Will Little Havana RE-capture Havana?

 Prediction: Not In 2021!!

     Above you can see the TOP THREE Cuba-related headlines in the U. S. media today -- July 30th, 2021!!! Of course, if you read them you will believe that sometime early next month -- in August, 2021 -- the ultra-rich and ultra-powerful Cubans in Little Havana and in the U. S. Congress will finally Re-capture Havana!!!
         Well, since January of 1959 -- when the Cuban Revolution chased the U.S.-backed and MAFIA-backed Batistianos from Havana to nearby  Miami -- the U. S. media has made the same imminent predictions. And remember, the Gallup Poll correctly revealed last month, correctly, that "most Americans now don't Trust" what they read or see or hear in the U. S. media.
        Take for example the Three Headlines about Cuba shown above that dominate today's top 3 July 30th-2021 Cuban articles in the untrustworthy U. S. media. On the left you see Fox News, which is an extreme right-wing propaganda source; in the center you see CNN, which is an extreme left-wing propaganda source; and on the right above you see the Miami Herald, which is an extreme propaganda pulpit that serves only extreme radical Cubans who have been trying to re-capture Cuba every day since January 1, 1959!! Thus, in the U. S. the gullible people who depend on the U. S. media are only seeking left-wing or right-wing propaganda or extremely radical anti-Cuban propaganda from the likes of the Miami Herald. As I have mentioned correctly in this forum, the last honest and brave U. S. journalist who reported the truth about the fierce Cuban tactics employed by Little Havana since 1959 were reported by Miami's brave and honest journalist Emilio Milian, but Emilio was car-bombed in Miami in 1976 after he loudly denounced things such as the 1976 bombing of the civilian Cubana Flight 455 that was mainly carrying two dozen teenage Cuban athletes who were flying home after winning a Central American championship in Caracas. All the 72 people aboard that flight died in the air or the ocean and Emilio's car-bombing in Miami after he denounced such things seems to affect the propaganda-driven U. S. media to this day, especially in Miami.
          In other words, particularly when it comes to Cuba-related articles like the three depicted above today, I suggest you check them out only if you want more lies about Little Havana and Cuba.
       FOR EXAMPLE, in the U. S. it appears that the U. S. media feels obligated to report anything and everything that extreme Counter Revolutionary Cubans from Miami -- such as Rubio, Salazar, Diaz-Balart, and Jimenez -- say so viciously against Cuba, even when they promote such lies as, "Little Havana has never promoted a cruel Embargo or terrorism against Cuba because we only help the Cubans in Cuba." While reporting such lies, the U. S. media doesn't dare dispute them...nor does the U. S. media dare report people who say the truth. For example, during his long, blitzing speech that Mexican President Lopez Obrador made last week he emotionally and correctly called the Little Havana-USA Embargo-Blockade "inhumane" right after Argentina's President Alberto Fernandez had used the same correct word "inhumane" to describe it. In fact, most Cuban-Americans agree with that depiction but the U. S. media won't report that. For example, Carlos Lazo, a Cuban-American professor in Seattle has, as you see above, ridden his bicycle 3,000 miles from Seattle to Washington to tell Congress and the White House "to end the inhumane