Poor Cuba/Rich America

Inequality Spawns Revolutions
{Monday, January 27th, 2014}
America is by far the richest nation in the history of the world.
Equate that fact with the above poster. Is there something inherently wrong with that equation?
In January-2014 USA Today featured the above front-page article.
Yes, the richest 85 people in the world have wealth equaling half the world's population.
In January-2014 those 85 gluttonous individuals or their sycophants were in Davos, Switzerland.
Davos this month hosted the 44th annual World Economic Forum that touts wealth disparity.
The world's 85 richest people are getting richer.
The 3.5 billion poor people are getting poorer.
The 85 gluttons mostly amass and increase their fortunes on the backs of the world's have-nots.
Perpetuating the cycle, the gluttons pass on their wealth to their children who also become gluttons.

This young lady inherited a billion dollars from her father, plus the island of Skorpios!
This 24-year-old woman, daughter of a Russian billionaire, recently bought Skorpios for $100 million.
This poor Ukrainian woman has recently gained worldwide notoriety as a "black widow terrorist." 
 The vast disparity between the rich and poor is increasing most rapidly in the United States.
The U. S. Congress has single-digit approval ratings but some believe it possesses one "Hero."
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders appears to actually be concerned about wealth disparity. 
Senator Sanders: "6 Walmart heirs own more wealth than the bottom 40% of Americans." 
Crime, terrorism, and war are often caused by the worldwide disparity between the rich and poor.
In 1952 Fulgencio Batista, the Mafia, and the U.S. grabbed hold of Cuba!
In the mid-1950s this was a peasant family in Batista's Cuban dictatorship.
This Korda photo shows a peasant child in Batista's Cuba pretending the block of wood is a doll.
Mafia kingpin Meyer Lansky in Batista's Cuba taking a satchel full of cash from one of his casinos.
In Batista's Cuba in 1954 this peasant home was demolished to provide space for a Mafia casino.
Before and after the Batista-Lansky dictatorship in Cuba both men owned much property in South Florida.
The above photo shows Lansky's mansion at 612 Hibiscus Drive in Hallandale Beach, Florida.
Money from Cuba's Batista-Lansky dictatorship overwhelmed and reshaped South Florida.
This de-classified FBI note showed the U. S. government closely watched Meyer Lansky.
But like Batista, etc., Lansky died of old age very rich and very much a free man.
After Batista was overthrown in 1959 multiple peasant families were put in mansions like this one.
All Cubans were guaranteed free health care for life, free college educations, free food, and free shelter.
But from 1962 till today Cuban exiles and the U. S. have maintained a cruel economic embargo of Cuba.
In Batista's Cuba mothers' objected more to the murders of their children than to their poverty.
A child-loving Cuban woman named Celia Sanchez objected to the U.S.-Mafia control of her island.
So the petite doctor's daughter became a do-or-die guerrilla fighter.
Her biggest objection was Cuban girls being kidnapped to be used to lure pedophiles to gaming casinos.
She remained the decision-maker even after macho men like Fidel Castro joined her revolution.
After the triumph of the revolution Fidel could relax because she was still the prime decision-maker.
Despite her enormous power in Revolutionary Cuba, she lived very modestly in her 11th Street Apartment.
Internationally famed photo-journalist Roberto Salas was an intimate of both Celia and Fidel.
Mr. Salas authored a great book: "The Pictorial History of the Cuban Revolution."
Mr. Salas wrote: "Celia Sanchez made all the decisions for Cuba, the big ones and the small ones." 
She died of cancer at age 59 on January 11, 1980.
Her native home in the little Cuban town of Media Luna.
To this day, as above, Cubans hold sessions to discuss what Celia Sanchez did for them long ago.
Tributes like this are held on May 9th to honor her birthday.
"The Batistianos will never regain control of Cuba as long as I live or as long as Fidel lives."
No one believed her when she first uttered that proclamation on the Isle of Pines in 1959.
But everyone believes her now.
It is also probable that once the now 87-year-olf Fidel dies, so will her proclamation.
Celia Sanchez would be outraged by this poster. Perhaps in 2014 Americans should be too.
Celia Sanchez also would be outraged by this poster. Perhaps in 2014 Americans should be too.
When I was in Cuba to research Celia Sanchez, I rode past these posters on a rural, remote highway.
In Cuba today there are no statues of Fidel Castro. But there are many honoring Celia Sanchez.

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