believed that, as far back as January of 2019, Little Havana's Marco Rubio assured Juan Guaido via phone calls that the Trump administration would install Guaido as Maduro's replacement as long as Guaido fiercely supported Rubio's Cuban agenda.
  Meanwhile, Canada's hard-working Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland has been back in Havana this week trying to negotiate a bloodless end to the Venezuelan quagmire with her counterpart, Cuba's Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez. If respected Canadian and Norwegian diplomats can be allowed to map out a sane path to peace regarding Venezuela, then perhaps peace in Latin America and the Caribbean will prevail over revolutions and war.
   But rich and powerful Little Havana Counter Revolutionaries in Miami are seen as dictating Trump's Cuban-Latin American policies, and that bodes ill for America, Latin America, and Cuba. In the photo above shown promoting Marco Rubio as Little Havana's chief architect, that's Havana-born Lincoln Diaz-Balart at the media-crowded podium with his brother, Congressman Mario at his left shoulder. The Diaz-Balart brothers are unchallenged in Miami and in Washington, just like their father Rafael was beginning in 1959. Rafael had been a key Minister in Cuba's Batista dictatorship and, beginning in 1959, was one of the richest and most powerful Counter Revolutionaries in Miami/Little Havana.
      So, at the start of September-2019, "WELCOME TO LITTLE HAVANA USA." It is, FOR SURE, a troubling fact of life.


Miami's Cuban Federal Court

Should It Decide Cuban Cases?
      Born in Miami in 1927, Judge James Lawrence King is now 91-years-old. He graduated from the University of Florida Law School and in 1970 he was named by President Richard Nixon to a new seat on the powerful U. S. Federal Court in Miami. He is still there as the omnipotent senior federal judge for the Southern District of Florida. He is famous for making decisions favorable to Miami's Little Havana Counter Revolutionary core and quite unfavorable to BIG Havana in Revolutionary Cuba. Yesterday -- Tuesday, August 27th, 2019 -- 91-year-old Judge King handed down yet another ruling that once again has lawyers and Counter Revolutionaries in Miami literally doing handstands.
     Shortly after 91-year-old Judge King in Miami's Federal Court made his latest anti-Cuban/pro-Little Havana ruling on Aug. 27-2019, the Miami Herald blared this headline: "JUDGE'S RULING AGAINST CARNIVAL ON CUBA CRUISES LEADS TO RASH OF SIMILAR LAWSUITS." Uh...no kidding!! Since the Cuban Revolution shocked the world by chasing the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship off the island on Jan. 1-1959, Cuban lawyers and Counter Revolutionaries in Miami have not regained control of Cuba but generations of them have relished Miami as more of a goldmine than even Havana was back in the 1950's when Batista cronies, Mafia KINGPINS, and greedy U. S. businessmen all made financial windfalls on the plundered island. But, as it turned out, the new capital of Little Havana in Miami has, since 1959, been much more of a piggy-bank and goldmine for U. S. Cubans and their sycophants than Big Havana in Cuba was in the 1950's. The Miami Herald headline depicted above is merely confirmation of that in this final week of August, 2019. The Miami piggy-bank and goldmine for Cuban exiles started in 1962, after the failed 1961 Bay of Pigs attack on Cuba, when the U. S. imposed an economic embargo/blockade against Cuba, WHICH INCREDIBLY STILL EXISTS TO THIS DAY. In 1996 the two most ferocious Cuban Counter Revolutionaries