Friday, July 3, 2020

Cuba Outshines Florida in Health

Photo courtesy: Alexandre Meneghini/Reuters.
     Today -- July 3rd, 2020 -- the major article in New Scientist Magazine and on New is entitled: "How Cuba and Uruguay Are Quashing Coronavirus As Neighbors Struggle." The London-based medical weekly has a world reputation but, of course, Americans are not supposed to read such articles...although the "neighbors" the article singles out as "struggling" with the Coronavirus are the United States and Brazil.

      The New Scientist report used the photo above to illustrate today's global health update. It shows a Cuban medical worker going door-to-door to check on Cubans during the pandemic. The article starts with this paragraph: "As Coronavirus cases soar in the US, Brazil and other countries in the Americas, some countries have found strategies to contain the virus and limit deaths."

    Then New Scientist explained why Cuba is outshining the United States in the important area of saving lives. It said: "What Cuba's health system lacks in materials it makes up for in workforce. It has the highest doctors per-patient ratio in the world -- 8.19 per 1,000. By comparison, Brazil has 2.15 and the United States has 2.6."

     The New Scientist article today lauds Cuba's totally free and universal healthcare for all of its "11.3 million citizens." It said: "Before the first case of COVID-19, Cuba's government dispatched teams of doctors, nurses and medical students door-to-door asking about respiratory symptoms and educating the public on the disease. It sent suspected Covid-19 cases to state-run isolation centers and traced all their recent contacts."
      One other thing that Cuba does is to used its state media, especially television, but also the Social Media to report to its citizens ubiquitous COVID-19 statistics and updates. This allows Cubans to analyze the statistics and, if they disagree with them or know anyone on their block that should be listed as a new case or a death, they can let the Cuban government know. At the top of the daily updates are statistics such as the ones listed today -- July 3rd, 2020 -- that list "8" new cases in the past 24 hours and "0" deaths. Weeks now go by without any deaths and the last was an 84-man in Havana weeks ago. So, now Cuba is in an official Recovery Phase and it is beginning to open some of the island's resorts to tourism after shutting down for over four months.
     So, today -- July 3rd, 2020 -- popular journalist Rosy Amaro both reported to Cubans and, while gazing out at the Caribbean Sea, experienced that the island has started its Recovery Phase concerning the dreadful Coronavirus pandemic. She said, "My Havana is alive."

          Meanwhile, these three anti-Cuban zealots who reside in the U. S. Senate -- Bob Menendez, Marco Rubio, and Rick Scott -- appear to spend most of their economic and political grip on the U. S. Congress and the U. S. Treasury to mostly make sure they can starve Cuban families into submission while their presidential patsy, Trump, remains in the White House. Menendez's New Jersey has been one of states most devastated by the pandemic while Rubio's and Scott's state of Florida as of today leads the United States and the region with the most new COVID-19 cases. So, instead of concentrating on helping the people in New Jersey and Florida, Menendez, Rubio, and Scott recently introduced yet another Let's Starve The Cubans On The Island Bill. It actually has this asinine title: "Cut Off Revenue To The Regime." Of course, the regime that Menendez, Rubio, and Scott seem to worship is the brutal-thieving Batista-Mafia dictatorship that the Cuban Revolution kicked to U. S. soil way back in January of 1959. Of course, the prime legacy of Cuba's long-ago Batista-Mafia regime is that, on U. S. soil, it has created two generations of rich and powerful politicians like Menendez, Rubio, and Scott whose "careers" -- unfortunately -- revolve around being allowed to promote legal genocide against innocent Cuban families on the island. "CUT OFF REVENUE TO THE REGIME." Why not a "HELP PEOPLE IN NEW JERSEY AND FLORIDA SURVIVE THE PANDEMIC BILL?" trying to starve Cuban families on the island more important than trying to help New Jersey and Florida families survive the pandemic?

       In other words, for over two generations a worshipful legacy from the Batista-Mafia regime in Cuba has shamed America and Democracy.


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