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cubaninsider: Cuba Excoriates "Undemocratic" USA

cubaninsider: Cuba Excoriates "Undemocratic" USA: "World's Greatest Purveyor of Genocide"       Cuba has actually had a New Leader for over two years.  President Miguel D...

Monday, August 24, 2020

Cuba Excoriates "Undemocratic" USA

"World's Greatest Purveyor of Genocide"
      Cuba has actually had a New Leader for over two years. President Miguel Diaz-Canel in late August of 2020 admits that he is "ashamed that my island nation's northern border is 90 miles from the world's greatest purveyor of genocide against masses of totally innocent people who happen to be the people I try to protect. The U. S. is a fake democracy allowing a handful of Cuban-American scoundrels in Miami and Newark to keep get richer and more powerful on the backs of Cuban families that are comprised of much more decent human beings."
     Shown on November 15, 2019, President Miguel Diaz-Canel is now been the undisputed leader of Cuba. He was born in Placetas, Cuba, on April 20th, 1960 -- after the triumph of the January 1-1959 Cuban Revolution. Since his people-oriented stint as the island's former Minister of Education, Diaz-Canel has been a favorite of most Cubans who heartily approve of the way he has handled relations with the United States and, since March of 2020, with how he has dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic.
   President Miguel Diaz-Canel, in the light shirt above, personally selected Manuel Marrero as Cuba's Prime Minister and the second most important official in the day-to-day herculean efforts charged with navigating the vulnerable island past both the latest Republican administration in Washington and the COVID-19 pandemic.
     Cuba, with its stringent universal free health system, has been one of the successful stories in the worldwide fight against COVID-19. The government has begun opening tourist hotels and airports and also has announced that "Universities will open their doors on September 1, except in Havana, Artemisa and Mayabeque."
     But punching back against the Trump presidency in Washington is even more of a problem that COVID-19.
      In the closing days of August-2020 President Diaz-Canel has drastically sharpened his dialogue regarding President Trump, especially blaming him for exacerbating "a money-diluted so-called democracy that ends up electing a Trump as President." He added: "In the money-crazed November 3rd election, the Americans have a stake but the Cuban people in Cuba have a larger stake. That's because in the so-called U. S. democracy the American people are either too stupid or propagandized or otherwise simply unable to even ingest and spit out the murderous genocide the so-called democracy routinely directs at Cuban families during all Republican regimes, with Trump's being the worst that has been totally at the mercy of a few criminal Little Havana and Congressional Cubans. When the American people are unable or unwilling to even discuss U. S. genocide against families in a small island nation, it takes cowards to allow Trump to keep claiming that the United States still is a democracy. In fact, no government, including so-called democracies, should be able to commit genocide on a much-smaller nation because it has historic wealth and extreme nuclear militaries. The nuclear-powered Superpower off our northern border is the world's greatest purveyor of unchecked genocide against masses of totally innocent families, and what makes that possible is the ignorance or the silencing of the U. S. people who are apparently too afraid to admit that their cowardice makes them enablers of a criminal and fake democracy, one that employs sanctions and genocide as a tool wielded by salacious people few Americans many know who Mauricio Claver-Carone is, for example. But everyday I try to deal with Claver-Carone's genocide against Cuban families."
       So, even if Americans don't know who Mauricio Claver-Carone is, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel does know.

      Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel often uses street-walks, meetings, and statewide radio and television to communicate with the Cuban people. But he also is very active on Social Media, as are most Cubans now. In the Tweet above on August 22nd-2020 Diaz-Canel revealed his frustration about Google-owned YouTube capitulating to the U. S. to block Cuba media sites -- including Granma reports as well important television news sources Round Table and Cubanvision International. Diaz-Canel said that "U.S. criminals targeting Cuban families this week wanted to deny legitimate and honest reports concerning a new COVID-19 treatment dedicated scientists in Cuba are developing, and as usual the U. S. democracy allows only a few extremists to dictate Cuban policies." In the Tweet above translated from Spanish to English, Diaz-Canel said:
           "Cuban scientists explain details about a vaccine candidate against COVID-19 in the clinical trials phase. Some who do not want the world to know about our vaccine blocked Cuban digital channels. Anyway, they haven't vaccinated anyone and the puncture hurt." "Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez; Via Twitter and Diaz Canel B.?"
    As referenced by Cuban President Diaz-Canel, Cuba's Finlay Institute is well respected even by many U. S. doctors for such things as a renowned lung cancer vaccine and a treatment that drastically reduced diabetic amputations, etc. It now is beginning trials on a COVID-19 drug that the Finlay scientists are excited about.
     As illustrated by photos like the one above, and as is well-known to people who actually visit Cuba, President Miguel Diaz-Canel is well-liked and strongly supported by a strong majority of the Cubans on the island. He told the BBC, "Cubans got to know me when I was Education Minister and, if they didn't want me as their President, I would not serve in this office for a single day. I am aware that the propaganda media in the United States is obligated to only tell negative lies about Cuba, but thankfully the Cuban media is honest and doesn't try to disrespect the intelligent and well-informed Cuban people. Also, beyond the United States there are foreign and honest media sources that report fairly from Cuba about Cuba."
       Cuba President Miguel Diaz-Canel said that the London-based BBC has been "critical of me at times but is honest, and I accept and learn from honest criticism."
      And President Diaz-Canel says the London-based The Guardian "has been especially critical of me but it has honest and legitimate journalists, and I fully accept that. I don't expect the Cuban media or foreign media to fawn over me. And it surprises me that the U. S., which still projects itself as a democracy, no longer has anything resembling an honest media, and it appears the American people have come to accept that. I agree that the first thing a good government needs a viable and honest media, and includes the United States."
     Indeed, President Diaz-Canel often appears on statewide radio and television programs discussing items that involve questions from citizens concerned about various problems. In the photo above Diaz-Canel stopped in a crowded street to answer question posed by popular journalist Rosy Amaro Perez, who is not afraid to present critical questions to the Cuban leader.
    A popular anchor at the state-run Cubavision International television operation, Rosy Amaro overall supports the Revolutionary Cuban government but she often is supportive of things that everyday Cubans criticize about their leaders. Rosy Amaro says, "Cuban journalist have smart phones and know what the Internet informs us. We are amazed how routinely U. S. networks and major print media sources assume that their viewers and readers are ignorant and unable to know the difference between propaganda, lies, and the truth. As Cuban journalists we believe the Cuban people readily know such differences and, of course, we journalists know that."
      Cuba's President Diaz-Canel himself also apparently checks on the U. S. media. He said, "I was born in 1960, the year after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution. But I am aware that the American people, in their democracy, have been lied thoroughly about U.S.-Cuban relations, such as sanitizing the U. S. support of its total alignment with the top echelon of Mafia criminals, including Lucky Luciano, to support the brutal Batista rule of Cuba, which spawned the necessary Cuban Revolution. Since Cuba finally gained sovereignty in January of 1959, as far as I know the U. S. has lied to the American people every day about Revolutionary Cuba, just as it lied to the American people about why it aligned with the Mafia during the Batista dictatorship."
