Thursday, September 9, 2021

Does Cuba Allow COMPLAINTS?

 Yes, if Not Funded by Foreign Entities!!

   The Spanish word "periodismo" pertains to journalism and yesterday radio & television journalists in Cuba headlined a quote by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the Colombian who is considered by many to be Latin America's all-time greatest writer and author. He also taught journalism at the University of Havana and, for half century, was Fidel Castro's dearest friend but verily hated dictators such as Trujillo, Somoso, Pinochet, etc. The journalist who posted the graphic depicted above is Katia Siberia, who works for Radio Sancti Spiritus and Alma Mater Magazine, two important outlets that are very influential in Cuba that often criticize the government but are allowed to do so because it is known they are not funded by tax dollars from the United States. Today -- Sept. 9, 2021 -- Katia's highly read report on the island is entitled: "CIEGO de AVILA en El Alma." Other major Cuban state journalists reported on what Katia's article was about, which claims that "Cuba does not count their Covid deaths according to the criteria of the WHO and PAHO." The well-researched article dominated news on state-owned news media in Cuba today.
    The three photos above were in a major BBC article written by the BBC's Will Grant to update the July 11-2021 government protests in Cuba. The article was entitled: "CUBANS REMAIN DEFIANT" and it is anti-Cuban news but it is readily accepted by Cubans because they respect the BBC and Will Grant. But most of Cuba's 11.2 million people believe that both the U. S. mainstream media and other well-funded sources -- Radio-TV Marti, Ciber Cuba News, Babalu, etc., etc., etc., exist only to saturate Americans with anti-Cuban propaganda.
    Above are typical Top Stories for Americans regarding Cuba. In other words, biased anti-Cuba propaganda must be sifted out of such reporting if one is hoping to digest any real news.
   Cubans on the island, not just in the U. S., have opinions to. They love and believe their prime doctor, Francisco Duran Garcia. Today he sadly reported 89 more deaths from COVID-19, raising the overall total to a staggering 6,056 as of September 9, 2021.
      Cuba is now the only country to be vaccinating children aged 2 to 18 with Covid vaccine doses.
     Because of the strong uptick of COVID-19 cases that includes children, Cuba is merely hoping to resume in-class schooling next month, by mid-October. But now the children are being schooled virtually only via television. The schedule listed above provides the details for TV classes.

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