Monday, July 26, 2021

July 26th-2021: Revolution's 68th Anniversary

 The Day the Revolution Started!!

And 68 Years Later It Still Lives!!

     Today -- July 26th, 2021 -- Cuba is celebrating the 68th anniversary of the start of the Cuban Revolution on July 26th-1953 THEN on Jan. 1-1959 shocked the world by defeating the U.S.-backed and Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship. The ubiquitous headline in Cuba today says: "MI MONCADA HOY"/"MY MONCADA DAY"}.
    The rebel guerrilla fighters who fought the revolutionary fight, including Vilma Espin, wore "July 26th" banners on their left arms. And so68 YEARS later on July 26-2021 Cuba is celebrating the anniversary of the start of the Cuban Revolution, which resulted on Jan. 1-1959 as a monumental and historic win.
   Everyday since January 1-1959 the Batistianos and the United States have combined their considerable financial and political forces to recapture Cuba, and that effort is still reaching a crescendo today - JULY 26-2021 - as you can see by the major U. S. headlines depicted above today. Both the propaganda-obsessed media in the U. S. -- such as the Washington Post and NBC News as well as the right-wing U. S. media such as Fox News -- are loudly beating the war drums for the United States to finally overthrow very vulnerable but also very pugnacious Revolutionary Cuba.
    The headline above today -- July 26th, 2021 -- from the once-respected Washington Post is simply ignorant and bull-headed in its ongoing effort to promote the overthrow of Revolutionary Cuba, which has been the Post's ferment mission since it was purchased by Jeff Bezos, the world's richest person with a worth exceeding $200 billion. {Of course, Jeff Bezos's Cuban-born stepdad is Miguel Bezos, which...uh...might have something to do with its extreme hatred of Revolutionary Cuba}.
      The Washington Post today -- July 26th, 2021 -- used its weirdest "journalist" Max Boot to write its latest weird overthrow Cuba article, this one a massive Editorial entitled: "IN THE REAL WORLD, BIDEN IS TOUGH ON CUBA. IN THE RIGHT-WING WORLD, HE'S PRO-COMMUNIST." A stupid headline, a stupid article, and a typically stupid Washington Post anti-Cuban propaganda spiel, but that also passes for real news in today's money-crazed, propaganda-obsessed mainstream U. S. media. In fact, polls from Gallup and other pollsters now reveal what we all already knew, which is that few Americans "trust" what they read, see, and hear in today's U. S. media. That surely now includes the Washington Post and its Max Boot. Of course, as the two graphics above show, extreme left-wing TV networks such as CNN and MSNBC saturate their airways with the likes of propaganda-crazed pundits like Max Boot. But on the other end of the spectrum, CNN's and MSNBC's prime competition, Fox News, saturates its airways with extreme right-wing anti-Cuban propaganda pundits. It has been that way since the Supreme Court and the FCC permitted extremely rich individuals and corporations -- such as Bezos, Comcast, Disney, etc., etc. -- to purchase formerly respected TV & News organizations, which have become extreme left-wing or right-wing outlets, depending on how their ultra-rich owners want to shape U. S. information and news. All Americans, of course, are victims of being denied real news as opposed to being spoon-fed fake propaganda, but other victims surely also include Cuba and many other nations who are impacted by the USA's incomparable economic and military influence.
      In addition to the Washington Post's Max Boot, there are many other powerful propagandists working for other powerful once-respected news sources. For example, the Wall Street Journal's prime anti-Cuban zealot, Mary Anastasia O'Grady, has the powerful job as a prime Editorialist and is billed as a prime super-expert regarding Latin American affairs. It seems O'Grady's main passion is to restore the Batistianos to power in Cuba while also pretending conveniently that the Mafia-run Batista regime that preceded the Cuban Revolution was Mother Teresa-like!!! Her latest WSJ OPINION piece devoted to Cuban propaganda is typical of what O'Grady regularly produces.
      Above is Mary Anastasia O'Grady's latest anti-Cuban propaganda diatribe. The headline, as you can see, is: "The Root Causes of Cuban Poverty." And the sub-headline, as you can see, is: "The Only Blockade Is The One Imposed by Havana Regime Elites {who} Oppose Competition." Every word is a blatant and bold-faced lie and O'Grady knows it, but it is typical anti-Cuban propaganda that saturates the money-crazed and propaganda-obsessed mainstream "news" media in the United States. And the entire world, other than the severely propagandized or intimidated Americans, know that what the likes of Mary Anastasia O'Grady spew out daily in the mainstream U. S. "news" media is propaganda.
    The Trump & Biden administrations took advantage of the ongoing and deadly COVID-19 pandemic to pander to Little Havana extremists to expand the cruel six-decades-old EMBARGO against Cuba into an even crueler and Genocidal BLOCKADE!!! No honest journalist could possibly deny that fact but when rich and powerful media sources such as the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, etc., etc. use highly paid propaganda-dispensers such as Max Boot, Mary Anastasia O'Grady, etc., etc. to tell blatant and bald-faced lies about genocidal, life-and-death issues as the Cuban Embargo-Blockade, then some U. S. benefactors may be getting richer because of it but, in the LONG run, the USA itself as a nation may be the biggest loser. No great society, however rich it may be, can forever exist when it is blamed by most of the people in the world for the genocide against masses of people in a much-smaller depicted by the internationally acclaimed Carlos LaTuff Editorial Graphic above!!

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