Trump Regime's Cuba Crimes

Far Worse Than Russian Collusion!!
{Saturday, June 1st, 2019}
Photo credit: Yamil Lage/Getty Images.
     The best USA article related to Cuba this week was illustrated by the photo depicted above. It's in the Orlando Sun-Sentinel, which updated this new development in Cuba: "Cuba Legalized Wi-Fi, Including the Importance of Hardware-like Routers, for Private Cuban Homes."
      The aforementioned article was written by Tim Padget, one of world's top journalists regarding Caribbean and Latin American issues. Tim Padget's definitive conclusion in Thursday's Orlando Sun-Sentinel article defines the grossness of the current Trump regime's assault on the Cuban people: "The sad, ridiculous reality is that just as Cuba and its tech-conscious President Miguel Diaz-Canel are granting Cubans an Internet edge, the Trump administration is doing everything it can to dull it." And the saddest reality of all, to buttress Tim Padget's words today, is this: The Trump regime in Washington is determined to starve or eviscerate Cubans on the island if that is necessary to recapture the island on behalf of a handful of Miami's Little Havana Batistianos...while the Diaz-Canel administration in Havana is trying to ward off the genocidal Cuban tendencies of the foreign Superpower.
     This montage -- Trump, Rubio, Pompeo, and Bolton -- reveals that the island nation of Cuba defines the Trump regime in Washington far better than current USA relations with Russia, China, North Korea, or Iran define it. Of course, Americans since 1959 have been programmed not to believe that reality and the mainstream U. S. media {including the left-wing powerhouses trying so hard to impeach the Trump regime} are simply too afraid of the Little Havana stalwarts to admit Cuban-related realities.
     To date, the most egregious anti-Democracy act by President Trump was/is his Washington regime's anointing Little Havana lightweight Marco Rubio as America's Cuban dictator on U. S. soil, much like back in the 1950s when Fulgencio Batista and Lucky Luciano were the U. S. dictators on Cuban soil. Once the Cuban Revolution in 1959 chased the Batistianos and the Mafiosi back to Florida, the gruesome control of the Cuban narrative in the United States of America by Little Havana exiles has disfigured the U. S. Democracy from January of 1959 till this first week of June in 2019...and counting.
     From January of 1959 till these first days of June in 2019 the Cuban narrative in the United States has been dictated by Cuban-born propagandists. "THE MOB DID NOT 'RUN' PRE-CASTRO CUBA!" ABSOLUTELY NOT!! I mean...who would be stupid enough or brave enough to even think such a thing? And, of course, The Mob doesn't run Little Havana in Miami! NO WAYYYYYY!!
    Meanwhile, Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel was born after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution and he rose to power on the island as Education Minister, not as a revolutionary icon. Today the Cubans on the island are far more supportive of Diaz-Canel than Americans are supportive of Trump. As Tim Padget reported in Thursday's Orlando Sun-Sentinel, Diaz-Canel is "tech-conscious" and very keen on "granting Cubans an Internet edge." Also, Diaz-Canel has told his Ministers to "appear regularly on television and radio newscasts to let the people know what you are doing...or not doing...about issues that concern them." From 1959 till he died at age 90 on Nov. 25-2016, the U. S. and the Batistianos incredibly were REPEATEDLY unable to kill or overthrow Fidel Castro. And now that Cuba has a Tech-savvy and Media-savvy post-revolutionary leader, the U. S. and the Batistianos -- even with Rubio as the USA's new Cuban dictator -- are trying to starve and eviscerate Cubans on the island while Diaz-Canel is trying desperately to save them and to be as transparent, via the Internet and the Media, as he possibly can. The Diaz-Canel quote shown above says: "No one will achieve the purpose of weakening the revolution or bending the Cuban people."
     And so, as Tim Padget's insightful article in this week's Orlando Sun-Sentinel indicated, the TRUMP-RUBIO REGIME in Washington appears a lot more authoritarian and secretive than the DIAZ-CANEL ADMINISTRATION in Havana.
     This billboard in Cuba is testimony that the U. S. economic Embargo-Blockade of the island, first imposed in 1962, is still topical and a part of "GENOCIDIO"/GENOCIDAL history. And, of course, with the recent activation of Helms-Burton's Title 3, the TRUMP-RUBIO REGIME in Washington has added a totally new starvation dimension to the Embargo/Blockade.
