Friday, July 30, 2021

Will Little Havana RE-capture Havana?

 Prediction: Not In 2021!!

     Above you can see the TOP THREE Cuba-related headlines in the U. S. media today -- July 30th, 2021!!! Of course, if you read them you will believe that sometime early next month -- in August, 2021 -- the ultra-rich and ultra-powerful Cubans in Little Havana and in the U. S. Congress will finally Re-capture Havana!!!
         Well, since January of 1959 -- when the Cuban Revolution chased the U.S.-backed and MAFIA-backed Batistianos from Havana to nearby  Miami -- the U. S. media has made the same imminent predictions. And remember, the Gallup Poll correctly revealed last month, correctly, that "most Americans now don't Trust" what they read or see or hear in the U. S. media.
        Take for example the Three Headlines about Cuba shown above that dominate today's top 3 July 30th-2021 Cuban articles in the untrustworthy U. S. media. On the left you see Fox News, which is an extreme right-wing propaganda source; in the center you see CNN, which is an extreme left-wing propaganda source; and on the right above you see the Miami Herald, which is an extreme propaganda pulpit that serves only extreme radical Cubans who have been trying to re-capture Cuba every day since January 1, 1959!! Thus, in the U. S. the gullible people who depend on the U. S. media are only seeking left-wing or right-wing propaganda or extremely radical anti-Cuban propaganda from the likes of the Miami Herald. As I have mentioned correctly in this forum, the last honest and brave U. S. journalist who reported the truth about the fierce Cuban tactics employed by Little Havana since 1959 were reported by Miami's brave and honest journalist Emilio Milian, but Emilio was car-bombed in Miami in 1976 after he loudly denounced things such as the 1976 bombing of the civilian Cubana Flight 455 that was mainly carrying two dozen teenage Cuban athletes who were flying home after winning a Central American championship in Caracas. All the 72 people aboard that flight died in the air or the ocean and Emilio's car-bombing in Miami after he denounced such things seems to affect the propaganda-driven U. S. media to this day, especially in Miami.
          In other words, particularly when it comes to Cuba-related articles like the three depicted above today, I suggest you check them out only if you want more lies about Little Havana and Cuba.
       FOR EXAMPLE, in the U. S. it appears that the U. S. media feels obligated to report anything and everything that extreme Counter Revolutionary Cubans from Miami -- such as Rubio, Salazar, Diaz-Balart, and Jimenez -- say so viciously against Cuba, even when they promote such lies as, "Little Havana has never promoted a cruel Embargo or terrorism against Cuba because we only help the Cubans in Cuba." While reporting such lies, the U. S. media doesn't dare dispute them...nor does the U. S. media dare report people who say the truth. For example, during his long, blitzing speech that Mexican President Lopez Obrador made last week he emotionally and correctly called the Little Havana-USA Embargo-Blockade "inhumane" right after Argentina's President Alberto Fernandez had used the same correct word "inhumane" to describe it. In fact, most Cuban-Americans agree with that depiction but the U. S. media won't report that. For example, Carlos Lazo, a Cuban-American professor in Seattle has, as you see above, ridden his bicycle 3,000 miles from Seattle to Washington to tell Congress and the White House "to end the inhumane Embargo against Cuban families, including the mothers & children, especially during the pandemic that is now killing so many Cubans on the island while a few Cubans in Miami and Congress profit from it or reap revenge from it." The second photo above shows Carlos Lazo when he reached Washington last week after he had walked the 1300 miles from Miami/Little Havana hoping to tell Congress and the White House to "End the inhumane blockade against innocent families in Cuba!" Of course, neither the U. S. media nor the Biden administration in the White House will even listen to a great and sane Cuban-American like Carlos Lazo but they will listen to everything the likes of Rubio, Salazar, Diaz-Balart, Jiminez, etc. say -- which is for the U. S. to pump even more millions of USAID, NED and other tax dollars to overthrow Cuba, and if all those dollars don't make it happen air strikes and other means will be needed!!!
MEANWHILE: More tax dollars flow in an open spigot from Washington to Miami. But to know that, the only way you can know about it is by reading the luminous articles the great journalist Tracey Eaton, and now also a great Journalism Professor in Florida, regularly publishes in his CUBA MONEY PROJECT blog.
          Above you can see a Facebook post on June 21-2021 that the great journalist Tracey Eaton used to mention one of his latest very important articles on his must-read CUBA MONEY PROJECT blog. That is only place you will read about articles explaining how much tax money is spent daily to overthrow Revolutionary Cuba, and he details each amount precisely and often lists who is getting the money. His data is astounding and it is based on Freedom of Information U. S. documents.
       For sure, the only place you can find the astounding and precise U. S. tax dollars that are doled out to anti-Cuban projects are by visiting Tracey Eaton's CUBA MONEY PROJECT blog. Yes, everyone knows Tracey Eaton, the Florida Professor, is a true and totally trustworthy journalist!! Since 2019 Professor Eaton, as shown above, has precisely listed the astounding amount of tax dollars doled out to anti-Cuban projects by educational and humanitarian U. S. agencies such as USAID & NED. The numbers are precise and his articles also include, incredibly, the people and the organizations that GET THE MONEY!!! Every American would be shocked about how much tax money is doled out daily to fund anti-Cuban projects. And in June & July of 2021 the Biden administration has followed the Trump administration's genocide in MAKING SURE those anti-Cuban money spigots are wide open!!! To be shocked, check the CUBA MONEY PROJECT blog for recent revelations!!!
  Meanwhile, the
 Carlos LaTuff image above reverberates around the world to remind people that the U. S. Embargo, especially during the COVID-19 surge that is killing many Cubans in Cuba each day, is "inhumane" just as Mexican President Lopez Obrador labeled it last weekend.
       And a great Cuban-American named Carlos Lazo has ridden his bicycle 3,000 miles from his hometown Seattle to Washington to tell Congress and President Trump that the EMBARGO  is "inhumane." And last week Carlos Lazo finished his 1300-mile walk from Miami-Little Havana to Washington to tell Congress and President Biden that the EMBARGO-BLOCKADE is "inhumane." Of course, neither Congress nor Trump-Biden will even listen to what decent people like Carlos Lazo say but Congress and Trump-Biden will lap up what Little Havana promoters like Rubio say about the Embargo-Blockade.


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