Popularity of Cuban & US Presidents

 Which Actually Has Most Support???

     On January 20th of 2020 the U. S. presidential election replaced Donald Trump with Joe Biden. Polls show in 2021 about half the U. S. voters believe the money-obsessed, donor-crazed election was rigged and ENDED UP with an unpopular right-wing Republican president, Trump, being replaced with an unpopular left-wing Democratic president, Biden. In fact, a recent Gallup poll, the USA's oldest and most respected pollster, revealed that most Americans didn't like Trump and now most Americans don't like Biden. The recent Gallup Poll also, of course, revealed that most Americans don't like most of the 535 members of the U. S. Congress and most emphatically don't trust what the U. S. media tells them!!! But GUESS WHAT??? Americans are told and expected to believe what Trump, Biden, the U. S. media, and Congress tell them about Cuba, which is that...Batista's dictatorship in the 1950s was the greatest government the Western Hemisphere has ever seen and therefore since 1959 Revolutionary Cuba has been the world's most brutal government in history and therefore must be starved today or otherwise overthrown BY ALL MEANS POSSIBLE!!! Of course, such unchecked propaganda since 1959 has for three generations created untold numbers of Cuban millionaires and billionaires in places like Miami, Newark, and Congress...but recapturing Cuba to this day -- the last day of September in 2021 -- remains an ONGOING but LUCRATIVE Work in PROGRESS.
     Trump, Biden, the U. S. Congress, and the U. S. media tell the American people that Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel is the world's meanest and most brutal dictator and therefore the American people, as they have done since 1959, should continue to support all of the genocidal attempts to dethrone him to make sure the nice Cubans in Miami, Newark, and Congress can regain control of Cuba. Of course, for over six decades Americans have been told that all the people in Cuba want to overthrow their Revolutionary government to make a return of the U.S.-backed and Mafia-backed Batistianos. And of course, if that propaganda was true Revolutionary Cuba would have ended as early as 1959 but the reality is that -- on the last day of September of 2021 -- Revolutionary Cuba and Miguel Diaz-Canel still rule the Caribbean's largest and most beautiful island nation. The photos below, taken today in Cuba, reveal why that is so, I think.
    The President of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, actually is very popular with a large majority of everyday Cubans on the island. He is shown above doing today what he often does, which is walking outside and talking with everyday Cubans. Diaz-Canel was born in 1960, after the triumph of the Revolution, and Cubans know him well and most of them love him dearly. Long before living in Havana as President he was the island's very popular Education Minister. Utilizing the U. S. media...rich and powerful Cuban-American Counter Revolutionaries such as Senators Rubio & Menendez can use the U. S. media and laws in Congress to inform and dictate to the American people that Diaz-Canel is a brutal, cruel dictator that the Cuban people are begging the U. S. to rid them of!! That is a lie. Most Cubans on the island support Diaz-Canel and viscerally don't like the USA's last two presidents, Trump & Biden, nor do they like what Rubio & Menendez and their ilk are doing to them. These other photos today show President Diaz-Canel doing what he does almost daily, which is to go out and actually talk to and listen to the Cuban people.
    As a democracy-loving American who has been to Cuba, I believe that the American people have the right to be told the truth about Cuba...so, for example, they can make decisions about their Presidents Trump & Biden  enlarging and expanding what already was history's longest and cruelest Embargo/Blockade ever imposed by a powerful nation against a much-weaker nation. I believe, for example, that Americans have the right to know that genocide against families in Cuba is being waged in their names and, perhaps, that the prime reason for it is the fact it empowers and enriches generations of revengeful U. S. Cubans and their sycophants. And MOSTLY, I believe that the U. S. democracy should be strong enough to at least include the opinions of the millions of the Cubans on the island and the millions of Cubans in the U. S. who strongly oppose the Blockade, but continually Americans are ONLY bombarded by the self-serving OPINIONS and laws of rich benefactors such as Rubio & Menendez as well as TRUMP & BIDEN. Somehow...I think any Democracy deserves much better than that!!!
Cuba and the U. S.



September-2021: Cuba vs. USA

Little David vs. Goliath Still!!

