Monday, July 13, 2020

Title III's Genocide Continues

But So Far It's No Piggy-Bank!!
       The Southern District of Florida Miami Division has handed down the first-ever ruling in a Helms-Burton/Title III lawsuit. It ruled for Carnival Cruise Lines and against the Cuban-American in Florida who sued Carnival because it used a dock in Cuba. There remain dozens of mammoth claims against companies who have had business related to Cuba, but so far none have resulted in the anticipated millions or billions of dollars the claimants are clamoring for.
      Since 1996 the infamous Helms-Burton Act, considered the product of extreme Cuban Counter Revolutionaries Jorge Mas Canosa and Lincoln Diaz-Balart, has purportedly legalized two gigantic purposes: {1} To enrich certain Cuban-Americans in the Little Havana section of Miami; and {2} to severely punish and deprive Cubans on the island every day since 1996.
     The Helms-Burton Act had a provision called Title III that all Presidents prior to Donald Trump had refused to activate, and for a damn good reason -- it legalized a full Blockade of Cuba that many decent people consider legal genocide imposed by a powerful nation against a much smaller nation. And, of course, Title III proposed a huge financial reward for U. S. Cubans who would sue companies that did business with Cuba, with the lawsuits to be adjudicated in the Southern District Of Florida Miami Division. All Republican administrations, even the George W. Bush presidency that condoned making acolyte Cubans like Canosa billionaires and many others multi-millionaires, would not allow Title III to be activated because even Bush believed it would permit genocide against totally innocent Cuban families on the island.
       But the photo above revealed that extreme Counter Revolutionary Little Havana benefactors finally had a Republican president in Donald Trump that would activate Title III and do whatever else they wanted as a means to finally regain control of Havana for the denizens in Little Havana. This photo shows the FOUR MEN ABOVE the day right after they had just had a meeting in the White House with Trump. Then, knowing they had him in total control, a bank of microphones already awaited them outside the White House to perpetrate a news conference extolling their victory. Of course, Marco Rubio began the orations about their triumph as Mario Diaz-Balart, Ron DeSantis, and Rick Scott -- all of whom also own their political fortunes in Florida to fully supporting Little Havana's extreme whims -- stood stone-faced.
     The U. S. Economic Embargo against Cuba has been in force continually since 1962, certainly the LONGEST and CRUELEST in all-time history. After the air-land-and-sea military attack at the Bay of Pigs in 1961 as well as numerous terrorist attacks and a record number of assassination attempts failed to overthrow Revolutionary Cuba, the Embargo in 1962 was intended, according to de-classified U. S. documents, to starve, deprive, and make miserable the Cubans on the island to induce them to rise up and overthrow their government. So, for 6+ decades now the Embargo has failed, except to  continually punish Cubans on the island and to create the image of the red-eyed, claw-fingered United States of depicted above.
     In America's two-party political system, Democratic president Barack Obama, prior to the 2016 election of Republican Donald Trump, did all he could to end the Embargo and normalize relations with most Americans, most Cuban-Americans, and most nations around the world desire. In Obama's last year in office, 2016, he would not allow the United States to vote in the UN to support the insidious Embargo at the United the worldwide vote in the UN against the Embargo was 191-to-0.
     When a decent President of the United States, supported by the entire world, pleaded for the Embargo against Cuba to be lifted, it revealed that the U. S. democracy was not strong enough to stand up to a handful of Counter Revolutionary zealots in Little Havana and in the U. S. Congress.
      And so in mid-July of 2020 the U. S., with a Little Havana-controlled Republican president in the White House, the U. S. democracy is not capable of dealing with even the genocidal aspects of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act.
So, don't challenge Pinocchio!!!

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