     As for U. S. President Donald Trump, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel says, "Trump is emblematic of the fact that U. S. citizens accept Republican presidents who are fully controlled by the most vicious Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Miami known as the Little Havana cabal. The Republican White House at the start of the 1950s chose the Mafia as its partner in brutalizing and robbing Cuba by supporting the Fulgencio Batista regime. After Batista's overthrow by the Cuban Revolution in 1959, every Republican administration, especially the three Bush presidencies, tried to deprive and starve the Cubans on the island to make them rise up and overthrow their Revolutionary leaders, but two generations born after the victory of the Revolution, including me, know how vicious the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia rule was. We prefer it not be returned. The Embargo/Blockade since 1962 has been genocidal but under Trump it has become a much-more genocidal Blockade, not just an economic Embargo. For the American citizens to condone that, I believe, explains how weak the U. S. democracy has become. For example, the people in the UK, Spain, Norway, Germany, and  many such democraties would never condone their governments committing genocide against everyday families in smaller nations, and I believe the U. S. people are the only people would allow Trump's current attempt to commit genocide on behalf of Little Havana against Havana and all of Cuba."
        The above comment was a reply from Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel to a British citizen named Andrea Guthrie. She was stranded on a cruise ship in the Caribbean in dire conditions with thousands of other Brits by the COVID-19 pandemic. No other nation came to their aid, except Cuba. Andrea Guthrie, after returning to England, lavished praise on Cuba and its people...and President Diaz-Canel responded to Anthea's extreme praise on social media and in the media.
      This is the sun-burned Anthea Guthrie after Cuba helped her return to England after being stranded on the cruise ship in the Caribbean when the passengers and crew were denied entry to other nearby Caribbean and and Florida ports because of the COVID-19 scare. As Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel was asked by the BBC about his reactions after getting such gracious thanks for the British people, he said, "For one thing, it reminds me yet again that in the Superpower democracy that happens to be Cuba's northern neighbor, Americans are often too afraid to say anything nice about Cuba. I am glad the British  do have such freedom."
      More and more, as above, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Balart makes this point: "Anti-Cuban extremists such as Marco Rubio in Miami and in Congress and in network television are the only ones allowed in the United States to speak for the Cuban people in Cuba. And the U. S. Cubans like Rubio have never been to Cuba to know the Cuban people. I long for the day when the U. S. democracy is strong enough to allow the Cuban people in Cuba to speak for themselves. When the American people in the U. S. are allowed to know about Cuba from people like Rubio, that says much more about the U. S. than it says about Cuba. I, as the President of Cuba, want the Cuban people in Cuba to speak for themselves. I don't want Rubio to speak for them. As for Rubio's claims that Little Havana's Miami Cubans have a noose around Cuba, the more he tries to tighten that noose shames him and the United States more than it shames Cuba."
      As the President of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel directly sends barbs back at Marco Rubio, who regularly claims from his exalted perches in Little Havana and in Congress that he "WANTS TO HELP THE PEOPLE IN CUBA." Cuba's President Diaz-Canel responds this way: "Rubio is a blatant liar and even the propagandized U. S. people should know that every word Rubio says about Cuba is a lie. He wants to starve, deprive, and eviscerate the Cubans on the island to feather his economic and political nests, and he does that by appeasing the extremist Cubans in Little Havana, his mentors who jerk his chains. As he proclaims to speak for the Cubans on the island, the Cubans on the island...except the few bought off by Little Havana and the U. S. government...detest his vile words as vicious and cruel lies."
     When a Rubio is anointed the USA's Cuban dictator by a Trump, the U. S. democracy itself is the prime victim.
   And for allowing it to happen, undemocratic Americans and Cuban-Americans are, I believe, the prime culprits.

