Friday, July 2, 2021

Ganging Up On Cuba!!!

 The Lucrative Anti-Cuba Cottage Industry Thrives!!

     A Chilean, Jose Miguel Vivanco is the Executive Director of the Americas Division of the Human Rights Watch. On June 30-2021 he ended the month with an extremely long assault singling out Cuba for its human rights violations. It began this way:
        This is a follow-up to the Trump & Biden administrations keeping Cuba on the USA's List of Terrorist Nations, which enables the vast and lucrative USA Anti-Cuban COTTAGE INDUSTRY to vastly increase its economic and political rewards from the USA's Cuban policies, which the rest of the world considers a genocidal assault on the lives and human rights of Cuban families on the island. Of course, the incompetent, intimidated or propagandized U. S. media makes sure to ignore the opinions of the actual Cuban families on the island. But one family on the island -- featuring Mr. & Mrs. Miguel Diaz-Canel -- has pertinent opinions about the perpetrators or protectors of Humana Derechos {Human Rights} in Cuba.
  The First Lady and President of Cuba are Lis Cuesta and Miguel Diaz-Canel. Both are very concerned about Human Rights on the island. Both have children on the island and both have opinions about Human RIGHTS!! For example, Lis has this opinion: "Like most mothers in Cuba, we have lived all our lives, for six decades, trying to protect our children from the genocide that a few rich Cuban-Americans and the U. S. government have imposed and is imposing on our children. As long as the cruelty and greed continues to exist from the strongest and richest nation in the world, it will always be the task of Cuban mothers on the island to protect our children from unchecked criminals in the neighboring United States." And Miguel said: "As the President of Cuba, it is my job to protect the people on this island, most especially our children, from the people in the United States who are allowed to profit on the genocide that targets the masses of Cuban citizens who happen not to live in Miami, Newark, and Washington. We endure drastic Hurricanes, Pandemics, and other atrocious things but the most consistent and the most nefarious thing we must endure is the criminal blockade that the superpower surrounds us with. In 1959, before I myself was born in 1960, some dedicated rebels chased the Mafia and Americans off the island...but only as far as Miami. Since then it has been the job of other rebels to deal with such exile criminals."
   This photo shows Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel mingling typically with Cubans on the streets, at meetings, and in classrooms, which he does regularly. Before becoming Cuba's President he was the island's very popular Education Minister. As Cuba's President, Diaz-Canel is also very popular with most everyday Cubans. People who visit the island or live on the island know that but Americans, of course, are told differently because such facts would not align with the vast and lucrative Anti-Cuba Cottage Industry in the United States.
      With Cubans in Cuba surprised and dismayed that the Biden administration has continued the Trump administration's genocide against Cuban families on the island, this is a new billboard erected in Cuba. It begs for "The End of the Blockade."
     Now into the month of July-2021, Cuban families on the island --  perhaps more than ever -- lament the geographical and historical fact that their vulnerable and coveted island nation is a mere 90 miles across the Florida Straits from Miami, Florida, which is home to Little Havana!!

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