      In respectful deference to the great journalist Tim Padget, the saddest realism is this: The hallowed United States democracy is simply not strong enough to challenge Miami's Little Havana regarding the genocidal-X aspects of what qualifies today as America's Batistiano Bible -- the infamous Helms-Burton Act. It hurts totally innocent Cuban women and children for sure, but it also indelibly paints the USA as an international criminal bully, which is NOT EXACTLY what America's Founding Fathers envisioned way back in 1776. Helms-Burton remains a USA disgrace.
Yet, Cuba's revolutionary flag still waves.


Cubans Starving Cubans

And Cubans Helping Cubans!!
{Wednesday: May 29th, 2019}
    Unchecked by most propagandized Americans and by the mostly intimidated mainstream U. S. media, Florida's two vicious and self-serving Senators -- Marco Rubio and Rick Scott -- are busy taking advantage of the current Republican White House to try to starve Cubans on the island and then eviscerate Revolutionary Cuba once and for all. This duo persuaded President Trump to activate Title 3, the starvation section of the cruel Helms-Burton Act -- and that was something that not even the Batistiano-aligned George W. Bush presidency would do. And, indeed, Title 3 has created shortages of food and medicine on the island, much to the glee of Rubio and Scott. Meanwhile, this pair is trying to persuade Trump to use the U. S. military to stop other countries from shipping supplies to Cuba.
    Although Rubio & Scott can dictate America's Cuban policies with Republican Trump in the White House, most Cuban-Americans are decent citizens and desire normal relations with Cuba, which President Obama almost brought to fruition and probably would have if Trump had not, incredibly, been elected President because of the amazing left-wing tilt of the other political Party -- the Democrats. Cuban Americans for Engagement {CAFE} represent the sentiments of most Cuban-Americans although, since 1959, a mere handful of Counter Revolutionary extremistss have largely dictated the USA's asinine, cruel, and genocidal Cuban policies.
     Even with Trump in the White House and anti-Cuban zealots like Rubio and Scott dictating the starvation of Cubans on the island, much more decent people like Ramon Jimenez have great compassion for Cubans on the island. Ramon also happens to be a key executive at American Airlines. He says, "Our experience has been very satisfactory dealing with Cuba. It has allowed us to continuing growing and increasing the number of operations and consolidate us as the airline that makes the most flights between the United States and Cuba. Therefore, our focus is to bet on the Cuban market in the long term."
    Thanks to the guidance of Ramon Jimenez, American Airlines earlier this month, back on May 3rd, began a new nighttime flight from Miami to Santiago de Cuba. Such things greatly help the two million Cuban-Americans in the Miami area...but the likes of Rubio and Scott rail against any such decency. Cuban-Americans like to fly to Cuba to visit family members; Cuban-Americans send several billion dollars of aid to Cubans on the island each year. Rubio and Scott want to end such flights and they, in fact, recently got Trump to greatly restrict any Cuban-American aid to Cuba. As Florida governor during the decency of President Obama, Scott vowed to punish any Florida business, such as the Florida docks run by moderate Cuban-Americans, if they did business with Cuba. Rubio wants to starve Cubans on the island to appease a handful of his extremist-backers in his hometown of Miami. Ramon Jimenez represents the strong majority in America that is trying to prevent the likes of Rubio and Scott from starving Cubans on the island.
     In 2019, 6+ decades after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution over the brutal Batista dictatorship gave birth to Little Havana in nearby Miami, the photo above is...I believe...an insult to America and to Democracy. When Florida's two Batistiano-loving U. S. Senators -- Rick Scott and Marco Rubio -- can dictate America's Cuban policies, it is every bit as harmful and detrimental to the United States as it is to targeted Cubans on the island.
The enigmatic U. S.-Cuba conundrum.


USA's Batistiano Democracy

How Did This Happen!!
{Tuesday, May 28th, 2019}
    History registers the fact that the U. S. democracy sicced the Batista-Mafia dictatorship on Cuba beginning in 1952 as the best way for rich U. S. companies to partake in the fleecing of the Caribbean's biggest and arguably its most beautiful and most promising island.
     History also notes that on the very first day of 1959 the Cuban Revolution chased the Batista-Mafia leaders off the island...all the way to what became Little Havana in nearby Miami.