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cubaninsider: Cuba and Its TWO Perils

cubaninsider: Cuba and Its TWO Perils:  A   Pandemic  and a   Blockade !! Photo credit :  Zander Zamora / EFE .        Beyond a doubt, Cuba is the only nation in the whole ...

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Cuba Battles Trump and Pandemic

Capitulation Is Not An Option!!
     Cuba's Minister of Tourism, Juan Carlos Garcia, is a key Havana official charged with making sure the pugnacious revolutionary island survives the twin perils of the Coronavirus pandemic and the Little Havana-dominated Trump administration in Washington. Back in March Garcia announced that Cuba was imposing an island-wide lockdown to battle the dire COVID-19 threat. The lockdown included airports and blocked international tourism, which is vital to the island's meager economy.
     But now that Cuba's health sector has gotten a handle on the pandemic, Tourism Minister Juan Carlos Garcia now says the island is opening up tourism avenues once again. He stated: "Already 62,000 Cubans stayed in Varadero, the island's most important resort, in the first 12 days of August, despite the Pandemic and despite the increasingly tight U. S. Blockade against Cuban families on the island at the urging of a few Counter Revolutionary Cubans who are the only ones dictating Trump's U. S. Cuban policies. There are 9,000 workers in the Varadero area trained in bio-safety measures to avoid infection of the coronavirus among visitors and employers."
     Taking full advantage of the Pandemic, the U. S. in the last few days has added private group charter flights to Cuba to be added to its genocidal Blockade because Little Havana zealots in Miami and in Congress are trying to end all possible ways for Cuba to have any remaining ways to have any money. But one of the international airlines planning to resume flights to Cuba as early as next month, September, is Air Canada. Travelweek confirms that Air Canada, within a few days...on September 4th, 2020...will begin flights from Montreal, Toronto and Quebec City to Cayo Largo...followed by flights to Cayo Largo, Holguin and Santa Clara. Air Canada's spokesperson Nino Montagnese said: "Cuba has always been a key strategic destination for Canadians. We have always enjoyed safe travel to Cuba. The Cuban government has implemented all the right safety protocols to keep our customers safe, including the pandemic."
     Canadiens love the cays just on the north-central Cuban mainland...Cayo Santa Maria, Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Coco, Cayo Cruz, and Cayo del Sur. The hotels catering to the Cays are now reopened.
Royalton Cayo Santa Maria Hotel.
The beach at Cayo Santa Maria.
     This map shows the location of Cayo Santa Maria and the other cays off Cuba's north-central coast that are beloved by Canadian tourists. Starting on September 4th, 2020, Air Canada will begin flying Canadians to the Cuban cays.
    The Trump-Little Havana administration in Washington, of course, stopped all U.S.-related cruise ships from going to Cuba and also used the USA's unique economic influence to persuade other cruise lines to not to visit Cuba. But the Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines based in the UK has just announced it will buck the U. S. blockade and begin to send its cruise ships to Cuba because the British people have demanded the freedom to go to their favorite Caribbean island, Cuba...a freedom denied to Americans, especially whenever there is a Republican administration in the White House that takes its Cuban directions only from a few self-serving extremists Counter Revolutionary Cubans.
         In fact, Fred.Olsen Cruise Lines has just announced that Cuba will be its Caribbean embarkation and disembarkation hub for the 2020-2021 season. The company's statement said: "Using Havana as our new home port allows us to really show the Caribbean in all its glory. It also means that we can offer extensions in Havana so that our guests have time to enjoy this vibrant city, with port departures at night and overnight stays when possible. Havana has always had good satisfaction scores for our customers, so it is great to offer them more opportunities to get to know it."