in Miami -- Jorge Mas Canosa and Lincoln Diaz-Balart {son of a former key Batista minister} -- got their Helms-Burton Act passed as a legal and eternal U. S. Congressional Law. Soon Canosa and others were not only multi-millionaires, but billionaires with a real b. The powerful pro-Batistiano Bush dynasty helped the Little Havana leaders take command of the Republican Party in the USA's two-party political system, and that still-denied fact is still true today. But even after Helms-Burton became law in 1996, not even President George W. Bush could be persuaded to activate Helms-Burton Title 3 because its get-rich schemes would create massive lawsuits against companies from U.S.-friendly nations as well as in the U. S., and because Title 3 of Helms-Burton was considered TOO GENOCIDAL against everyday Cubans on the island. Well, a couple of months ago Little Havana persuaded President Trump to activate Title 3 of Helms-Burton. And, yes, if legal get-rich-quick schemes are OK, then I guess we have to live with them. But starvation actions by a powerful nation against masses of people in a much-smaller and much-weaker nation is genocide -- AND THAT'S SOMETHING ELSE ALTOGETHER!!! Yet, that is what we have and Little Havana-directed USA genocide is what totally innocent masses of Cubans on their island have been facing for decades, AND ESPECIALLY IN THE PAST TWO MONTHS SINCE TRUMP ENACTED TITLE 3 OF HELMS-BURTON. And, yes...attached to the genocide is that Miami Herald headline mentioned above that heralds the start of yet another avalanche of millionaires and billionaires in Little Havana, USA.
      Please note that the News Report above was by Hatzel Vela, the fine journalist that the top television station in Miami, ABC-Channel 10, has stationed in Havana. The Cuban government allows Vela to cover the island as he wishes and file unrestricted regular reports back to Miami. This report by Vela, which was finished at the Fort Lauderdale Airport, was filed on June 4-2019, the day that Little Havana's U. S. Senator Marco Rubio succeeded in getting his Cuba-related puppet, President Trump, to activate the ultimate-genocidal Title 3 portion of the already genocidal Helms-Burton Act. Note that Vela and all other excellent journalists are quite aware of Rubio nefariously dictating to Trump on behalf of Miami's Little Havana Counter Revolutionaries. You are welcome to punch-up again the important June 4-2019 Hatzel Vela news report from Havana and Fort Lauderdale for ABC-Channel 10 in Miami.
      The BREAKING NEWS television report above connotes the problem that Carnival Cruise Lines and a plethora of other national and international companies now face since the Little Havana-directed Trump administration activated Title 3 of Helms-Burton. Trump's reward, supposedly, is that Little Havana will now provide him Florida's crucial 29 Electoral Votes for his 2020 re-election. But like all Cuban-related U. S.  laws since the 1962 Embargo was enacted, the first priority is to enrich and empower selected Cuban-Americans while the second priority is to punish or to seek revenge against totally innocent masses of Cubans on the island. Americans who deny these basic facts are, in my opinion, either convenient idiots or convenient cowards. You are now invited to punch-up the BREAKING NEWS video above, but also take note of the two graphics directly below and decide if they should or should not be integral and indelible parts of the United States democracy.
Is Helms-Burton legalized genocide??
Is Trump's Un-suspended Title III genocide?
Is Little Havana a separate US government?


