President Diaz-Canel Settles In

Cuba's Transitional Leader!!
{Updated: Wednesday, October 31st, 2018}
     This past weekend Cuba's transitional new President, Miguel Diaz-Canel, hosted the President of El Salvador, Salvador Sanchez Ceren. The two leaders signed several economic and cultural agreements and Ceren thanked Diaz-Canel for the approximately "20,000" El Salvadorans whose eyesight have been restored or drastically improved by Cuban doctors.
     This week -- on October 29th, 2018 -- the President of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela, arrived in Havana. He met with Cuban president Miguel Diaz-Canel and then the next day visited the Panama Pavilion at the Havana International Fair where Diaz-Canel is trying to persuade about 65 nations to invest in Cuba, particularly the island's deep-water, state-of-the-art Mariel Economic Zone 28 miles southwest of Havana. Varela is also impressed with Havana's renowned Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology research area, which he will also visited. Panama is becoming a more important trade partner for Cuba because thousands of Cuban entrepreneurs regularly fly to Panama to purchase products they bring back to Cuba to sell for profits.
     During his recent visit to New York City and the United Nations, Cuban President Diaz-Canel made it a point to meet as many leaders as he could. He is concerned with reports in the Miami Herald and the Washington Times that President Trump has allowed Senator Rubio to "pack" the U. S. State Department's Western Hemisphere Affairs department and the U. S. National Security office with the most visceral career-long Counter Revolutionary Cuban-Americans. For that reason Diaz-Canel is about to embark on an extensive trip to Europe and Asia, with important stops including friendly nations such as China, Russia, Vietnam, North Korea, and Laos.
     Meanwhile, President Diaz-Canel has raved about Cuba's "talented and well-educated array of young broadcast journalists" and he ordered his Ministers to appear regularly on Cuba's television channels to "let the people know what you are doing to address their concerns." In the half-hour interview above that was posted on YouTube Sunday, Oct. 28th, that is Minster of Commerce Rodrigo Malmierca being interviewed on Cubavision International by popular young journalist Rosy Amaro Perez. In the interview, Malmierca stressed, "El blogueo de el prencipal obstacula para el desarrollo de Cuba." {"The blockade is the foremost obstacle to the economic development of Cuba."}. Yet, Malmierca was optimistic about new veins of foreign investment, including...very hopefully...at the expansive Mariel Port Economic Zone.
    Among the foreign investors heavily involved in Cuba is Spain's massive Iberostar Hotel  & Resorts group, including the 5-star Riviera Hotel that now spices up Havana's skyline.
        More Iberostar Hotels have opened or will soon open.
    But the magnificent 5-star Iberostar Riviera Hotel in Havana is particularly interesting.
    From 1952 till 1959 the top echelon of the U. S. Mafia ruthlessly ruled Cuba and in 1958, even as Fidel Castro-led rebels were marching relentlessly from the Sierra Maestra foothills in far southeastern Cuba towards Havana, Mafia kingpin Meyer Lansky opened his expensive Pride 'n Joy, his Hotel Riviera in Havana with Hollywood headliners sharing the celebrations.
     The Mafia was in total control of Cuba -- dictated by Luciano, Lansky, and Batista -- from 1952 till 1959 with rich U. S. businessmen sharing in the spoils while ignoring the brutality.
    By 1958 Mafia thug Meyer Lansky had opened his plush Riviera Hotel and his brother Jacob Lansky ran the famed Hotel Nacional. In the photo above Meyer Lansky is shown with a female companion as he carried a heavy satchel loaded with cash from one casino's take. The mob raked in enormous wealth in Cuba from gambling, prostitution, drugs, etc., and Meyer Lansky had his fingers in most of it, including the Hemingway Marina that he co-owned with Mafia fan Frank Sinatra. But even as the rebels were nearing Santa Clara, the last prime city before reaching Havana, Meyer Lansky seemed oblivious to the threat...till the Havana Mob had to make quick use of their getaway airplanes and ships in the closing hours of 1958 and just prior to daylight on January 1, 1959.
     That scintillating and fascinating part of U.S.-Cuban history is chronicled beautifully by T. J. English is his classic book: "Havana Nocturne: How the Mob Owned Cuba...and Then Lost It To The Revolution." Among the big financial losers, of course, was Mafia kingpin Meyer Lansky and his beloved Riviera Hotel. In "Havana Nocturne" T. J. English wrote: "Foreign capital worked over the island but the money was not used to address the country's festering social problems -- including hunger, illiteracy, subhuman housing, and a high infant mortality rate. To those who cared to look below the surface, it was apparent that Cuba's startling economic windfall was not being used to meet the needs of the people but rather to pad the private bank accounts and pocketbooks of a powerful group of corrupt politicians and American investors. This economic high command came to be known as the Havana Mob." T. J. English went on to explain that shortly after the Havana Mob had fled in the wee hours of Jan. 1-1959, the outraged rebels unleashed a large truck-load of pigs and let them run loose in Meyer Lansky's former Hotel Riviera, including the upper floors, while everyday Cubans were wildly destroying the gambling casinos and other reminders of the Havana Mob.
    As this photo shows, by daylight on the morning of January 1, 1959, everyday Cubans were so overjoyed and euphoric over the victory of the Cuban Revolution that they were spontaneously destroying the Mafia casinos in Havana.
    For the most part since 1959, the Cuban narrative in the United States has been dictated by the transplanted remnants from the Batista-Mafia dictatorship. But more actual portraits have been painted by superb authors such as Julia E. Sweig, Ann Louise Bardach and, of course, T. J. English.
      I believe that anyone who is unfamiliar with Ann Louise Bardach does not know enough about U.S.-Cuban relations to even discuss the subject. Bardach's classic book is: "Cuba Confidential: Love and Vengeance in Miami and Havana."
      And anyone who is unfamiliar with Julia E. Sweig also, in my opinion, doesn't know enough about U.S.-Cuban relations to even discuss the subject. Sweig's classic book is: "What Everyone Needs to Know About Cuba."
     And one thing Americans need to know about Cuba is this: The last time the U.S.-government supported a government in Cuba it was 1952-1959 when the Havana Mob ruthlessly ruled the island so rich U. S. businessmen and politicians could share the spoils with the top Mafia kingpins -- such as Santo Trafficante, Meyer Lansky, and Lucky Luciano. MAY I REPEAT THAT FACT: Prior to the victorious Cuban Revolution, the Havana Mob ran pre-Castro Cuba.
      I also believe it is an insult to the U. S. democracy that well-known and unchecked Counter Revolutionary extremists have been allowed to dictate most of America's Cuban narratives on a daily and very profitable basis since 1959. Propaganda such as "The mob did not 'run' pre-Castro Cuba" has been rammed down the throats of Americans for going on SEVEN DECADES now. The Cuban Revolution did the United States democracy no favors by chasing the "Mob" from Cuban soil to American soil way back in 1959.
Historic & Topical truths are needed.