       Prior to President Trump, President Barack Obama had showed enormous courage and decency by becoming the only U. S. president in six decades to allow cruise ships to go to Cuba. That opened the way for scores of Cuban women to become entrepreneurs with businesses that catered to the record number of tourists arriving in the cruise ships. That all changed when the Republican Donald Trump replaced the Democrat Barack Obama as the U. S. president in January, 2017. With Trump taking all of his Cuban orders only from self-serving and extremists Little Havana zealots like Marco Rubio, Americans didn't seem to care what that meant to their U. S. democracy. But the hard-working, decent, and well-educated female entrepreneurs in Cuba knew exactly who to blame for keeping them from properly feeding and clothing their families -- and it is a light-weight Little Havana politician named Marco Rubio.
     A letter signed by hundreds of the Rubio-targeted female Cuban entrepreneurs was sent to Marco Rubio in Washington and then a group of those Cuban women went to Washington hoping to meet with Rubio. They wanted to tell Rubio that President Obama had allowed them to start thriving businesses to support their families but Rubio had blocked their livelihoods once Trump gave him permission to do so. Of course, Rubio didn't have the decency or the guts to react positively to the letter or the request to see him. But at least Rubio's hometown newspaper, the Miami Herald, provided the space for four of the Cuban female entrepreneurs to write their own article expressing their outrage that one unchecked self-serving Cuban from Little Havana was allowed to dictate policy in the U. S. designed to starve and deprive the children of the would-be female entrepreneurs in Cuba. As for what it's worth, Americans can see above some of what the Cuban women said in the Miami Herald, exactly what they had wanted to say to Rubio's face. Those four Cuban women as named above are Niuris Higueras, Yamina Vicenta, Julia de la Rosa, and Marla Recio. Obviously, those four Cuban women are much more intelligent and far more decent people than Rubio. But, of course, the problem they have is that Rubio and a handful of other Little Havana extremists have iron-clad grips around the throats of all Republican presidents...and, unfortunately, the U. S. has only a two-party political system.
    When the U. S. democracy permits a Marco Rubio to routinely dictate genocidal U.S. POLICY TOWARDS CUBA, the U. S. democracy has veered closer-and-closer to the U.S.-backed BATISTA-MAFIA DICTATORSHIP in the 1950's, which was prior to 1959 when the Cuban Revolutionary chased the Batistianos to nearby Miami, which quickly and permanently spawned Little Havana, which now has spawned a second generation of Rubio-types. The image above depicts a day in which President Trump came to Little Havana to speak to and empower Cuban Counter Revolutionaries...and prior to Trump speaking, as the image shows, Rubio actually explained Trump's Cuban policy. This image was, of course, taken at the plush Manuel Artime Theater in Little Havana that is named for one of the leaders of the Bay of Pigs attack on Cuba in April of 1961 that famously failed to recapture Cuba. "U.S. POLICY TOWARDS CUBA." When a Marco Rubio can dictate that policy, perhaps the United States of America has more problems than Cuba.
    When four smart and decent Cuban female entrepreneurs use the pages of the Miami Herald to explain why having Marco Rubio as the USA's Cuban dictator is as harmful to America as it is to them, then perhaps it is time that brave and intelligent Americans believe them.
     Prior to Trump and Rubio imposing genocide on Cubans in Cuba, President Obama had visited Cuba in March of 2016 and made a solemn promise to the Cuban people on statewide radio and television: "Cuba does not need to fear a threat from the United States." 
     Obama spoke sanely and decently to both the Cuban people and the American people about Cuba. But then his successor as President, Trump, shook hands with Rubio, erasing Obama's decency and sanity regarding U.S.-Cuban relations.
       By not giving a CLOSER LOOK to having Marco Rubio as America's Cuban dictator in 2020, Americans today are making the same mistake Americans made in the 1950's when they didn't take a CLOSER LOOK at America's support of  brutal-thieving Dictator Batista in Cuba prior to the Cuban Revolution. And by not taking a CLOSER LOOK at Rubio in 2020 the American people are paving the way for Little Havana to one day dominate not only the Republican Party but both Havana and WASHINGTON.
       When Americans are not ashamed about this ubiquitous worldwide image of America's greedy and cruel EMBARGO of Cuba, perhaps America is in more trouble than Cuba.
       When the Rubio-goated Trump administration imposed a historic genocidal blockade {"EL GENOCIDIO MAS LARGO DE LA HISTORIA"}, perhaps America is in more trouble than Cuba.

