Saturday, July 17, 2021

Little Havana's War on Havana Heats Up

 U.S. TV & Little Havana Promote Capture of Cuba!!

     Today -- Saturday, July 17, 2021 -- this is the typical headline in Miami/Little Havana promoting an intervention...a war...between the U. S. and Cuba. This headline blared on NBC-10 airways in Miami-Little Havana today heralding Little Havana zealots who have raced to Washington to persuade President Biden to take advantage of weeklong demonstrations in Miami/Little Havana and in Cuba to FINALLY make sure that Little Havana recaptures Havana after trying so hard to accomplish the feat since January 1st, 1959...the day the Cuban Revolution shocked the world by overthrowing the U.S.-backed and Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship.
     Today -- July 17-2021 -- not only are television stations in Miami/Little Havana demanding a recapture of Cuba but nationally television networks are also obliged to "demand" that the U. S. do something drastic about the bad people in Havana to appease the nice people in Little Havana. The blaring headline today was by Fox News, which is among the propaganda-obsessed network television stations in the U. S. clamoring for President Biden to help Little Havana zealots recapture Cuba. The U. S. since January of 1959 has been trying to overthrow Revolutionary Cuba, using such things as terrorist attacks, paying off and cultivating dissidents, the 1961 Bay of Pigs military attack, assassinations, and, of course, the genocidal Embargo/Blockade that started in 1962 with the intention of "starving, depriving, and making miserable" the Cubans on the island to induce them to rise up and overcome their government themselves. But for going on seven decades now, Revolutionary Cuba has somehow endured. But July of 2021 Little Havana disciples believe their dreams will at last come to fruition on the heels of massive Counter Revolutionary demonstrations.