    Beginning in 1959 massive amounts of Mafia money and Mafia-like intimidation overwhelmed Miami and since then Republicans in the USA's two-party system have routinely aligned their economic and political fortunes with the Cuban-exile Batistianos in Florida and subsequently in the U. S. Congress and all Republican White Houses. The image above is an example. On May 26th, 2019, on Fox News Sunday the U. S. Senator-for-life from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham, repeated his ignorant plea for President Trump to attack Venezuela because "Cuba's 6,000 to 7,000 troops in Venezuela are propping up Maduro" AND THE U. S. HAS DECIDED SINCE JANUARY THAT JOSE GUAIDO IS THE PRESIDENT OF VENEZUELA. Meanwhile, a decent democratic nation NOT with a leader controlled by the Miami-based Bastianos, Norway, is right now hosting Maduro and Guaido representatives in Oslo TRYING TO BRING ABOUT A SANE AND DECENT diplomatic solution to the very obvious Venezuelan crisis. To allow anti-Cuban war-mongers like Lindsey Graham, the Diaz-Balarts, John Bolton, Elliott Abrams, Mike Pompeo, Mauricio Claver-Carone, etc. -- all of whom are 100% aligned with the Batistianos -- to dictate any regime-change or anything else in the Caribbean or Latin America is shooting America and Democracy in their once-precious feet...but those feet in the USA have been allowed to march in a dark and sinister direction since 1959. To appease his Batisitano friends and benefactors, the self-serving Senator Graham pretends that he does not believe the USA is fighting enough wars or potential wars at the moment. After all, as Eisenhower warned as he departed the White House, America's vast "Military-Industrial Complex" must be sated and fed like an insatiable dinosaur -- and believe me that is the case with the Batistianos in charge of yet another Republican administration that includes Trump and his golfing buddy Lindsey Graham.
    An Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal this week reminded the world that in late May of 2019 a U. S. Batistiano-style democracy {or dictatorship or whatever you want to call it} has existed on American soil virtually since 1959. That Op-Ed was penned by U. S. Senator Lindsey Graham. He is a frequent golfing buddy of President Trump, an embattled leader who needs Graham and all such Republicans to prevent his being impeached or defeated as he seeks reelection for 2020. With gutless stupidity, in that Op-Ed Graham urged his buddy, the President, to invade Venezuela with America's military might to end the CUBAN DOMINANCE of that oil-rich but desperately troubled Latin American nation. Within the bowels of America's two-party political system, all Republicans must bow and literally genuflect daily to the dictates from Little Havana concerning the evisceration of Cuba and putting the Batistianos back in charge of the targeted island.
      From a tiny town called Central in South Carolina, Lindsey Graham has been in the U. S. Senate since 2003 and, at age 63, he will stay there another decade or more as long as he bows meekly to the extreme Counter Revolutionaries in Little Havana. That, of course, was what Graham was doing when he wrote that stupid Op-Ed a few days ago in the Wall Street Journal. But, of course, neither sheer stupidity nor advocating more insane U. S. wars for the United States prevents sold-out politicians like Graham from having long and lucrative terms in Washington, and like I said...big-time Republican politicians must sell-out to Little Havana extremists or their careers are doomed. And that's why I say that the United States has been saddled with a Batistiano-style democracy...or dictatorship...virtually since 1959 but surely since the 1980s when the Republican powerhouse known as the Bush Dynasty aligned eternally with the Little Havana extremists.
    The gutless, stupid, anti-Democracy, pro-Batistiano Op-Ed that Senator Lindsey Graham wrote in the Wall Street Journal should remind Democracy-loving and peace-loving Americans that they, not the Little Havana Batistianos, should be in charge of the U. S. government, including the Batistiano-directed Republican Party.
     The Graham Op-Ed also reminded me that in Spain a smart, decent, democracy-loving, independent-minded young politician like Pedro Sanchez can actually get elected Prime Minister.
    As the leader of Spain, Pedro Sanchez resents being told by the Republicans in Washington that his nation can't make its own policies related to Cuba but must do precisely what the Superpower USA tells Spain to do in regards to Cuba. Thus, as the leader of a Democracy that doesn't feel bound by Batistiano dictations, Pedro Sanchez, as shown above, wants to "greatly expand" Spain's political and commercial ties with Cuba. Already, Spain's two internationally powerful hotel chains dominate Cuba's hotel industry. The Batistiano-directed Trump administration recently activated Title 3 of the Batistiano bible known as the Helms-Burton Act that legalizes, from the Batistiano/USA standpoint, legal lawsuits against Spain and all other nations for their dealings in Cuba. Being the democracy-loving leader of a Democracy, Pedro Sanchez, of course, is outraged by the Batistiano control of all Republican administrations in the U. S.