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cubaninsider: Pompeo Puppets Rubio's Cuban Genocide

cubaninsider: Pompeo Puppets Rubio's Cuban Genocide: All Washington   Insiders  Are Aware !!      As President Trump's Secretary of State,  Mike Pompeo  is America's top Foreign A...

Friday, August 14, 2020

Pompeo Puppets Rubio's Cuban Genocide

All Washington Insiders Are Aware!!
     As President Trump's Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo is America's top Foreign Affairs official, but on a daily basis it is clear that Little Havana's contribution to the U. S. Senate, Marco Rubio, dictates Pompeo's announcements and policies when it comes to the Caribbean, Latin America, and the Western Hemisphere. That is because Cuba is a part of the Caribbean, Latin America, and the Western Hemisphere and Rubio was sent to the U. S. Senate to help Miami's rich and powerful Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Little Havana to at last regain control of Cuba.
  During the 2016 Republican presidential debates Trump and Rubio called each other vile, demeaning names and to this day they hate each other.
      But in January of 2017 when Trump took over as President, he famously, like other Republican presidents before him, either was too afraid of Little Havana or simply knew he needed Little Havana's political and financial power to remain President; and specifically Trump knew he needed Florida's crucial 29 Electoral Votes in order to be re-elected to a second presidential terms on November 3rd, 2020. Therefore, it is now a part of history that Trump, although he hates "Little Marco" and considers him a back-stabber, told all his top staffers "To take care of Rubio." And that, incredibly, is how Rubio for almost four years as essentially been America's Batista-like dictator of Cuba.
    As the dictator of Cuba on U. S. soil, Marco Rubio persuaded President Trump to activate Title III of Helms-Burton, which elevated the U. S. economic embargo of Cuba, which has been in place since 1962, into a genocidal blockade of the island. Even President George W. Bush could not be persuaded by Little Havana zealots to activate Title III because, obviously, even Bush considered Title III to be designed to legalize genocide against masses of innocent families in Cuba while, of course, also making already rich Little Havana Cubans even richer by allowing them to routinely sue Cuba-related issues in Florida courts.
    Therefore in the minds of many Democracy-loving Americans, including me, Trump should have been impeached the day he allowed Rubio to goad him into activating Title III. Of course, the extreme left-wing and awesomely funded mainstream media -- NBC/MSNBC, CNN, The Washington Post, and The New York Times -- have every day since Trump became President been trying to totally destroy him...and those four media powerhouses have billions-upon-billions of dollars because their owners include the world's all-time richest person, Jeff Bezos; Mexico's all-time richest person Carlos Slim, and ultra-rich corporations such as Disney and Times-Warner. Every hour of every day since January of 2017 those media moguls have tried to eliminate Trump with relentless and vile propaganda regarding things such as a phone call Trump made to Ukraine, his alleged collusion with Russia, etc., etc. But...apparently the NBC/MSNBC, CNN, The Washington Post, and The New York Times propagandists are too afraid of Little Havana to explain to the American people the real reason Trump should have been impeached from office and then held further accountable in a court of law for activating the genocidal Title III on totally innocent Cuban families on the appease Little Havana zealots like Rubio, who can act as America's Batista-like Cuban dictator as long as Trump remains President of the United States...or when another Republican, maybe the scary Rubio himself, attains the position.
     In that milieu, Trump's top official, Secretary of State Mike Pompeois shamefully at the mercy of Marco Rubio when it comes to Cuba, the Caribbean, and Latin America. That's because Rubio's plans to recapture Cuba for Little Havana is to make sure that other nations in the Caribbean and Latin America are persuaded to cease being friends or allies with Cuba...or to simply not object to the annihilation of Cubans on the island.
     When it comes to Cuba, the Caribbean, and Latin America, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo clearly appears to allow Little Havana's U. S. Senator Marco Rubio to dictate all of his policies, announcements, and Tweets. It is apparent that Rubio and his Little Havana mentors were aware that yesterday was August 13th and obviously they knew that was a perfect day for Pompeo to announce the latest in an endless string of State Department's decisions designed to starve Cubans on the island to appease Cubans in Little Havana. And, for sure, that's how the State Department celebrated August 13th. The celebration was in the form of a August 13th, 2020 Tweet by Mike Pompeo. It said:
          "Today I asked the Secretary of Transportation to suspend private charter flights between the U. S. and Cuba. The Castro regime uses tourism and travel funds to finance its abuses and interference in Venezuela. Dictators cannot be allowed to benefit from U. S. Travels."