     But what was wrong with the USA's obsession with Cuba in the 1950s is the same thing that is wrong today in July of 2021. In fact, the USA's greed-filled obsession with Cuba grew to a breaking point in 1898 when the U. S. warship Maine happened to blow up in Havana Harbor killing 261 young U. S. sailors. That was the convenient "Remember the Maine" pretext to declare war on Spain so the U. S. could gain control of Cuba from Spain. And the easy victory in the 1898 SPANISH-AMERCAN WAR did that!! So, starting in 1898 the United States, the world's most renowned Democracy, could easily have made Cuba a world-class Democracy. That never came close to happening. By 1903 the U. S. had stolen plush Guantanamo Bay from Cuba, created a document legalizing the use of troops in Cuba whenever the U. S. desired, etc. Thus, like Spain had done for many decades prior to 1898, the U. S. also viewed Cuba as a piggybank, not a Democracy. But then Washington knew that foreign Democracies would not readily allow other nations to strip them of their natural resources but, via kickbacks, dictatorships would. So, from 1898 till 1952 there were various "pretend" Democracies in Cuba but by 1952 there was no longer even a pretense. In 1952 the U. S. teamed with the Mafia to support the brutal and thieving Batista dictatorship in Cuba. Starting in 1952, the Batistianos, the Mafiosi, and rich U. S. businessmen made fortunes in Cuba, which had been made into a veritable playpen for tourists. But as soon as 1953 the Batista dictatorship didn't think it had to toss even a few crumbs to the majority, everyday Cubans who were left with virtually no food, no health care, and no education. Batista believed murdering a few dissidents would warn everyday Cubans not to resist. When that didn't work, Batista ordered his goons to kill children as a warning to their families not to resist. And when that didn't work either, Batista shut down the University of Havana because it was the cradle of much of the burgeoning anti-Batista outrage. Famously, Batista's henchmen hunted down University leaders and gruesomely murdered them, with the most famous being student leader Jose Antonio Echevarria who today has many edifices named for him in Revolutionary Cuba. Also, four student leaders who believed they were hiding in a safe house were captured and murdered; that is known to history as the Humboldt Avenue Massacre. A huge bounty was put on young teacher Frank Pais because he was a prime recruiter of anti-Batista rebels and supplies, so Frank's 17-year-old brother Jesus was gruesomely murdered and then Frank himself was gruesomely murdered. By 1957 the massive killings of Cubans like Frank Pais and Jose Antonio Echevarria were routine. You may Goggle their names and learn how much they are remembered in Revolutionary Cuba today.
        But, as I will discuss later in this post, Batista's biggest mistake was when he authorized the killing of Cuban children in the belief that would quell the dissent. And, also unknown to Americans {I believe} is the fact that long before 1898 and the Spanish-American War, the United States of America had a FANTISTIC OBSESSION with Cuba. For example, read and study the historic facts listed below!!!!!!!!
       Yes, in the list above you will see that Thomas Jefferson in 1817 proclaimed: "If we seize Cuba, we will be masters of the Caribbean." Thomas Jefferson -- the most-famed Founding Father, the 3rd President, and the writer of the USA's Declaration of Independence -- in 1823 proclaimed: "I candidly confess that I have ever looked on Cuba as the most interesting addition which could be made to our union of States." Beyond those two Jeffersonian proclamations about Cuba, you can read above other quotes from famous political and newspaper moguls regarding the USA's age-old obsession with Cuba. It was assumed, after the U. S. attained dominance of Cuba after the 1898 Spanish-American War, that Cuba would indeed become a major state in the United Alaska and Hawaii or like the now 28 more traditional continuous states. But, for two reasons, Cuba has never become one of the U. S. states: {1} Excessive U. S. greed relating to Cuba; and {2} Cuba has always had a love for sovereignty and an insatiable love for independence. For example, just before the 1898 Spanish-American War, Cuba fought two losing Wars for Independence against Spain in which famed and revered men such as Jose Marti and Antonio Macea died on Cuban soil fighting Spanish soldiers. Then in 1959 the Cuban Revolution finally defeated Batista, the Mafia, and the United States to gain what to this day it reveres as its sovereignty. In 1961 Cuba again shocked the world when it defeated the U. S. at its Bay of Pigs military attack on Cuba. In July of 2021 the question is...would and could Cuba again survive another military attack from the United States, the world's military Superpower?? I don't know but I believe it would TRY. And further I believe if Cuba lost a foreign war in 2021, those still alive would begin to start another revolution on Cuban soil.
    This photo was taken in 1957 in Batista's Cuba. In the United States today this photo is not supposed to be included in the history of US-Cuban relations. But permit me to explain it. This photo shows Mafia kingpin Meyer Lansky leaving one of his hotels carrying a satchel holding some of that day's loot from his gambling, prostitution, drugs, tourism, etc., enterprises in the halcyon days in the 1950s when the powerful Batista dictatorship was supported wildly by the world's strongest criminal organization, the Mafia, and by the world's strongest nation, the nearby United States of America.
      So PLEASE, take a moment in July of 2021 to finally study the above photo from 1957. When it was taken, of course, neither Meyer Lansky nor anyone else in the world believed that the ultra-powerful, brutal, and thieving Batista dictatorship could ever be overthrown by the severely over-matched people of Cuba. When this photo was taken Meyer Lansky, for example, was still spending $12 million dollars of his own loot to build his own luxurious hotel in Havana!!! But history reveals that on Jan. 1-1959 that Batista and his dearest friend from Miami, Meyer Lansky, and the other leaders of the Batista regime in Havana, were chased off the island by the Cuban Revolutionary rebels, quickly spawning what today is the ultra-rich Little Havana section in nearby Miami.