Want A Cuban Truth?

Good!! I'll Give You One!!
{Updated: Sunday, October 28th, 2018}
Credit: Timothy A. Clary-AFP-Getty Images.
     The photo above tells a Cuban truth that the mainstream U. S. media is too politically correct, too incompetent, or too afraid to tell you...and that's been so, I believe, since brave Cuban-American journalists, like Emilio Milian in Miami, got car-bombed or otherwise silenced when they tried to report fairly about U.S.-Cuban issues. But guess what? There is one primary media source today that actually has both the courage and the integrity to tell the truth about even the most contentious U.S.-Cuban issues and, ironically, that source is...the Miami Herald. A case in point is a major article, illustrated by the photo above, that was written by Mimi Whitefield and published by the Miami Herald on October 24, 2018. The article is entitled: "Pompeo Lambastes Cuba's Childish Temper Tantrum At the U. N.; Cuba Lashes Back." If President Trump's visceral Counter Revolutionary Secretary of State Mike Pompeo succeeded in nuking Cuba, the mainstream U. S. media would probably join the Counter Revolutionary extremists and justify the evisceration by saying it was necessary because Cuba was...for example...about to destroy the United States or something akin to that. But, almost as a Lone Wolf, the Miami Herald would denounce Pompeo's nuclear evisceration of innocent Cubans. With that backdrop, permit me to explain the Miami Herald's use of the above photo this week.

      The photo shows two young female diplomats at the United Nations rising to their feet and shouting down a Pompeo-Trump lawyer who was reading a long tirade at the UN depicting Cuba as, essentially, the worst and most brutal nation in the history of the planet. The two young Cuban females, soon joined by others, vehemently and loudly voiced their objections to the lies about their homeland, an island they know well.