       The reason Mike Pompeo's State Department and Marco Rubio's Little Havana apparently wanted their latest starvation announcement against Cuba on August 13th was because August 13th, 2020, was the 94th anniversary of Fidel Castro's birthday. For sure, Pompeo, Rubioand Little Havana are aware that, although he died four years ago at age 90, it is still Fidel Castro's revolution and Fidel Castro's island. Announcing and actually implementing the latest starvation measure against Cubans on the island on a day Cubans on the island were at gatherings and social media to  celebrate Fidel Castro's birthday was not coincidental, of course. So August 13th, of course, made a lot of sense to Dictator Rubio and, of course, Secretary of State Pompeo obliged Rubio with the exact Tweet listed above.
      In 2016 as Democratic U. S. President Barack Obama normalized relations with Cuba, this JetBlue flight to Cuba was the first time in almost six decades the U. S. had allowed such flights to the Caribbean's largest and most beautiful island. As Obama's term ended and Trump's term began in January of 2017, Cuba was enjoying record tourism numbers. But, of course, Trump immediately began reversing every positive thing Obama had done for Cubans on the island.
    All Republican U. S. presidents since the 1950s have been tightly aligned with, first, the brutal and thieving Batista-Mafia dictatorship in Cuba and then, after 1959, with Little Havana, which was quickly created in Miami beginning in January of 1959 after the Cuban Revolution defeated the US-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship. But not even the two-term George W. Bush administration allowed Little Havana to impose genocide against Cuban families on the island. But the Donald Trump administration has done that...and is still doing that...since he activated Title III of Helms-Burton.
     Like all Republican U. S. presidents, Trump has had to go to Little Havana in Miami and pay homage to even the BAY OF PIGS BATTLE FLAG 2506, even though Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution humiliated both the United States and Little Havana at the Bay of Pigs.
     ln winning things such as the Cuban Revolution and the Bay of Pigs Battle, and setting a few other newsworthy records...such as surviving an astronomical 638 assassination attempts...there is something else that Americans should know about Fidel Castro...and that is this: Most Cubans on the island since the 1950s support Fidel Castro vigorously and IF THAT WERE NOT TRUE, Little Havana would have recaptured Cuba many, many decades ago!!!
      Although he died at age 90 four years ago, it is still Fidel Castro's Cuba. Although Americans are not supposed to comprehend it, from January of 1959 until August of 2020 there have ALWAYS been enough Cubans on the island who prefer Fidel Castro's Revolutionary Cuba to a return of the Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Little Havana. Of course, since 1959 Little Havana has controlled the Cuban narrative in the United States and therefore Marco Rubio and other Little Havana zealots will deny all such facts. But I would like to hear Marco Rubio answer this question: From the 1950s till today, most of the Cubans on the island, such as the young woman worshipping Fidel above, supported Fidel and if that is NOT SO how in the hell could one little PUGNACIOUS island have held off the furious attempts of vicious Counter Revolutionary Cubans supported by the world's all-time richest and most powerful nation FOR ALL THESE DECADES.
       Of course, neither Secretary of State Mike Pompeo nor U. S. Cuban dictator Marco Rubio never have to explain to either the U. S. media or the the American people about HOW AND WHY little Revolutionary Cuba has survived for all these decades even though they and their powerful backers in Little Havana and in the White House include the richest and strongest nation in the history as their unchecked ally. But, of course, Pompeo and Rubio can use the 94th anniversary of Fidel Castro's birthday, August 13th, to make yet another genocidal unchecked LEGAL decision aimed at STARVING Cuban families on the island to induce them to submit to Little Havana or to rise up and overthrow their Revolutionary government to pave the way for the return of the hated dictatorship the Revolution chased off the island so long ago.
      When powerful puppets like Pompeo meekly and routinely follow the precise dictates of a Rubio, perhaps it is time for Democracy-lovers in the USA at least feel ashamed about the Little Havana-orchestrated images above: {1} The U. S. embargo against Cuba is the longest and cruelest embargo in history ever imposed by a powerful nation against a much-weaker nation; {2} the U. S. blockade of Cuba is the largest and longest genocidal blockade in history ever imposed by a powerful nation against a much-weaker nation; and {3} when neither the mainstream media nor the American citizens have the guts or intelligence to object to Title III/Helms-Burton, it was not only legalizing U. S. genocide against innocent Cuban families on the island, it was also akin to sawing a deadly circle around the Democracy that so many great Americans have fought and died for since the USA's own Revolutionary War against England.

cubaninsider: "The Country That Raped Me" (A True Story)

cubaninsider: "The Country That Raped Me" (A True Story) : Note : This particular essay on  Ana Margarita Martinez  was first ...