Cuba Dodging Miami Hurricanes

Plus U.S. Genocide & COVID-19!!!
      Between now and Tuesday -- August 4th, 2020 -- the Tropical Storm Isaias will be blasting through the Caribbean. But its path appears to be projecting it to skirt the northern edges of Cuba but heading straight to Miami...even as Miami also remains the epicenter for the Coronavirus pandemic, which the nearby island of Cuba has amazingly gotten under control while also sending its renowned doctor brigades to help other nations from Jamaica to Italy to South Africa to Qatar, etc., to also defeat the COVID-19 virus.
     Meanwhile, of course, Little Havana's unchecked U. S. Senator Marco Rubio points to the nearby island of Cuba as Miami's real problem -- not the approaching storm Isaiasnot the pandemic that is swamping Little Havana/Miami, etc. Unchecked by the mainstream U. S. media and by the thoroughly propagandized or intimidated U. S. citizens, Rubio continues to take advantage of the pandemic to further use the U. S. Congress and the Trump White House to keep promoting "bills" in Congress designed to exacerbate the genocide against Cubans on the island...for the ageless purpose of starving, depriving, and making miserable Cubans on the island to induce them to rise up and overthrow their Revolutionary government. That, of course, is the Revolution that kicked the brutal and thieving Batista-Mafia regime to Miami way back in January of 1959...spawning Little Havana, which in turn spawned the likes of Rubio.
    With Miami the epicenter of the pandemic, Cuban airports this week are getting certifications to prepare for the arrival of international travelers, cautiously reopening its tourist sectors. Above is the reopened Abel Santamaria Airport in Santa Clara, Cuba. Most of Cuba has advanced into its Phase Three in its recovery from COVID-19. The popular keys off the northern edges of the main island, including Ciego de Avila, are among the tourist attractions gearing up for tourists.
      Meanwhile, in the USA it is not socially or politically correct to wonder why Little Havana's Rubio continues to thrive as he and his ilk in Congress continue directing legal genocidal "bills" aimed at starving, depriving, and making miserable the Cubans on the island to, supposedly, influence the Cuban people to overthrow their government. Of course, Rubio claims Cubans on the island crave a return of Little Havana's takeover of Havana. Apparently, of course, that strategy has not worked in the past seven decades, but it has created an unending array of rich politicians like Rubio.
      Does this graphic from the Miami-based Progreso Weekly bespeak of more problems for little Cuba or more problems for the superpower United States of America????



cubaninsider: Hating Cuban Doctors

cubaninsider: Hating Cuban Doctors: The   Anti-Cuba  Cottage Industry !! Photo Credit :  AP/Antonio Calanni .       The photo above shows 52 Cuban doctors arriving in Mi...


cubaninsider: Hating Cuban Doctors

cubaninsider: Hating Cuban Doctors: The   Anti-Cuba  Cottage Industry !! Photo Credit :  AP/Antonio Calanni .       The photo above shows 52 Cuban doctors arriving in Mi...