Embargo against Cuban families, including the mothers & children, especially during the pandemic that is now killing so many Cubans on the island while a few Cubans in Miami and Congress profit from it or reap revenge from it." The second photo above shows Carlos Lazo when he reached Washington last week after he had walked the 1300 miles from Miami/Little Havana hoping to tell Congress and the White House to "End the inhumane blockade against innocent families in Cuba!" Of course, neither the U. S. media nor the Biden administration in the White House will even listen to a great and sane Cuban-American like Carlos Lazo but they will listen to everything the likes of Rubio, Salazar, Diaz-Balart, Jiminez, etc. say -- which is for the U. S. to pump even more millions of USAID, NED and other tax dollars to overthrow Cuba, and if all those dollars don't make it happen air strikes and other means will be needed!!!
MEANWHILE: More tax dollars flow in an open spigot from Washington to Miami. But to know that, the only way you can know about it is by reading the luminous articles the great journalist Tracey Eaton, and now also a great Journalism Professor in Florida, regularly publishes in his CUBA MONEY PROJECT blog.
          Above you can see a Facebook post on June 21-2021 that the great journalist Tracey Eaton used to mention one of his latest very important articles on his must-read CUBA MONEY PROJECT blog. That is only place you will read about articles explaining how much tax money is spent daily to overthrow Revolutionary Cuba, and he details each amount precisely and often lists who is getting the money. His data is astounding and it is based on Freedom of Information U. S. documents.
       For sure, the only place you can find the astounding and precise U. S. tax dollars that are doled out to anti-Cuban projects are by visiting Tracey Eaton's CUBA MONEY PROJECT blog. Yes, everyone knows Tracey Eaton, the Florida Professor, is a true and totally trustworthy journalist!! Since 2019 Professor Eaton, as shown above, has precisely listed the astounding amount of tax dollars doled out to anti-Cuban projects by educational and humanitarian U. S. agencies such as USAID & NED. The numbers are precise and his articles also include, incredibly, the people and the organizations that GET THE MONEY!!! Every American would be shocked about how much tax money is doled out daily to fund anti-Cuban projects. And in June & July of 2021 the Biden administration has followed the Trump administration's genocide in MAKING SURE those anti-Cuban money spigots are wide open!!! To be shocked, check the CUBA MONEY PROJECT blog for recent revelations!!!
  Meanwhile, the
 Carlos LaTuff image above reverberates around the world to remind people that the U. S. Embargo, especially during the COVID-19 surge that is killing many Cubans in Cuba each day, is "inhumane" just as Mexican President Lopez Obrador labeled it last weekend.
       And a great Cuban-American named Carlos Lazo has ridden his bicycle 3,000 miles from his hometown Seattle to Washington to tell Congress and President Trump that the EMBARGO  is "inhumane." And last week Carlos Lazo finished his 1300-mile walk from Miami-Little Havana to Washington to tell Congress and President Biden that the EMBARGO-BLOCKADE is "inhumane." Of course, neither Congress nor Trump-Biden will even listen to what decent people like Carlos Lazo say but Congress and Trump-Biden will lap up what Little Havana promoters like Rubio say about the Embargo-Blockade.