    The 12-nation Under-23 Baseball World Cup continues until October 2nd-2021 in Mexico. Poor little Blockaded Cuba is competing although, like at the pre-Olympic event in South Florida earlier this year, anti-Cuban Counter Revolutionaries were waiting for the Cuban baseball players in Mexico. Cuba took 24 players to Mexico and as of today -- September 29, 2021 -- seven of them have defected...leaving Cuban manager Eniel Sanchez with just 7 pitchers and 10 position players. Yet poor little U.S.-blockaded Cuba has reached the Super Round in Mexico after beating the Dominican Republic 6-to-2 yesterday to improve its record to 4-and-1, with the only loss being to the host nation Mexico. In the Super Round tonight Cuba plays Venezuela.
    Cuba's important 6-to-2 win over the Dominican Republic yesterday in Mexico speaks to the struggles between the two Caribbean neighbors from the 1950s till September of 2021. In the 1950s the U. S. backed Cuba's brutal Batista dictatorship and also supported the Dominican Republic's brutal Trujillo dictatorship, and during the Cuban Revolution, of course, Trujillo supported Batista and the United States. Despite their differences, Cuba & the Dominican Republic both are baseball meccas, with each nation routinely providing huge numbers of superstar players to the U. S. Major Leagues. But since the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959 over Batista and Trujillo, the USA's efforts to gain regain control of Cuba for the rich and powerful U. S. Cubans has included human-trafficking rules for Cuban baseball players while lavishly supporting Dominican Republican players. For example, everyone of the 30 U. S. Major League teams maintain lavish year-around baseball facilities in the Dominican Republic to wildly develop players with prime coaches, top equipment, and expensive stadiums/fields...while the U. S. at the same time devotes its starvation tactics against Cuba to include starving Cuba's baseball players...at least until they defect from Cuba and sign bonus contracts with U. S. Major League teams. During the Trump administration, the U. S. Major Leagues actually signed a legal deal with Cuban Baseball in which the Major Leagues in the U. S. treated Cuban players the same as other Caribbean players were treated. The prime thing that the U. S. Majors tried to accomplish with that deal with Cuba was to try to end the human trafficking of Cuban players that was enriching brutal agents and smugglers. Of course, with only extreme Counter Revolutionary Cubans like Marco Rubio from Little Havana allowed to make Cuban decisions in the U. S. Congress, that sane and decent baseball deal between the U. S. Major Leagues and Cuba Baseball was quickly squelched once Rubio learned about it. Of course, to this day the U. S. media has been obligated to lie about that baseball deal and, of course, for sure no one is allowed to ask RUBIO why he was so quick to help the human traffickers just to continue his effort to starve Cubans on the island to induce them to rise up and overthrow their government.
    And so, as with so many other things, this week's U-23 World Cuba baseball tournament in Mexico reveals that a handful of only the most extreme U. S. Cubans are allowed to dictate the U. S. policies pertaining to Cuba. Thus, knowing that it was going to face blockade obstacles in Mexico, Cuba still sent 24 players to the event and already seven of them have defected, leaving Cuba with 17 players, at last count, as it takes on Venezuela tonight -- Sept. 29-2021 -- in the Super Round of the 12-nation event. To get its 4th win during the tournament {by beating the mighty Dominican Republic 6-to-2 yesterday} speaks to the turmoil involving the two Caribbean nations since the 1950s...from Trujillo's brutal dictatorship in the Dominican Republic and Batista's brutal dictatorship in Cuba. Regardless of how the depleted Cuban team fares in the rest of the U-23 World Cup in Mexico the 17 remaining un-defected players -- including some superstar teenagers -- will try their best to win tonight against Venezuela.
       The Point I make is this: As with trying to get to the Olympics earlier this year in Japan, the Cuban baseball team had to deal with Blockade-induced defections and now this week the Cuban baseball team is also dealing with the Blockade-induced defections, 7 of them. Yet, in Japan, even without its baseball team, Cuba's other Olympic athletes finished 14th among the world's nations and so far the un-defected baseball players in Mexico this week are trying bravely to win their 5th game in the U-23 World Cup.
     Yes, Cuba and the Dominican Republic are both super-producers of baseball players butbeyond co-existing as prime countries in the Caribbean, they are vastly different because of the different way the colossal to the north, the United States, has viewed them within the USA's economic parameters. In the 1950s the U. S. backed Trujillo's brutal Dominican Republic dictatorship and also backed Batista's brutal Cuban dictatorship. Since the victorious Cuban Revolution in 1959, the U. S. has tried to starve Cuba, including shutting down its vital tourism industry, while vastly helping the Dominican Republic's vital tourism industry, including lavishly supporting the Dominican Republic's baseball industry with billions of dollars year-around. All the while, Americans are programmed not to wonder how rich Cuba would be if its neighbor, the United States -- the strongest and richest nation in the world -- treated Cuba the way its has treated the Dominican Republic since the 1950s. And most of all, Americans in September of 2021 are programmed not to wonder how Revolutionary Cuba, with a population of 11 million, can still survive when its superpower neighbor, the United States with 340 million people, has strived mightily to starve it to death, or worse, since January of 1959. I don't SUGGEST that Americans contemplate how Cuba beat the Dominican Republic in baseball yesterday in Mexico, but I do SUGGEST that Americans contemplate how Revolutionary Cuba has survived for almost seven decades while facing arguably the most powerful foreign obstacles ANY LITTLE NATION has ever faced. Such contemplations, I believe, are worthwhile...as much for the sake of the United States as for Cuba, I think.
Rafael Trujillo, Dominican Republic.
Fulgencio Batista, Cuba.