    Spain's new Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is a close friend of Cuba's new President Miguel Diaz-Canel. Mr. Sanchez soon after he took office said, "Spain not only will maintain its close political and commercial ties with Cuba, but we will greatly expand it."
     In fact, once he became Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sanchez was quick to visit Cuba. In the photo above the Spanish leader is shown being escorted around Havana by Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel, Cuban First Lady Lis Cuesta Diaz-Canel, and Havana's famed historian Eusebio Leal. On the plane-flight to Cuba, Pedro Sanchez mused in front of reporters, "The American Republican president can visit and sign deals with the planet's most notorious dictators but a few Miami Cubans would end his presidency if he said hi to Cuba's president? I know Miguel, the island's former Education Minister who was born after the Revolution. He's good man and his wife is a typically sweet Cuban lady. I look forward to being with them more often."
     The triumph of the Cuban Revolution was on January 1, 1959...astounding the world. Even more astounding has been the longevity of Revolutionary Cuba, considering that what this graphic calls the "anti-Castro Cuban refugees" have been permitted to hide behind the skirts of the world's Superpower and, in fact, create what amounts to a government on U. S. soil. In doing so, they have exposed the weakness of a two-party democratic system when one party is totally dictated to by "anti-Castro Cuban refugees." When the majority of Americans, including the majority of Cuban-Americans, are too timid or too unpatriotic to successfully oppose that assault on Democracy, it is the overall USA Democracy that is the prime victim, perhaps even more so than the continuously assaulted Cuban people on their island.
   And, as it so happened, those are the  exact sane sentiments expressed by Spain's democracy-loving, independent-minded Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez during his impromptu session with reporters on his flight to Cuba. He then repeated that sentiment after landing on Cuban soil.
  And what exactly were the insane sentiments expressed by Republican Senator-for-life Lindsey Graham in his Wall Street Journal Op-Ed when he urged President Trump to attack Venezuela militarily because that BIG country is controlled by LITTLE Cuba? Well Graham's insane sentiments were intended to appease a handful of Little Havana extremists in Miami and in Congress. The contrasting Pedro Sanchez SANE SENTIMENTS should, I believe, make Americans wonder why the USA is stuck with sold-out incumbent politicians like Lindsey Graham while Spanish voters are free to elect a young, smart, democracy-loving, independent-thinking leader like Pedro Sanchez. Yes, America, our Democracy is in DEEP trouble. 
    First Lady Lis Cuesta and President Miguel Diaz-Canel are very popular with everyday Cubans. They are shown here waiting in line like...everyday Cubans. Lis and Miguel may be perplexed about how I know, but she has an interesting tatoo on her back.
       Above are two former Cuban First Ladies. On the left is the flamboyant Marta Fernandez Miranda, the wife of Cuba's dictator Fulgencio Batista from 1952 till 1959. On the right is the very private Dalia Soto del Valle, the wife of Cuba's revolutionary leader Fidel Castro from 1980 till he died at age 90 on Nov. 25th, 2016. Fiercely devoted to Fidel, most Cubans didn't even know Dalia was his wife until he became seriously ill in July of 2006 and afterward she was photographed by his side on the increasingly rare occasions when he appeared in public or was at their home hosting foreign leaders. It was then Cubans learned she was Fidel's beloved wife.
First Lady Marta with Batista.
First Lady Dalia with Fidel.
She is the mother of his last five sons.


Mary Anastasia O'Grady Is A LIAR

Her Lies Hurt Innocents!!
{UPDATED for Saturday, May 25th, 2019}
     For many years, posturing herself as a Latin American expert journalist, Mary Anastasia O'Grady has primarily advocated for the evisceration of Cuba and the starvation of the Cuban people on the island while heralding any and all terrorist attacks or sanctions that punish innocent Cuban women and children the most. Pointing out a prime weakness of the U. S. democracy -- a propaganda-driven mainstream media -- O'Grady is an Editorial kingpin at the Rupert Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal. The O'Grady bald-faced lies about Cuba continued this week with a gross WSJ Editorial entitled: "The U. S. Bears No Blame As Cuba Starves On Its Policies." That is a typical O'Grady lie and she assumes anyone who believes any aspect of it is an idiot. The shameful lie included this line: "Cuba's Commerce Minister Betsy Diaz asserts that the U. S. embargo forces the island to buy food from distant markets, which raise prices." Hiding behind her lies and her mansion in the non-sanctioned USA, O'Grady assails any decent person who opposes the starvation of women and children in Cuba by self-serving criminals who benefit from such cruelty.