      Today -- on July 28, 2021 -- above you can see the three top Cuban-related headlines in the United States from the Washington Post, New York Post, and the Miami Herald. As usual, all headlines are clamoring for the U. S. to finally overthrow the Cuban Revolution that on Jan. 1-1959 overthrew the U.S.-backed and Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship. From that day to this day, almost without fail, the U. S. government and the U. S. media has refused to mention the Mafia as the USA's partner in the wholesale rape & robbery of the Caribbean's largest and most beautiful island during Batista's brutal & thieving rule from 1952 till Jan. 1-1959.
      This photo was taken today -- July 28, 2021 -- and shows renowned doctor Francisco Duran telling Cubans the latest daily statistics from COVID-19's deadly rampage on the island -- 9,323 new positive cases and 68 deaths in the past 24 hours. Thus the U. S. media, at the behest of the rich & powerful Little Havana Cubans from Miami and the U. S. Congress, loudly rejoice at those devastating numbers and at the genocidal U. S. Cuban policies that they have legalized to Blockade and also keep Plundering the island from U. S. soil!! All the while, Cuba remains the only nation in the whole world currently facing the world's all-time most genocidal Blockade while also trying to survive one of the world's all-time worst pandemics!!
      While the left-wing and right-wing media in the U. S., as well as a plethora of lushly funded sources 100% devoted to promoting Little Havana and denigrating Havana, abound unchecked in the U. S., only great and brave non-USA media dare report the truth about U.S.-Cuban relations. London-based Reuters, the world's best news agency, is independent enough and brave enough to tell the truth, and Reuters has three of the world's very best journalists reporting from Cuba itself. So please read the July 28th article depicted above. Unlike the scared or bought-off U. S. media, Reuters can report that world leaders such as Alberto Fernandez, the President of Argentina; Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the President of Mexico; etc.; call the U. S. Blockade of Cuba, especially during the pandemic, to be "inhumane" and they are vowing to help devastated Cuban families on the island survive it.
      While Reuters is an independent news agency based in London, it can report truthfully when world leaders like the Mexican President Lopez Obrador correctly call the USA-Little Havana 6-decade-old Blockade, especially during the pandemic, to be "inhumane." Meanwhile, it seems the U. S. media is obligated to only report on what extreme Little Havana/Miami members of Congress -- Rubio, Salazar, Jimenez, Diaz-Balart, etc. -- say about the impending overthrow of Cuba...and perhaps the most unchecked and the most disturbing lie the Little Havana-Miami Cubans say via the U. S. media is that there is NO BLOCKADE on Cuba and all we ARE TRYING TO HELP CUBAN FAMILES...YOU KNOW BY STARVING, DEPRIVING, AND MAKING THEM MISERABLE!!
      During the Trump presidency, a high-powered rifleman fired a fierce barrage of bullets at and inside the Cuban embassy in Washington while 12 Cuban diplomats were inside. This week during the Biden presidency -- on January 27th, 2021 -- three firebomb cocktails fired-up the Cuban embassy in Paris, France. Of course, Miami-born Little Havana Counter Revolutionary Cuban Maria Salazar blames everything on Cuba and always implies that the Batistianos in Cuba from 1952 till 1959 and the Batistianos in Miami from 1959 till 2021 are ANGELS!!!
     Miami-born Maria Salazar is the latest Little Havana Counter Revolutionary to join the long line of Little Havana Counter Revolutionaries to reach the U. S. Congress, and she arrived just in January of 2021. Of course, only extreme Miami anti-Cuba Cubans such as Ros-Lehtinen, the Diaz-Balart brothers, Rubio, Jimenez, Salazar, etc. are eligible to reach the U. S Congress from Miami. In the ongoing Little Havana quest to overthrow Cuba's government in these last DAYS OF JULY-2021, Mario Salazar has even exceeded Rubio with unending saturations on network television extolling why it is absolutely necessary for President Biden to help Little Havana overthrow the murderous Cuban government so the KIND LITTLE HAVANA CUBANS can regain Cuba!!! Yes, Maria Salazar has told her national TV audiences: "There is no Embargo of Cuba."
While the U. S. media saturates its print and television outlets with the comments about Cuba only from Little Havana-like Cubans such as Miami-born members of Congress such as Maria Salazar and Marco Rubio, more honest independent media are able to tell the truth. The photo above opened a Reuters article in which the President of Mexico yesterday scathingly denounced the U. S. blockade of Cuba as "inhumane" -- the same blockade that Little Havana and the U. S. media claim doesn't exist!!
      This is yesterday's article that the London-based Reuters sent around the world about Mexican President Lopez-Obrador reminding the world that the U. S. Embargo against Cuba is  "inhumane" -- especially during the pandemic. Yesterday -- July 27th -- and today -- July 28th -- the President of Mexico and the Mexican people sent shipments of medical supplies to the Cuban families on the island. Meanwhile, in the U. S. media, Little Havana Cubans are telling Americans there is no Embargo and that THEY are helping Cuban families during the pandemic.
     Despite the terrible toll that the Blockade and COVID-19 are taking now on Cuban families, this precious little girl was on the beach outside Havana today. Her mother Enid Remis posted the photos on Facebook and said, "My little girl just needed to get out of the house so she could see and smell the sea again."
        While the U. S. media saturates the airways with Cubans who claim there is no Embargo and that they are trying to help Cuban families, the U. S. media should ask Cuban mothers like Enid Remis about the U. S. Blockade amid COVID-19!!!



