Tuesday, July 14, 2020

New Airline To Launch Flights To Cuba

Canada Bucks U. S. Blockade!!
      A brand-new Canadian airline, OWG, is launching with its inaugural flights destined for Cuba. OWG stands for "Off We Go" and its first flights are set for November 1st of this year.
      The OWG airline starts with three Boeing 737-400 aircraft. OWG Airlines is in a partnership with the Canadian aircraft company Hola Sun Holidays. The two companies obviously believe that the Blockade imposed by the U. S. to deter all commerce with the Caribbean's largest and, arguably,  also its most beautiful island, creates opportunities for other nations to exploit the void for other visitors and tourists.
     Many experts consider Cristiano Ronaldo the world's all-time greatest soccer player. In fact, Forbes used this headline: "Cristiano Ronaldo Becomes First Footballer To Reach Billionaire Status." He plays for Juventus F. C. in Turin, Italy, and also captains his native Portuguese national team. Organizations in both Portugal and Italy, along with groups in other nations from Spain to South Africa to Qatar, are promoting Cuban doctors and nurses for the Nobel Peace Prize for their herculean devotions in helping many nations battle the Coronavirus pandemic. Cristiano Ronaldo has sent a special message for the Cuban doctors working in Turin: "FOR THE BLESSED CUBAN DOCTORS OF TURIN." Along with the message, Cristiano Ronaldo sent Juventus jerseys bearing his famed number "7" for all the Cuban doctors and nurses who are helping the people in Turin.
      These are some of the Cuban doctors in Turin, Italy, showing off their proud Cristiano Ronaldo jerseys.
     When South Africa, which has beloved Cuba and been beholden to Cuba since Nelson Mandela's triumph against apartheid, joined the clamor for Cuba's renowned doctors to help against the COVID-19 pandemic, U. S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, at the behest of a few zealots in Miami and in Congress, assailed South Africa for its solidarity with Cuba and claimed requesting the Cuban doctors will help Cuba's economy and defy the U. S. blockade.
      Meanwhile, the Cuban doctors have helped dozens of nations fight the Coronavirus and now many organizations in those countries are nominating the Cuban doctors for the Nobel Peace Prize even as one superpower nation, the USA, uses its leverage to assail them...along with all Cubans on the island.
     Since 1962 the U. S. has imposed a tight Embargo against Cuba and that has been expanded by the current Trump regime into a total genocidal Blockade of the island.
      Yet, remarkably, since 1959 there have been enough Cubans on the island determined to protect the sovereignty provided by the victory of the Cuban Revolution against the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorshipSo, with a mere 110-days-or-so left in Trump's first 4-year term as president, this is where we stand: A little island nation still fighting off the world's superpower, an ongoing and historic event that has been going on for seven decades. So far, it appears that the U. S. DEMOCRACY is the primary casualty.

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