     This is the Pompeo-Trump lawyer, Kelley E. Currie, reading that ridiculous anti-Cuban tirade at the United Nations, which served to remind the UN attendees yet again of how biased the USA's bullying of Cuba can be. Currie is shown above the very moment she looked up from her prepared script and stared at the two young Cuban females leading the uproar that Currie then, to no avail, begged UN "security" to silence by removing the Cubans and their supporters.
     Actually, sometimes what Secretary Pompeo calls Cuban "temper tantrums" have been justified since the 1950s, as illustrated by the above photo. It shows the typical fate of everyday Cubans in Batista's Cuba from 1952 till 1959 while the Batistianos, the Mafiosi, and rich U. S. businessmen were robbing Cuba at will. Temper tantrums by the majority of Cubans reacting to this situation created the Cuban Revolution.
     In the 1950s Americans were aware of brave Mother Marches in Cuba like the one above but, for the most part...they didn't care then and three later generations of Americans have been programmed NOT to care NOW.
     But the "temper tantrums" in Batista's Cuba that fueled and sustained the Cuban Revolution is illustrated by definitive photos such as the one above. Instead of throwing at least some crumbs to the Cuban peasants, Batista's Cuba inflamed mothers like these with what the posters documented as murders..."asesinatos"...of "our children"..."nuestros HIJOS." Take note that the posters were signed by "Cuban mothers"..."madres Cubanas." Take particular note of the mother on the left in the white blouse and sunglasses. She was the mother of little Willie Soler. He and three of his playmates were murdered and left in a warehouse apparently as a warning against dissent. Today a major children's hospital in Cuba is named for William Soler in honor of his mother and other mothers like her. So, yes, sometimes Cuban women in the 1950s like the two young Cuban women at the UN in 2018 could justify their "temper tantrums."
    The "Temper Tantrum" by the two young Cuban women at the UN a few weeks ago that irked Secretary Pompeo actually pales compared to the Temper Tantrums by Haydee Santamaria and Celia Sanchez back in the early 1950s. Haydee and Celia, as shown above, became do-or-die guerrilla fighters against the Batista horrors...and their "Temper Tantrums" doomed the Batista-Mafia rule in Cuba, chasing it to Miami's Little Havana neighborhood on January 1, 1959.
    After the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, three ultra-powerful former guerrilla fighters -- Vilma Espin, Celia Sanchez, and Haydee Santamaria -- immediately put their stamps on Cuba by creating the still very viable Federation of Cuban Women and the block-by-block Committees for the Defense of the Cuban Revolution.
    But the photo above makes perhaps the most important statement about post-Batista Cuba. To make up for the fact that the Batista-Mafia rule had left millions of Cuban peasants illiterate, 400,000 volunteers spread all across the island to teach Cubans how to read and write. The young woman on the right above was one of those volunteers and, as a teenager, she had been a fierce guerrila fighter against supposedly vastly superior Batista soldiers. This photo, and many others, chronicle Revolutionary Cuba's vast Literary Campaign that taught young mothers like the one above to read and write...and this Campaign continued unabated from January of 1959 till December 22nd, 1961, when it was deemed successful. After that, and until this day, all Cubans have been guaranteed free educations through college and free health care for life.
    Beginning with the famed Cuban Literary Campaign that began in January of 1959, and lasting to this very day, the excellent and totally free educational opportunities and healthcare for all Cubans remain hallmarks of the Cuban Revolution...surviving such things as the Bay of Pigs military attack in 1961 and the U. S. embargo that dates from 1962 till today with the intention, according to de-classified U. S. documents, of making life "so miserable" on the island that Cubans would be induced to rise up and overthrow their revolutionary government. But it hasn't happened because Cubans on the island comprehend the difference between Batista's Cuba and Revolutionary Cuba.
     Yes, America!! The Cuban Revolution's 3-year Literary Campaign -- January-1959 till February-1961 -- is historically famous and, I sincerely hope, in 2018 it is safe for Americans to actually Google it.
    And just for the historic record, the photo above shows some of the 400,000 young Cubans who volunteered right after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in January of 1959 to spread across the island and teach Batista-deprived Cubans how to read and write.
    There is nothing fabricated or false about the above photos nor about the comments. Yet, Americans to this day are not supposed to Google such things as the Cuban Literacy Campaign nor, if people like Secretary Pompeo or Senator Rubio have their way, are Americans supposed to have the freedom to travel to Cuba to judge it for themselves. If they manage to do so, they will see healthy, well-educated Cubans like the two who had that "Temper Tantrum" at the UN because...let's face it...they prefer being healthy and well-educated in Revolutionary Cuba as opposed to what they knew Batista-Mafia rule represented back in the 1950s, such as the aforementioned photos depicted extreme poverty as well as outraged anti-Batista mothers having "Temper Tantrums" when they accused Batista of routinely murdering their "hijos" -- their "children" like little Willie Soler. When U. S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blasted two young Cuban women for their "Temper Tantrum" at the UN, Pompeo was assuming that American propaganda has been so effective that anything he says about Cuba will be believed by Americans unwilling to Google the truth.

