Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Does Cuba Control Venezuela?

How True Is U. S. Claim?
{UPDATED: Thursday, August 15, 2019}
     Since January of this year, the Trump administration has told the American people and the world that its excuse for directing starvation tactics against Cuba, which many feel is genocide against the Cuban people, is because the little Caribbean island controls and owns the large Latin American nation of Venezuela, where the U. S. has demanded a regime-change since January, 2019. This week -- on August 13, 2019 -- Gzero Media subscribed to that theory with this interview featuring Moises Naim, a journalist and the former editor of Foreign Policy Magazine:
    The above video has interesting and provocative comments from journalist Moises Naim about little Cuba controlling big Venezuela while the three world Superpowers -- the U. S., China, and Russia -- are also concerning themselves with turning Venezuela's vast problems into their own assets. I invite you to punch the arrow above and listen to Naim's words about how SUPER POWERFUL poor little sanctioned-embargoed-blockaded Cuba really is, powerful enough to overwhelm the combined might of the U.S., Russia, and China in Venezuela.
     The Bush dynasty's anointment of Cuba-born Counter Revolutionary zealot Jorge Mas Canosa as America's Cuban dictator back in the 1980s essentially created a new government-in-exile on U. S. soil. It also, of course, created Miami billionaires like Canosa as well as an ongoing cacophony of Cuban-American multi-millionaires.
     With its own Little Havana-based government on U. S. soil and with dominance of both the Bush dynasty and the Republican Party, Little Havana since the 1980s has been able to legalize its own lucrative and punitive Cubans laws.
     In 1996 even a scared Democratic President, Bill Clinton, was usurped into signing the infamous and unending Helms-Burton Act, which has created an unending set of punitive attacks against Cubans on the island while incredibly enriching  and empowering selected Cubans in Miami and Newark.
     The Bush dynasty during the two-term George W. Bush presidency sharply continued the extreme enrichment and empowerful of Counter Revolutionary Cubans as well as their right-wing sycophants such as John Bolton. Shortly after the above handshake with President Bush, Bolton famously concocted schemes trying to induce Bush by 2002 to execute a regime-change in Cuba...while other right-wingers begged Bush to activate Title 3 of Helms-Burton. But Bush refused to militarily attack Cuba and Bush believed that Title 3 should not be activated because of its extreme cruelty against Cubans on the island and because it would unfairly enrich Miami Cubans via unlimited lawsuits in U. S. courtrooms against companies and U.S.-friendly nations that may have done business with Cuba.
     But John Bolton and a plethora of other anti-Cuban extremists from the Bush dynasty have been appointed by President Trump to ultra-powerful positions. Bolton is now Trump's top National Security Adviser. That affords Bolton what he considers his golden opportunity to finally execute his regime-change in Cuba.
     Given the power and authorization by Trump, John Bolton was quick to declare war on Cuba. He made the unequivocal declaration in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood while standing before a huge Brigada Asalto 2506 flag. That was the Cuban exile/CIA battle flag during the April of 1961 air-land-and-sea Bay of Pigs attack on Cuba. Bolton promised the few still-living veterans of that ignominious defeat that he would avenge their humiliation.
      The Bolton Doctrine while he is Washington's most infamous war-monger includes pacifying Big Boys like Russia and China but using his "BIG STICK" to assault weaker and smaller nations, especially Cuba. Amazingly, during the Trump administration, John Bolton can run amok...arrogantly.

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