    For a sanctimonious liar like Mary Anastasia O'Grady to attack a decent woman like Betsy Diaz reflects the gutlessness of elitist miscreants hiding behind journalistic propaganda, in this case the once-respected WSJ that is the third most circulated newspaper in the USA. Betsy Diaz is Cuba's Commerce Minister and she works tirelessly to keep "the Title 3 of Helms-Burton from doing its job, which is to starve Cuban children that I am responsible for." Betsy Diaz epitomizes decency.
     Mary Anastasia O'Grady's lies epitomize indecency. The U. S. embargo against Cuba, condemned 191-to-0 in the UN in 2016 during the last year of the decent Obama presidency, started in 1962 for the purpose of, according to de-classified U. S. documentsstarving, depriving, and making miserable the lives of Cubans to induce them to overthrow their revolutionary government. Much stronger and larger nations...say a Canada or a Mexico...could not have survived such sanctions so rigorously, gutlessly, and continuously enforced for six decades and still counting. For Mary Anastasia O'Grady and her ilk to say that "The U. S. Bears No Blame As Cuba Starves From Its Policies" IS A BLATANT AND BALD-FACED LIE. Moreover, it shames journalism and democracy. And Mary Anastasia O'Grady is gutless for attacking Cuba's extremely decent and child-loving Betsy Diaz, the person on the island who is trying so hard to keep O'Grady's Batistiano-Mafiosi friends from starving or eviscerating Cuban children on a very vulnerable island.
    When an elitist and unchecked WSG propagandist can gleefully celebrate the "starving" of children in a small nation due to a gross criminal act from a powerful country, democracy-loving Americans should weep. A pompous, indecent Mary Anastasis O'Grady is nothing more and nothing less than  a lying propagandist who happens to have a powerful forum to spew her lies. She harps endlessly that starvation-like sanctions by the Superpower U. S. are designed to help, not starve, children on the island of Cuba, claiming that U. S. sanctions have no role in the current food shortages on the island. O'Grady is a cruel, shameless, unmitigated liar. Of course, O'Grady doesn't have the guts to compare Norway's NON-SANCTIONED Socialism with the standard of life in the United States. But the comparison is listed below.
    A cruel liar like Mary Anastasia O'Grady in the United States of America can overwhelm decent child-loving people in smaller nations -- like Betsy Diaz in Cuba and Carlos Alvarado in Venezuela.
   Venezuela's Health Minister, Carlos Alvarado, Tuesday was in Geneva where he told the World Health Organization that U. S. sanctions are "direly harming our country's women and children, and that is the purpose of the sanctions as a part of overthrowing our government." Alvarado said, "The U. S. has frozen $5.6 billion of Venezuela assets, including in the Bank of England and Citibank, and turns Venezuela assets over to U.S.-friendly opposition factions. We can certainly say that the main health problem in Venezuela is the criminal blockade that makes us victims of the United States' imperialist designs on Latin America and the Miami Cubans designs to retake Cuba."
     While the U. S. democracy assists small but vicious elements to use starvation and deprivation tactics against Cuba and Venezuela, it opens the way for Communist superpower China to exert its influence in the opposite direction. The photo above shows another large Chinese plane off-loading massive medical supplies for Venezuela.
    If United States President Donald Trump wasn't restrained by China, the United States would have installed a U.S.-friendly government in Venezuela as far back as January. Indeed, if there is to be a regime-change in Venezuela, it should be brokered under the auspices of the United Nations, not war-mongering USA right-wingers.
     Meanwhile, Trump's trade war with China is shooting the U. S. in its own feet because so much of the U. S. economy, not to mention the U. S. debt, is tied to mammoth economic relations with COMMUNIST China.
    With the Trump administration surrounded by extreme war-mongers targeting Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Iran -- while trying real hard to not tangle with China or Russia -- the USA is mostly in need of a decent and smart President, but not Trump, as well as decent and smart journalists, but not the likes of......................