cubaninsider: Cuba Offers Florida Help

cubaninsider: Cuba Offers Florida Help: Of course,   It's  Refused !!         Cuba has received regional and international plaudits for its tireless efforts to keep its c...

Cuba Offers Florida Help

Of course, It's Refused!!
        Cuba has received regional and international plaudits for its tireless efforts to keep its coastal waters as pristine as possible. Now it has drastically reformed fishing laws to further protect coral reef, sharks and rays. Cuba wants to help Florida do the same.
      For bathers, swimmers, snorkelers, natives, and tourists, Cuban waters such as the Garden of the Queens, as shown above, are considered among the world's clearest, cleanest, and safest.
      In sharp contrast, the coastal waters of nearby Florida have been plagued with with the Red Tide -- a smelly, dangerous, and untidy toxic algae.
     Microbiologist in Florida would love to accept Cuba's offer to help keep Florida's coastal waters as clean and as safe as Cuba's, but Florida's Counter Revolutionary zealots, of course, won't allow anything that might shine a positive light on Cuba.
     While the mainstream media in the United States is also, generally speaking, not allowed to say anything nice about Cuba, the London-based The Guardian today {August 26th} did sharply contrast Cuba's pristine waters with Florida's nasty waters. That powerful British newspaper said Cuba was anxious for "collaboration with the United States on protecting their shared ocean, despite President Donald Trump's policy of reversing a thaw in relations." Among those dismayed with not accepting Cuba's help is Jorge Angulo Valdes, A Cuban marine biologist, shown above in the upper-right, at the University of Florida. The Guardian quoted Jorge as saying: "If we don't look for collaboration with Cuba we can't have the full picture. Trump is doing everything he can to close the doors on collaboration. Cuba is doing everything to make it easier for us to keep those doors open." In case you want to read that entire August 26-2019 article in The Guardian, it is entitled: "Cuba Drastically Reforms Fishing Laws To Protect Coral Reefs, Sharks and Rays."
     As The Guardian article this week pointed out, U. S. President Donald Trump -- who has turned the destruction of Cuba over to Miami's most ferocious Counter Revolutionaries and extreme anti-Cuban war-mongers like John Bolton -- could care less about what's best for most Floridians and Cuban-Americans. Trump is only concerned with Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Miami's Little Havana section delivering unto him Florida's 29 electoral votes to enhance his 2020 re-election. And in America's two-party political system, Little Havana's iron grip around the neck of every Republican president remains a cancer that the American democracy is unable to heal. Into a 7th decade now, 325 million Americans lose out to a few anti-Cuban zealots.