July 26th-2021: Revolution's 68th Anniversary

 The Day the Revolution Started!!

And 68 Years Later It Still Lives!!

     Today -- July 26th, 2021 -- Cuba is celebrating the 68th anniversary of the start of the Cuban Revolution on July 26th-1953 THEN on Jan. 1-1959 shocked the world by defeating the U.S.-backed and Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship. The ubiquitous headline in Cuba today says: "MI MONCADA HOY"/"MY MONCADA DAY"}.
    The rebel guerrilla fighters who fought the revolutionary fight, including Vilma Espin, wore "July 26th" banners on their left arms. And so68 YEARS later on July 26-2021 Cuba is celebrating the anniversary of the start of the Cuban Revolution, which resulted on Jan. 1-1959 as a monumental and historic win.
   Everyday since January 1-1959 the Batistianos and the United States have combined their considerable financial and political forces to recapture Cuba, and that effort is still reaching a crescendo today - JULY 26-2021 - as you can see by the major U. S. headlines depicted above today. Both the propaganda-obsessed media in the U. S. -- such as the Washington Post and NBC News as well as the right-wing U. S. media such as Fox News -- are loudly beating the war drums for the United States to finally overthrow very vulnerable but also very pugnacious Revolutionary Cuba.
    The headline above today -- July 26th, 2021 -- from the once-respected Washington Post is simply ignorant and bull-headed in its ongoing effort to promote the overthrow of Revolutionary Cuba, which has been the Post's ferment mission since it was purchased by Jeff Bezos, the world's richest person with a worth exceeding $200 billion. {Of course, Jeff Bezos's Cuban-born stepdad is Miguel Bezos, which...uh...might have something to do with its extreme hatred of Revolutionary Cuba}.
      The Washington Post today -- July 26th, 2021 -- used its weirdest "journalist" Max Boot to write its latest weird overthrow Cuba article, this one a massive Editorial entitled: "IN THE REAL WORLD, BIDEN IS TOUGH ON CUBA. IN THE RIGHT-WING WORLD, HE'S PRO-COMMUNIST." A stupid headline, a stupid article, and a typically stupid Washington Post anti-Cuban propaganda spiel, but that also passes for real news in today's money-crazed, propaganda-obsessed mainstream U. S. media. In fact, polls from Gallup and other pollsters now reveal what we all already knew, which is that few Americans "trust" what they read, see, and hear in today's U. S. media. That surely now includes the Washington Post and its Max Boot. Of course, as the two graphics above show, extreme left-wing TV networks such as CNN and MSNBC saturate their airways with the likes of propaganda-crazed pundits like Max Boot. But on the other end of the spectrum, CNN's and MSNBC's prime competition, Fox News, saturates its airways with extreme right-wing anti-Cuban propaganda pundits. It has been that way since the Supreme Court and the FCC permitted extremely rich individuals and corporations -- such as Bezos, Comcast, Disney, etc., etc. -- to purchase formerly respected TV & News organizations, which have become extreme left-wing or right-wing outlets, depending on how their ultra-rich owners want to shape U. S. information and news. All Americans, of course, are victims of being denied real news as opposed to being spoon-fed fake propaganda, but other victims surely also include Cuba and many other nations who are impacted by the USA's incomparable economic and military influence.
      In addition to the Washington Post's Max Boot, there are many other powerful propagandists working for other powerful once-respected news sources. For example, the Wall Street Journal's prime anti-Cuban zealot, Mary Anastasia O'Grady, has the powerful job as a prime Editorialist and is billed as a prime super-expert regarding Latin American affairs. It seems O'Grady's main passion is to restore the Batistianos to power in Cuba while also pretending conveniently that the Mafia-run Batista regime that preceded the Cuban Revolution was Mother Teresa-like!!! Her latest WSJ OPINION piece devoted to Cuban propaganda is typical of what O'Grady regularly produces.
      Above is Mary Anastasia O'Grady's latest anti-Cuban propaganda diatribe. The headline, as you can see, is: "The Root Causes of Cuban Poverty." And the sub-headline, as you can see, is: "The Only Blockade Is The One Imposed by Havana Regime Elites {who} Oppose Competition." Every word is a blatant and bold-faced lie and O'Grady knows it, but it is typical anti-Cuban propaganda that saturates the money-crazed and propaganda-obsessed mainstream "news" media in the United States. And the entire world, other than the severely propagandized or intimidated Americans, know that what the likes of Mary Anastasia O'Grady spew out daily in the mainstream U. S. "news" media is propaganda.
    The Trump & Biden administrations took advantage of the ongoing and deadly COVID-19 pandemic to pander to Little Havana extremists to expand the cruel six-decades-old EMBARGO against Cuba into an even crueler and Genocidal BLOCKADE!!! No honest journalist could possibly deny that fact but when rich and powerful media sources such as the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, etc., etc. use highly paid propaganda-dispensers such as Max Boot, Mary Anastasia O'Grady, etc., etc. to tell blatant and bald-faced lies about genocidal, life-and-death issues as the Cuban Embargo-Blockade, then some U. S. benefactors may be getting richer because of it but, in the LONG run, the USA itself as a nation may be the biggest loser. No great society, however rich it may be, can forever exist when it is blamed by most of the people in the world for the genocide against masses of people in a much-smaller nation...as depicted by the internationally acclaimed Carlos LaTuff Editorial Graphic above!!