    When it is the USA...and not, say, China...that is involved in trying to explain why trying to starve children in Cuba or Venezuela is necessary, perhaps it is time for decent U. S. citizens to reclaim their Democracy. As for me, I am a lifelong Democracy-loving American Republican but starving children in Cuba or bombing children in Yemen is not my cup of tea. Thus, Trump in the White House or O'Grady at the Wall Street Journal, I believe, are corrections that need to be made for the sake of America and Democracy, not just for innocent children who happen to live in targeted smaller nations.
      Journalists like O'Grady and politicians like Trump & Rubio in a powerful country trying to starve precious and beloved Cuban children like Mariana and Diego shames the United States and Democracy. I await O'Grady's next Editorial in the Wall Street Journal explaining why IT IS BOTH PROPER AND NECESSARY for Republicans in the United States to engage in such genocidal practices.


Trump's Venezuelan Mess

With Rubio Dictating The Mistakes!!
{UPDATED For: Tuesday, May 21, 2019}
       As you can see from the date in the lower-left of the above graphic, it was way back on January 23rd, 2019, when President Trump recognized Juan Guaido as Venezuela's new President. Considering the dire economic and political chaos in Venezuela, it was anticipated that Trump's Venezuela regime-change would only take a day or two.

 In the closing days of May, 2019, Trump's man Guaido is still trying to replace the embattled Maduro as President of Venezuela. The USA's past history of bloody, self-serving regime-changes from 1953 till the mid-1970s still rankle all of Latin America but only Trump's stupidity has prevented or at least prolonged the U.S.-friendly takeover in troubled Venezuela.
     The top man at the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, is the type diplomat that should oversee any regime-change in Venezuela or any other nation, not some opposition group or some self-serving foreign country. Mr. Guterres still cringes when he thinks about the 1973 coup that Nixon-Kissinger engineered in Chile replacing the killed Democratically elected President Salvador Allende for 17 bloody years with the murderous but U.S.-friendly Pinochet dictatorship. For sure, Mr. Guterres doesn't want Trump right-wingers in Venezuela to replicate what Nixon-Kissinger so shamefully did in Chile. Yet, the wise Mr. Guterres believes that an honest broker BUT NOT ANOTHER REPUBLICAN ADMINISTRATION IN WASHINGTON should diplomatically help resolve the dire situation in Venezuela.
     Therefore, as an expert on Latin American history, the top man at the UN, Antonio Guterres, does not think that the USA has the credentials or the right to name Juan Guaido as Venezuela's President. In his official statement above, fully aware of Venezuela's problems, Antonio Guterres says, "Maduro is the only legal president of Venezuela." That was meant to shut Trump up but, of course, Trump has a veto in the UN and Trump is Commander-in-Chief of the world's strongest military.
   The stupidest, most gutless thing President Trump has done was to anoint Marco Rubio as the USA's Cuban dictator. Viewing his 2020 reelection, Trump is convinced he needs Little Havana's support to secure Florida's huge passel of electoral votes. But Rubio, promoted as Little Havana's choirboy, is only "Little Marco" just as Trump designated him back during the Republican 2016 primary.
    After Rubio's unceremonious debacle in the 2016 presidential race, he vowed to "quit" even his Little Havana-gifted Senate seat. Unfortunately, he changed his mind and then was gifted a second 6-year term.
     So as the USA's Cuban dictator, Rubio also gets to dictate the regime-change in Venezuela because that's his prelude to his Little Havana-invested goal of securing a regime-change in Cuba.
    Phone calls from Rubio to Guaido promised Venezuela's opposition leader the regime-change was imminent and unstoppable.
    The Rubio trip to the volatile Venezuelan border with Colombia turned out to be more of a joke and a show than a regime-change.
    There are far more intelligent anti-Cuban zealots in Little Havana than Rubio, who has and needs his lushly funded publicity team that tries to correct his misdeeds and outright lies. He reached the U. S. Senate saying his parents escaped the Castro tyranny in Cuba when, actually, they fled the Batista tyranny in Cuba. The best investigative journalist in Washington, Ken Silverstein, penned a massive article that begins: "Marco Rubio is head and shoulders above everyone else in Washington when it comes to corruption and chicanery." Take for example, Rubio Tweets like the one above designed to facilitate the regime-change in Venezuela. German Dam is a journalist in Venezuela that Rubio believed was a, uh...real dam. Out of that ignorance, Rubio thought the explosions that caused massive blackouts in Venezuela would end the Maduro presidency.
