Thursday, July 8, 2021

Do Cubans in Cuba Have a Right to Live?

 World's Best Rights Group Asks?

     Founded in London in 1942, Oxfam is now headquartered in major cities and its prime purpose is to monitor the welfare of poor people around the world, especially children and women. In July of 2021 Oxfam is direly concerned about what it deems to be genocide against masses of Cubans on the island that was particularly mandated by the Trump administration in Washington and now is being perpetrated by the Biden administration in Washington. And YES, it is now Oxfam, with its powerful international forums that includes hundreds of other human rights organizations, that is asking the world: "In the expansion of the U. S. Embargo/Blockade against the island nation of Cuba, do Cubans in Cuba have the right to live?" Of Course, based on the June 23rd-2021 United Nations vote that loudly denounced the Embargo/Blockade of Cuba, it seems that 340 million cowardly and propagandized Americans are the only people in the world who support what most people believe is now severe United States-induced genocide aimed at the masses of Cubans on the island.
      Obviously, Oxfam offices around the world -- especially the one in Washington, D. C. -- are alarmed that, apparently, the Trump-Biden administrations in Washington have taken advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to further tighten the Embargo against Cuba. While Cuba has produced two very promising vaccines to combat the deadly virus, the island needed 30,000 syringes as it began to vaccinate its 11.2 million citizens. Cuba was purchasing the syringes from a company in Switzerland...till the United States used its worldwide economic might to force the Swiss company from selling the syringes to Cuba. Of course, the plethora of well-funded anti-Cuba media propaganda outlets such as Miami's Radio-TV Marti, which has been lavishly supported by vast amounts of tax dollars for the last three decades, lavishly rejoice at such genocide against Cubans on the island. But also do mainstream propaganda outlets such as the Miami Herald, Washington Post, etc., etc. There, of course, was a time in U. S. history when such a propagandized media was unheard of!!!
     Other nations and other companies in the world not dictated to by the United States have tried to help Cubans get the Swiss syringes that the U. S. blocked from reaching the Caribbean island. As you see above, the answer to the question "Why is Cuba short of Syringes?" is answered by starting with these six words: "The U. S. Blockade of Cuba..." Of course, 340 million Americans are programmed to support or at least tolerate such genocide against 11 million Cubans on the island to appease and benefit a few rich and powerful Cuban-Americans in Little Havana/Miami, Newark, the U. S. Congress, and now in the Biden White House!!!!


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