     Now back to those two outraged young Cuban protesters at the UN as they shouted down Kelley E. Currie's self-serving Pompeo-Trump nonsense and bullying. Currie's tirade was scripted on multiple pages but the young Cuban women reacted extemporaneously out of pure respect for their island nation. In their starring role in yet another David vs. Goliath setting, these two young women epitomized why, against all odds, Revolutionary Cuba has survived for all these decades...and counting!!

     But after 8 years of decency towards Cuba orchestrated by Democratic President Barack Obama, the latest Republican administration in Washington, Trump's, represents the biggest threat to Revolutionary Cuba since the Bay of Pigs military attack in April of 1961. Trump's two primary advisers on foreign issues happen to be America's two most anti-Cuban/Counter Revolutionary bullies -- National Security Adviser John Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

    For sure, Bolton-Trump-and-Pompeo are indeed dire threats to Cubans on the island because they are career war-mongers against small, vulnerable nations -- but surely not against big boys like Russia or China or even nuclear-armed North Korea. Bolton-Trump-and-Pompeo are also collectively a threat to the U. S. democracy, I think. Perhaps they may orchestrate another Bay of Pigs-type humiliation for the United States in Cuba, but it also creates this realization: With two war-mongers as his chief foreign advisers, and as Commander-in-Chief of the world's strongest military, President Trump can easily and quickly destroy small nations like Cuba while being far too afraid to challenge China, Russia, or, yes, North Korea.
     The video of President Trump saying how much he "loved" North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has been aired many times on U. S. television by the five left-wing networks engaged in a media coup designed to topple Trump. But there has been just one high-profile journalist in the U. S. with the guts to suggest that instead of giving thumbs-up to dictators like Kim, Trump should be meeting with Cuba's new President Miguel Diaz-Canel in his own backyard. Do you know which journalist that is?
   Born in Matanzas, Cuba, Fabiola Santiago came to the United States as a child in 1969. Since 1980 she has been a top journalist and now a top Editor at the Miami Herald. She has lambasted Trump for meeting with and at times praising people like Kim and Putin while giving self-serving Cuban-American Counter Revolutionaries like Marco Rubio free reins to destroy Revolutionary Cuba, which, according to Fabiola, would mean annihilating about 11 million Cubans on the island who are more honorable humans than Rubio. And Fabiola's Miami Herald this week spotlighted two such Cubans, so let's take another look at them in admiration of their fervor in defense of Cuba.
   These are the two young female Cuban diplomats and their spontaneous reaction to a U. S. lawyer at the United Nations reading a brutal script that depicted Cuba as essentially the worst nation on the planet, apparently laying the groundwork for an all-out Bolton-Trump-Pompeo coup against the island. It seems that democracy-loving Cuban-American Fabiola Santiago at the Miami Herald supports the outrage demonstrated by these two young Cuban women. In other words, America needs more Fabiola Santiago-types and far less Rubio-Trump-Bolton-Pompeo-types.