Starving Cuba Makes Some US Cubans Rich

 And the Genocide Reaches New Lows in 2021!!

    On Saturday, July 24th-2021 Cuban TV programs, as it has done for days, told the island's people that the drastic uptick in positive COVID-19 cases and deaths continue to set records on the island. The Spanish word for deaths is "fallicidos" and the figures above show that there have been 68 deaths just in the past 24 hours and overall there have now been 2271 deaths on the island. While Americans are told differently, the endless U. S. Embargo of Cuba, began in 1962 and greatly expanded by President Trump into a genocidal Blockade, now contributes mightily and daily to the death totals in Cuba listed above.

   Except for the Little Havana-led Biden administration in Washington and for the Little Havana-led U. S. media, the rest of the governments and the rest of the media in the world are able to tell the truth in July of 2021 about the United States taking advantage of the deadly surge of COVID-19 deaths in Cuba to further EXPAND its already deadly Embargo/Blockade against Cuban families on the island, which appeases a few vicious and unchecked Cubans in Little Havana/Miami who benefit mightily from it.

     Above you can see the first three paragraphs of a long report that Fox News Saturday -- July 24th, 2021 -- showered on its large extreme right-wing audience. It is entitled: "Russian Planes Deliver Massive Loads of Medical Supplies to Cuba." As you read above, Fox News is concerned that Russia  began flying airplanes loaded with vital medical supplies to Cuba to help the people fight the deadly uptick up COVID-19 deaths, especially in the prime cites of Havana and Matanzas. Of course, Fox News has been loudly beating its drums trying to get the Biden administration to continue the genocidal policies of the Trump administration...and especially take advantage of the deadly pandemic on the island to further eviscerate Cubans in Cuba so the Cubans in Miami can regain control of the Caribbean's largest island nation. Fox News, of course, would not tell anyone that Cuba last month was buying some much-needed medical supplies, including syringes, from a Swiss company until THE U. S. GOVERNMENT USED ITS INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC POWER TO STOP THE SWISS COMPANY FROM SELLING THE MEDICAL SUPPLIES CUBA NEEDED SO BADLY. But of course, the economic and political power of the Little Havana Cubans in Miami and in Congress not only have Fox News promoting their propaganda and powers but the U. S. government and even the left-wing U. S. media and the left-wing Biden administration are also at the mercy of Little Havana's burgeoning grip on the U. S. government and the U. S. media. Today's propaganda piece by Fox News, as shown above, is merely one example of how genocide can happen!!
    Even extreme left-wing media giants in the U. S. -- including the New York Times and the Washington Times -- also have regular "journalists" who are assigned regularly to tell Americans how great Batista's Mafia-riddled rule of Cuba was before the Cuban Revolution in 1959 chased the Batistianos to Miami-Little Havana. So, for example, study the photo above. Thousands of Americans and Cuban-Americans who OPPOSE genocide against Cuban families on the island wanted the New York Times to tell their side of the story, but the Times refused. So then many of those decent scientists, journalists, doctors, etc. paid for a full-page ad in the Times so they could beg for the United States of America to "LET CUBA LIVE." Of course, that is not likely to happen because too many people in Little Havana won't let it happen. So, what does the photo above show?? It shows a girl in front of the fenced-in U. S. government in Washington holding up that full-paid ad in the New York Times begging the U. S. government to allow Cuban familes live!!