Hating Cuban Doctors

The Anti-Cuba Cottage Industry!!
Photo Credit: AP/Antonio Calanni.
      The photo above shows 52 Cuban doctors arriving in Milan, Italy, on March 22, 2020. This photo was used this week -- on July 23rd, 2020 -- to illustrate a scathing denunciation of these Cuban doctors by Human Rights Watch. The long article was spread around the world, especially by the vast and well-funded anti-Cuban Cottage Industry that has thrived in the United States since 1959. The very first sentence in the Human Rights Watch article is: "The Cuban government imposes draconian rules on doctors deployed in medical missions globally that violate their fundamental rights, Human Rights Watch said today." That firmly backs up the U. S. government's claim that the Cuban doctors are being "human trafficked" merely to rake in money for the "regime" back in Havana, money that is used to "repress" Cuba's 11.2 million citizens on the island. Since 1962 the U. S. has used a cruel economic Embargo designed to bring down the Cuban government that overthrew the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship way back on Jan. 1-1959. Since May of 2019, with the activation of Title III of the infamous Helms-Burton Act, the Trump administration has imposed the cruelest-of-all Blockades against Cuba, a Blockade that many decent people and organizations consider genocidal.
    Perhaps Human Rights Watch could write a long international article denouncing the Blockade that Cubans on the island believe is a "genocidio" Blockade aimed at destroying their families.
     Cubans on the island believe their doctors "are on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19" both in Cuba and in other countries around the world. And healthcare in Cuba is totally free for Cubans on the island.
      While the vast Counter Revolutionary Anti-Cuban Cottage Industry in the United States, of course, has the funds and the overall wherewithal to influence many anti-Cuban individuals and organizations around the world, there are also many individuals and organizations currently promoting the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE FOR THE CUBAN DOCTORS.
     This week, the very day Human Rights Watch was scathingly denouncing the Cuban Doctors who arrived in Italy back on March 22nd, the whole nation of Italy this week is still lavishly "thanking/grazie Cuba" for sending those doctors that helped the great nation of Italy, which had been a epicenter of the pandemic back in March, to get COVID-19 under control. ASK the Italian people...ASK the Cuban doctors themselves...if they are being "human trafficked" or if they...the doctors and the people they help...are proud of what they do.
     The very day this week that Human Rights Watch was denouncing the Cuban doctors because of their "medical missions globally," many concerned and decent Americans want those same Cuban doctors to help the United States fight pandemics such as COVID-19. For example, Hillary Ronen has actually been to Cuba to study Cuba's totally free and acclaimed health system and she is an influential member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. She just persuaded the Board of Supervisors in San Francisco to unanimously vote to cooperate with Cuba's health system. Hillary Ronen said: "The Cuban pharmaceutical industry has developed important drugs that should be available in the United States. Limiting cooperation with Cuba is pointless. Cuba is among the main countries that found effective treatments for Ebola and the swine flu, and now COVID-19. Countries from Jamaica to Italy to South Africa to Qatar and back to Spain begged and received Cuban doctors to fight their Coronavirus pandemics. Our Secretary of State Pompeo's false accusations of Cuba totally trafficking its doctors is absurd. I have been to Cuba and studied its advances that include respected treatments for lung cancer, that include a diabetes drug that dramatically reduces amputations, and Cuba's work during COVID may, and perhaps should, win the Cuban doctors a Nobel Peace Prize."
        Meanwhile, starving Cubans on the island contrasts with the money-crazed anti-Cuban Cottage Industry that blazes a lucrative trail from Miami-to-Newark-to-Washington, and as long as avalanches of dollars fuel the EMBARGO-BLOCKADE against Cuba, it could well last for another 7 decades!!!
     Americans programmed not to be ashamed about this worldwide image assaults America's democracy as much as it assaults Cuba.


Only the USA Hates Cuban Doctors

The Rest of the World Loves Them!!
       Today -- July 22nd, 2020 -- the Premier of the British Virgin Islands Andrew A. Fahie requested 22 Cuban doctors to come to his country "as quickly as possible" to help that Caribbean nation to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Cuba quickly assured Premier Fahie that the 22 Cuban doctors will arrive in the British Virgin Islands tomorrow -- July 23rd. Of course, the anti-Cuban narratives in the USA make sure that the American people don't understand why leaders such as Premier Fahie turn to Cuba for help during the Coronavirus Pandemic. I guess, in the world's Superpower Democracy, Americans are not SUPPOSED to know why Premier Fahie didn't turn to America or Britain for help in battling COVID-19 in the British Virgin Islands.