Cuba's Uniqueness Revealed Anew

G-7 In France IGNORES Cuban Genocide!!
      The lavish 2019 G-7 summit in Biarritz, France, from August 24-26 is wrapping up today with most of the attention as usual on the USA leader, which now happens to be President Donald Trump. Of course, no one ever mentioned Cuba, the little island nation in the Caribbean that happens to be the only nation in the world that Trump, and thus the USA, has targeted for evisceration, genocide, and a fate worse than...well, you get the idea. The G-7 consists of the seven richest nation in the Democratic World -- the US, the UK, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, and Canada. Actually, it was weirdly a G-8 that included Russia till Russia in March of 2014 annexed Crimea. Trump, of course, still makes it plain he wants Russia back in the G-7...not because of Russia's wealth but because of Russia's omnipotent military arsenal. Trump, you see, admires powerful men...Putin, Kim, Zi, Al-Sisi, Bin Salman, etc., etc.
      These are the flags of the G-7 nations meeting in France. Only the U. S. wants to eviscerate, annihilate, and commit genocide against Cuba, which Trump confirmed back in June when he activated Title 3 of the already genocidal Helms-Burton Act, Little Havana's legal document designed to enrich Cubans in Miami while they await the recapture of Cuba, a process that has been ongoing since January 1, 1959.
      Of course, the G-7 summit in France that wraps up today is all about the richest nations getting richer, with calculations like trade balances with each other ruling the day as they tabulate their business with history's all-time richest nation, the USA. Neither the mainstream U. S. media, including the left-wing powerhouses that are more concerned with eliminating Trump than dispensing news, or the other 6 G-7 nations are bold enough to mention the U. S. embargo/blockade against Cuba. That is so even though, from 1962 till today, the U. S. economic embargo against Cuba has easily been the longest and cruelest ever imposed by a powerful nation against a much smaller nation. Therefore, the one item of worldwide-worthy news that will never be mentioned in relation to the G-7 or any other international gathering of rich nations is history's longest, cruelest, and ongoing economic embargo by a powerful nation, the USA, against a much weaker nation, Cuba.
       No, it is not incorrect to call the 6-decades-old U. S. economic embargo against Cuba a "a genocidal blockade."
       And no, it is not incorrect to say that -- since January of 1959 -- Little Havana in Miami has evolved into a rich and powerful government-in-exile deeply ingrained into the bowels of the sacrosanct United States government. It is interesting, I think, that neither the viciously anti-Trump left-wing U. S. media nor the G-7 nations in France are bold enough to even mention that...uh...rather glaring anomaly.
     This brave, and accurate, graphic mocks the Pinocchio-nosed United States lying about the Trump administration's activation of the genocidal Helms-Burton Title 3 back in June, 2019. It also shows the feisty Cubans on the vulnerable but pugnacious island showing their resentment of Title 3. The unending Trump-Little Havana Pinocchio-nosed propaganda is one thing; the fact that the mainstream U. S. media and the rest of the world must accept it during the Trump era is something else altogether.
      Thus, as President Trump, representing the United States, stirs his Little Havana-dictated and brick-filled pot, Cuba is basically all alone in an otherwise pusillanimous world. Therefore, Americans are not supposed to take note that the Trump-image above is stirring the genocidal Cuban pot as he gets his instruction from the Little Havana bible, the extremely legal Helms-Burton Act.
      And so, in this last week of August in the year 2019, a key international question is this: Will Little Cuba, as personified by the White Dove above, once again shock the entire world by escaping the grasp of the Superpower United States and remain a sovereign, revolutionary island nation? The answer to that question, of course, is still blowing in the Caribbean wind, so we'll have to wait and see if Trump's Helms-Burton Title 3 will finally re-establish United States dominance of Cuba, which existed from 1898 {after the Spanish-American War} until 1959 {when the Cuban Revolution defeated the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship}. At any time between 1898 and 1959 the U. S. could have established a world-class democracy on the Caribbean's largest and arguably its most beautiful island, but the U. S. chose not to do so. During that extended period of time, perhaps the most egregious U. S. act came in 1952 when the highest echelon of the Mafia was sicced on the Cuban people.
      If the U. S. government, the U. S. media, and United States history tells you that black-and-white photos like this had nothing to do with spawning the Cuban Revolution, then you are being lied to. It was brave female marches like this in 1950's Cuba that fueled the only revolution that ever defeated a U.S.-backed dictator. The poster above is self-explanatory. These brave Cuban mothers...madres...were protesting the murders...asesinatos...of their children...HIJOS...by Batista's dictatorship, a routine occurrence apparently intended to quell resistance. Instead, it started a revolution. The Cuban lady in the middle above, in the little-colored jacket, was the mother of Little Willie Soler. Today in Cuba a prime children's hospital is named for...Little Willie Soler. {I make these points as a fierce democracy-loving American who happens to think that Americans who do vile things to supposedly helpless people in a much smaller nation should be held accountable for doing those things in the name of the United States, and I'm speaking of such things that caused Cuban women like the ones above to bravely take to the streets to oppose the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship}.