    In the United States, the world's most famed Democracy, only genocidal-minded Cubans are allowed to dominate the narratives and the media. Therefore, Cuban mothers on the island, like the one above as well as their supporters, are dismissed by the U. S. media and the U. S. government at the behest of Little Havana extremists. If allowed, the Cuban mother shown above {and millions like her} would like, on behalf of their children in Cuba, to tell the U. S. government and the U. S. media how much the genocide from the U. S. has hurt three generations of children, especially the current generation. But neither the rich, gutless, and propaganda-obsessed U. S. media nor the money-crazed U. S. government want the world to hear from Cubans like the mother shown above in Cuba who is tasked with trying to prevent the U.S. Embargo-Blockade from killing her children.
     But if you happen to be a rich Cuban in Little Havana, born in Cuba or in the U. S., you can get elected to the U. S. Congress if you have extreme Counter Revolutionary views...but if you have even moderately different views you have no chance in politics in Miami or in Washington. For example, in January of 2021 the Miami-born Maria Elvira Salazar became the latest in a long string of extreme Counter Revolutionary Little Havana Cubans elected to the U. S. Congress. She followed the likes of Havana-born Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Havana-born Lincoln Diaz-Balart, Florida-born Mario Diaz-Balart, Miami-born Marco Rubio, etc. who have or are still representing Little Havana in the U. S. Congress. Non-Counter Revolutionary Cubans, of course, are not among the candidates and surely not among the elected politicians in Miami or in the U. S. Congress. The photo above shows the latest Counter Revolutionary stalwart, Maria Elvira Salazar, elected to Congress by and from Little Havana. As shown above, she uses the national television and print media incessantly 24-hours-a-day it seems to remind Americans how wonderful pre-revolutionary Cuba was prior to 1959 and how wonderful Little Havana Cubans like her have been and are since 1959!! It seems that every hour of July-2021 Congresswoman Maria has been on national TV spewing unchecked Little Havana propaganda. For example she flatly claimed that "There is no Embargo of Cuba" and then she went on to say that the Little Havana Cubans are the ones trying their best to "help" the Cubans on the island. Of course...with the help of the U. S. media...Little Havana Cubans like Maria Elvira Salazar can saturate Americans with whatever they want them to hear...while Cuban mothers on the island well know that the "help" they get from Little Havana is in the form of genocide designed to "starve, deprive, and make them miserable."
      When a few Little Havana Cubans can persuade the U. S. government to take advantage of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic to expand the cruel U. S. Embargo into an even crueler Genocidal Blockade, perhaps, in the LONG run, the United States is in more trouble than the island of Cuba.
       Indeed, when the U. S. government and the U. S. media can make two straight generations of Americans NOT to be ashamed of the worldwide IMAGE OF THE USA DEPICTED ABOVE, then I believe it portends trouble for the USA.