Cuba's Nobel Prize Doctors

So Renowned THAT USA Tries to Eviscerate Them!!
      Tonight on July 21st, 2020, the photo shown above has spread around the world, yet the programmed American people do not understand it although many millions of people around the rest of the world do understand it.
       For the record, the spotlight shining brightly tonight on this famed European building is YET ANOTHER tribute from the Italian people to the famed Cuban doctors who so massively helped the Italian people survive the COVID-19 pandemic.
          This building is so famed that it is known internationally as "Mole Antonelliana." It is in Turin, Italy, which was an epicenter of the Coronavirus back in March when Italy, like many other nations, began begging and receiving the famed Cuban doctors to fly over and help them. The illuminating spotlights shining on "Mole Antonelliana" tonight is among the ongoing tributes and celebrations from the Italian people to the Cuban people for helping them survive COVID-19. Needless to say, there are many decent people and organizations in Italy and many other nations currently promoting the Cuban doctors for the Nobel Peace Prize for their work in helping their own people and people around the world during the Coronavirus pandemic.
     In stark contrast to the international spotlight on the famed "Mole Antonelliana" building tonight in Turin, Italy, three self-serving U. S. Senators -- Cruz, Rubio, and Scott -- are taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to further denigrate and eviscerate Cuba's renowned doctors. The Trio above have introduced a new Let's-Starve-The-Cubans-On-The-Island bill in the U. S. Senate, yet another legal effort in the U. S. Congress to legalize the enrichment and empowerment of Counter Revolutionary Cubans and their sycophants while, secondarily, of course, trying to starve and deprive Cubans on the island. This Trio has built their political careers on doing precisely that. Their new bill in the U. S. Senate is: "Cut The Revenue To The Regime Bill." It specifically assaults the famed Cuban doctors that the rest of the world admires and needs, a fact that, of course, irks self-serving extremists like Cruz, Rubio, and Clark right down to their anti-Cuban core. Of course, self-serving zealots like this Trio realize they control the Cuban narratives in the U. S. Congress and with the propagandized and intimidated American people, so they don't feel that they have to explain why they are spending so much time and energy trying to starve Cubans on the island while, perhaps, they could be using all that time and energy to help the people they represent from Florida and Texas who are struggling mightily as we speak with the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, the people in Cruz's state of Texas are in dire trouble with the virus and the people in Rubio's and Scott's state of Florida are deeply mired in the very epicenter of the unique worldwide pandemic.
        WONDERFUL!!!!! Meanwhile, Cruz, Rubio, and Scott are focusing their time in the U. S. Senate on continuing to feather their political and economic nests by trying to use the Superpower might of the USA to starve Cubans on the island, especially the famed Cuban doctors. Like I said...WONDERFUL!!!...especially if the mainstream U. S. media and the U. S. citizens continue to allow this Trio and their ilk to get away with it.
      Meanwhile, around the world there is a clamor for the talented, skilled, and dedicated Cuban Doctors to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, which they richly deserve for the yeoman work they have done, and are doing, for their own people and for people around the world during the Coronavirus pandemic.
     Meanwhile, the truly great journalist Marc Frank for the great London-based Reuters News Agency is able to write a great update from Cuba on why Cuba has conquered the COVID-19 pandemic and has helped so many other nations successfully battle it. Marc Frank explains it this way: "Because of Cuba's robust and free universal health system that includes door-to-door check-ups and follow-ups." Of course, Marc Frank is merely one of the world's most respected journalists, and an unbiased one. And contrast, if you will, the great Marc Frank with the aforementioned Trio -- Cruz, Rubio, and Scott -- who continue basing their lucrative political careers on trying to starve Cubans on the island while now also trying to eviscerate the Nobel Peace Prize-deserving Cuban doctors.
     According to the likes of Cruz, Rubio, and Scott...this photo cascading around the world tonight is a mirage. It's not. It spotlights a famed building in Turin, Italy, that is worshipfully celebrating the Cuban doctors that helped Italian citizens survive the COVID-19 pandemic. Somehow, that seems more important than a Trio of miscreants in the U. S. Senate from profiting from trying to starve innocent Cubans on the island, including the famed Cuban doctors.


cubaninsider: Let Caribbeans Die to Hurt Cuba

cubaninsider: Let Caribbeans Die to Hurt Cuba: No   Pushback  From U.S. Citizens !!      This weekend -- July 18-19, 2020 -- the most important international article related to Cuba...