David's USA-Goliath Slingshot!!
{And how it still affects the U. S. democracy}
    This week -- nearing the end of October, 2018 -- started off with CNN hosting the above debate between Florida's two candidates for Governor -- the extreme right-wing U. S. Congressman Ron DeSantis vs. the extreme left-wing Mayor of Florida's capital city of Tallahassee Andrew Gillum. Florida and the USA, edged along by the long-ago triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959, have evolved -- both politically and in  the mainstream news media -- as the playpen of extreme right-wingers or extreme left-wingers, leaving the 80% or so of more decent and moderate Americans out in the cold and actually gasping for air. In Florida's heated governor's race, right-wing extremist DeSantis quickly and cowardly rushed to Little Havana in Miami and promised the handful {but still powerful} Counter Revolutionary Cubans that, as Governor, he will make sure they regain control of the nearby island as in the Batista-Mafia era from 1952 till 1959. Meanwhile, left-wing extremist Gillum admitted to such things as being funded by far-outside money from the likes of controversial multi-billionaire "friends" such as George Soros and couldn't effectively deny taking bribery-funded excursions to places like New York City and Costa Rica...both typical gratuitives in today's USA political circles. With New York and California both locked up for extreme left-wing politicians, Florida is America's largest and most important "swing" state awash with a huge load of decisive electoral votes and thus Florida makes genuflecting lap-dogs out of Republicans and Democrats in the USA's money-crazed, two-party political system. In other words, as so often happens, Florida voters in their governor's race are left to chose between an extreme right-winger or extreme left-winger, also par-for-the-course in today's political landscape.
 In the entire hour debate, CNN's moderator Jake Tapper didn't have either the guts or the integrity to ask DeSantis or Gillum anything regarding Cuba although it is no secret that Cuba dominates politics in Florida. Such cowardice and lack of integrity in the USA's mainstream, propaganda-obsessed media is also typical. So Tapper asked such questions, like the one above, that was keeping in step with CNN's prime 24-hour-a-day focus, and that's to dethrone President Trump without waiting for the next presidential election to do it democratically.
    So Florida's Governor's race -- extreme left-winger Gillum vs. extreme right-winger DeSantis -- replicates what has become the norm in USA politics: tons of outside money backing extremely fringe candidates while the vast majority of voters would love to have a moderate or center-right or center-left candidate.
    And Jake Tapper, the CNN moderator of the Gillum-DeSantis debate, fulfilled his anchoring duty by concentrating mostly on trying to dethrone Trump rather than providing Floridians with valuable information regarding the political qualifications, or lack thereof, related to Gillum and DeSantis. Regardless, it appears that the left-winger Gillum is poised to defeat the right-winger DeSantis in Florida's Governor's race partly because DeSantis over-estimated the declining power of Counter Revolutionary Cubans to dictate state-wide Florida elections. And Tapper, like all the anchors on CNN, is over-estimating the ability of the extreme left-wing media to reverse the 2016 presidential election, at least without creating some type of violent revolutionary-type episode. That being said, the defeat of any Republican administration -- logically at the hands of decent voters and not extremists -- would greatly ease the cruel targeting of innocent Cubans by revengeful, greedy, and unchecked foreign-based miscreants.
     The Miami Herald website included a chilling video in which Congressman Ron DeSantis went to Little Havana in Miami and seemed to base his Republican candidacy to be Governor of Florida on promising a handful of Counter Revolutionary Cuban-Americans that he would continue as Governor to work furiously to overthrow Cuba's revolutionary government. That chilling video didn't mention a myriad of other problems Florida residents face nor was it mentioned in the DeSantis-Gillum debate aired on CNN earlier this week. That video, I think, encapsulates two things: {1} The precipitous decline of America's money-crazed and propaganda-driven political landscape; and {2} the precipitous decline of America's mainstream, propaganda-driven media. And both of those calamitous developments routinely lie about reality, such as CUBA, which happens to be the only topic that could possibly get the United States condemned UNANIMOUSLY -- 191-to-0 -- in the United Nations during the last year of the decent Obama presidency, a UNANIMITY that the Obama administration APPROVED.
    It appeared, based on that DeSantis video, that one of the two candidates to be Governor of Florida starting next month believes that recapturing Cuba will be easy now that the indefatigably indestructible Fidel Castro finally died at age 90 in Havana on November 25th, 2016. It seems that Miami's remaining Counter Revolutionaries in Little Havana agree with DeSantis, as do most of the thoroughly propagandized Americans. However, unbiased and insightful visitors to the island easily recognize this basic fact: It is still Fidel's Cuba.
     In October of 2018 the most important and the most ubiquitous slogan on the island is "Yo Soy Fidel" and that means "I Am Fidel." Visitors to the island know this.
    Young Cuban women like these make sure that "I Am Fidel" dominates the rhythms and pulses on the island.
   In April of 1961 when neophyte President John Kennedy was being persuaded to support the Bay of Pigs air-land-and-sea military attack on Cuba, Kennedy was famously told that...once Fidel heard the bombs falling on Camp Colombia on the edge of Havana he would bolt for his getaway airplane; and once the Cuban people learned of the attack they would in overwhelming numbers rise up against Fidel. History registers the fact that Fidel, unlike the Batistianos and Mafiosi that he chased to Florida, didn't have getaway planes or ships, so he raced to the front-lines at the Bay of Pigs; and, of course, no Cubans turned against Fidel and he thus had about 400,000 more volunteers than he needed to humiliate the invading attackers. Ignorantly misunderstanding Cubans on the island in April of 1961 equates to misunderstanding them in October of 2018. Thus, the young Cuban arms/hands above now sporting the "I Am Fidel" slogan is something Americans are taught to dismiss as an inconsequential government-directed isolated case. But it's not. It's spontaneous and it's ubiquitous and it comes from a wide cross-section of the Cuban people, led by young adults but also supported by most Cubans, especially the elderly who remember the brutal, thieving Batista-Mafia rule back in the 1950s, elders who have told two later generations of Cubans what they experienced during the Batista-Mafia years.