Cuba Baseball Victorious in Mexico

 In the Under-23 World Cup!!

     Cuba this afternoon -- Sept. 28-2021 -- defeated the Dominican Republic 6-to-2 in the Under-23 World Cup Baseball Tournament in Ciudad Obregon, Mexico.
      With today's strong 6-2 win over the Dominican Republic, Cuba now has 4 wins against one loss in the 12-nation U-23 World Cup in Mexico. Cuba has defeated Germany, Czech Republic, Chinese Taiwan, and the Dominican Republic. The only Cuba loss so far was to host Mexico.
     The Standings show the four teams that are 4-and-1 in the U-23 Baseball World Cup in Mexico. And those four top teams -- Cuba, Mexico, Colombia, and Venezuela -- as shown above now advance to the Super Round Finals, as baseball-loving Cubans in Cuba rejoice.
        Cuban coaches and players are shown above today after beating the Dominican Republic 6-to-2 to advance to the Super Finals of the 12-nation U-23 World Cup in Mexico. Cuba took 24 players to the important event but six players quickly defected. Of course, early this year when Cuba went to South Florida to play in the pre-Olympic Qualifying event, a running car was waiting and whisked Cuba's best player to places unknown. In such events, Cuba is the only nation subjected to such hubris and greed. The current U-23 World Cup in Mexico showcases a plethora of under-23 baseball prospects and as usual this Cuban team, despite the six defections, still has super prospects such as 19-year-old outfielder Chapelle Zuluela, 19-year-old catcher Perez Garcia-Garcia, 20-year-old First Baseman and Clean-up hitter Guillermo Garcia, 21-year-old lefty pitcher Cruz Zaldivar who beat the Dominican Republic today, etc., etc.
LASTLY on September 28th-2021:
     In Havana Manuel Porto -- an ultra-acclaimed actor of theater, film, and television -- has died on his 76th Birthday because of COVID-19. The beloved Manuel Porto was born in his beloved Havana back in 1945.
     For sure, Manuel Porto will be remembered in Cuba as a great actor, a great man, and a great lover of Cuba, especially Havana.



Cubans Who Hate Cuba

 A Very Profitable Enterprise!!!