Let Caribbeans Die to Hurt Cuba

No Pushback From U.S. Citizens!!
     This weekend -- July 18-19, 2020 -- the most important international article related to Cuba used the photo above to illustrate how a handful of self-serving members of the U. S. Congress can so easily feather their own economic and political nests by pushing their own bills designed to starve and deprive Cubans on the island and also starve and deprive people in other countries who refuse to bow to Congress's legalized genocide against Cuban families.
        The article that honestly deals with this rather pertinent issue is being sent around the world this weekend by Global Americans, a respected media force that focuses on the Americas. It is entitled: "New Cuba Bill Puts A Strain On U.S.-Caribbean Relations." Americans, of course, are not supposed to dial up the article online because it explains, in July of 2020, how a handful of self-serving extremist Counter Revolutionary politicians can massively benefit by proposing genocidal bills in Congress designed to starve Cuban families on the island while also assaulting and intimidating families in other countries who don't bow to their extremely cruel Cuban plans. For the record, here is the gist of what the article explains:
             "A new bill proposed in the United States Senate titled 'Cut Profits to the Cuban Regime Act of 2020' has put Caribbean states in the line of fire as lawmakers look to advance U. S. policy toward Cuba during the Covid-19 pandemic.
                 The bill, introduced by Republican Senators Rick Scott, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz, would require the U. S. State Department to release the list of countries that contract with Cuba for their medical mission program, and ensures that such contracts are considered in the annual U. S. Trafficking in Persons rankings. In short, the bill would effectively stifle the revenue received by Cuba from its medical missions and punish recipient countries to appease President Donald Trump's key South Florida base as the 2020 U. S. presidential election gets closer. While the bill focuses on Cuba, its contents have extraterritorial and harmful effects on other countries in the Caribbean who, without Cuba's medical support, are unlikely to have tackled the COVID-19 pandemic as swiftly as they have. The Caribbean's economic dependency on tourism is not unknown to these U. S. Senators who routinely influence U. S. policy on Latin America and the Caribbean {as a part of executing their Cuban whims} ."
      The three Republican U. S. Senators who put the latest self-serving but genocidal bill in Congress are two Counter Revolutionary Cuban-Americans Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio along with Rich Scott, who is 100% owned by and dictated to by the extremist Cuban-Americans who have ruled Rubio's Little Havana stronghold in Miami through two generations since the 1959 triumph of the Cuban Revolution. As usual in the U. S. Congress, such bills backed by money and intimidation often routinely get passed...and use the old collutions such as, "Hey, you support our bill to destroy Cuba and we'll support your Bridge to Nowhere bill." The extreme financial and political windfalls for benefactors like Cruz, Rubio, and Scott shames Congress, America, and Democracy but it has been absolutely going on in Washington for decades, especially since the late 1980s when Little Havana began getting a grip around the throats of politicians such as the Bush dynasty. In the 1950's greedy Republican politicians got away with aligning themselves with the top echelons of the Mafia, including Super-kingpin Lucky Luciano, to support the brutal and thieving Batista-Mafia dictatorship in Cuba. In January of 1959 when the Cuban Revolution stunned the world by chasing the Batistiano-Mafiosi regime from Havana to Miami, the emergence of Little Havana on U. S. soil essentially replicated what Batista and Luciano had in Havana prior to the Revolution, and in both instances the once-proud U. S. Democracy has simply not been strong enough to counteract it.
Mafia rule of Havana in the 1950s, and then...
      The progression of the four images directly above conclude with an unfortunate handshake that shamefully chronicles a terrible blight on the U. S. democracy in its vulnerable two-party political system. Each Republican U. S. president since 1959 has been obligated to bow to Little Havana extremists who control Miami and, presumably, control Florida's crucial 29 Electoral Votes that can predicate presidential elections. Thus, since 2017 Republican President Donald Trump must bow to Little Havana congressional zealots Mario Diaz-Balart, whose father was a key Minister in the infamous Batista dictatorship, and Marco Rubio, who hates Trump and called Trump vile names during the 2016 presidential primaries. A U. S. democracy that has one of its two political parties bowing meekly and totally to Little Havana zealots is not so unlike the one-party Batista government that the United States supported in Cuba in the 1950s so rich U. S. businessmen could also partake in the wholesale rape and robbery of the Caribbean's largest and most beautiful island.
     All Republican presidents -- including Nixon, Reagan, Bush #1, and Bush #2 -- have benefited massively, both politically and economically, from their tight alignments with the rich and powerful Cuban extremists in Miami and Newark.
      But only the current Trump presidency activated Title III of Helms-Burton and that happened in May of 2019. Even President George W. Bush, who owed his two-term presidency to the Little Havana extremists, refused to activate Title III because even Bush considered Title III to be too genocidal against masses of Cuban families on the island. But Trump, without a whimper from the U. S. media nor the U. S. people, activated Title III.
     From Day One in the White House starting in January of 2017 President Trump began expanding the U. S. Embargo, in place since 1962, into a genocidal Blockade. But in May of 2019 Trump, totally capitulating to Little Havana extremists, undeniably began committing genocide against masses of Cubans on the island with the activation of Title III...which, of course, also includes  more provisions for selected Cubans in the U. S. to keep getting richer and richer!! But greed is not as important as "genocidio" when the U. S. democracy permits only a handful of the most extremist U. S. Cubans and their sycophants to dictate self-serving laws to the United States Congress.
      When Cruz, Rubio, and Scott can author a bill in the U. S. Senate entitled "Cut Profits to the Cuban Regime Act of 2020" and neither the mainstream U. S. media nor the U. S. people have the guts to define nor to deter such genocide and greed, then the U. S. government has essentially evolved into what Batista and Luciano had in Cuba prior to the Revolution.
AND BY THE WAY........
Today -- July 18, 2020 -- is International Mandela Day.
     And Nelson Mandela's greatest friend was Fidel Castro. Of Mandela, Fidel said: "He was a full, deep and radical revolutionary, who with great stoicism endured 27 years of solitary apartheid confinement. I did not stop admiring his honesty, his modesty and his enormous merit."
     The two icons, Nelson Mandela and Fidel Castro, co-authored a book together entitled "HOW FAR WE SLAVES HAVE COME!" Mandela died at age 95 on December 5, 2013, in Johannesburg, South Africa. Fidel died at age 90 in Havana, Cuba, on November 25, 2016.

cubaninsider: "The Country That Raped Me" (A True Story)

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