     So indeed, study this photo on one of Meyer Lansky's typical days in Havana during 1952 till 1959 when the top echelon of the Mafia ruled Cuba...with the support of the United States. This photo led up to the morning of Jan. 1-1959 when the impossible happened -- the Mafia-infested Batista regime was overthrown by history's most improbable Revolution. And it happened because of an indominable do-or-die attitude from Cuban rebels and  two crucial mistakes made BY the Mafia, the United States, and all the Batistiano leaders: {1} While raking in tons of loot each day in Cuba, the Batistianos didn't have the intelligence or concern to at least toss some crumbs to the non-Batistiano Cubans, who constituted the vast majority of people on the island despite the vast influx of U. S. companies and tourism from the United States; and {2} to quell dissent from the everyday Cubans, Batista ordered his goons...including many policemen and soldiers who had been trained at the secretive Army of the Americas at Fort Benning, murder Cuban children and leave their bodies out in the open to serve as a warning to their parents and others not to resist what was happening to their Cuba. So PLEASE, remember the two {2} things that spawned the Cuban Revolution and made it necessary.
       And now, after studying the photo of Mafia kingpin Meyer Lansky in 1957 toting his money-filled satchel, study the two photos below that reveal the truth about the two {2} reasons that spawned the Revolution and also made it incredibly successful!!!
       Because Batista's Cuba in the 1950s didn't have the intelligence or the compassion to even toss a few crumbs to the majority non-Batistiano Cubans, this is a true and typical photo showing the plight of the Cuban children in Batista's Cuba -- scarcely no food, no decent shelter, no education, nor any access to healthcare.
     In contrast, this is an actual modern and true photo of Cuban children in Revolutionary Cuba. Yes, while Americans are not supposed to know it, they can actually Google this true fact: Immediately after winning the Revolution on Jan. 1-1959, Revolutionary Cuba began what is called history's "most successful" Literary Campaign. The "Cuban Literary Campaign" known to history consisted of Revolutionary Cuba sending a couple of hundred thousand literate revolutionary Cubans all across the island to teach illiterate Cubans how to first of all learn to read and write. At the same time, in 1959 Revolutionary Cuba decreed that, as long as the revolutionaries remained in power, all Cubans would have free food if needed as well as free shelter if needed, and have educations through college as well as lifetime free heath care. In the U. S. since 1959, Americans have been lied to about such facts, but the fact is...come hell or high water, since 1959 Cuban children in Revolutionary Cuba have fared a lot better than the children in Batista's Cuba!!  Yes, above the black-and-white photo in Batista's Cuba contrasted with the modern color photo in Revolutionary Cuba are real and true facts.
            But PLEASE remember, the extreme poverty of non-Batistiano children in Batista's Cuba was not even the main reason that spawned the necessary and successful Cuban Revolution in 1953. Instead...the main reason was and is shown by the real and true black-and-white photo depicted above. It, along with many others like it from the 1950s I could show you, shows outraged Cuban mothers..."MADRES"...bravely marching in Cuban cities holding placards proclaiming to the world that Batista goons were routinely murdering their children...their "NIJOS"...and leaving the bodies in the open to be found as a warning not to resist. But history shows that Cuban mothers did resist and by doing so they started the Revolution and provided the necessary resolve to even win it!!
        And now, if I may, I would like to say something personal about the photo shown above. The brave lady wearing the light-colored jacket in the front row was the mother of Little Willie Soler. Yes, history confirms that Little Willie and three of his closest friends were all murdered by Batista goons and their bodies left in a warehouse so they could easily be found and then serve as a warning to the non-Batistiano Cubans not to resist. TODAY -- July  2021 -- the top Children's Hospital in Cuba is famously named "William Soler Children's Hospital." Yes, you can Google Little Willie Soler's name, and you can also Google the children's hospital that is named in Havana for him. And now, if I may, I will explain why the photo above is so personal to me in July of 2021 while the latest Little Havana-US attempt is underway in Cuba and in Miami to finally overthrow Revolutionary Cuba.
       The lady shown above who had just taken down her COVID-19 mask to tell something to an assistant is...Dr. Susett Gonzalez. I know Susett. She is a dear friend of mine. She is a vital life-saving doctor at William Soler Children's Hospital in Havana. While she works tirelessly...during the Pandemic and during the U. S. Blockade...she also has a little one-year-old baby boy of her own named Roman who is being cared for by his grandparents while she works so diligently saving other lives at William Soler Children's Hospital. Yes, Dr. Susett knows why William Soler Children's Hospital got its name. She knows about Cuban mothers, like Little Willie's mother, who risked their lives to defeat the Batista dictatorship on behalf of the Cuban Revolution. Of course, Americans don't know that, and Americans don't believe that in Cuba today that there are a lot of  women like Dr. Susett Gonzalez who will be willing to die fighting for the Cuban Revolution, the revolution that gave William Soler Children's Hospital it's name.
             Again...look at this face, the face of Dr. Susett Gonzalez at William Soler Children's Hospital in Havana. She is saving the lives of children during COVID-19 while her precious work is being massively hampered by the U. S. Blockade, even if Americans are programmed not to believe it or to simply not care. There is no greed, revenge or gluttony in Dr. Susett Gonzalez's heart. I wish I could say the same about many American mothers who are supposed to hate her or to not understand her because she had rather be in Cuba saving the lives of Cuban babies instead of living in a mansion in Miami or anywhere else.

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