    Uh, there is no German Dam in Venezuela but there is a journalist named German Dam.
     Actually, as you can see above, it was the journalist German Dam who corrected Rubio's ignorance regarding the non-existent German Dam in Venezuela. Study the graphic above to ascertain that Rubio is the last person that should orchestrate the political situation in Venezuela or anywhere else.
     Uh..."not enough people are making fun of Rubio for thinking German Dam was the name of a dam in Venezuela and not the name of a journalist..." NO KIDDING!! But this is the USA's Cuban dictator who seems intent on gifting his Little Havana/Miami supporters with a regime-change in Cuba...after his regime-change in Venezuela and before his regime-change in Nicaragua. Rubio's goal is not only to eviscerate Revolutionary Cuba but to eliminate Cuba's friends.
     The Rubio stamp on America's foreign policy is a tragedy waiting to happen. Incredibly, Rubio figureheads now in ultra-powerful positions include a Who's Who of well-known Cuban Counter Revolutionaries, war-mongers, and/or Latin America's most feared regime-changers -- John Bolton as National Security Adviser, Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State, Mauricio Claver-Carone as Western Hemisphere Chief, Elliott Abrams as Special Envoy to Venezuela, etc., etc., etc.
One of Rubio's smartest quotes.
  Hometown journalists who know Rubio best...such as the editors and writers at the Miami-based Progreso Weekly...are aware of what the "TRUMPIFIED MARCO RUBIO" is all about.
     While intelligent diplomacy is necessary in Venezuela if the United States is to rise above its past coups/regime changes and play a role, Marco Rubio's ignorant Tweet on Feb. 24-2019, as shown above, warned Venezuelan President Maduro that the bloody Gaddafi model in Libya awaited him. Just as ignorantly, Rubio Tweeted Cuba's new President Miguel Diaz-Canel, "See you soon," meaning right after the regime-change in Venezuela. A Rubio hiding behind the skirts of the world's economic and military superpower while leading the way in spouting off regime-changes makes the United States of America resemble the world's Superpower Bully.
     Millions of decent people in Cuba specifically blame Rubio for this photo. It shows an elderly Cuban woman passing her last egg to her friend, the elderly Cuban woman in the next apartment. Rubio, as reported by many U. S. media sources, persuaded Trump to activate Title 3, a genocidal starvation part of the already extremely cruel Helms-Burton Act that not even the Batistiano-aligned George W. Bush presidency would activate as a starvation measure against innocent Cubans. And yes, Title 3 has already caused food shortages in Cuba, including eggs, chicken, rice, etc. Exacerbating the Rubio problem is the fact that this generation of Americans as well as the mainstream U. S. media are apparently too afraid of Little Havana to rein in Rubio.
     For example, Trump's unholy collusion with Rubio is far more dangerous than Trump's alleged collusion with Russia or Trump's avowed "love" for the likes of North Korean dictator Kim. Yet, the powerful left-wing U. S. media that devotes most  of their efforts to impeaching and imprisoning Trump seems far too afraid to even mention Trump's most ghastly failure, misdeed, or miss-step -- his capitulations, for whatever reasons, to Rubio. When the fiercely anti-Trump left-wing media -- CNN, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, Washington Post, New York Times, etc. -- is too afraid to mention the Rubio-Little Havana hold on Trump, a vital cog in the U. S. democracy, journalism, has let Americans down by becoming pundit-driven propaganda forums as opposed to real journalists collecting and dispensing news!!
     With Rubio minions like John Bolton calling the regime-change shots and pointing out the targets, the question might not be IF but WHEN the next war will start. On Bolton's world map at the White House, you might note that, in the left-center above, the island of Cuba shows up as a TINY speck. But in the White House War Room, Cuba is a HUGE speck.
     And to Rubio and Bolton, the island of Cuba looms LARGEST in their gunsights. Recapturing Cuba is Rubio's obsession and as far back as 2002 Bolton was concocting excuses for President George W. Bush to execute a regime-change in Cuba.
     The ONLY two "qualifications" Marco Rubio has to dictate Trump's FOREIGN RELATIONS is that Cuba is a FOREIGN COUNTRY and Trump wants Rubio and Little Havana in Miami to deliver Florida's crucial electoral votes to his reelection campaign. 

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