cubaninsider: Cuba Welcomes A Friend

cubaninsider: Cuba Welcomes A Friend: Canada   Visits  Again !!      Canada's Foreign Minister  Chrystia Freeland  will be back in Havana next week to meet with her cou...

Cuba Welcomes A Friend

Canada Visits Again!!
     Canada's Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland will be back in Havana next week to meet with her counterpart, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez. Her aim is to get concessions from Cuba that will help calm the grave Venezuelan crisis, which Ms. Freeland acknowledges is being unfairly used by the United States to exact harsh new sanctions on the everyday Cuban people. Canada has a history of almost always treating Revolutionary Cuba fairly, and Cuba responds accordingly as a friend.
     Canada's Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland and Cuba's Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez are friends and trust each other. In their next meeting next week in Havana, they will have disagreements regarding Venezuela but at least they will talk about them and mutually agree to make concessions. Since 1959 all six Republican administrations -- from Eisenhower to Trump -- have refused to talk with Cuba, believing that ANY DAY NOW the United States will regain the dominance of Cuba that it held from 1898 {after the Spanish-American War} till 1959 {when the Cuban Revolution chased the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship to its new headquarters, Little Havana in nearby Miami}.
     This photo reflects a high-ranking Cuban, Bruno Rodriguez, having a recent and official public meeting with a high-ranking Canadian, Chrystia Freeland. Since 1959, except for the brave and decent two-term Democratic Obama presidency, the U. S. democracy has simply not been strong enough to engage in discussions with Cuba. In 2019 the Republican Trump administration is currently engaged in multiple highest-level talks with the North Korean dictator Kim, with the Taliban leaders in Afghanistan, etc., etc., but the one little harmless nation the United States is not allowed to talk to is Cuba. That is so because since 1959 the U. S. democracy has been severely altered by remnants of Cuba's ousted Batista-Mafia dictatorship.
   Next week, when Bruno Rodriguez and Chrystia Freeland meet once again in Havana, they will be able to speak frankly and importantly for their two countries, Cuba and Canada. A U. S. democracy that is not permitted to do the same is a U. S. democracy that is not as strong or as respected as it was prior to the 1959 Cuban Revolution.
     Instead of having a fair-minded, smart diplomat that could engage with Cuba, the current Trump administration has three anti-Cuban imperialist war-mongering zealots -- Elliott Abrams, Mike Pompeo, and John Bolton -- in ultra-powerful positions seemingly capable of eviscerating even everyday Cubans on the island. If that sounds like an exaggeration, it is not!! For decades the Bush dynasty was totally aligned economically and politically with the Cuban-American extremists in Miami...but even the George W. Bush administration refused to activate Title 3 of the cruel Helms-Burton Act because even Bush considered it to be too cruel and genocidal against totally innocent Cubans on the island. Yet, in June-2019 the Trump administration -- goaded by the likes of Abrams, Pompeo, and Bolton -- ACTIVATED TITLE 3 OF HELMS-BURTON, which attempts to literally starve Cubans by eliminating its export-import trade.
      From 1962 until today -- in late August of 2019 -- Cuba has called the U. S. embargo "HISTORY'S ALL-TIME GREATEST GENOCIDAL BLOCKADE."
    Since Little Havana in Miami back in June-2019 persuaded its puppet, President Trump, to activate Title 3 of Helms-Burton, it is hard to dispute Cuba's "genocidal" claims against the United States of America.
     Even the left-wing mainstream U. S. media trying so hard to impeach Trump is too afraid to mention Trump's most egregious act, which was to anoint Miami's and Little Havana's "Little Marco" as the Cuban dictator on U. S. soil.
     As a U. S. Senator from Little Havana/Miami, Marco Rubio's dictation of America's Cuban policies while Trump is President is totally unchecked because the 535-member U. S. Congress is simply too afraid to oppose him. In the photo above via live C-SPAN coverage, Rubio is shown approving the Senate confirmation of Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State. Every journalist and politician in Washington knows that Rubio has amassed a WHO'S WHO of extreme anti-Cuban Counter Revolutionary zealots as top Cuban and foreign policy advisers to President Trump -- including Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, Elliott Abrams, Mauricio Claver-Carone, etc., ete., etc. The self-serving "Little Marco" is probably the last person in America who should be dictating any U. S. President's foreign policy applied to Cuba or ANY OTHER country.
You should remember..........

                     .................and take time to read or re-read what Washington's best investigative journalist, Ken Silverstein, wrote in his unchallenged and lengthy essay minutely defining Marco Rubio. It concluded that Rubio was "head and shoulders above everyone else in Washington when it came to dishonesty, corruption, and chicanery." That is in the first paragraph, after which the respected Ken Silverstein revealed a plethora of names, dates, and events to eerily substantiate his opening salvo.
And be sure to remember............
   ..................that the Progreso Weekly is published in Rubio's hometown of Miami and its editor is respected journalist Alfaro Hernandez. In the graphic above, the Progreso Weekly depicted Rubio as "Trumpified" with a Pinocchio nose. But more to the point, the Progreso Weekly said Rubio is "USING LANGUAGE OF DEMOCRACY TO SUBVERT DEMOCRACY." And, yes, this is the TRUMPIFIED Marco Rubio who is now in charge of what many consider to be the HELMS-BURTON TITLE 3 GENOCIDE AGAINST INNOCENT CUBANS ON THE ISLAND TO APPEASE RUBIO'S MENTORS IN LITTLE HAVANA. And, yes, as a Democracy-loving American, I agree with the Progreso Weekly that Rubio "is using the language of Democracy to subvert Democracy."
       THEREFORE, the Canadian Democracy next week has the freedom to send a top diplomat, Foreign Minister Chrystia Freelandback to Havana to have a sane and frank diplomatic discussion with Cuba's Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez. In contrast, the American Democracy during a Republican administration such as Trump's does not have such freedom. And that sad insult to DEMOCRACY is meekly accepted by the mainstream U. S. media and by 325 million propagandized and intimidated U. S. citizens.

cubaninsider: "The Country That Raped Me" (A True Story)

cubaninsider: "The Country That Raped Me" (A True Story) : Note : This particular essay on  Ana Margarita Martinez  was first ...