Friday, July 24, 2020

Hating Cuban Doctors

The Anti-Cuba Cottage Industry!!
Photo Credit: AP/Antonio Calanni.
      The photo above shows 52 Cuban doctors arriving in Milan, Italy, on March 22, 2020. This photo was used this week -- on July 23rd, 2020 -- to illustrate a scathing denunciation of these Cuban doctors by Human Rights Watch. The long article was spread around the world, especially by the vast and well-funded anti-Cuban Cottage Industry that has thrived in the United States since 1959. The very first sentence in the Human Rights Watch article is: "The Cuban government imposes draconian rules on doctors deployed in medical missions globally that violate their fundamental rights, Human Rights Watch said today." That firmly backs up the U. S. government's claim that the Cuban doctors are being "human trafficked" merely to rake in money for the "regime" back in Havana, money that is used to "repress" Cuba's 11.2 million citizens on the island. Since 1962 the U. S. has used a cruel economic Embargo designed to bring down the Cuban government that overthrew the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship way back on Jan. 1-1959. Since May of 2019, with the activation of Title III of the infamous Helms-Burton Act, the Trump administration has imposed the cruelest-of-all Blockades against Cuba, a Blockade that many decent people and organizations consider genocidal.
    Perhaps Human Rights Watch could write a long international article denouncing the Blockade that Cubans on the island believe is a "genocidio" Blockade aimed at destroying their families.
     Cubans on the island believe their doctors "are on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19" both in Cuba and in other countries around the world. And healthcare in Cuba is totally free for Cubans on the island.
      While the vast Counter Revolutionary Anti-Cuban Cottage Industry in the United States, of course, has the funds and the overall wherewithal to influence many anti-Cuban individuals and organizations around the world, there are also many individuals and organizations currently promoting the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE FOR THE CUBAN DOCTORS.
     This week, the very day Human Rights Watch was scathingly denouncing the Cuban Doctors who arrived in Italy back on March 22nd, the whole nation of Italy this week is still lavishly "thanking/grazie Cuba" for sending those doctors that helped the great nation of Italy, which had been a epicenter of the pandemic back in March, to get COVID-19 under control. ASK the Italian people...ASK the Cuban doctors themselves...if they are being "human trafficked" or if they...the doctors and the people they help...are proud of what they do.
     The very day this week that Human Rights Watch was denouncing the Cuban doctors because of their "medical missions globally," many concerned and decent Americans want those same Cuban doctors to help the United States fight pandemics such as COVID-19. For example, Hillary Ronen has actually been to Cuba to study Cuba's totally free and acclaimed health system and she is an influential member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. She just persuaded the Board of Supervisors in San Francisco to unanimously vote to cooperate with Cuba's health system. Hillary Ronen said: "The Cuban pharmaceutical industry has developed important drugs that should be available in the United States. Limiting cooperation with Cuba is pointless. Cuba is among the main countries that found effective treatments for Ebola and the swine flu, and now COVID-19. Countries from Jamaica to Italy to South Africa to Qatar and back to Spain begged and received Cuban doctors to fight their Coronavirus pandemics. Our Secretary of State Pompeo's false accusations of Cuba totally trafficking its doctors is absurd. I have been to Cuba and studied its advances that include respected treatments for lung cancer, that include a diabetes drug that dramatically reduces amputations, and Cuba's work during COVID may, and perhaps should, win the Cuban doctors a Nobel Peace Prize."
        Meanwhile, starving Cubans on the island contrasts with the money-crazed anti-Cuban Cottage Industry that blazes a lucrative trail from Miami-to-Newark-to-Washington, and as long as avalanches of dollars fuel the EMBARGO-BLOCKADE against Cuba, it could well last for another 7 decades!!!
     Americans programmed not to be ashamed about this worldwide image assaults America's democracy as much as it assaults Cuba.

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