Will Biden Give Havana to Little Havana?

 MAYBE...maybe not!!

      As of today -- Friday, July 23rd, 2021 -- the Revolutionary flag still flies over the troubled Caribbean island of Cuba. Virtually and historically since January of 1959, it has loudly been predicted "that Little Havana in Miami will recapture Havana ANY DAY NOW!!!" But incredibly, every day for 6+ decades that has not happened. The Cuban Revolution shocked the world on Jan. 1-1959 by overthrowing the U.S.-backed and Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship, which then quickly re-evolved in nearby Little Havana, which today is a rich and ultra-powerful USA political force in the heart of Miami. In 1959 the Cuban Revolution shocked the world by overthrowing a powerful dictatorship backed by the world's strongest criminal organization, the Mafia, and by the world's strongest nation, the United States. Thus, the Cuban Revolution's longevity as the rulers of Cuba has been even more ASTOUNDING than its initial victory in 1959.
      But as of today -- July 23rd, 2021 -- the million-to-one odds that Cuba overcame in 1959 are now a billion-to-one odds that revolutionary Cuba will not exist beyond July of 2021!! 

    In America's two-party political system, every Republican administration has powerfully supported the Batista regime in Cuba in the 1950s and, since 1959, powerfully supported Little Havana's herculean efforts to recapture Cuba!! But in all that time every Democratic administration has shown some degree of compassion for the Cuban families in revolutionary Cuba, including the Carter presidency and particularly the two-term Obama presidency. But in 2017 Republican president Donald Trump replaced Obama and then spent the next four years producing 243 Cuban policies or Executive Orders designed to impose genocide on everyday Cuban families. After all, in 1962 -- after Little Havana & the USA had failed to recapture Cuba with the 1961 Bay of Pigs air-land-and-sea attack -- the U. S. legalized an Embargo against Cuba designed to "starve, deprive, and make miserable" Cubans on the island to induce them to rise up and overthrow their own revolutionary government. Of course, the American people didn't know the purpose of the Embargo but long after 1962 de-classified U. S. documents revealed it. But the longest and cruelest Embargo ever imposed by a powerful nation against a much-weaker nation hasn't overthrow revolutionary Cuba, apparently because memories of the Batista dictatorship linger in Cuba if not in the USA.
       Starting in January of 2017, when Trump replaced Obama as President, the U. S. has expanded the cruel Embargo against Cuba to an even crueler Blockade.
         On January 20th of 2021, the day the Democrat Joe Biden replaced the Republican Donald Trump as the President of the United States, many people thought that Biden, who had been Obama's Vice-President for 8 years, would end or at least lessen the genocidal Blockade against Cuban families on the island. But that hasn't and won't happen. Biden's Democratic Party, like Trump's Republican Party, is money-crazed and therefore ultra-rich people -- such as history's all-time richest person Jeff Bezos -- dictate both U. S. political parties, the Republicans and/or the Democrats. Little Havana, to put it mildly, is awash with money and therefore, after dictating Republican policies for decades, now Little Havana also dictates the Democratic policies, at least as far as Cuba is concerned. In that one-sided milieu, the now billion-to-one odds that Little Havava will recapture Havana in these closing days of July-2021 have rampantly energized Little Havana!!!!!!!!! For example:
     Today -- July 23rd, 2021 -- is one of the ongoing jubilant headlines blaring forth from NBC-10, the top source for news in Little Havana. Buoyed by massive Counter Revolutionary demonstrations in both Little Havana and in Cuba since July 11th-2021, and massively buoyed by support of the Biden presidency in Washington, the Miami boaters are supremely and jubilantly convinced that they have the superpower USA's support to take their overthrow to the edge of Havana itself.
Will Biden help Little Havana recapture Havana??
MAYBE...or maybe not.

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