     The World Cup Under-23 World Cup Baseball Tournament is underway in Mexico. As you see above, led by Miguel Gonzalez, Cuba defeated Germany 10-to-3. The baseball-loving Cubans on the island celebrated the victory over Germany and next Cuba is playing the Czech Republic.
        The Cuban Under-23 baseball team in Mexico is down to 18 players because six of them have defected on their way to the USA. As you can see below, Yoani Sanchez, the superstar Counter Revolutionary journalist in Cuba, uses her international 14yMedio digital newspaper as well as Facebook and other Social Media platforms to mock the baseball-loving Cuban people for losing the defectors from their team in Mexico...a total that soon grew to six defectors. In the same manner, the well-heeled journalists on the island mocked the baseball-loving Cuban people earlier this year when Cuba's team arrived in South Florida for the pre-Olympic Qualifying Tournament...and Cuba's best player was whisked away in a waiting car even before he reached the front door of his hotel.
      Gloating over each Cuban player that has defected while playing in the Under-23 World Cup Baseball Tournament in Mexico, Yoani Sanchez posted the above "bleeds to death" comment on Facebook about Cuban players defecting from the Cuban team.
     Of course, by defecting from the Cuban baseball team in Mexico these players depicted above made Yoani Sanchez very happy.
    Of course, it has been said that Yoani Sanchez has been, uh..."Made in the USA."
   And of course, before flying back to Havana, Yoani Sanchez verily loves visiting the United States Senate...because that is where the USA's two most powerful Counter Revolutionary Cubans, Rubio & Menendez, reside!!!!


US Media and Recapturing Cuba


     Even extreme left-wing and high-profile media sources in the U. S. -- such as NPR, which is lavishly supported by tax dollars as well as rich billionaire individuals and foundations -- have joined the 2021 It Is Time to RECAPUTRE CUBA Chorus!!! The NPR superstar journalist and broadcaster Scott Simon, this last weekend in September-2021, wrote a Let's RECAPTURE Cuba Now article that was highlighted by the massive NPR Network. The article is entitled: "Opinion: Free Expression Is On The Decline, in Cuba and Elsewhere." WONDERFUL...elsewhere but MOSTLY in Cuba!! Of course, as always, Scott Simon this week didn't ask if any everyday Cubans in Cuba agreed with him but he surely found some Counter Revolutionary Cubans that would surely make his anti-Cuban points.
    Above you can see the start of Scott Simon's blazing NPR article this last weekend in September-2021 claiming that Cuba is the best example in the world for...uh...THE DECLINE IN FREE EXPRESSIONS!!!!!
      Of course, the vast arm of NPR used Counter Revolutionaries -- as shown above -- to make the point that Cuba leads the world in imprisoning dissidents and that Cuba leads the world when it comes to THE DECLINE OF FREE EXPRESSIONS IN THE WORLD.
     Actually, in the last weekend of September in 2021 there happens to be millions of Cubans on the island who both complain to their Revolutionary government directly or in multiple Social Media forums, and do so openly without worrying about reprisals AS LONG AS they are known not to be supported by a foreign government or by foreign money. Therefore, NPR and the myriad of left-wing and right-wing U. S. media should criticize Cuba as often as they desire AS LONG AS they also listen to and respect the voices and opinions of millions of everyday Cubans on the island, such as the two Cubans shown above who also have OPINIONS!!!
     After all...perhaps one reason Revolutionary Cuba has survived, due south of Florida, for seven decades against all odds, since 1959, is because there have always been enough everyday Cubans on the island who still support the revolution that defeated the Batista-Mafia dictatorship that they still remember. And perhaps someone like Scott Simon at NPR someday might write an article entitled: "HOW IN THE HELL HAS REVOLUTIONARY CUBA SURVIVED FOR ALL THESE DECADES SINCE 1959?????"


Cuba Begins Selling Its COVID Vaccines


   The great journalist-author Marc Frank is famed for his reporting from Cuba on the trials & tribulations of the Cuban people. His remarkable book Cuban Revelations is a classic as are his articles for the London-based, world-acclaimed Reuters News Agency!! His article today -- on September 25th, 2021 -- concerns Cuba beginning to sell its own COVID-19 vaccines to other nations, something it has done successfully and profitably with many of its own vaccines and medicines for diseases such as diabetes, dengue, meningitis, lung cancer, etc. Today Marc Frank's article is entitled: "CUBA KICKS OFF COVID-19 VACCINE EXPORTS WITH SHIPMENT TO VIETNAM." 
   Above are pertinent excerpts from Marc Frank's Reuters article today -- Sept. 25-2021 -- about Cuba beginning to market its COVID-19 vaccines to other countries.

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