     In October-2018 Cuba has a new President who happens to be a non-Castro and who happens to have been born on April 20, 1960 -- after the triumph of the Revolution. But President Miguel Diaz-Canel worships Fidel Castro...and that's precisely what Diaz-Canel is shown doing at Fidel Castro's tomb.
    Recently in two major speeches at the United Nations in New York, and in speeches broadcast live on Cuban television as shown above, President Miguel Diaz-Canel has made it plain that Cubans on the island will fight to the death to defend Revolutionary Cuba from "any foreign force." The Diaz-Canel quotation above, translated to English, says: "In Cuba there are no capitalist gyrations. I stress this and ask that it be understood as a solemn oath from Fidel."
    The above is an updated and un-staged photo. It was taken on Wednesday, October 24th, 2018. President Diaz-Canel is treated like a Rock Star on the island and he is currently supported by a strong majority of Cubans, as is the new Constitution he helped draft and will actually be voted on early in 2019 after Cubans across the island have studied it and discussed it at 24,000 conference places. The Cubans on the island, like those shown above, are aware...or at least believe based on news and social media reports...that President Trump has designated Senator Marco Rubio full authority to orchestrate the overthrow of the Cuban government. Cubans trust Diaz-Canel, not Rubio.
      The next Cubaninsider essay will discuss and document the astonishing but mostly un-publicized steps Rubio has already taken as well as those he plans to take to put Little Havana's Counter Revolutionary extremists back in control of Cuba. The mainstream U. S. media accepts and promotes Rubio's Cuban lies, such as the one depicted above. But Cubans on the island don't accept them and now even Rubio's hometown newspaper, the Miami Herald, has assailed Trump for putting Rubio in charge of recapturing Cuba and FOR HIS LYING about trying to help "the independent Cuban small business sector." The Miami Herald, which knows Rubio inside and out, knows he's a liar and tends to agree with the highly respected investigative journalist Ken Silverstein whose long and easily dialed-up article maintains and minutely documents that Rubio is "head and shoulders above everyone else in Washington when it comes to corruption and chicanery."
    To point out Rubio's blatant lie about his trying "to help" everyday Cubans on the island, his hometown newspaper -- the Miami Herald -- featured the above graphic to highlight an article written in the Miami Herald by four young female Cuban entrepreneurs who were massively helped by President Obama's decency but have been massively hurt by the Rubio-directed and Trump-authorized efforts to overthrow the Cuban government. As reported by the Miami Herald and shown above, the four young female Cuban entrepreneurs begged to meet face-to-face with Rubio to tell him about their Rubio-induced family hardships but, of course, Rubio has not had the guts nor the decency to listen to those pleas. Study the graphic above to see the names of those four decent Cuban women and see their quotation from the article they penned at the invitation of the Miami Herald, the U. S. newspaper that knows the gutless Rubio the best.

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